tagInterracial LoveSam and Josie

Sam and Josie


Josie and Sam met at the Planet Fitness on West Market Street. Sam finished on the treadmill as Josie got off the elliptical machine. She trotted and caught up with Sam. Sam was stunned to see the pretty redhead.

"Excuse me, Sir?"


"I am amazed by your stamina. How long have you been running?"

"Five years now. My name is Sam by the way. Sam Shuffield." Sam extended his hand. Josie's firm grip impressed Sam and he felt a tingle in his stomach. Their eyes locked and they smiled. Josie's stomach did back flips and her face flushed.

"Josie. Josie Walker. It is very nice to meet you." She scanned Sam's body as she spoke. Sam smirked and returned the favor. Their interaction produced a strong energy.

"Likewise. I have to run and make dinner. That's the bachelor's life I guess. When do you usually come in?" Sam asked in hopes that he would see Josie again.

"I am usually here in the evenings. A little before you usually get here." Sam raised his eyebrows.

"Been keeping surveillance on me?" Sam asked with a smile. Josie admired his sexy smile and smiled back reflexively.

"No. Just some stalker tendencies." They shared a laugh.

"It is nice to meet you and I really hope to see you again."

"Same here," Josie replied. The pair parted ways. Electricity surged through Sam's body when Josie brushed her firm ass against him as their paths crossed on the way to the locker room. The strong attraction revealed itself in their eyes and sparks flew.

Josie thought about Sam as she showered. His sinewy muscles and smooth skin looked heavenly. She hoped her "accidental" brush as they passed each other was a clear enough message about her intentions.

The thoughts of Sam aroused Josie. As she lathered her body, her hand squeezed her breast and pulled at the nipple. The other hand followed suit. Her lightly freckled skin glistened as she teased and fondled herself. She slid her left hand down her flat stomach and felt the curly red hair that hid her sex. She tenderly inserted one finger in her vagina as her thumb massaged her clitoris. Another finger followed and her juices mellifluously ran down her inner thigh. Her moans became louder than the running shower. She squeezed her breast, lifted it to her tongue, and lashed her nipple as her vaginal contractions increased in frequency.

"AHH!" Two fingers worked inside her while she diligently worked her clit. The waves of orgasm hit and Josie leaned against the shower wall. She came hard. Slowly, she removed her fingers from her sex. She stayed in the shower until her breathing returned to normal. She wanted Sam. Badly!

Sam was at home where he preferred to take his showers. He was leery of the locker room's sanitation. Josie stayed on his mind. Those hazel eyes. Her bright smile and high cheekbones. The light freckles on her skin that complemented her bright red hair. Tall, slim and what appeared to be a firm body. Her ass was nice. And he was sure she rubbed herself against him on purpose.

As Sam laid in bed naked, his mind drifted to Josie. He imagined that her long red hair created a crimson veil as she rode his stiff rod. How her breasts would feel in his hands. What her tongue tasted like. Sam massaged his balls and slowly rubbed his length. He fantasized about how her wetness would feel in his mouth and how her soft clit would respond to his touch. Sam's hand stroked and massaged his glans and shaft. When he envisioned her mouth on him, kissing his lips, neck and chin, sucking his nipples and tasting his ebony obelisk, he lost control and shot ropes of cum onto the covers. He wanted Josie in the worst way.

After a week or so, Sam finally saw Josie again at the Planet Fitness. She was sweaty and looked sexy as hell.

"Hey stranger!" he greeted cheerfully.

"Hey yourself! Where have you been?"

"Been busy at work. How is everything?"

"OK I guess. I thought you were avoiding me." Josie gave a fake pout which melted Sam's heart.

"Believe me. The LAST thing I would be doing is avoiding you." Josie gave Sam a sexy smile of her own. The moment to act had arrived. "Josie, would you like to have dinner sometime?"

"YES!" she shouted a bit too anxiously. Sam took a step back and watched her with apprehension for a little while. "I mean, I would like that very much. When and where would you like to go?" Josie immediately took the initiative to make plans right then and there.

"Can I get your number? So we can talk about this later?"

