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Saturday Morning


I tried to capture the emotional connection between dominant and submissive in this story. It might start a little slow, but I hope the second half makes up for the slow start. I would welcome comments from both dominants and submissives on the interaction of mistress and submissive in this story...

Susan felt as if her heart would beat right out of her chest as she knelt between her mistress' legs. Her mistress casually sat working on her laptop completely ignoring her slave girl. It had been almost one week since Susan was last permitted to orgasm. Since then, Ms. Stanton required her slave girl to bring herself to the very edge of release three times a day. Under no circumstance was Susan permitted to orgasm. It was Saturday morning, and Susan hoped that her mistress would grant her at least one orgasm soon.

Susan recited over and over in her mind the rules her mistress set for her...her submissive buzz deepening with each word. Her favorite..."Rule 3 – my pleasure is a gift from my mistress. I am not to touch my pussy or orgasm without her express permission"...Susan kept saying these words over and over. Susan needed to say those words...her submissive buzz deepening with each word. She needed to feel completely owned by her mistress.

Ms. Stanton loved pushing Susan to her limits and watching her struggle with her desires. Submission was easy if it was what a submissive really wanted. Submission was difficult if there were hard choices. Ms. Stanton kept Susan on the very edge of her release always giving her the choice of pleasing her mistress or receiving permission to orgasm without punishment or reprimand. Susan could not have both. Ms. Stanton loved watching Susan struggle with that choice.

It was a game they both played with each other. Susan refused to give in to her own pleasure over the pleasure of her mistress. Ms. Stanton knew Susan would not give in, and loved that about her slave girl. Susan's devotion thrilled her for reasons she could not completely explain. She longed to finally hear Susan beg for her orgasm. It was then that Ms. Stanton knew Susan would began to accept her own sexuality.

Ms. Stanton loved watching her slave girl struggle to hold back her orgasm when she was on the very edge of her release. She loved watching her slave girl struggle to remain in position as she used the whip or crop on her. Susan was expected to remain in her assigned position without restraints no matter what her mistress did. She was expected to have complete self control at all times.

Ms. Stanton loved taking her slave girl to the very edge of her orgasm only to deny her permission to cum at the last instant. She loved the cute little face her slave girl made when she struggled to hold back her release. She loved hearing Susan whimper when her orgasm was denied. Susan would whimper, but she refused to beg for her orgasm. She was too reserved to fully accept her own sexuality. Susan detached her submission from her sexuality. It was that detachment that Ms. Stanton longed to break.

Ms. Stanton started Susan's training in self control by taking her to within the count of ten of her orgasm. When Susan reached that point, she was to ask permission to cum. If permission was granted and she failed to orgasm by the end of the count, she would be denied another chance for an orgasm for three days. Ms. Stanton, of course, could also take Susan to the very edge of her release, and then deny her permission to orgasm. Susan never knew if permission would be granted. Not knowing made her feel exquisitely submissive. There was nothing more personal than turning over your own sexual pleasure to another.

Eventually, Ms. Stanton had trained Susan to request permission to orgasm only when she was within the count of three of her release. It was even more difficult to be taken so close and then be denied her orgasm. Ms. Stanton constantly increased the time between orgasms forcing Susan to earn each and every orgasm. This kept Susan in a deliciously submissive mood.

Susan felt her moisture on the insides of her widely parted thighs. Her face rested against her mistress' soft inner thigh. Her lips nearly touching her mistress' well trimmed sex under her mistress' short tight skirt. Susan wanted to reach out with her tongue, and taste her mistress's sweet nectar. However, she knew that would definitely earn her a few stripes with the crop, which would have been worth it. It was the thought of her mistress' disappointment that kept her in line.

Susan desperately wanted to please her mistress in every way. Being kept on the very edge of release always intensified her desire to sexually please her mistress, but that was not the extent of her submission. She did not submit because she did not want any responsibility or to have someone take care of her. Submission simply thrilled Susan. It thrilled her for as long as she could remember. She was drawn to pleasing others her entire life, but it was submission that made her feel truly alive. It was submission that caused the butterflies in her lower stomach to flutter.

Susan loved serving her mistress in every way. She always arrived at the office early to get her mistress, who was also her employer, coffee and warm bagel. She always stayed late to make sure there was nothing more she could do. She loved cleaning her mistress' office and apartment. She wanted everything to be perfect for her mistress. No detail was too small.

