tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Shoplifting Teacher

The Shoplifting Teacher

byCharles Petersunn©

This story was inspired by a Japanese movie of the same name, starring Emi Harukaze. However, the dialogue and scenes in this story are quite different from the movie (I didn't actually understand the dialogue). Please note that the story involves blackmail (along with mature; May-December relationship). It is within the reluctance and submission section because that is its primary theme. If stories involving blackmail, reluctance, and submission are not enjoyable for you and certainly if you find them offensive, then you really, really should not be reading this story! All of the characters in this story are at least eighteen years old.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ms. Crump was a rather stern and imposing teacher. One did not misbehave in her class. There was never any whispering. There was never any passing of notes. Students always arrived on time, if not a good five to ten minutes early. One always paid close attention, never got caught being distracted, which wasn't that easy as her lectures on Victorian literature could be so long and tedious. The students so much preferred Miss Bixley, but her classes this semester were all full (see "Miss Bixley lends a hand").

The guys, and even many of the girls, could see why she was still single. Who would want to marry her? Would could stand her? She was so cold, so harsh, so grim and austere.

This was a shame as she was not an unattractive woman, not by any means. She was in fact very appealing, if not pretty. She had long, wavy, flowing black hair that hung well down over her breasts, providing a nice accent to their prominence, as her hair fell gracefully across her curves, outlining her breasts' fullness and roundness. She also had large and pretty round blue eyes, although they often looked rather cold and unforgiving beneath her spectacles. Her cheeks were rosy, her nose was perky (although perhaps a bit sharp), and her lips were always adorned by a bright and rich red lipstick, although students would claim that they had never seen Ms. Crump smile.

In sum, Ms. Crump could really be quite an attractive woman if she allowed herself to be, but all of this potential was frustrated in part by her demeanor, as well as the conservative nature of her dress. She wasn't into pretty skirts, pastel colors, or feminine delicacies. Her outfits matched her personality. She wore stark grey or black business suits, with skirts that went well below her knees, blouses buttoned all the way to her neck, themselves largely hidden beneath jackets that were usually fully buttoned as well.

It wasn't that other teachers of Templeton College let their students see their boobs. That would, of course, be inappropriate, if not absurd. But they would at least wear outfits that flattered their womanly curves. What woman wouldn't? Well, Ms. Crump was such a woman, and it was again quite a shame, for beneath her tight business jackets one could discern the presence of very prominent, full breasts.

Yet, her conservative suits could not hide her appeal entirely, as the skirts, jackets, and blouses were typically rather tight.

It was a body that was actually difficult to ignore. She had such a nice taut, tight, jutting, swaying bottom, the curves of which were facilitated by her long black high heels, which also provided nice lines and tone to her calves and her long shapely legs. The boys' eyes invariably followed the sway of her bottom as she slowly made her way down an aisle of desks, reading from a text. This was the manner in which she most often lectured, striding up and down the aisles, reading a dull, tedious scholastic tome. One consolation of this approach was that it did allow the eyes of the boys to follow her swaying bottom as she strolled away. Of course, such impolite behavior on the part of the boys risked her considerable wrath if caught by the "Dragon Lady," one of the many less than complimentary nom de plumes she had been given by her students.

One of her most distinctive habits was to carry a ruler. She would absentmindedly tap it with her right hand into the palm of her left when she was not reading from a text as she strode up and down the aisle of desks, droning away, monitoring the notes being taken, looking for signs of student inattention, distraction, or any other signs of remiss. Once found it would be met with a tap of the ruler on a shoulder, a piercing glare, a pursing of lips, and a shake of the head.

Ms. Crump would angrily chastise particularly egregious infractions, accompanied by a sharp slap with the ruler on the hand or wrist. Some students even had to take the walk of shame to the front of the room to stand in the corner, facing the wall.

Yes, it was treating college students as if they were still in elementary school. All of the students were above the age of eighteen, most were in fact nineteen or even twenty years old. But, Ms. Crump would say that if they are still behaving like children then they should be treated as such.

