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Sarah's First Bikini


Since I have been working on some of my real life spankings, I figured I best tell you the story of my first bikini. I was 18, and a senior in high school in Atlanta. Well, since there aren't any beaches around, just pools, I figured I would get a bikini to get a tan and sun bathe in. The only problem with that were my parents, particularly my dad. They are both kind of ultra religious. They figured a girl should only be out in a one piece swimsuit. Well, I argued and pleaded, and finally I managed to wear them down for some money to go get a bikini.

I went to the local mall, and there was this nice little bikini, so I got it. I figured it covered me as much as I needed it to, and still allowed me to get a good tan. When I got home, however, my parents had a different idea.

My mom and dad made me put it on for them, to judge the suitability of my choice. I was shocked, but I did as I was told, since if I didn't, I knew it was a trip over my dads knee for arguing. Well, I went up to my room, and put it on, leaving the tags in place, just in case they didn't approve of it. I walked back down into the living room, and both of my parents looked it over. Mom said it wasn't covering my enough, and dad was looking at me almost in a hurt look. I felt it was a good bikini. Modest by the standards I had seen my friends dressed in, but still well enough to be ok.

Well, mom wasn't happy, dad was looking hurt, and I was getting a little worried since I knew I might be getting a spanking. But I didn't. I was shocked when I was told it was ok, for the time being. So, with their blessing, I put on a tee and shorts, and headed to the local pool.

One thing anyone should know is that where I grew up in Atlanta, there was a pool just across the woods from my place. There was a county cleared hiking path around the park, and it was good for a little alone time. So I decided to walk thru the woods to the pool. On the way, I had to cross over a little creek. The creek wasn't that bad, but downstream there usually were places where someone could get stuck in quicksand. I knew this from my previous hikes, and so I usually avoided those areas.

I made it to the pool area without a problem. Lying out on a pool bench, I started soaking in the sun, getting my tan. Of course the boys were there looking and whistling, but growing up, one learns to avoid those unless the boy is really cute. Time passed, and I rolled over, to allow my front to tan too. It was getting on towards 5 in the afternoon, when I decided to head back to home.

Well, I hiked thru the woods again, and got inside, and was about to head up to my room to change, when my parents asked me to come into the den for a minute. Figuring something was up, I followed them. They sat me down, and gave me the talk, since they figured it was going to be time soon for the boys to get more curious. I had heard it all before in health class, and from my friends, but I indulged my parents. Well, I figured it was done, but then my parents also gave me a warning about the park. They told me not to go out there after the sun had begun to set. I figured it was to keep me from falling and being hurt. Little did I know.

I continued my pool trips for the next month, occasionally staying later than I had wanted to, but always arriving home before dusk. My parents got a little concerned, but they figured it was ok. Then one night, I left really late. It was already settling into dusk as I came to the creek crossing, only 10 minutes from home, when I thought I heard something behind me. I slowed, and listened, but I couldn't really hear anything, so I carried on home. As I was nearing the exit to my street, I heard a noise again, so I darted out of the woods and into my house. My dad came to me, hearing me panting. He asked what was wrong, and I told him. He dashed out of the house with a flashlight, and looked around for any signs, but he didn't see anything. Mom meanwhile told me to wait in the den.

Dad came back, and told me he hadn't found anything, but he was upset that I had stayed out so late. He sent me to my room, and told me to relax for the night, but the next day I would be punished for being out late.

Well, I slept well for the night, and went to class, and told my friends what had happened. They figured it was just a wild animal, but to be sure, some of the girls decided to setup a weekend pool party at their house, for the rest of the cheerleaders. I was thrilled, and told them I would check to see if I could come.

When I got home, mom told me to go upstairs and put on my bikini, and wait for my dad in the den. It was a 2 hour wait, and as I waited, the tension grew. Mom came in shortly after dad arrived home from work, and told me that since I was out late, dad was going to give me a spanking. Dad came in, and had me stand up. Mom and him sat on the couch, and told me that I was loved, but that since I had started to grow up, they were setting rules to keep me safe. Dad took me over his knee, and started spanking my butt, while mom stroked my head. I guess the spanking lasted just 10 minutes, but I felt each swat.

Once dad was done, he sent my to the corner for a half an hour, then he told me to go get changed, and come down for diner. At diner, I told dad and mom about the offer the cheerleaders had made, and my parents decided that would be a safer option than my hiking thru the woods. So after diner, I called over to my friends, and they all agreed.

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