Scarlet Subjugation Pt. 02

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Sylvanas and Whitemane meet the new girl.
11.7k words

Part 2 of the 2 part series

Updated 06/16/2023
Created 03/30/2023
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Part Two of Scarlet Subjugation by LenaTrueshield

Whitemane and Sylvanas get to know the new girl

Pairings: Solo F, Futa/Multiple F

Contains: Blindfolds, Blowjobs, Breeding, Cum Bloating, Cunnilingus, Elf, Foes To Lovers, Futanari, Huge Cock, Human, Lactation, Large breasts, Leashes, Light Femdom, Masturbation, Mind Break,

Pubic Hair, Rimming, Vaginal Sex, Wax Play


It had been days now since Elise had left the relative safety of Tyr's Hand.

Ghouls had ambushed her near the Thondroril River, as she was crossing towards the Western Plaguelands. Dispatching the creatures had been easy for the paladin but the experience had reminded her just how vulnerable she really was, as her horse had not survived the encounter and most of her supplies had been taken by the currents.

The Light kept her strong, but even it had limits.

The complaints coming from the paladin's stomach reminded her constantly of this fact as she made her way westward through the dead forests of the Plaguelands. The blight had made most of the region uninhabitable and whatever small portions remained untouched by corruption were too far away to be worth the detour.

Tucking a loose strand of black hair behind an ear, Elise scanned the surrounding darkness for any signs of danger, increasingly aware of how alone she was in such a deadly place. But her mission drove her on, that need to help the crusade in any way she could. Her sword glinted brightly in the moonlight, and she could hear the faint sounds of something moving nearby.

We've had no word of the Tirisfal monastery in over a year.

She silently drew her weapon, stilling it against her shoulder when she saw the figures moving through the shadows ahead of her. First, she saw the human man leading the group and she wanted to call out to him until she saw that he had the blue-and-gold lion of Stormwind on his shield.

Trust none that do not belong to the Crusade.

Unseen, Elise slinked back into the shadows, only to see four more following him. A purpleskinned elf, a gnome and two more humans, wearing all manner of armor and weapons.

Elise held her breath as she watched them pass, listening to their voices. They were speaking very softly, almost as if they expected someone to overhear them.

"I don't know why we're bothering with this," said the night elf, her silver eyes watching the darkened woods. "They're maniacs, definitely, but having them on the Horde's doorstep is a good thing."

They are fools who do not understand what it takes to defeat the Scourge.

"I'm not so sure about that..." muttered the human. He looked around nervously before continuing. "They were insane before, but... they've gone strangely quiet. They're planning something, and we can't risk that something being against the Alliance."

The three other party members muttered something Elise couldn't hear as they continued down into the woods, the dead trees swallowing them in their darkness. She followed, her ears straining for any sound that might betray the presence of the Scourge. The group was easy to follow, given the great torch that alerted all around to their presence with its orange glow.

As they walked, Elise's mind wandered to all the times she'd been here. As with a great many within the Scarlet Crusade, she had lived most of her life in Lordaeron and knew the region well. It had been her home for years, before the Lich King had come and turned it into a wasteland inhabited by innumerable undead. The air was foul in most places, the water undrinkable. The wildlife had been twisted, turned into mockeries of themselves.

When the Scarlet Crusade offered her a way to fight back, she took it with not a single moment's hesitation. They had saved her, so it was only natural that she lay down her life for them as well.

Not being one for stealth, it was no surprise when the night elf of the group turned towards the darkened woods, her silver orbs peering into the darkness. For a brief moment, Elise thought the priestess had seen her, their eyes meeting.

"What is it, Liladris?" asked the gnome, his eyes still on the forest, his mechanical contraptions whirring almost inaudibly.

The night elf gave a little shake of her head. "I thought we were being followed," she said quietly.

"It's nothing..."

"We're always being followed," said the human. He looked around nervously. "This place is crawling with Scourge and Horde. The sooner we leave this place, the better."

Elise gave a tiny sigh of relief. Perhaps this night elf had decided not to alert her group to her presence, or perhaps she had truly not seen her. Either way, it was better than having to fight them off. It was only when that pressure was lifted from her that shouts came from the surrounding forests.


