Sarlene's Touch Ch. 46


"From somebody else. Somebody who knows just where and how to touch. Lissi, it was good, it was so, so good. The best ever."

"How did that happen?"

"I'd rather not say about that part right now. Seriously."

"Oh." She sounded a little hurt.

"Lissi," her heart was hammering so hard it felt as if her friend should be able to hear it, "I want to share it with you."

There was another long silence, the two just staring into each other's shadowed faces, as if trying to read their thoughts.

"Lissi?" she asked, after a while. Her friend muttered something, too quiet to hear. "Sorry?"

"I said, 'yes'."

Tinberly put her hand on Lissica's leg, the shift still hitched up around her hips. The skin was soft, more so than Nyvara's had been, and just the feel of it against her fingertips gave her a delicious thrill. Slowly, she slid the hand up, ruffling the cotton of the underclothes, moving under them to stroke her friend's back and side. She watched Lissica's face intently, although she could really only see the moonlight glinting off her eyes and highlights in her hair; most of her features were still obscured by the shadows of the darkened room.

Lissica was, perhaps, not as toned as Nyvara had been, but that didn't matter to Tinberly. She tried to push away her memories of that night, one that now she was beginning to see as a remarkable awakening, and concentrate instead on the girl before her. They were almost the same age, and that made things different, but more than that, this was somebody she had known and chatted with since childhood, somebody she really cared for, somebody that she had always shared with, when she could. What they were sharing now, and what would shortly come, would be the best ever.

"Your hands are smaller than a boy's" whispered Lissica, "I think."

""But gentler, too," she pointed out, slowly stroking the other girl's belly, feeling the flesh yield beneath her touch.

"I didn't say it wasn't nice."

"What about this?" Tinberly moved her hand further up, rucking the shift, feeling the swell of her friend's breasts, making the blonde gasp.

"Should we be...?"

"Hush, Lissi, it'll be good, I promise."

Nyvara's breasts had been so much larger, but Lissica's were a pleasant shape beneath her fingers, as she savoured every tiny fraction of their curves. Tinberly felt a longing in her loins, a desperate ache that rose within her, and wondered if the other girl felt the same. As her questing fingertips brushed over Lissica's nipples, she sensed them swelling and hardening beneath her touch, and knew her answer.

She rolled over on the bed, freeing her left hand, her legs either side of Lissica's hips, and began to pull the shift up and out of the way. With a nervous giggle, the other girl helped her, and Tinberly leaned back, letting the sheet fall from her shoulders, to admire the body now spread out beneath her.

Lissica was on her back now, light hair gleaming in the moonlight, a shy grin on her face. But it was the way that the sliver of light from the window glinted on the mound of her breasts, on the rounded pale nipples, and the curve of her belly that entranced Tinberly. She lay down again, her own breasts resting on Lissica's, separated by only one layer of cotton now, and kissed her friend's throat and chin.

"Tins..." breathed Lissica, softly, and the sound of the pet name only excited Tinberly further.

She moved her hand down, pushing aside Lissica's panties, stroking her fingers through the soft downy hair. Cautiously, moving her own leg out of the way, she eased the other girl's thigh out of the way, resolving to feel the shape of those legs more next time.

If there was a next time, and she hoped to all the gods that there was. She wanted to possess Lissica, ravish her, make her cry out her name, move their long friendship onto a new and deeper level than ever before. But, for now, she held herself back, not wanting to go too far too soon, and ruin the moment.

Her own nipples were like hard points, her panties damp with suppressed passion, as she slid a finger between Lissica's thighs, down over the tender pussy lips, invisible in the darkness, moving by touch alone.

"Tell me how you like it," she breathed.

"I... I move slowly, and..."

"Like this?"

"Mmm... yes... it feels so different, though..."

"Good different?"

"Mm hmm... and then I move in a circle round... oh my gosh... that's it.... yes..."

Tinberly was moving her fingers as instructed, finding her partner increasingly wet as she teased and probed between the folds, taking pleasure in every little gasp or pant she induced.

"Oh, Lissi..." she moaned, daring to kiss the other girl on the lips for the first time.

To her delight, Lissica responded enthusiastically, any earlier reservation gone. Her hands, with their delicate fingers, riffled through Tinberly's long, dark hair, and down her back, even gripping a buttock. With reluctance, Tinberly pulled her hand away from its task, but only to pull her shift up, finding the other girl eagerly helping her, throwing it away beside the bed.

She leaned back into her, lips once more meeting in the near-darkness. No longer did any material separate their breasts, the slight, soft mounds pressing into each other, as Lissica's hands began to explore the Tinberly's body with increasing enthusiasm.

She moaned out her own enthusiasm, lost in the passion, feeling the soft fingertips running over her flanks, her belly, her thighs, and shoulders. Their bodies writhed together, hard nipples jutting into each other's breasts, trailing out a nameless pattern as they moved.

She levered herself up slightly, and Lissica took the hint, small, gentle hands cupping her friend's breasts, feeling the shape. "Do you like this, Tins?" she whispered, lightly tweaking a nipple.

She nodded, momentarily unable to find words, her body on fire as never before, desiring everything. Letting out a low, wordless moan, she leant forward, planting a kiss on the top of Lissi's pale breast, savouring the feel of the warm mound against her lips. She darted lower, sucking a small nipple into her mouth, flicking it with her tongue, suckling, savouring, tasting.

"Oh my gosh, Tins!" cried Lissica in delighted surprise, her body bucking against the sheets, back arching and pressing the breast further into Tinberly's delighted mouth.

With regret, she eventually released the wondrous treat from her mouth. Lissica was panting, breath ragged, suddenly unsure of what to do next. Then, seizing her chance, Tinberly thrust an index finger deep into her friend's pussy, further than she had dared so far, making the other girl cry out in passion. Lissica's moans were enchanting, the familiarity of her voice alone enough to heighten Tinberly's passion. She couldn't take much more of this, she thought, as she began to pump the finger in and out, first slowly, and then with more vigour, damp juices slick against her skin.

She silenced Lissica's cries with her kisses, although the details of their situation had long since fled her mind. Then, the other girl pulled back for a moment, holding Tinberly's head in her hands, eyes locked on hers, hair spilled out over the pillow in a dark halo.

"Oh, Tins..." she cried, "Don't stop! I'm going to come. Tins, you're going to make me... ohhhh... oh oh oh..."

Lissica's body writhed against the sheets hands clenching as her hips bucked with her passion. Tinberly could not hold herself back any longer. Panties pushed down around her knees, she pressed her lower body against that of her friend, thighs parted, grinding her damp pussy against Lissica's leg. She moved up until the other girl's folds pressed against her own, their hips moving in tandem. With increasing desperation, she continued the movement, her most sensitive areas pressed against those of her friend, wordless passion and desire taking over, everything contracting into that one feeling.

She cried her friend's name as she came, a wave of pleasure engulfing her beyond anything she had previously experienced. Then they lay there, panting, arms wrapped around each other's slender, sweat-slicked bodies, faces pressed together.

"Tins," whispered Lissica, "promise me that won't be the last time."

"I promise. I so, so, promise."

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