tagNonHumanSaved From Extinction

Saved From Extinction


Chapter 1

I don't know why I'm here. My parents were supposed to be taking me to college but somehow I ended up in this white room, naked. I think somebody drugged me because I'm dizzy--so dizzy--and I feel like I need to throw up. Where am I?

The door opened and two men and a woman walked in wearing white lab coats. I cowered in the corner, trying to shrink into the wall. I pulled my knees up and hid my face but strong arms grabbed me and half dragged, half led me down the hall.

"What's going on? Who are you? Where are my parents?" I screamed, but no one bothered to answer me.

I was led into a room that looked like an operating room. There was a padded exam table in the middle and people were standing around wearing hospital scrubs and there were stainless steel trays with all sorts of sharp sterile objects on them. They all watched me as I entered. I was shaking uncontrollably.

I was lifted onto the table and tied down, my arms above my head and my legs spread wide. I struggled, but there were too many of them.

As I lay there, blinded by the lights above me, I realized escape was futile and I started to cry, my chest heaving with my sobs. What was happening?

A woman leaned down and softly stroked my face and my hair. "There, there, Trista" she crooned. "I know you're scared. But there's really nothing for you to worry about. We're not going to hurt you."

I stopped crying but my breathing was still coming in gasps. How did she know my name?

"Where are my parents?" I managed to whisper.

"It will all be explained to you shortly."

I felt my legs being raised up and spread wider. I looked down and the table I was laying on somehow had come apart down the middle, forcing my legs to bend at the knees and open. I struggled, but it was no use. The restraints were too tight. I started crying again.

I felt hands touching my sex. They prodded and rubbed, spreading me open. Although they were being gentle, I still felt violated. There were voices, but I was crying too hard to understand what they were saying. I heard the words labia, moist, clitoris. Something cold was inserted in me and spread wide. I recognized the feeling of a speculum as fingers were inserted, invading me.

"She's not a virgin," I heard.

"That's unfortunate, but it'll be easier for her."

What would be easier?

"Check her anxiety levels, let's see if she's ready to continue the evaluation," I heard someone say as the speculum was removed.

Monitors were put on me. They put probes on my head, my chest, my legs and arms. I felt a dull pain coming from my nipples and I looked down to see clamps with wires latched onto each nipple. I was hyperventilating now. What was going on? What are they doing to me?

"Her anxiety level is at a 21, doctor."

"It's a little high, but I think we can move on."

I heard a mechanical whirring and I could feel my torso being raised up, like a hospital bed. I felt something cold touch my calf and I looked down to see a metal cylinder that was around the size of a paint can moving towards me. There was a large phallus sticking out of it and it was being aimed right at my vagina. I screamed and started struggling but gravity was forcing me to sit on it while I was somewhat reclined, until I was fully impaled. They strapped it into place and I was gasping and crying. It didn't hurt, but I was scared. I was so confused. Who were these people and why are they doing this to me?

"She's ready doctor."

The phallus came to life, thrusting in and out, fucking me. I cried out, more from shock. It wasn't painful. In fact, it felt really good. Too good. A vibration started on my clitoris and I couldn't help the moan that escaped my lips. Who are these sick people?

I looked around at all the faces, staring at me, watching me. They were going to make me orgasm and they were all going to watch. I resisted it. I struggled against it, but before I knew it, I was closer than I realized. I felt the familiar stirrings inside me and I stared up at the lights, trying to block it all out. But the phallus wasn't just thrusting anymore, it was twirling now, delightfully scraping against my g-spot. The vibrations on my clitoris were fast and deep. I was breathing heavier. I started counting my breaths, trying to ignore what was happening to my body. Like a woman giving birth, I concentrated on my breathing, trying desperately to focus on something else.

"Oh, fuck," I moaned. I was being pulled closer. I held my breath, willing myself not to climax. I clenched my fists, digging my fingernails into my palms, hoping to feel some pain that would help me ignore the exquisite pressure that was building inside me. I teetered on the edge. I tried to hang on but then it was too late. I felt myself falling. I threw my head back and felt myself rolling with the neverending ripples of my orgasm, unable to control the obscene noises that were spewing out of my mouth.

