tagRomanceSaturday Arrives

Saturday Arrives


(a continuation of The Bitch's Oven and Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead)

Robin opened her eyes to a glorious day. It was a little cloudy but only outside. The sun was shining so bright for Robin it didn't matter what the weather was. She had some plans to prepare. Suddenly she understood where Jennifer had been the day she sent her away to get ready for her date. There was plenty for Robin to do today. The first thing was to hit the liquor store for champagne, bucket and two glasses. Danny knew nothing of what she had planned. She wasn't even sure she was going to do anything or even if she would need to. Robin Bennett had learned to prepare for perfection if one wanted things to be perfect. She did.

It had been a full week since the lot of them had gone sailing but to Robin it seemed like months. She was so anxious to be alone with Danny. Not anxious enough to take him up on any of the thousand suggestions he had made during the week. Everything from doing lunch to bowling, of all things. He had tried it all, trying to find out what it would take to get Robin to go with him somewhere, anywhere. Nothing had worked. Robin was determined that this Saturday was going to be the perfect night.

The game started at 3:00. Danny was picking her up out front of the dorm at 2:00. It was almost 9:00 now. She had to pick the perfect thing to wear. She didn't have any clothes from Tech. She needed to wear school colors to show her support for her team. Danny was obviously interested so she wanted to be interested also. She had discovered that Eric was an all conference linebacker. Danny would die to see his roommate do well. He was Eric's biggest fan, well maybe next to Carey's pussy. Ok, Robin thought, the liquor store, then the clothes shop across the street from campus, she had seen tons of Tech sportswear in the window. She better hurry, lots to do today.

Nikki and Carey popped into the room. They were great friends but Robin was afraid that this day didn't hold any room for play with them. She listed the things she needed to do and they offered to help. She invited them to go to the clothing store and help her pick out something to wear. Carey seemed to be ultra-flattered by the offer. Robin noticed too. The scary threesome hit the road. They were browsing the floor of the quaint little shop in no time. Robin wondered why she hadn't been in here before now. She didn't get school spirit until she went sailing with Danny, that's why. This store was a Tech headquarters.

The three agreed on a loose sweater with the Tech insignia on the front. Robin wanted to be dressed to go to dinner later but she wanted to look good for the game at the same time. This could be a challenge without the freedom to return home to change between events. She didn't want to let Danny out of her sight once they got together for the night. Robin decided that if she had to go to dinner underdressed that it would have to be ok. Danny wouldn't be dressed to the nines either so all would work out, Robin was sure of it.

2 o'clock was approaching all too fast for Robin. She was just finishing her makeup. Her lipstick was hot red and glossed to the max. She was really hitting it hard this night. Nikki and Carey were fussing around helping do what they could. Robin sprung from the bathroom naked from the waist up. She was wearing tight red jeans. The sweater they picked out was white with the red emblem of Tech on it, her shoes where red Nikes with thick white laces, the Nike swoosh in white down the side as usual. She pulled the sweater on over her firm round breasts, no bra. The emblem on the front just embellished her natural attributes. She flipped her hair and shook it out, it landed perfectly down her shoulders and back.

"Wow Robin, you're hot girl." Carey's words were more encouraging than she would ever know.

"Don't forget your coat, it will probably get pretty cold tonight." Nikki handed her a solid red satin cotton lined jacket.

"You can borrow my jacket if you like." Carey smiled at Robin and rubbed the suede sleeve of her recent gift.

"Hey, there really may be a time when I do come borrow it. It is perfect for so many outfits." Robin was as serious as Calvin Klien.

"Its yours anytime you like." Carey would never refuse Robin anything. "Only to borrow though." She was quick to add.

"Deal" Robin smiled and shook her head in agreement.

The windows looking out onto the parkinglot of the dorm were on the other side of the building. Carey's room was on that side. Nikki had been over there watching for Danny. She came rushing in.

"He's here! She almost squealed.

"Ohhh, wish me luck." Robin felt her heart drop into her stomach.