She had sent a student to the corner of the room only a couple of times this semester, but one such time it had been William (Billy) Miller. He had found it terribly, terribly embarrassing, and it was only because he happened to be drawing cartoon doodles in the margins of his notebook. His notes were otherwise fine, so what was the harm? Well, actually, they weren't just ordinary doodles. One of them was in fact a sketch of Ms. Crump, with her blouse open and she was apparently not wearing a brassiere. Her humongous boobs were spilling out. Other than giving her approximately 88DDD boobs it was a pretty good resemblance, particularly for such a small sketch, but William's artistic talent didn't seem to impress his teacher.

He felt that such a punishment was not at all appropriate for a young man his age and he considered speaking to the ombudsman about it. However, Templeton was a very conservative private college and he was unlikely to receive much sympathy. This was not a public university that was beholden to state legislative guidelines regarding pedagogy and student discipline. William, and his parents, had been made fully aware of the rules and responsibilities of an undergraduate, as well as the strict disciplinary powers of the professors. It was in fact this authoritative traditionalism that had attracted Willam's parents to Templeton.

Templeton even had a dress code! The girls had to wear white blouses with black ties, plaid skirts that had to go below the knee, white socks, black Mary Janes, and, of course, white panties and bras (see "The Lessons, Chapter One, Mr. Peters teaches Sara a lesson"). The boys wore white shirts, black slacks, black shoes and now even white jockey briefs.

Well, at least he hadn't had to take any of Miss Harding's or Mr. Peters' courses. He heard that they even spanked their students, and on their bare bottoms no less! William couldn't imagine that really being true, but such were the rumors (see "Disciplining young gentleman"). Nevertheless, he so looked forward to this particular class ending and getting out from under the dictatorial thumb, and ruler, of Ms. Crump.

He did though, at times, feel sorry for his teacher. He knew that some day he would graduate from Templeton College and would lead a normal, happy, and fulfilled life, one shared with a lovely woman who loved him. Such a future was unlikely ever to materialize for Ms. Crump. There was no wedding ring on her hand, nor likely an engagement ring in the near future. She was apparently devoted to her career, which was the education of students, most of whom resented or even detested her. How could she possibly be happy about that? William would wonder if she had any life at all outside of the classroom.

He did though eventually get the chance to observe Ms. Crump in the real world, and it was a revelation indeed.

William worked at a small novelty store within a remote corner of the Templeton Mall. The store sold cheap magic tricks, weird candies (like absinthe and eggnog gumballs), 3-D and X-ray glasses, games, bacon soap, monkey oil paintings, horse head wall decorations, inflatable turkeys, a painting of a squirrel wearing underpants, cheesy costumes and masks, puzzles, pennants, backwards clocks, a Barbie Happy Meal toy, and on it went.

It was a very, very boring job. Customers were so rare, particularly during the week. It picked up at Christmas for stocking stuffing, and Halloween, for costumes and decorations. But outside of that it was terribly slow. He wondered how Mr. Weaver, the owner, was able to stay in business and pay his salary.

Working there was at times so dreary. Hours would literally go by without one customer. When one did finally arrive he would entertain himself by watching him or her every move on the monitor, as the store was well covered by cameras. Most of their products could easily fit into someone's pocket. However, even those brief moments of distraction were invariably boring, as watching someone become bored with their products was equally tiresome.

He was though grateful for the income. This was a difficult time for anyone to gain meaningful, reliable employment, and he desperately needed the income to help fund his college expenses. Templeton was a very expensive college.

One evening he was resting against the front counter, gazing upon a pictorial within a past issue of Playboy. It was Sara Jean Underwood. He really liked her.


He glanced up to see Ms. Crump enter the shop, announced by the little tingling of a bell that was hooked to the front door.

She strode past, heading directly to the far right aisle of the shop. He wondered if he should have asked if she needed any help finding what she wanted. He certainly had nothing better to do. Well, the pictorial was pretty interesting, but he didn't mind doing his job, and Ms. Crump could very well be annoyed if he wasn't dutifully attentive. But, she had strode in so quickly that he didn't have an effective chance. It was apparent that she knew what she wanted and where it was. And, besides, she probably didn't care to ask for any help from one of the slugs within her literature class.