A massive black wolf-like creature with glowing red eyes came charging out of the forest towards the Alliance party, its teeth bared and its claws extended. Atop it, a gigantic orc swinging an axe that must have been larger than Elise herself.

"Shields up!" shouted the gnome, his mechanical shield whirring to life to protect himself from the volley of arrows that had been fired from the trees opposite where Elise stood. Crackling bolts of electricity shot out from the edge of his shield, frying a number of the projectiles and turning them to harmless ash.

Hesitation gripped the paladin as she watched the adventurers being attacked by the Horde, trolls and tauren soon joining the orcish raider. Spells flew left and right, arrows whistled and weapons swung as the two sides fought for supremacy.

Those members of the Alliance seemed so much like her... But she couldn't risk it. Not now. She was so close.

Seeing no way to help without getting herself killed or captured, Elise decided to try and find a path around the battle. She started off through the woods, the forest thickening as she moved deeper and deeper between the trees. Like great, grasping limbs, branches scratched at her face and tugged on her armor and tabard. Her boots crunched on the fallen leaves of autumn as she listened to the sound of combat to her left, slowly diminishing with each step taken.

Any moment, there could be a Horde soldier leaping out to attack her... Any moment, she'd be taken by those who were not part of the Crusade. Tainted, all.

She kept walking, the sounds of battle growing distant and the darkness closing in around her. Moonlight was insufficient now to guide her, and she did not want to attract anyone or anything to her with a torch. And so, she made her camp for the night in a small cave near the border between Tirisfal and the Western Plaguelands.

The first thing she did was get out of her heavy armor, placing it in a pile next to her. She then removed her tabard and set it aside as well, taking a moment to wash the blood and dirt from her hands and face. With a sigh, she stretched, her muscles stiff and sore after a day such as she had just gone through.

Hiding as best she could behind a stalagmite, the paladin lay back against the cool stone wall of the cave, hoping she wouldn't be found as she slowly drifted to sleep, sword in hand. Her other hand, meanwhile, found itself drifting south. She bit her lower lip to suppress a whimper as the tips of her digits made their way past a healthy tangle of curls to brush against her sensitive clit.

Such activities would normally have been disallowed by the Scarlet Crusade's strict moral code, but tonight, Elise didn't care. All she wanted was to be free of the ache in her loins and the frustrations in her mind. She would not have been able to find sleep any other way, she knew.

Her fingers quickly found their way to her slick pussy, delving inside of her tight opening to finger herself to a quick release. The pressure within her head eased, and she closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of her own touch on her body.

The hand on her sword relaxed and soon found itself creeping upwards under her shirt, fingers grasping at her breasts. Fingers dug into that plentiful flesh, eliciting another moan from the paladin. She let out a long sigh, her free hand continuing to rub her clit as her fingers pinched and twisted her nipples.

Her breathing became labored, her hips rocking slightly as she rubbed away at her slit. A whimper escaped her lips as she felt her second orgasm approaching. She moaned again as her fingers began to move faster, quickly plunging in and out of her cunt with lewd squelching sounds.

Her hands stopped moving as the orgasm came crashing down upon her, her jaw clenched and muscles tensing. Breathing became difficult for a moment. She arched her back, head pressed to the cool stone, shuddering with ecstasy. Years of pleasuring herself in her dormitory had made silence an integral part of that little ritual and had made her rather skilled at the art.

This time, however, she was too far gone to even make a sound. She simply would not have been able, as she struggled to find breath. Her fingers continued to thrust in and out of her pussy, each thrust accompanied by a silent moan. It didn't take long for her orgasm to subside, her breathing returning to normal.

She found sleep soon thereafter.

To avoid the Forsaken roadblock, Elise had been forced to take a longer route around the mountain range, skirting the edge of the Western Plaguelands. The only problem was that the route taken was far more dangerous than the direct road. She had to watch her step and be careful not to get lost, lest she end up walking into a trap laid by the Horde or Alliance or end up plummeting to her death.

It took her several hours to make it past the mountain range, but she did so without incident. She emerged from the forest and found herself on the northern shore of an unnamed lake in the mountains from which she could see the striking steeples of the Scarlet Monastery. There was still a good deal of snow on the ground, and it had rained a fair amount during the night, making the air chilly and damp.