Danny watched Robin coming down the stairs from the front desk. He thought she was incredible. Red was totally her color. The raven black hair against her tan face and all that red was almost more than he could handle. He forgot to say anything when she finally reached him. He just stood and stared. The girl sitting behind the welcoming desk just laughed at him. Robin looked down at her and raised her eyebrows and smiled.

"Oh, hi! I'm sorry!" Danny finally opened his mouth but he almost wish he hadn't. He instantly started tripping over every word he spoke. "Wow, if looks were money you would be...oh damn, how does that old song go?'

Robin laughed, the knowledge that she had this kind of effect on him was flattering. But Danny wasn't a quitter. He kept on trying. She liked that about him. Stubborn but so cute and so polite, even when he was being a bad boy on the boat he was still polite.

"If good looks were a penny you would be a dollar. That's right isn't it?" Danny was being hilarious to the two girls. "No wait it's...? Oh you know what I mean right?"

Robin looked at the girl behind the desk. She just shrugged her shoulders and shook her head no. Robin looked back at Danny and just said, "No, I don't think I do."

"Oh, it's an old song that talks about how beautiful this girl is and...oh forget it. Would it suffice to just say...you're the most beautiful creature that ever cast a shadow on the earth?" Danny was being as open and honest as he could.

"Let's go." Finally, Robin was speechless. She just took his arm, staring into his earthy green sultry eyes.

"Lucky girl." Robin overheard the girl at the desk comment. Robin looked back at her and shook her head yes.

They got to the stadium in time for the pre-game festivities. The bands from both sides were filling the air outside in the parkinglot. You could tell they were trying to outdo each other. Danny handed the tickets to the taker at the gate. The closer they got to the entrance to their section the louder and louder the music got. When they finally cleared the entry ramp and were standing in the open air of the stadium the blast of the bands hit like a shock wave. The roar of the fans and the restless moving around reminded Robin of an ant bed. She barely heard when Danny asked if she wanted anything to eat or drink. He reminded her that they were going to dinner after the game. She shook her head no that she was fine for now. Her belly was way too queasy to eat. He led them to their seats in the student section. They got settled and started taking in the activities. This was Robin's first college game. She had no idea it would be such a big event. She noticed license plates in the parkinglot from three and four states away let alone from nearby cities and towns. She was excited. About the game of course but more about the man that brought her to it.

Robin finally had a good chance to look him over. His comment leaving the dorm had left her heart fluttering all the way to the stadium, she hardly noticed what he was wearing on the drive over. She couldn't even remember what he was driving, and just rode in it! Oh this guy was really messing with her mind and she loved it.

The teams finally came onto the field. Danny jumped up to cheer Tech. Robin did the same, just following suit. Things settled down, the teams took the field and the game was on. Robin wasn't much of a football fan but she had never experienced it like this. She was changing her mind about the game. When Danny stood for the kickoff so did she. She was loving this, a spectator sport with lots of exercise for the fans. It wasn't long until the Tech side booed and the other side turned into an uproar. Danny slammed his fist on his thigh and cursed.

"What happened?" Robin looked at him worried.

Danny gave her a curious look. "Don't you know a fumble is when you see one?" His anger was a little irate but it was really directed at the fumble not Robin. She some how sensed that and took it in stride.

Danny realized his butt-headedness and apologized and started explaining the game instead of ridiculing her for not knowing. He got so into explaining it to her that he was having more fun showing her this and showing her that than he was having watching the game itself. By half time she was making great progress and jumping up and cheering this and booing that. One time when she jumped up and cheered Danny stayed seated and pulled her down by her sweater and whispered in her ear that what had just happened was bad not good. Robin looked around embarrassed to see those around them looking at her with weird looks on their faces. She mouthed the word sorry and turned back and told Danny she was sorry. He just smiled and gave her a kiss.

Just then the Tech side came unglued. Danny broke the kiss off and jumped up. Robin just sat there with her eyes closed waiting for more. That was their first kiss!!!! She opened her eyes to see him and the rest of the fans jumping up and down. She was the only one sitting. She closed her eyes in disappointment, she knew the game was so important for some reason but that was their first kiss. Before the cheering subsided Danny returned to her side and returned his lips to their previous location...pressed tightly against hers. She opened her eyes when he finally stopped. His stayed closed for a few more seconds.

