tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSchool Grounds Ch. 06

School Grounds Ch. 06


Back inside her hotel room, Erica did just as her master explained. She immediately retrieved the plug and began to re-insert it into her empty rear. With it properly secured within, she went about relaxing once again; enjoying another warm bath, watching some television, and just in general taking in the comfort of the room.

At around midnight Erica began to feel a little drowsy, likely from the wine and shots, but was kept awake by the sound of her phone chirping to life. It was him, her master, and he was calling just as he said he would to give her instructions for her fourth task. Erica quickly reached to answer it, and was delighted to hear his voice once she had.

"Hello my slut, I hope you took full advantage of your period of relaxation, because from this point forward your tasks will allow for very little time for yourself anymore. Is this clear slut?"

"Yes master."

"Very well, your next task will require you going down to the guest computers just off the main lobby entrance. You will only be allowed to wear one of the complimentary robes the hotel has provided, and your heels. Also, the plug is to remain in until further notice. There will be further instructions in an e-mail once you log onto to the computer. The only other thing you are required to bring is your room key. Is this understood?"

"Yes master."

With her last statement he hung up, leaving her to do as he had instructed. Erica was excited to do so as well, after her dinner task she had been left with an urge to do more. Even though she wasn't entirely sure what to expect, just the thought of having to leave her room wearing only a robe was exciting, and enough to keep her interested. She quickly grabbed a robe from the bathroom, and soon had it on; making sure to tie it securely, but also making sure not to cover up too much. With her heels on she looked herself over in the mirror before she headed out. What she saw was that the robe hung down to her mid-thigh, and did a considerable amount of covering up. Of course, because of how the robe was tied, when she walked the bottom would split open and show a little more leg. Also, the top exposed just the right amount of cleavage to keep things interesting.

Satisfied with how she looked, Erica grabbed her room key and exited her room into the hallway. She decided to take the elevator down, knowing that the thrill of not knowing if anyone would be on it, or join it as it went down would be exhilarating.

As the elevator opened, Erica was a bit disappointed to see that no one was inside, but soon got over it and pressed the button to send her down to the lobby. As she rode the elevator down she kept hoping that it would stop on one of the other floors, and that someone else would get inside. Unfortunately for Erica, this too did not happen, and she soon stopped at the lobby causing the doors to retract and expose her to the brightly lit main concourse. The guest computers were to her left just past the main hotel desk, and in a separate room to provide some amount of privacy.

As Erica walked by the front desk, she noticed the night shift attendant giving her a looking over. The attendant was a young woman, probably in college, and was rather attractive; but other than the initial look, she didn't seem too interested in Erica.

Dismissing the attendant's glance, Erica continued to the computer room. Once inside she immediately sat down behind the computer furthest from the door, being only two computers to choose from she was still relatively close to the door, and proceeded to log on to her email. When her account loaded up she was presented with one new email in her inbox, and she immediately opened it. It was from her master, and like in previous emails there were also some attachments included. Just as she always had, Erica dismissed the attachments, and chose to first read the message.

"Well your next task will involve a certain level of creativity, as well as a choice to take your sluttinesss more public. The first thing I want you do is open the attachments and save them in a folder on the desktop you will create titled 'Erica Reeves'. Next, you will remove your robe while you sit at the computer and look at each picture, picking the one to set as the wallpaper image for the computer. Once you have selected a picture you must leave the computer room, and go across the hall to the men's room; leave your robe draped across the chair, you will no longer need it. Inside the restroom you will find a pair of handcuffs that I hid under sink counter. Upon locating them, exit the restroom and make your way to the stairs at the end of the hall.

Use your room key to open the door, and then drop it on the other side, letting it shut and lock. Now the only way for you to get back into your room is to go up the elevator to the top floor where there is no lock on the stairway door and then go back down the stairs to get your room key. However, before you do that, you must put on the cuffs and secure your hands behind you; the key to them is taped to the bottom of he desk in your room. I left there on a previous visit. Oh, and you will need someone to open the elevator for you since you won't have a key card, but I'm sure someone at the front desk wouldn't mind helping you out. Once you complete this task you are to call me from your room."

After going over the email's instructions thoroughly, making sure she understood exactly what she was to do, Erica weighed over the task in her head. She was coming up with all of the different scenarios that could occur, and trying to decide just exactly the best way to get the task completed. She concluded that the only way in which to best complete the task would to do it as it was laid out for her in the email; meaning she would have to trust the girl at the front desk to help her out, and not just simply call the authorities on her.

With her mind made up, and focused on her challenge, Erica slipped off her robe. She draped it over the back of the chair and went about uploading the attachments and saving them inside of a folder titled with her name. When all of the attachments where saved, she began to go through them; one by one she sat naked and looked over each picture. Each one showed her in a different state of submission, nudity, humility, and embarrassment. Looking through them, Erica became more aware of just how deep she had gone into her master's control, and the more she analyzed the pictures the more she understood why. Her submission to her master was something her mind and body desired; something she needed. She was never more committed to her master and her role under him than after viewing those pictures; she felt complete.