Ms. Crump needed to purchase some funny prizes for a college function. She wasn't too sure what she wanted but she knew she could find something inexpensive here. She wasn't too happy though to notice that one of her students worked here, and it was William Miller, no less. He would be of no help.

While browsing she strode past another set of novelty items. "Marital aids" they were called. She knew them as women's helpers, or dildos. How odd, she thought. Apparently they were sold for bachelorette parties. She smiled. Ms. Crump did indeed at times smile, and she had to smile at that.

She even picked up one of them, and studied it for awhile. It did look a little intriguing, she had to admit. She looked to her left and right. She wouldn't want anyone to notice her looking at it. How embarrassing would that be!

William smiled as he studied her in the monitor. Ms. Crump was actually looking at a dildo! He would most definitely have to download this into his i-pod after she left. How very, very funny. His dick swelled at the thought of her using it. What he would give to see that!

Ms. Crump's heart fluttered. Maybe she should purchase it. Women do apparently use these things. It must give them some degree of pleasure; why else are so many of them sold and in so many different variations. The thought of using it made her feel a little excited, a rather pleasant feeling that she had not felt for quite some time. But, she most certainly could not, would not, purchase it from little Billy Miller. When she had entered the store she saw him studying a picture of a naked woman within some filthy pornographic magazine. She was not surprised. Billy was such a sloth, and apparently a perverted one at that. What other kind of boy draws naked pictures of his professor? Well, she would most certainly report this behavior to the store manager. He would not be pleased to discover that one of his employees was looking at pornography right out in the open when he should be waiting on customers. She wouldn't be surprised if he was in fact masturbating behind the counter! She shuddered to think of that.

Yes, she would not purchase this item from the young Mr. Miller! There was simply no chance of that happening. He would probably masturbate at the thought of her using it! And, he would most certainly tell all his friends about it. A shiver went down her spine at the thought of that.

And, besides, look at the price! It was ridiculously expensive. Apparently desperate women were willing to pay any price for some brief moment of pleasure. She slipped it into her handbag. It was ridiculous to have to pay so much for such a product.

William's eyes widened with shock and wonder. Ms. Crump was shoplifting?!

She glanced left and right again, realizing that she should have double-checked her isolation within the store before she had slipped the product into her handbag. She could feel the anxiety rising as she looked around. As far as she could tell she was the only one in the store. Nobody had seen her, and most certainly Billy would not notice. He barely paid attention to her in class. His mind was obviously absorbed now by naked skanks and sluts. A boy as dense and obtuse as that young man would not discover her walking off with a little item. Actually, it was kind of little. Maybe too little. She put a couple more larger ones in her purse as well. She was feeling pretty good about herself. She knew she would be able to walk straight out the door.

William had reached for the phone when he saw her slip two more dildos into her purse, intending on calling mall security. It would be so, so cool to watch Ms. Crump get apprehended. She might even lose her job! And, even if that did not happen he would at least have something to lord over her for the rest of the semester.

And then it dawned on him. He really did have something on Ms. Crump, something that he could use very, very effectively; something that would be worth considerably more if she wasn't arrested. If she was arrested she might just confess, pay a fine, and admit the crime to the Board of Trustees. At worst she might be suspended for just a brief period of time. What good would that do him? No, this would be worth far more if it was known only to the two of them.

He smiled as Ms. Crump approached the counter, a few cheap magic tricks in her right hand, her closed purse hanging from her left arm.

"Billy, you work here?"

He considered being a smart-ass and saying no, he just liked to hang around behind the counter, but he decided to bide his time. "Yes, Ms. Crump. How wonderful it is to see you. Did you find what you were looking for?"

"Yes, yes, I did. Just a few magic tricks will do. I don't want them for myself. They're for some silly college function."

"Oh yes, Ms. Crump. These are very popular items. Excellent choice."

"Yes, well, hurry up now, I have work to do, papers to grade you know."