"How about tonight?" Josie blurted out. "Let me get changed and I will give it to you." Josie blushed at her comment hoping Sam missed the sexual innuendo.

"I can't WAIT for you to give it to me," Sam said with a salacious smile.

"I'll see you in twenty minutes."

"Let's make it fifteen." They both excitedly ran to their lockers to get ready. Sam felt courageous and took a shower in the locker room. He put on his black button down shirt, khakis and Stacy Adams shoes. He checked himself out to make sure he looked as presentable as possible at this impromptu date.

Josie pulled on her khaki skirt. She was glad she had worn her new orange Victoria's Secret bra and panty set. She hoped to be able to model it for Sam tonight. She wore a fitted black blouse that showed her slightly hour glass figure. Satisfied with her look, Josie left the locker room to meet Sam. They laughed when they saw each other.

"Great minds think alike," Josie joked.

"You have been on my mind a lot lately." Josie changed the subject to avoid becoming more aroused.

"Have you ever had Thai food?"

"No. How is it?"

"You have to decide for yourself. I know this great place called Rearn Thai. Right down the street going towards the airport." Sam was game to do anything that allowed him to spend time with Josie.

"OK. Let's do it!"

"On the first date? I don't think so Mr. Shuffield," Josie said in mock horror. Sam, embarrassed by his Freudian slip, laughed it off as Josie enjoyed her revenge for earlier. They travelled separately to the restaurant. The man-made mini-pond to the left of the entrance impressed both of them. They sat down and ordered Thai iced teas.

"What's good on the menu?" Sam thought out loud.

"The Pad Thai with beef is pretty good. Josie Walker is not bad either." They laughed and again and honestly enjoyed each other's company. Their conversation was light until Sam posed a serious question.

"Have you ever dated a black man before?" He watched Josie's body language to see her reaction.

"Yes," she said without a flinch, fidget or loss of eye contact.

"Was it serious dating or friends with benefits?" Josie's face turned red.

"Why would you ask me that question?" Her response surprised Sam.

"I thought it was a fair question. I didn't mean to offend you."

"OK. Would you have asked me that question if I were black?"


"Fair question. WOULD YOU HAVE ASKED ME THAT QUESTION IF I WERE BLACK?" Sam looked down at his hands. Their food came and neither of them touched anything.

"I guess I wouldn't," Sam admitted.

"EXACTLY!" Josie grabbed her pocketbook and stormed out of the restaurant. She sped off and headed home. Sam replayed the conversation in his head. He did not see why she was so offended at first. The implication of his words struck him. He meant to send a strong message that he wanted a serious relationship. Josie must have thought he implied that she only dated black men for sex.

Josie sat on her couch drinking a Heineken. She stewed with anger at Sam for questioning her motives and implying that she was out for only sex. But as she reflected on her dating history, she realized something. All the serious relationships she had were with white men. She did have friends with benefits in the past, most of whom were black. She thought back to Sam's question and interrogated herself.

To avoid a pissed off Josie, Sam switched his workout schedule to early mornings. However, waking up at four thirty a.m. did not work well for him. On his last morning of early workouts, he had a note with his name on it taped to the front desk.

"Hi Sam,

It's Josie. Please call me. 336-867-5309.


Josie Walker

It was six o'clock in the morning and Sam looked at his cell phone with trepidation. He dialed.

"Hello?" She sounded wide awake.



"It's Sam from the gym. Sorry to bother you so early. How are you?"

"OK. I'm glad you called."

"Are you going to "give it to him" again?" They giggled nervously.

"I owe you an apology."

"Josie, that's not necessary."

"Yes it is. My behavior at dinner was unacceptable. I don't regret what I said, but I should have handled myself better."

"It's OK. I understand why you got upset. But I was trying to let you know that I wanted a serious relationship, not a fling. There are some white women who fuck black men on the side, but would never bring them home."

"And there are black men who do the same thing. And most likely, at a greater rate than white women." Silence. Sam felt the truth in her words. Silence. Where would they go from here?

"In my case, you happened to be right. "


"My relationships with black men have all been casual. Although I liked them a lot, I never once considered a life with any of them. That bothered me. A lot. I guess you struck a nerve." Josie waited for Sam's response. He remained quiet. "Sam?"