"Sorry, Robin, what was I thinking?" He searched her eyes for forgiveness. "Forgive me?"

"No." Their first date, their first kiss and he had blown it. "Not unless you kiss me again right now!"

The stadium had settled down and the teams were kicking off when Danny finally pulled his lips away from hers. Their eyes were still locked on each other. The stadium exploded with the kickoff. They just sat and looked at each other. It took two or three more of the crowds uproars to take their attention back to the game. She asked Danny what had happened with the game? He just shrugged his shoulders. She got giddy inside again. He had forsaken the end of the play the caused all the ruckus to return to her side. He had redeemed himself if not increased the height of the pedestal she had him on. The scoreboard had seven for Tech and they had kicked off again.

Robin turned to the girl behind her. "What happened to get seven points for Tech we kinda missed it?"

"You sure did. Eric Greene intercepted a pass and ran it back for a touchdown." She was put out and returned to the game.

"Did you hear that Eric scored a touchdown!" Robin was sorry she had made him miss it now.

"Yeah, great huh?" Danny was still paying his attention to Robin hardly watching the game.

She was proud of him but when the defense came off the field next time she was going to make him go down there and congratulate Eric. He explained that you don't just go down on the field. She explained to him that he was going to get as close as he could and scream if he had to. Sure enough as soon as the ball turned back over to Tech and Eric headed off the field Danny bolted down to share the moment with his friend. Robin couldn't take her eyes off of him. Eric finally looked around and saw him screaming his lungs out. Eric came to the wall of the sidelines and gave Danny a high five. Danny stopped to say hello to several groups on his way back. This was one popular dude. Robin noticed lots of girls turning around and looking at her. She had never felt prouder than she did this very minute. When Danny finally returned she locked her arm through his and tucked up against him for the rest of the game.

Tech won by so much the other side's fans were leaving before the game was over. Danny wanted to stay and partake in the post-game festivities after the big win. But he had asked Robin if that would suit her or if she wanted to go ahead and go to dinner. She would never deprive him of this, they stayed and she ate it up. People were milling around on the field. Danny and Robin joined them. It was like walking through a forest with all those tall football players covering the field. Danny was slapping Tech players on the back and shaking hands. He kept his left hand firmly around her right one, he wasn't about to let her go out here in this mess, besides he wanted that little hand there.

They finally ran into Eric. The girls around this guy looked like a beauty pageant lineup. Eric grabbed Danny and picked him up and slung him around in a circle. Luckily he let go of Robin's hand before he took off. Eric dropped Danny and headed for Robin. How could she deny this hero of the day a quick trip around his shoulder pads? He gave her the same ride as Danny had gotten.

"Thanks for coming to the game. Good of you to make it." Eric was a happy camper.

"Wouldn't have missed it for the world!" Robin had to yell.

Eric shook his head as if to say, "Alright!"

Finally all the congratulations were handed out and they were in Danny's car and heading for the restaurant. Robin pulled out her pocket mirror and checked things out to see if she was still presentable. Danny's constant glances told her she was. She was worried at one point that he wasn't going to look back at traffic in time and they were going to wreck. They had the greatest conversation getting to the restaurant and Robin couldn't tell you a thing that they talked about. Her mind was starting to turn to other thoughts.

The Italian food was about the best that Robin had ever eaten. She tried to stay away from the garlic as much as possible and noticed the Danny did the same. They were nearing the end of the meal which had been perfect. Robin's belly was starting to get queasy again. Not from the meal but from the expectations of the rest of the night with this guy. It seemed that at ever turn he endeared himself to her more. He did everything right. Even their first kiss had turned out better than most she had allowed.

She excused herself to the ladies room while Danny paid the check. She returned to the table to see he left a twenty dollar tip. She was impressed. The waiter was good, but twenty was way beyond the norm. Danny helped her with her coat and they headed out for the next leg of their adventure.

"Robin, do you like old movies?" Danny asked.

"Some...I guess." She wasn't really sure.

"Well the old Bijou theater is open on Friday and Saturday nights to show old classics, I thought you might like to go." Danny continued.