Just as I felt my feet touch down on solid ground, I felt myself being thrown over the abyss again. And again and again. One orgasm after another. Over and over. It wouldn't stop. I wanted it to stop, and yet I wanted it to go on forever. As I slowly came down, I started to cry. My body was covered in sweat, and I was sore all over. I couldn't catch my breath. I felt the table slowly moving as it lowered me back down. The phallus was removed from my wet pussy and my legs were slowly closed until I was laying down again.

"Her orgasmic response was better than we hoped," I heard someone say.

"Dr. Archer will be pleased."

I felt a prick on the inside of my arm but I was too exhausted to react to it. I looked down to see a vial quickly filling up with my blood. I lay there waiting for my breathing to slow down.

I was unstrapped from the table and led out of the room. My legs were so shaky that I could hardly walk until I was finally carried back into the white room. I curled up in a ball on the bed and wept.

I must have fallen asleep because I felt myself being picked up and carried down the hallway. My mind finally woke up and I started struggling. "No!" I cried. "Not again!"

"Relax," I heard a soothing, gentle voice say. A male voice. "You're okay now."

I let my head fall back, unable to move. I was taken into another room where I was placed on a toilet. My body reacted instinctively and I relieved myself. I was lifted up and placed gently in a tub of warm water. I didn't even know who was with me, whether they were male or female. I couldn't focus on anything. Gentle hands cleaned off my body and washed my hair, massaging my scalp. I started to relax. I was lifted out of the tub and placed in front of an air vent. Strong currents of warm air moved over my body, drying it.

I was led, naked, down another hallway into a large warm room. It looked like a typical office at a private school or someone's private library with an ornate desk and elegant paintings covering the walls. A large gilded mirror hung on the wall behind the desk and I stared at my reflection. I didn't recognize myself. I saw my long brown hair, my slim, yet curvy body with large full breasts, but it didn't look like me. It was the face. I could no longer see myself in the terrified girl standing in front of me. I was led to a chair across from the desk and I sat down automatically. It was like my mind had shut off and my body's instincts had taken over.

There was a woman sitting at the desk, writing something. She wasn't young, but she wasn't middle-aged either. She looked friendly, but I didn't trust her. She looked up and smiled at me. Although I was warm, I felt my body start shivering.

"How are you feeling, Trista?" she asked me. "Are you hungry?"

I just sat there, shaking uncontrollably.

She picked up her phone and pushed a number. "Can we get some food and drink in here?" She smiled at me. "Yes, her favorite is barbecue chicken pizza and a diet coke with lime." How did she know that? Who was she? She hung up the phone and smiled at me.

"My name is Dr. Halley Archer," she said. "I'm the director here."

"Wh-why am I h-here?" I asked, trying to cover my nakedness. "Where are my p-parents?"

"Your foster parents did an excellent job of raising you," she replied.

"Foster parents?" I felt the blood rush out of my face.

"Although they did let you lose your virginity. That was unfortunate, but you are much more fertile than any female we've had in a long time. You were just ready to mate earlier than we thought."

I could feel it coming up. I was going to throw up. I leaned over the chair and heaved, although nothing came out. When I looked up, she was holding a glass of water out to me. "I know it's a shock, but I'll try to explain everything as best as I can." I took a tentative sip of the water, not trusting her.

"The world isn't what you think it is," she finally said. "We're not the same species."

"Then what are you?" I asked, my voice trembling with fear. I wasn't sure I really wanted to know, but my mind was thinking about alien abductions and Earth being populated by beings from another galaxy who were trying to wipe out the human race.

"You are a rare female homo linderi," she said. "We have a captive breeding program here at the Homo Linderi Protection Society and whenever we've successfully mated a pair of breeding linderi, volunteers take the babies home and socialize them, feed them, teach them. And when they're ready to become part of the program, we bring them back to one of our centers to breed. Your foster parents have had the most success hand raising homo linderi babies in our center's entire history."

She smiled at me. "We're quite successful here at this center. We have more live births than any other institute, and our breeding linderi are more beautiful than any of the others." She looked at me proudly. "And I have to say that you're quite a nice addition to our program."