Ms. Stanton tried to remain focused on her work. She could feel Susan's hot breath on her already wet sex, and she wondered if Susan could see the wetness forming between her legs. Ms. Stanton was a partner at a prestigious law firm, and needed to complete some legal documents before Monday morning. She knew she would get little work done this morning, but she wanted to show Susan that she had enough self control to focus on her work while Susan knelt between her legs ready to pleasure her mistress.

This was another game they played with each other. Ms. Stanton tested her slave girl by making her kneel beside her waiting patiently for her next command. This was as much of an exercise in self control for Ms. Stanton as it was Susan. Ms. Stanton wanted to show Susan that she had as much self control as her slave girl. She sometimes worried that she did not have as much self control as Susan. They both knew that each struggled with her desires. That is what made their little game so exciting. Neither knew how long the other could hold out.

The thought of Susan kneeling obediently and patiently and ready to serve excited Ms. Stanton beyond words. She could feel Susan's soft brown hair softly caressing the insides of her thighs. She would fight her desire to touch her slave girl as she worked. Susan's hot lips were so close to her sex that she could feel her hot breath on her bare sex It would just take a word for her to feel that delicious tongue on her throbbing clit.

Susan was never allowed to touch her mistress until she had demonstrated that she was worthy of the privilege. She could earn that privilege only through self control and absolutely obedient to her mistress' every command.

Susan's desires began to overwhelm her. Very lightly, Susan moved her face against her mistress' soft warm inner thigh...just enough to get her mistress' attention. She could smell her mistress' sweet scent and knew that her mistress desired her. That thought fueled her desire to please her mistress even more.

Susan could feel the leather leash attached to her collar gently caressing her inner thighs as she moved her face along her mistress' inner thighs. Susan's silk chemise concealed little especially when Susan's thighs were parted in her mistress' presence. Susan wore Ms. Stanton's gold ring between her legs. It was a symbol of her status as erotic slave girl, and a reminder of rule 3. Ms. Stanton expected to be able to see her ring at all times. The ring reinforced Ms. Stanton's ownership of Susan...something that excited both women in ways neither could fully explain.

Susan's every thought was focused on her mistress' pleasure. She struggled with her desire to get her mistress' attention and her desire to remain obedient while she waited for her mistress' command to pleasure her. She turned her head just enough to softly kiss her mistress' inner thigh.

Ms. Stanton' mind was a blank as she looked at her computer screen. Her heart beat wildly as she tried to ignore Susan's soft kiss. She was way too excited to move let alone speak. She felt Susan's hot breath on her well trimmed sex...her clit throbbed.

"You little slut!" Ms Stanton finally exclaimed as she took hold of Susan's leash pulling Susan forward as she slid her chair back.

"I'm sorry, Mistress" Susan pleaded at finally getting her mistress' attention, but disappointed in herself for her own lack of self control.

"Your lack of self control just earned ten strokes of the crop" Ms. Stanton said with a wicked laugh as she picked up her crop from the table.

"I'm sorry, Mistress" Susan pleaded.

"Ok, maybe I should be nice and give you a choice. You can receive your ten strokes of the crop without question or you can use that slutty little tongue of yours to show me how much you really desire my pleasure. If you show me that you desire my pleasure above all else, I will forgive your ten strokes. However, if you do not show me that you're my devoted slave girl who desires nothing more than my pleasure, I will increase the count to twenty. I may even include five strokes to that wet pussy of yours that always gets you in trouble. Which do you chose?" Ms. Stanton said knowing the answer before she asked the question.

"Please Mistress, I would like to pleasure you" Susan said barely being able to conceal her excitement.

"Good girl. You are to use your tongue and lips only" Ms. Stanton said as she leaned back and placed both feet on the table. Her tight black skirt slid up her silky soft thighs as she parted her legs.

"Yes Mistress" Susan said as she placed her lips to her mistress's already wet sex. Susan could feel her mistress' moisture on her lips as she gently kissed her mistress starting at her clit and gently kissing down the length of her lower lips.

"That's my good girl" Ms. Stanton exclaimed as she at last felt Susan's hot lips pressed to her wet sex. Susan's hot breath was nearly more than Ms. Stanton could stand as she took hold of Susan's leash and tightly pulled her slave girl to her. Her crop lightly tapped Susan' bottom reminding Susan of her mistress' dominance.

