tagLoving WivesSam's Fall From Grace

Sam's Fall From Grace


Silently I cursed the client sitting across the table from me, he was waffling on telling dirty stories and laughing at his own jokes, every now and then he'd drop a hint that he wouldn't mind going to a strip club, but I let those slide on by. The business part of the meeting had been concluded almost two hours ago, but this guy just didn't seem to want to leave and I didn't dare upset him by asking him to do so, his contract was worth to much to do that. Giving a hint of my own I looked at my watch, it was approaching seven and I wondered if my wife Sam would still be waiting at the club where we'd arranged to meet at around six. For a moment I let my mind drift to my wife, we'd been married ten years and at 36 she was still as vivacious as a teen, she was the epitome of 'good things coming in small packages'; a mere 4 feet 4 inches in height, but with a body to die for. Across the table from me the client mistook my smile at the thought of my wife's 34-24-34 body as enjoyment of what he'd been saying and went off into another monologue while I daydreamed of fondling Sam's soft warm body. Sighing I looked at my watch again and the heavens be praised the client finally noticed that I actually wanted to be somewhere other than with him. Still it took another fifteen minutes to get the 'farewells' out of the way and it was with relief I grabbed my jacket as soon as he was out the door and headed off to meet my wife.

By the time I reached the club we had agreed to meet at it was almost eight forty-five, cursing I hurried inside and started to look for my little darling. At first I thought that she may have got fed up and gone home, but then I spotted her blonde curls in a brief gap that opened on the dance floor. The music was loud, almost deafening so I knew that calling to her would be no use and I quickly discovered that the dance area was so packed that I couldn't get through the throng to join her. Resigned to having to wait until she came off the dance floor I wandered around the edges of the crowd in the hope of spotting my wife and managing to attract her attention. Instead I spotted a couple of her friends sitting at a table drinking, chatting and laughing, it was clear to me that the reason Sam had not left was that she had run into Ruth and Mary. A moment later I saw Sam heading to the table to join her friends, she was dressed in a rather revealing wrap-over dress that was one of my favourites for obvious reasons, her dancing had rumpled it up at the hem and loosened the front and she was making sort of half-hearted efforts to straighten it out. I was about to wave to her when it dawned on me that she was not alone, not only was she not alone but her hand was in that of another man's. Dumbfounded I watched Sam flop into one of the chairs, grab a drink from the table and gulp it down, the strange man dropped into a chair at her side and picked up a beer glass while Ruth made some comment that had all four of them laughing. Eyeing up the man with them I saw that he was young, no more than twenty-five, tall, muscular and attractive in a very manly way. He was certainly attractive to women and he knew it, there was an ease about him that seemed to say 'I'm in control', but when he put his glass down and headed out to the floor to dance with Ruth I felt a sense of relief.

As I stood there Mary left the table, I watched Sam sitting there on her own and was all set to go over and join her when Mary came rushing back with a mobile phone in her hand. Mary spoke briefly to my wife then grabbed her things and rushed away, clearly something urgent had come up in her life. Taking a couple of steps towards the table I smiled in preparation for the greeting my wife would give me and at that point Ruth and the stranger returned to the table. I saw Sam tell Ruth about Mary leaving as I walked closer then watched her being whisked out onto the dance floor again.

"What the fuck?" I muttered as I watched the pair of them wedge themselves into the dancing throng.

Looking at the table where Ruth now sat alone I wondered just how long this man and my wife had been dancing, then I noticed that Ruth didn't seem to be quite sober and I wondered how much she and my wife had drunk before I'd arrived. I guess I was feeling a little jealous at that point, somewhat irked I turned and headed for the bar, after a little pushing and shoving I managed to get myself a couple of good stiff drinks; the first I drank down in one gulp at the bar, the other I carried with me as I headed for the table where Ruth sat waiting her turn to dance with this unknown man. By the time I had worked my way back to the area of the tables Sam and the man were sat back at the table, he was sat between the two women and seemed to be laughing and joking with them. He said something to them which Ruth immediately seemed to respond to with a 'yes', Sam looked at her watch, looked at Ruth and seemed to answer 'why not'. All three of them left the table and at first I thought they were heading for the bar, but then I realised that they were leaving. In a rush I drained my glass, dumped it on the nearest table and rushed outside after them with the intention of letting Sam know I was there only to find myself too late by far. The guy was climbing in behind the wheel of a car as I exited the club, I could see Sam in the front passenger seat and Ruth in the rear, the next moment the car was pulling away.