I was numb. I closed my eyes, hoping this was just a bad dream. I didn't quite understand everything she was saying to me, so this had to be a dream. Captive breeding? It couldn't be real. "It's just a bad dream," I whispered. "It's just a bad dream. A bad dream."

"I know you've got lots of questions for me, but here's your dinner." I looked up and saw a tray of food, my favorite meal, sitting on her desk. The smell was overwhelming. I had never smelled anything in my dreams before. Suddenly, I was famished. I picked up a slice and devoured it, grease dripping onto my naked legs. I guzzled the diet coke, not realizing how thirsty I was.

She watched me eat the whole pizza. "So, are you ready to continue?" I just nodded. This was the most fascinating dream of my life.

She clicked a button on her desk and a mirror on the wall turned into a tv screen. A video started playing. I was shown clips of a woman, a beautiful woman who looked like me with long dark brown hair and a tall muscular man who had my hazel eyes. They were both naked. It was like watching a home movie. They were eating, reading. They were swimming in a pool. The woman was laughing and the man smiled. Then they were fucking. The woman was bent over a table, it looked like a kitchen table and the man was behind her, fucking her violently. I could feel wetness between my legs as I watched them climax.

"These are your birth parents," she said. I could feel the pizza coming back up. Was it possible to vomit in your sleep?

I was shown videos of other naked people, fucking, sleeping, eating. "These are some of our other breeding pairs. We found out the hard way that breeding pairs shouldn't be kept together for too long, simply because after you have a child together, you just stop mating. Sometimes we borrow males from other breeding programs to diversify the gene pool."

A video of a younger couple came on. They looked like they couldn't be older than 18. I watched the girl sucking the boy's large erect penis. "This is our newest breeding pair. In fact, the male is your half brother!" She turned to watch the video until he came all over the girl's large tits. She screamed in ecstasy as she rubbed the milky liquid all over her breasts and nipples. "We've also learned that a breeding pair need to be close in age, otherwise there's resistance, usually on the girl's part if she's much younger than the male."

She turned off the tv and it morphed back into a mirror. "And now, you've arrived. Our newest female." She smiled at me, excitedly. I just sat there, my stomach lurching and then I vomited all over the floor.

I was led back into the white room. I was weak, and exhausted. This couldn't be happening. I was going to wake up soon. I was going to wake up in the car and my parents would look back at me with tears in their eyes as they dropped me off at my dorm. I started crying. I curled up in a ball on the bed and shut my eyes tight. I missed my parents so much.

I woke up and realized I wasn't in my parent's car. I was still naked, and I was still in the white room. I felt dread in the pit of my stomach as I realized I wasn't dreaming. This was really happening.

The door opened and Halley entered the room. "I don't understand what's going on," I said. I couldn't help the tears from flowing down my cheeks.

"Perhaps it would be best if your foster parents explained it to you."

The door opened and my parents entered the room, smiling. I ran up to them, crying. I didn't even care that I was naked. "Get me out of here," I begged as I gripped my mom's arms. "Please. You have to take me home. They're crazy. These people are crazy. Please. Please, just take me home."

"I'm sorry, honey. But this is where you belong," my mom said.

"But, I don't know what you're saying," I cried. "I don't belong here. You were-- you were going to take me to college, remember? I'm going to be a freshman at Santa Cruz. Please! Please, I can't stay here!" My parents just stood there, waiting for me to calm down. I just held onto my mom while my dad stood there, waiting for me to stop crying.

"You'll be happy here," my mom whispered into my hair. "You'll be so happy here."

Eventually, I had no more tears. I had no more energy to cry anymore.

"You were always so smart. That's probably why you're having such a hard time accepting this," my dad said.

"Let me tell you the whole story." My mom made me sit on the bed and she sat down next to me, still holding my hand. "In the beginning, your ancestors lived as savages, as animals in the wild. But you were smart. Of all the animals, your language skills and your problem-solving abilities far exceeded any others. But you were fragile creatures. Your immune systems started breaking down, attacking your own bodies. When we realized that the linderi population was decreasing, we studied as many as we could. We tranquilized them and tagged each one with a microchip to learn about their hunting and migratory habits. But then we discovered that many linderi were suffering from unexplained infertility. With each generation, more and more were unable to reproduce. Homo linderi were headed towards extinction. There were only a handful left, living in the Pacific Northwest. We couldn't just let you die off, so we started the captive breeding program."

