tagHumor & SatireS.P.U.N.K.T.R.E. Ch. 02

S.P.U.N.K.T.R.E. Ch. 02


"I would like to hear the report from Number Nine."

Devon Falcone sat forward, his blond hair spilling over his handsome face. "Ready, Number One." He stood, tugging the lapels of his pink jacket down and strode down the long table, taking the podium as he prepared to address the other members of S.P.U.N.K.T.R.E., the SPecial UNion for Kicks, Twinks, Romance and Exhibitionists. "My assigned mission was to retrieve the specially-encoded cock ring that Grant stole from Number Eleven."

"Of course, you failed miserably." Number Two murmured, chuckling loudly. "The size of Grant's cock is legendary."

Devon's smile was blinding and hid the anger and frustration that he was feeling. He turned his back on the man and addressed the screen where Number One was hidden. "May I continue with my report, Number One?"

"Yes, you may."

"I reported to the Czech Republic after receiving intelligence information that Grant had taken up residence there ... "

Devon stood on the train platform, his dark blue eyes scanning the crowds that were moving by. The information that he had received had told him that Grant loved to travel by train and would be wearing the cock ring. A shiver ran through his body as he recalled the dying words of Number Eleven.

"His cock is so huge ... he rammed it down my throat and I couldn't take it ... be careful if you go after him ... you'll be dead like me ... "

The words echoed in his mind as a bright flash of blond hair caught his eye. It was Grant, heading for the train and surrounded by his bodyguards. Devon dropped his cigarette and followed at a discreet distance, choosing a berth that was two doors away from the man. After a certain amount of time, the train pulled away from the station and they were hurtling toward the next town, four hours away.

Devon bided his time; he knew Grant's timetable and planned it so that he ended up in the restaurant car at the same time. He chose a seat facing Grant and sat on the aisle, his eyes trained on the handsome man. First, he worked on catching the man's attention and he accomplished this by unbuttoning his shirt. Grant's dark eyes fell upon him, his mouth watering as he surveyed the flat planes of the young man's chest and the dark rose nipples that nestled under the fabric.

He tried to keep from staring too openly but the young man was just too beautiful and his mouth, the way his tongue licked salt from the rim of his margarita made his cock harden, making the cock ring painfully dig into his flesh. Pleasure skated through him when he noticed that the twink was stroking his cock under the table, his blue eyes trained on him. Grant ordered one of his bodyguards to get up, sliding across and standing up, then striding over to Devon's booth.

"May I?" Devon slid over, his heart pounding in his chest as the large man sat across from him, his eyes penetrating. "I noticed that you were jerking off. Is that because of me?"

"Yeah." Devon breathed. "You're beautiful."

"You think so?"

"Oh, yeah. Absolutely."

"Want to suck my cock?"

"I'd love to." Devon saw something flicker in the man's eyes and he licked his lips, stroking his cock again. "I'd love it even more if you'd fuck me."

"I never fuck." Grant said disdainfully. "Especially not a stranger." The man stood, looking down at Devon. "So, are you coming?"

Devon followed Grant down the hallway, flanked by the bodyguards and entered the man's plush rooms, stripping immediately. Grant dismissed the guards and slowly removed his clothing, leaving the display of his cock for last. And what a display it was. The man was hung like a horse, thick and veiny, its thick head plumping under Devon's awed gaze. The encoded cock ring was buried at the base, just over two large balls. Now he knew how Number Eleven had died. And how he might die as well.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Grant smiled as the young man approached. "Want to taste it?"

Devon lifted the huge tool and licked the soft head, curling his tongue around the hard meat. He glanced up at Grant's face from time to time to see if his ministrations were having any effect and was disappointed to find Grant smiling down at him, unmoved. Stretching his jaw, he worked his lips around the head and managed to take it into his mouth, instantly drawing a gasp of delight from the man.

"No one's ever been able to take the whole head before." Grant gasped, throwing his head back as pleasure rolled down his spine. The cock ring dug into his flesh and he quivered, glancing down at it. He watched as Devon worked more of his monster cock into his throat, pushing it deeper and deeper until his lips nearly touched the ring. "Oh, God! Oh, fucking God! You took it all!"

Devon was struggling to breathe. The cock had stretched his mouth, throat and nasal passages so far that everything had flattened, including his nostrils. He grabbed onto Grant's hips and started moving back and forth, letting the man fuck his throat. Grant was nearly crying, so great was the pleasure that he was receiving. He'd never been able to get off, hence the reason for the ring and now this little twink ...

"Fuck! I'm going to cum!"

Grant ripped the ring off and flooded Devon's mouth with cum, forcing the young man to swallow fast. He didn't feel the ring leave his fingers nor did he complain. Three minutes later, his cock was still pulsing in Devon's mouth and he was in heaven.

"The last thing I did before I left was to give Grant my phone number and he has agreed to join our group here."

A small door opened and Grant strode in, humbly bowing before Number One's screen. "Welcome to S.P.U.N.K.T.R.E., Mr. Grant."

"Thank you, sir." Grant turned to Devon and took his mouth in a gentle kiss. "See you later."

The others in the room clapped, some standing and welcoming Grant with a handshake. "Congratulations, Number Nine."

Devon took his seat, settling himself comfortably in his chair and smiling as he felt the butt plug dig deeper into his ass. Grant would certainly receive a welcome tonight that he would not soon forget and it was all in the service of S.P.U.N.K.T.R.E.

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