"I apologize for stereotyping you. I respect your honesty and I think we could go far in a relationship. Can we start over?" Josie sighed with relief.

"Absolutely!" Josie's joy flowed from her mouth to Sam's heart. In her excitement, Josie still decided to take their relationship slow and not rush to get physical with Sam.

"I think we should go on a date. Let's go to the movies and eat together."

"That sounds great. How about tonight?" 'Slow down, Josie' she thought.

"How about this afternoon?"

"But I have to work and so do you."

"Take a half day of vacation. Let's take the time to get to know each other better." Spontaneity. Josie really liked this man.


"Great. Let's meet outside Brassfield Cinemas around 12:30." Sam's assertiveness and decision making ability aroused Josie. Sam's presentation and behavior made the idea of taking it slow seem less and less likely.

"See you then!"

"Bye!" Sam displayed his elation with an ear to ear grin. He felt something magical just from talking to Josie, besides the heat in his loins. To Sam, the possibility of true love presented itself through Josie. He hungered to explore that possibility.

They decided to see "Best Man Holiday". They ate lunch at Taco Bell. They talked, laughed and debated non-stop.

"President Obama should have focused on the economy before healthcare," Sam explained.

"So you would rather let innocent people die because they can't afford to go to the doctor?" Josie responded.

"I am not saying that. But how are people going to pay for affordable healthcare if they do not have jobs?

"That's why we have social services, Sam. The government is also going to subsidize the program."

"No. We are subsidizing the program through our tax dollars."

"You're so conservative."

"Not necessarily. I just think people should be empowered, not enabled." The intensity of their conversation filled the room. People noticed their synergy and smiled. An amazing energy existed in their connection.

It was six o'clock in the evening. Sam and Josie enjoyed the afternoon together. Sam did not want their time together to end. Josie felt the same way.

"I had a wonderful time today, Mr. Shuffield. Thank you." Josie kissed Sam's cheek and her lips lingered on his soft smooth skin longer that needed. Heat surged to Sam's groin and he had to restrain himself from taking Josie right there on the porch.

"Well it doesn't have to end here," Sam suggested hopefully.

"Are you suggesting we continue our date?" Josie batted her long eyelashes and it drove Sam wild.

"Well, there's still dinner," Sam said while slowly moving his arms around Josie's waist.

"Good point. What's on the menu?" Josie's plan of "taking it slow" officially died.

"Well, I've got a few things in mind." He pulled Josie close to him.

"Like what?" she said as she wrapped her arms around Sam's neck.

"I'll cook . . . and you can be dessert." Sam leaned in and kissed Josie on the lips gently. The heat and electricity of their intimate connection travelled through their bodies. Sam's growing erection poked at Josie.

"Well, it seems like you have a special dessert for me as well." She kissed Sam again and savored the sweet taste of his lips. She opened her mouth and invited Sam's tongue in to play. He graciously accepted and slowly rolled his tongue around hers. Sam possessed magnificent kissing skills. Her nipples hardened, poked against the thin bra and showed through her T-shirt.

"Let's eat!" Sam swiftly picked up Josie in his arms. While in Sam's arms, Josie managed to unlock the door and turn off the alarm. Sam gently lowered her to the floor. They kissed passionately and groped each other. Sam stopped. He sat down on Josie's couch and gently pulled her down next to him.

"Are you sure you want to do this? I know it's our first date and everything. But I am so attracted to you. ALL of you." The words stunned, impressed and flattered Josie.

"I'm impressed with your self-control. Normally, I'd agree with you and say we should wait. But there's a special energy between us beyond the physical attraction. You're very special. A different energy is telling me that it is right for us to be together intimately." She kissed him again. Josie loved the feeling of Sam's soft lips. She walked over to the stereo and put on Keith Washington's "Kissing You" to set the mood. She thought about changing into something sexy, but decided to just be. She locked eyes with Sam, strode over and pulled him to his feet. She kissed his lips, chin and neck. As she slowly unbuttoned his shirt, she admired his body. She kissed his chest and dragged her tongue from nipple to nipple.