Robin started to thumb her nose at that idea until she thought about sitting beside Danny in a dark movie theater for the next couple of hours. She had hoped they would get some alone time tonight. She felt sure Danny would work as much in as he could.

"Well, you don't happen to know what's playing do you?" She didn't want to be too easy.

"Casablanca." Danny had done his homework.

"Ok. Sounds good to me, lets do it." Robin had heard about that movie and had seen parts of it on TV. She really thought she would like to see it.

They settled in as far back on the right side of the theater as Danny could get them. They settled into the old fashion setting for what they both hoped would be a wonderful time. Robin had never imagined Danny would take her to a movie. She liked it. But after all he had suggested bowling at one point but he was desperate then. He slipped his hand into hers, their fingers interlocked. They gripped each other tightly. He looked at her from time to time after the movie had started. She was always looking at him. Hi liked that.

When the movie was over the house lights came on. Danny looked to see Robin wipe away a tear. He took her face in his hand and turned her toward him.

"Oh, are you crying little thing?" He was teasing but she looked so cute.

"NO!" Robin couldn't deny it she was caught. "It's just that he will never see her again. Will he?"

"Well in the sequel they got married and had eight kids and she had to scrub dishes to make ends meet and he kept getting fired from his job..." Danny was in trouble.

Robin slapped his arm hard over and over when she finally realized his was having fun at her expense. He caught her hands and held them down. He could only take so much abuse. He searched her face for real hurt, there was none all was well. He couldn't help but laugh out loud. She finally joined him and they had a good laugh together. He pulled her close when they finally stopped laughing and kissed her like he had never kissed a girl before in his life. Her lips were so warm and wet. He didn't want this kiss to ever end. Finally their lips parted. Robin's eyes were closed she looked so dreamy. Without opening her eyes she reached behind Danny's head and pulled him back to her. Her lips parted slightly begging for his tongue. He lightly licked her lips. They parted further. With each touch of his tongue her beautiful red lips widened until she finally stuck her tongue out to meet his. She sank in his arms with a sigh as their tongues danced.

She hated the fact that his car had bucket seats. She couldn't get close enough to him on the drive home. She leaned as far over the console as she could and touched him as much as she could without getting to personal, even though she was dying to get personal with this hunk. She didn't want that wreck thing to happen now either. She studied him all the way back to the dorm. When they got there he pulled into a spot that wasn't too close and not to far from the dorm. He killed the engine and turned to look at Robin. It was almost midnight.

"Robin?" He started. "I had the time of my life tonight."

"Oh me too. Thanks so much for taking me." She was gazing at him dreamily.

"I hope we can do it again soon?" He asked.

"Anytime you like Danny." She wasn't holding back.

"Are you busy tomorrow?" He asked.

"NO! No. I'm not busy tomorrow." She was getting too anxious she thought. So what, she thought quickly.

"Then I can call you tomorrow?" He asked.

"Yes." She said in the sexiest voice he had ever heard. She didn't want this night to end and he was already working on tomorrow but she was right here right now.

Danny opened his door and got out and walked around to Robin's door. Opening it he put his hand out to take hers and help her out of the car. "No." She thought to herself. She didn't want this to end. But she got out and started walking toward the dorm assuming he would be right behind her. When she didn't hear the car door shut she looked back.

"Robin?" He asked.

"Yes?" She answered.

"That's all, just Robin." He was up to something. "You did say I could call you tomorrow, right?"

"Yes." She looked back at him loving whatever it was he was up to.

He looked at his watch. "Well, its tomorrow, and I'm calling."

She skipped the two steps back to him and looked up at him and smiled. "Ok, here I am, now what?"

He pulled the seat up inviting her into the backseat of his car. She slid in and turn with her back to the driver's side and waited for him to join her. He climbed in and closed the door quietly behind him. His lips were melted to hers in a heartbeat and you can believe there were plenty of heartbeats between the two of them right now. He pulled on her coat slipping it off her shoulders and down her arms. When hers was off she did the same to his. Soon their sweater clad chests were heaving against each others. He could feel her nipples rising against him.

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