Susan reverently kissed along her mistress' wet sex...her kisses feathery light and sensuously soft. Susan could see that her mistress' breathing was now deep and heavy as her eyes looked directly into her slave girl. Even excited, Ms. Stanton had a commanding presence. Susan could see the excitement and desire in them and knew what was expected. It thrilled Susan to see her mistress' desire for her.

The scent of her mistress' arousal further fueled Susan's desire to please. Susan ran her tongue along the length of her mistress' lips very gently several times before sliding her tongue between her mistress' lower lips. Ms. Stanton moaned and rolled her hips gently before releasing Susan's leash and taking hold of Susan's hair. Her fingers entwined themselves in her hair as Susan's tongue pressed further into her mistress' sex.

Susan stabbed her tongue in and out and rolled it round searching for the spots that made my Mistress shiver with pleasure. Parting her mistress' lips with her tongue, Susan slid her tongue up toward her mistress' hard clit. She loved finding the places that made her mistress moan with pleasure.

"Yesss, that's my good girl" Ms. Stanton exclaimed as she pressed Susan's lips against her hot sex. Susan's tongue lapped and probed, licking deep into her warm softness while her mistress' pubic hair gently brushed against her. Ms. Stanton pressed her soft thighs against Susan's face as Susan's tongue continued to explore.

Susan felt her mistress lift her hips as she ran my tongue over her clit, sucking it with her lips and flicking it with her tongue. Susan knew her mistress was close when her body stiffened and she moaned aloud as her climax burst over her.

Susan's only thought was to increase her mistress' pleasure as she orgasmed. Pressing her tongue against her mistress, Susan gently rolled it around her mistress' hard clit. Ms. Stanton squeezed her thighs together around Susan's face as she continued to orgasm.

After several long minutes, Ms. Stanton released her thighs and sat still breathing deeply while Susan licked her clean. Like a cat lapping up its cream, Susan lapped up her sweet juices. Gently licking clean her sticky thighs and around and inside her pussy.

"Good girl" Ms. Stanton whispered. Susan felt herself glow at her compliment.

Ms. Stanton fingers slid sensuously through Susan's soft hair as she continued to kneel before her mistress. Susan shivered at her mistress' touch causing goose pimples to rise on her flesh.

"Stand" Ms. Stanton commanded.

"Yes Mistress" Susan responded as she stood before her mistress with legs parted and hands behind her head. Catlike, Ms. Stanton slowly walked around her slave girl.

"Such a good girl" Ms. Stanton said as her hand slipped between Susan's widely parted legs. Susan let out a soft desperate moan as she felt her mistress take her hard clit between thumb and finger.

"Do you want to cum for your mistress today?" Ms. Stanton asked with a wicked smile.

"My pleasure is for you to give, my Mistress" Susan responded with a quaking voice.

Sensuously rolling Susan's clit between her thumb and finger, Ms. Stanton again smiled knowing that she would soon hear her slave girl beg for her orgasm.

"Of course your pleasure is for me to decide. However, it sounds like you can go a few more days without an orgasm" Ms. Stanton said looking deeply into her slave girl's eyes. She knew those words would break Susan's stubborn pride. Susan's desire to please without question was exciting, but it was the acknowledgement of her own needs that was also important. This was something that Susan was very reluctant to acknowledge.

"No Please, Mistress. I beg you not to make me wait that long" Susan screamed...her legs nearly buckling as her mistress continued to play with her hard clit. "Please, please, please, Mistress. I want to cum. Please" Susan squealed.

"That's my good girl. I want you to ask for that which you desire. As my slave girl, it is for me to decide what you will receive, but I want you to be honest with your desires and needs" Ms. Stanton said gently squeezing her slave girl's hard clit.

"Please Mistress, I want to cum" Susan screamed. Her leg quaked and shook. She was barely able to stand.

"Cum for me now" Ms. Stanton commanded. Susan let out a low guttural sound as her orgasm washed over her. Ms. Stanton pressed Susan's body to hers holding her as she continued to touch Susan making her orgasm last several minutes. Overwhelmed with emotion, Susan screamed and cried at the same time. Her entire body shook as she came harder than she could remember.

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