tagText With AudioSandman's Parallax Pt. 01

Sandman's Parallax Pt. 01



You are a girl that has a special telepathic gift. You travel to the abandoned Salem Asylum where you meet a forensic psychologist who wants to use your telepathic gift to travel into the mind of a previous mental patient. As you exit the elevator onto the third floor of the asylum, you pass through a portal.

This "Window into Souls" is where you are introduced to the Sandman's creation within his mind, the owl. The owl has the ability to detect the Sandman's arrival, and he is much like the parrots who raised him. This owl named Hoot has the ability to speak and can mimic any sound, voice, and other species including human voices.

As you travel under the induction, you learn more about the patient, Dr. Franklin. The Sandman arrives to transport your dream state into the mind of the killer "Dr. Franklin". This is where plans go awry.

The Sandman expected your journey into the killer's mind to be during his waking state, but you find yourself instead, transported straight into his dreaming mind. Your are no longer the voyeur of his thoughts, but have gone even farther; into the mind of Dr. Franklin's dream victim looking through her eyes and feeling her fears.

You are dreaming as is required for the Sandman to transport you into Dr. Franklin's thoughts; but now you are pulled into yet a deeper layer of his dream. He becomes aware of your presence, and now sees through your eyes and remembers the asylum, the room that you're in, and sees the owl.

The Sandman is the Lord of all Dreams, and discovers that there is an evil parasite existing in Dr. Franklin's soul.


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