Sam held himself back long enough. He clasped her hands in his and kissed her. He held her hands at her sides and softly kissed her neck, and sucked her earlobes.

"This is crazy. I think I am falling for you," Sam whispered as he kissed her forehead, down her cheeks and jawline. Josie's libido skyrocketed from Sam's slow and deliberate method.

"I know I want you. Not only for your body, but for you as a person." She bent her head and lightly grabbed Sam's nipples with her teeth. He sighed with pleasure. She laid her head against his chest, curled her tongue and flicked his nipple slowly and teasingly. Sam released Josie's hands, squeezed her firm ass, and pushed himself against her sex at the same time. They felt each other's heat and became ravenous for one another.

Sam ripped Josie's T-shirt off and kissed the exposed part of her breasts. He slid his tongue under the silk fabric of her bra and tasted her erect nipples.

"AHH!" Josie unbuckled Sam's belt pulled it off his waist without tearing a loop. She unzipped the khakis and his huge erection sprung from his boxers. Her eyes popped as she saw and felt his thick,veiny cock. Rock hard and aching for pleasure, his penis throbbed as Josie rubbed its length and played with his frenulum.

Sam unzipped Josie's fitted pants and rolled them down her creamy thighs. Her low-rise panties showed off her tiny waist and exposed her arousal. Moisture outlined her vagina. Josie pulled Sam's pants and boxers down in one motion. As she returned to a standing position, she licked the underside of his dick and briefly sucked his balls.

"I'M READY FOR DESSERT!" Josie shouted, breathlessly anticipating a special encounter.

"SO AM I!" Sam produced a Trojan condom and sheathed himself. He lifted her until her legs wrapped around his waist. He used his penis to push her panties away from her sex. As Sam held her firmly with one arm, he guided himself into her wet vagina. He loosened his grip and steadied her with both arms now.

"YES!" Josie screamed. Sam gently walked Josie to the hallway wall. He leaned her against it and slowly gyrated his hips. His onyx wand slid in and out of Josie's wetness easily. Her panting turned him on and he moved faster in response. Josie took her arms and braced herself against the wall. Sam held her hips and stroked harder. Her wetness and tightness gripped Sam's cock. Josie indulged in the fullness of Sam's cock inside her. Sam pulled Josie off the wall and walked her back over to the couch as they tongued each other relentlessly. He turned and sat down, still inside Josie.

"AHH!" Sam moaned.

"AHH!" Josie planted her feet on the sofa and rode Sam. She took all of his dick in and bucked her hips furiously. Her vagina contracted with an intensity she had never felt. Josie froze momentarily. Sam sensed her release and massaged her clit with his thumb. Josie's head fell back as she bounced on Sam furiously and exploded. Wave after wave of euphoria shot through Josie. She trembled and Sam cuddled her.

"You OK?" Sam asked with genuine concern on his face. Josie appreciated his sincerity and the mind-blowing orgasm. She leaned down and kissed. The crimson veil surrounded them just like Sam fantasized. He started pumping his hips again. Josie's venus was still wet. Josie hopped off Sam and took off her panties. She walked to the bedroom and waved her finger for Sam to follow.

She opened the door and crawled onto the bed. She stayed on all fours in the middle of the mattress."Come and get it!" she said with a smile. Sam quickly followed. He rubbed her glorious behind and mounted her. Josie's round ass jiggled as Sam stroked. No sound escaped from Josie's O- shaped mouth. The direct stimulation of her G-spot brought another orgasm. She then laid on her stomach and stretched out. Sam's legs now straddled her prone frame. She moved her legs closer together and gave Sam an even tighter opening to stroke. Josie's vagina gripped Sam's girth.

"JOSIE!" Sam stroked furiously. Another orgasm ripped through Josie's body as Sam slammed into her one final time and erupted with a loud grunt. He fell on the bed next to her and laid on his side.

"Oh, Josie. . ." Sam moaned. Josie turned her head and faced Sam.

"I think I could fall for you, Sam Shuffield."

"Josie Walker, I think I already have." They smiled and kissed again. They napped as "Last Night" by Az Yet played on the stereo.

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