"SAM!" I called out as loud as I could and waved, but it had been a vain hope that she'd hear me.

However, my luck turned as a taxi drew up beside me thinking I'd been flagging him down, I took advantage of this to jump in the back and told the driver to 'follow that blue car'.

"You are joking aren't you mate?" the driver laughed in disbelief, though he moved off after the car I had indicated.

"No joke," I replied with my eyes glued to the road ahead of us, "just follow that car and don't lose him."

Five minutes later the car with my wife in it stopped near another club, the three of them were heading into the club as I paid my taxi fare and were out of sight in a second. Cursing I almost ran to the entrance and headed inside, the place was not as crowded as the other club yet I couldn't spot Sam, Ruth or the man they were with. The obvious first place to check was the bar, but if they had been there they were gone by the time I got there, buying myself a beer I started wandering around the dance floor. Ages seemed to pass before I finally spotted Ruth sat in a booth by herself, in front her were three rows of glasses, each row had five drinks in it. Looking back at the dance floor I finally spotted Sam and the unknown man bouncing and jumping to the fast paced music, then Ruth joined them and I spent a few moments watching the three of them bobbing about. A few records later they headed back to the booth, Ruth sat down then the man and then Sam so that he was sitting between the two women. Slowly I started to make my way towards them while trying to figure out an explanation for my being at this particular club. At the table the three appeared to be playing some sort of drinking game and in the time it took me to move to within ten feet of them they had drained all the glasses on the table. The man waved across the room and a waitress appeared, took his order and the empty glasses then headed off.

Pausing in my approach I wondered what this guys game was, Ruth, who Sam had told me had no head for drinking, seemed almost out of things, every now and then her head would sort of tilt forward then jerk up as she giggled inanely. Whatever he was drinking didn't seem to have much affect on the guy and I saw him eyeing Ruth from time to time as though gauging how drunk she was, he was also eyeing up my wife only his look was not merely interest in her equilibrium, his eyes seemed to take on a hungry gleam each time he looked at her. Sam seemed tipsy and was certainly oblivious to his hungry glances, the man was talking almost constantly and whatever he was saying had my wife laughing, Ruth laughed too between bouts of fuzzy headedness. Something inside of me was saying I should get over to my wife, but for some reason I just stood there watching them.

The tempo of the music changed and for some reason about half the people left the floor, while they wandered off I saw Sam heading for the floor with the man. At first there was a gap between them as they danced, but that slowly faded away as they drifted together, despite the difference in their heights this guy seemed able to cope with it. Within minutes of Sam's head coming to rest on his chest his hands were sliding down her back to come to rest on her buttocks. Naturally I expected my wife to move his hands, but she just seemed to wriggle against his hands and snuggle in closer. In dismay I watched the pair of them shuffle around the floor, I knew I should be doing something about this, but I couldn't seem to move. Even when his hands started to knead her buttocks I couldn't seem to gather myself to move, Sam's reaction to his squeezing was to roll her bum in his hands. A few minutes later Sam leant back and said something to him, he looked over to their table then grinned, he said something and Sam looked over to the table, laughed then leant back against him.

Curious I looked over to their table and saw that Ruth was leaning on the table seemingly totally out of it, I also noticed that there were full glasses on the table, obviously the waitress had returned while I had been watching my wife. Looking back to the dance floor I saw my wife and the unknown man almost stationary on the floor, their feet barely moving to the slow beat of the music. Though their feet were almost motionless his hands were certainly active, I watched them running up and down her back, stroking her bum then moving upwards. One of his hands slid down to stay at her buttocks while the other slowly crept up her side, it came to rest on the outer edge of one of her breasts. I watched him gently rubbing at the side of her breast with no objection on Sam's part, encouraged by this the guy let his hand slide over on top of her boob. Sam just let him do it, her lack of reaction made me feel light-headed, jealousy rose in me, but at the same time I discovered that I was also getting a little turned on by what I was seeing.