"Yes, yes, of course, Ms. Crump. But, are you sure this is all you want? We have many other fine products, you know."

Ms. Crump smiled sarcastically at him. "Yes, I'm sure you do. I was surprised that I was able to push my way through the crowd."

William was not at all troubled by her sarcasm. On the contrary, it would only make his eventual confrontation all the more pleasing. He just smiled, rang up her order, dropped them in a bag, and as he handed it to her he said, "Thank you for your patronage, Ms. Crump. You come back now, you hear?"

Ms. Crump didn't dignify that with a response. She just took the bag of magic tricks and headed to the door.

"Ms. Crump," William said as she was about to step through the door.

She stopped and looked back at him. "Yes?" Had she forgotten some change?

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

She looked at the counter. She looked in her plastic bag. The novelty items were in there. She looked back at William. "What? What did I forget?"

William smiled at her. "Oh, I think you know."

She shrugged her shoulders. She sincerely did not know what he was referring to. She could not fathom that he actually knew that she had stolen anything.

"The products still within your purse? Were you intending on paying for them?"

A wave of anxiety coursed through her body and flooded her mind. A chill ran down her spine. She wasn't at all sure what to say. "Excuse me? I don't understand."

William smiled again. "Our line of women's helpers, Ms. Crump?"

She felt the blood rush to her face. "I don't know what you are referring to, Billy, and I really must be on my way. I have a number of other visits to make this evening. So, if you wouldn't mind."

"Oh, I do mind, Ms. Crump, and so will the security officers if you want me to give them a call."

Ms. Crump could feel her heart racing. This was not good. This was not good at all. But, then, she recalled an episode of Law and Order she had once seen. Well, maybe it wasn't Law and Order. She couldn't remember the precise show, but isn't it the case that you can't be charged with shoplifting if you are still within the store? "Oh! Yes, yes, Billy, I'm so grateful to you for reminding me." She smiled at him. "My goodness," she said as she opened up her purse, "Do you believe it, I almost walked right out with these. Oh, I am so, so embarrassed. Yes, please, I don't know what I was thinking. Yes, please, of course I want to, I intended, on paying for these as well." She pulled them from her purse and headed back to the counter. It would be more than just a little embarrassing to now buy an array of dildos from Billy Miller, but this brief embarrassment was far, far less mortifying than actually being arrested for attempting to steal them. She would suffer through this brief ignominy and be on her way. What a very, very close call!

"Oh, I think it's a little late for that now, Ms. Crump. The camera has you on film." He gestured to the little cameras high up on the walls, barely noticeable.

Ms. Crump looked up and saw one. 'Well,' she thought, 'that's how the little bugger caught me.' She realized now she perhaps should have known better. It's a lesson well learned. In order to avoid one little embarrassment...well, not really so little. In any case, to avoid one she had put herself in position for an even worse embarrassment. "Yes, yes, well, that's good, that's good. I'm so really grateful. I would have felt so, so bad to have made it all the way home, only to discover that I had forgotten to pay for these and would then have had to drive all the way back down here. Gracious, gracious me. I'm a very lucky woman indeed." She dropped the three embarrassments onto the counter, hoping that William would quickly ring them up and she could then leave."Yes, these are, they're for, um, Professor Humphrey's bachelorette party." There was no bachelorette party, not even a Professor Humphrey, but Billy wouldn't know that. "I was, my goodness, the lucky one who drew the short straw who had to come down here to purchase them. Kind of embarrassing, really. Now, if you wouldn't mind, I do have to be on my way."

"Well, I will need to have security review the film. I'm not so sure they will judge it to be an innocent mistake, Ms. Crump. Not too many customers put unpaid products into their purses by accident, and then accidently snap their purses shut. No, I think they're going to want to see the film."

"Oh, Billy, now, c'mon, don't be silly. You know me. I wouldn't do anything like that. I am not a shoplifter, Billy. I am a professor. One of your professors. Now, please, let's just forget this and move on."

"But, I can't, Ms. Crump. Mr. Weaver will see the film. He always checks it." He never checked it, but Ms. Crump wouldn't know that.

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