A shiver ran up Elise's spine. Her fingers held her blade's grip tightly.

The monastic compound was larger than she remembered, and oddly quiet. It stretched out in a wide square shape, various courtyards interspersed with smaller buildings, the largest of which was the cathedral. Something wasn't quite right. The place had always been heavily fortified, guarded by a great many soldiers while monks tended the orchards.

Now, however, everything seemed empty save for a few scattered guards. Elise could hear the faint sound of chanting coming from within the cathedral, but it was too soft to make out what the words were. It was common knowledge that the High Inquisitor of this particular monastery, Sally Whitemane, would often perform secret rituals to bolster her troops' morale. A highlyneeded ritual, if the number of attacks by both Horde and Alliance against them was to be believed.

Of course, being besieged by so many enemies, the Crusade would often create secret entrances, allowing them to leave and enter without being noticed. She wondered if such an entrance existed here...

As she neared the monastery, she soon realized that the chanting she'd heard coming from the cathedral seemed more like wailing than any traditional chant of Light-worship. Had some tragedy befallen the order? Were they mourning their lost? That would certainly explain the odd moans coming from the main building.

The trail down to the structure itself was relatively well-maintained, though hidden with the help of a bush, placed strategically here and there.

Reaching the stone walls, she paused, looking around. There was no sign of life. Not even a sentry. Though she'd seen guards patrolling earlier... Perhaps those that remained were too few to properly watch the area. It was as if the entire place had been abandoned, save for the sounds of chanting from within and the handful of armed men she had seen.

"Is anyone there?!" she shouted against her better judgment. If the place had been taken over by the undead, then she had just given away her position.

There was no reply.

Elise made her way up to the gate and found it unlocked.

"What is going on?" she asked herself, ascending the steps to the dimly lit entrance hall. "This place has always been well-defended."

A nervousness gripped at her the likes of which she had never thought possible within one of the Crusade's strongholds.

Our enemies are everywhere. Do not let your guard down.

In times like these, Elise liked to rely on the teachings of her mentors.

She pushed open the heavy wooden doors and walked inside, making her way through the long hallways of the monastic complex. A reddish darkness covered everything along with a discomforting quiet that made her footsteps against the stone floor the only sound that she could hear.

Soon, however, a second set of steps could be heard behind her.

"Ah, you have returned," a voice called out to her.

Elise turned around to see a woman with medium-length white hair and skin as pale as snow. Icy, her stared might have been, were it not for the deep red of her irises. The woman's attire, along with the garnet-colored hat she wore immediately identified her as the High Inquisitor: Sally Whitemane.

At the sight of the woman, Elise immediately dropped to one knee, bowing her head with the respect owed to such a high-ranking member of the order. "High Inquisitor Whitemane, I did not expect-"

"Rise, rise. Things have changed around here. I have not seen you around here before, I do not think. What is your name?" Though a few years younger than Elise, Sally Whitemane had risen through the ranks at breakneck speed, surpassing many who had been fighting the Scourge since the first outbreaks. All, even those not within the order, knew of her.

"No, High Inquisitor, you have not. I am Elise, I come from Tyr's Hand." Elise said, straightening herself. "I came to check on the Crusade here."

"And what do you think of the situation?" the woman asked, walking around Elise slowly, like a predator sizing up prey.

Elise's eyes, as she rose, inevitably found themselves upon the High Inquisitor. Her breath caught in her throat.

Sally Whitemane had a body to make anyone jealous. The woman was stunning. Her breasts were huge and round, held within what appeared to be a bra wholly inadequate to contain the fat orbs. While one's gaze would inevitably be drawn first to the inquisitor's tits, Elise could very much tell just how large her ass must have been, given the woman's obscene thighs and the width of those hips. Her flesh overflowed from black thigh-highs that ended in high-heeled boots.

The simple sight of such a powerful, sexual being threw Elise's mind into a whirlwind of impure thoughts. There was an aura about the woman that commanded respect but could set alight any mortal's desires.

She found herself blushing when her gaze finally met Whitemane's. Impure thoughts invaded her thoughts, now.

"Do you have any answer to give?" the High Inquisitor asked once more, impatience in her tone.