For the span of a couple of records my wife and this stranger stood swaying at the heart of the dance floor with his hands squeezing at her bum and boob. Then he leant down, Sam looked up at him and the next moment they were kissing, my mouth went dry as I wondered how far all this could go, but at the same time I felt the throb of arousal in my cock. A few minutes later their lips parted and Sam said something to him, he grinned at her then nodded, hand in hand they headed back to the table where Ruth seemed to be in a stupor. The guy sat down at the back of the booth with Ruth on his right side, Sam sat down on his left, leant across and nudged Ruth who jerked upright, focussed her eyes then grinned. For a while the three of them just seemed to be chatting, joking and laughing, it appeared that things were cooling down. Only appearances can be deceptive, I noticed that from time to time Sam was shuffling in her seat and giving the guy an odd look, once she even made some low comment to him that made him grin. It was then that I noticed that only one of the guy's hands was visible, he had to be doing something with his other hand and I looked around to see if there was any way I could see what was going on. I noticed a sort of raised level above and to the left of their table, from there I knew I would be able to see everything that happened at the table, both above and below it.

Quickly I made my way to this raised level and edged over to the low guard rail, leaning on the rail I sipped at my now warm beer while looking down at the booth where my wife was sitting. From this position I could now see what the guys hidden hand was up to, and it was certainly up to something. Sam's dress had opened as she had sat down, the material slipping to either side of her legs, it was one of the reasons that it was one of my favourite dresses for her to wear, no matter how many time she would pull it closed it would slip open as long as she remained sitting, now someone other than me was trying to take advantage of this. His hand was resting on her leg just above her knee, he seemed to be stroking his hand in little circles while my wife sat there letting him do it. As I watched his hand crept higher up her leg until it came to the top of her stockings, I held my breath as his hand crept over the stocking top and onto bare skin. It was as his hand stroked her bare skin that my wife reacted, reaching down she took his hand and slid it back down to her knee; she made some comment to which he grinned, but I noticed that he was still rubbing his hand in small circles on her leg. Above the table he reached for a glass and seemed to be proposing a toast, Ruth was giggling as she sipped at a drink, the guy downed his drink in one then looked at Sam challenging her to match his action. My wife grinned then downed her drink, all three of them laughed then seemed to settle down to talking, but from my vantage point I could see his hand start to edge slowly upwards once again.

I was distracted by a sudden influx of people into the club, it was as though a coach had dropped all it's passengers and the noise level went up instantly. In moments every booth was filled with people and the only free seats left were at the table where my wife was sitting, no-one seemed to want them at that time though. Turning my attention back to my wife I saw that the guys hand had already reached the top of her stocking and seemed to be just hovering there making slow, yet firm circular motions. Ruth and Sam were leaning forward talking about something they both seemed to find amusing, but the guy leant forward and they had to lean back to carry on talking behind his back. I'll say this for the fellah he had timing, he waited while the two girls really got engaged in their conversation then slid his hand a little further up Sam's leg, she was so engrossed in her conversation with Ruth that she didn't seem to notice that he had gone 'out of bounds'. Nor did he press this advantage immediately, still moving slowly his hand rubbed her thigh in small circles for a long couple of minutes before sliding up a little further. Over the space of ten minutes he edged his hand further upwards until he was almost touching my wife's miniscule panties, once again I held my breath and waited for his next move. His hand slid up and sideways to come to rest directly over Sam's pussy, her thighs shut around his hand and she looked at him sharply. Ruth must have asked what was wrong, I don't know what Sam answered but Ruth grinned, tried to peek under the table then laughed some sort of reply to my wife. Sam gave a wry smile back then said something to the man, he grinned and reached with his free hand for another drink while his other hand lay trapped between Sam's thighs. All three of them drank then laughed as they put the empty glasses on the table, Sam was looking around the club, though for some reason it didn't occur to her to look up. She made a comment and shook her head, the guy laughed and Ruth seemed to curl up in amusement, then I saw Sam relax her legs a little, not much, but enough for the guy to start sliding his hand up and down on her slit.