I took my hand out of hers and covered my face. I didn't want to believe any of it.

"Fortunately, there were enough fertile linderi who could successfully reproduce and when they gave birth to their young, they were raised at our breeding centers. But even though the babies were fertile at birth, when we kept them in captivity, they lost their ability to reproduce. We realized that we couldn't allow the parents to raise their young anymore here at the centers. We had to raise them in our homes, as one of us. For some reason, raising linderi babies to think they were our own children made them more fertile. And linderi are so intelligent, we could teach them how to read, and how to bathe and to learn to like wearing clothes. When they are finally brought back to the breeding centers, they're more fertile and happy."

I started crying as she spoke. I wanted to tell her to shut up. They were all lies. There was no such thing as homo linderi. They were making it all up.

"At first we tried to imitate the native habitat as much as possible with as little contact with us. We tried releasing them back into the wild as family units, but every linderi we have released has eventually died. It made us sick to see one die in the wild. We were all so hopeful for each and every one. But we've learned that the best hope we have for your species is to let you live your lives here, protected, with all of your needs taken care of. I'm sad to say there are no more homo linderi in the wild. If it weren't for our breeding programs, you'd all be dead."

I started laughing. This was some sick joke. But they all watched me with serious expressions on their faces. My parents were good people, they would never subject me to this kind of treatment. They would never sit there and allow me to be naked in front of strangers.

Unless it was all true.

I stopped laughing as they all looked at me. I sat there, in complete shock. I started trembling again. I shook my head. "No. You're lying," I whispered.

"Let me show you your new home," my mom said and stood up. She took my hand, slowly lifting me up. She held my hand tightly, as we walked out of the room. In a trance, I just followed her. We walked down a series of hallways, passing people wearing white lab coats. As we passed each one, I brought my hands up, attempting to cover my nudity. We finally entered a large round auditorium with glass walls all around. There were people sitting behind desks in front of all the windows. In the center of the room, there were hundreds of television monitors, like security cameras. My mom led me towards one of the windows and I looked out. It was like a larger version of the monkey room at a zoo I'd went to as a child, except there were naked people in all the rooms. It was like looking out into a giant dollhouse. Each room looked like a normal house with beds and furniture and even televisions.

In one of the rooms, there was a couple fucking on a chair. The man was sitting down while a woman gyrated on his lap. He had one of her nipples in his mouth and she bounced on his lap, going faster and faster until finally she tossed her head back and screamed out in ecstasy. I felt some wetness seep out of my pussy and trickle down my leg as I watched them. My mom reached her hand between my legs, and I cried out in shock and moved away from her. She lifted her fingers and smiled at the wetness. "You're going to be a wonderful breeder," she said. "That's how we know if a female is fertile or not. The ones who aren't fertile don't get aroused, and they definitely don't orgasm. Your exam earlier indicated that you're not only multi-orgasmic, but your orgasmic response is one of the highest they've seen in a long time."

I was mortified. I couldn't look my mom in the face, so I looked out one of the windows and found myself watching two men playing chess. There were two women under the table, sucking the men's hard cocks.

"We knew you were going to be a fertile one because we watched you masturbate at such a young age," my dad said. I blushed crimson. "You were just eleven years old when you had your first orgasm with the shower massager. We knew we had to encourage you to climax as often as possible, and we were so pleased that you were making yourself orgasm a few times a day, but it was hard to keep you a virgin. When we found out you'd mated with Keaton, we were so upset with ourselves. But luckily, you didn't conceive." My heart broke as I thought of Keaton. I loved him. I don't even remember meeting him for the first time because we had both been babies. Our parents were close friends and we had both been homeschooled, often taking field trips together and working on school projects together. Eventually, we fell in love. He was going to attend a college in Michigan but we promised we'd see each other again as soon as we could. Did he know about me? Did he know what I was?

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