"Yes, High Inquisitor," Elise replied, her voice betraying her arousal, her breathing a little more labored. Light, how was this woman doing this to her so easily? "I... I was sent by High General Abbendis, given that we had not received word of the monastery in some time. I was sent alone, so as to avoid attracting any unwanted attention."

"And what do you think of the situation?" insisted Whitemane.

Elise's eyes wandered over to the High Inquisitor, unable to keep her gaze from wandering to that tantalizing cleavage. Whitemane stood with arms crossed beneath her bust, eyes fixed on Elise. The paladin felt herself instinctively shiver at the intensity of those red eyes.

"I... I do not know. I heard chanting coming from the Cathedral but... where is everyone?"

A grin pulled at the corners of Whitemane's ruby red lips. Elise found herself drawn to them, wanted to feel them against her own.

"The Scarlet Crusade has been busy," said Sally. "You see, as a means of surviving, we have made new allies... and I have been hard at work converting the Scarlet Monastery into a whorehouse."

"A... what? I'm sorry, I think I misheard?" Elise asked, taken aback. Those words were so unexpected that she thought for a moment having misunderstood them.

"It's true," Whitemane replied, her grin widening. "Sylvanas has transformed the Scarlet Monastery into her personal whorehouse."

Elise took a step back, frowning. Her hand instinctively went to her sword, gripping it firmly. "Sylvanas Windrunner is an enemy of the living. You know this as well as I."

"I am aware of how one might come to that conclusion," replied Whitemane, her voice oozing with seduction. "But she has shown me the truth. The Horde and the Forsaken are not our enemies. They are our salvation. However, as members of the Scarlet Crusade, it is only natural that we atone for the crimes we have committed against the people of Lordaeron."

Elise narrowed her eyes, not liking what she was hearing. "Atone? For what crimes? They are undead and must be destroyed. The Horde and Alliance are no better, tainted by the very evil we seek to eradicate!"

Whitemane walked towards Elise, an alluring smile on her face. Each click of her heels upon the stone floor brought with it a mesmerizing jiggling of her enormous, wobbling knockers. The paladin felt herself paralyzed, the High Inquisitor's gaze holding her firmly in place. "You will soon learn that this atonement process is far more enjoyable than our usual methods," said Whitemane, a sensual gleam in her eye.

"I... I do not understand," said Elise, unable to tear her eyes away from Whitemane's.

Delicate fingers reached out and grabbed hold of Elise's chin, gently tilting it up to look into those fiery red orbs. "That's because you are ignorant," replied Whitemane. "You have been living in the past. We have moved on, turned to the future."

Elise felt her cheeks flush as Whitemane's hands moved downwards to start unbuckling the various straps holding her heavy armor. The clinking of metal echoed throughout the room, along with the sound of the paladin's heavy breastplate being pulled off her body along with her tabard.

"This is no longer about the past, but about the future," said Whitemane, repeating similar platitudes, her fingers continuing to work on the buckles and straps holding Elise's leathers in place.

Elise didn't know what to say. The High Inquisitor spoke in riddles. She was taken aback by Whitemane's words and the enticing way with which she spoke them. This woman had always been one of the more intimidating leaders of the Scarlet Crusade, but now she seemed almost... motherly? An odd feeling, given the age difference between the two women.

"I..." Elise stammered.

"No words," Whitemane commanded, and Elise found herself unable to resist. The High Inquisitor continued to speak softly, her voice hypnotic. "Your thoughts will not help you here.

Only your obedience will. I have shown you the truth of our mission. It is up to you to accept it."

Whitemane's hands reached down and removed the last bits of the leathers and chainmail that made up the rest of Elise's armor. The paladin did not, could not, stop it. She felt herself melting in the hands of this other woman.

Looking down at her, Elise saw two dark spots that had apparently formed at the front of the High Inquisitor's bra. Was she...? The thought of this woman's breasts, so full of milk... "Please..." she whimpered, feeling a delicious heat building between her legs, begging for attention.

Whitemane smiled as she leaned in and kissed Elise. It was a soft kiss, a demanding kiss, one that pulled the paladin in and turned her into obedience personified for the other woman. Her legs could have given out beneath her that she would not have noticed herself falling.