As I saw this my cock became hard and uncomfortable in the confines of my clothes, to find myself being turned on by what I was seeing was a major surprise to me. The beer in my hand was totally forgotten as I watched my wife's legs part a little wider and the man's hand move more firmly on her panties. Before long he was pressing hard enough for the thin material of her panties to slide between her pussy lips and I saw her give a wriggle as his fingers wandered along her slit. Ruth seemed amused by all this, not that she could see what was happening, but I think she knew what Sam was letting this stranger do to her. As the minutes passed the man grew even bolder, his hand would rub at one particular spot for a space of time before moving on to another spot then moving back to the first spot, I knew that under those two areas lay Sam's pussy hole and her clit. There was no doubt at all that his actions were exciting my wife, even from where I was stood I could see the dampness of her pussy juices soaking through her flimsy panties. Then this stranger took things a step further, his hand traced the edge of Sam's panties, which, since that garment was now pressed into her pussy, also meant that he was tracing the inner edge of her outer pussy lips. Sam squirmed in her seat but did nothing to stop his actions, encouraged by this I watched the man slip a finger under the material and watched the bulge of her panties as he wormed a finger into her obviously wet hole. My wife gave a little start, looked the guy in the eyes then said something to him, his reply was accompanied by a wave of his free hand at the club and I guessed he was answering with something along the line that he couldn't do much here. My wife looked around the now crowded club then back at him, laughing she shook her head and let her legs open a little further. The man laughed and slipped another finger under the material of her panties, although all I could see was the moving bulge in her panties I knew he was finger-fucking her using two fingers. Then he leant over and said something close to Sam's ear, she turned her head and looked at him as though he were crazy, her lips clearly forming the word 'no', the guy gave a shrug, grinned and carried on fingering her at a faster pace.

More people seemed to be cramming into the club, all unaware of the seduction going on in one of the booths. The man was a smooth operator, he had clearly wanted my wife to do something, but he was content to let her get more excited before trying again. And Sam was indeed getting more excited, I saw her eyelids flickering as small bursts of pleasure washed over her from the actions of this man's fingers. Before long I could see that she was hovering on the edge of an orgasm and was biting her lip to hold back the cries of bliss that were bubbling in her throat, at this the man leant over and spoke to her again. Whatever he was asking of her Sam replied in the negative again, only this time with a lot less conviction and when he spoke again a few minutes later her response was barely a shake of the head. With the patience of a cat at a mouse-hole this man with my wife carried on fingering her pussy, his pace seemed to have slowed and it came to me that he was keeping her hovering on the edge of an orgasm until she agreed to whatever it was he was asking her to do. That agreement came only minutes later, as Sam squirmed and leant back in her seat breathing heavily the man spoke again, her head came up and she looked at him through eyes glazed with excitement, he repeated his words and my wife nodded her head in weak agreement. To my utter amazement Sam lifted herself in her seat, reached down and as his hand moved from her pussy she slid her panties off and gave them to the man who openly sniffed the crotch before putting them in his jacket pocket. I think my mouth was hanging open as she settled back in the chair, spread her legs and let this stranger have full access to her pussy. Nor was he slow to gain access, I had an unobstructed view of two of his fingers sliding into her pussy while his thumb stretched up to her clit. Moments later his plunging fingers had Sam on the edge of an orgasm and seemed intent on driving her over the edge.

Suddenly Ruth leant over and said something, I followed the direction her eyes were looking and saw a group of five people approaching the table. They asked something and the man seemed to reply in the positive while below the table his fingers lay still in my wife's pussy. The group began to sit down at the table and I half blessed them yet half cursed them for arriving to end the scene below me. There seemed to be only room for four of the group to sit, one of them was resigned to standing when the guy with my wife said something to her. She looked at him, looked at the group then nodded agreement to whatever it was he'd said, a moment later she stood up and her dress fell back into place to hide her naked pussy. Her next action was to sit on the stranger's lap facing the table, he used his hands to manoeuvre her legs to either side of his then leant back to let her lean against his chest while the newcomers shuffled to make room for the last member of their group. Her dress had of course slipped open again, but as the group started talking it seemed clear that no-one other than my wife, the man she was with and I were aware of this.

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