Upon finishing her viewing, she knew exactly which picture she wanted to choose as the background image. The picture showed her clearly, not just as a submissive, but also in the sense that she was easy recognizable. It was a picture he had taken of her on the weekend before the school year started. Her master had helped her set up her classroom, and at the end of the day had her pose naked, wearing her collar, in front of her white board where she had written her name and "Welcome to my class." She had only been serving him for a few months, and that was the first time he had her pose for a picture. She could remember feeling extremely nervous and unsure, but wanted to show her devotion and posed for the picture anyway. It was that picture that she felt electrified her relationship with her master, and it was that picture she wanted to use to represent that.

Erica, without any thought of hesitation, set the image as the computer's wallpaper before standing up and walking across the hall to the men's room. A smiled beamed across her face as she entered the restroom, and got to her knees to find the cuffs. It took her a moment to locate them, but once she did she took no time to grab them and head towards the stairs. Almost robotically, Erica walked to the end of the hall, her heels clicking on the tiled floor, and opened the door to the stairs with her key, dropping it on the other side before it swung back shut. She then locked her hands behind her with the cuffs, and in a focused state headed out to the main lobby towards the front desk.

Erica rounded the corner, pausing for the first time, but only for a moment. She took a deep breath before continuing, and then made her way over to the girl at the front desk. However, as she approached the desk, the attendant was no were to be seen. Erica wanted to get her task over and done with, but she needed the girl to open the elevator for that to happen. Reaching the desk, she noticed a push bell and since she didn't have the use of her hands, had to push it with her head.

The bell rang, somewhat echoing in the empty lobby, and Erica had to wait for the attendant to show up. In only a few seconds the girl came out from the back office behind the front desk, and almost fell over from shock when she saw Erica standing there naked. She sort of stuttered as she regained her senses, and finally spoke.

"May I help you?"

Erica had already decided that she was going to be straight forward and honest with what was going on so her answer came smoothly.

"Yes, I am completely a task for my master, and it requires I ask for your help to allow me access to the elevator."

The attendant replied somewhat confused and still a little unsure of the situation before her.

"Do you not have a room key?"

"No I do not. All I have are the shoes on my feet and these cuffs on my wrists."

Erica turned around to show the girl her bondage, and upon seeing them girl seemed to become a bit more settled with what was going on.

"I see. Well I guess I could help you out, but how are you going to get into your room without a key."

"I have mine stashed somewhere but cannot get it without using the elevator first."

The attendant seemed to be fine with Erica's explanation, but her response came as a little bit of a surprise to Erica.

"Ok, I will help you out, but only if you allow me to take a picture of you first."

Erica, though thrown a bit by the request, answered as she knew her master would have wanted her too.

"Sure, that would be fine with me. Anything you want to get into the elevator."

With her last statement, the girl smiled an evil little grin and soon had Erica posed for a picture. In actuality, it was a series of pictures. She had Erica stand in different poses, to as she stated, "Fully capture the situation." Erica was a bit put off by this, but was thankful once the girl opened the elevator for her. The girl just smiled at Erica and told her if she needed anything else to feel free to ask. Erica smiled back and thanked her for the help as the doors slid shut.

Erica had to bend over once again and use her tongue to press the button for the top floor, but was soon lifted on her way. As she rode up, the elevator made one unexpected stop at another floor. Nervously, Erica wondered who would be on the other side of the doors when they slid open, and how they would react when the elevator would reveal her naked form to them.

The doors took forever to open, or at least that is what Erica felt, and when they did Erica's nerves were calmed when no one waiting on the other side. Someone must have pressed the up button on accident, or just decided against waiting for the elevator. Whatever the case, the doors slid back shut, and the elevator continued its journey upwards. Erica was relieved for her luck, and regained her focus on the task at hand.

The next stop for the elevator was at Erica's destination, and she exited the lift determined to complete her challenge. She slowly entered the main hall to the rooms, and looked around to see if everything was clear. Convinced that she was alone in the hall, she trekked off towards the stairwell. She reached the entrance door and just as her master had said it would be, it was without a lock. However, she did struggle some trying to open it with her hands locked behind her, but was soon inside the stairwell.

Her hike down the stairs was rather uneventful; though she was nervous about all the noise her heels were making on the steel steps possibly drawing attention from someone. Also, she had to make a conscious effort to keep her balance since she was without hands to keep her steady. But within no time, she found herself down at the bottom of the stairs and located her left behind room key.

Picking it up, just like opening the door earlier, also created a bit of a struggle. Erica had to crouch down and grab it behind her without being able to see it. It took a couple of attempts, but she was able to finally retrieve it, and with it in her hands she made her way back up to her room.

When she reached her floor she pushed open the door and walked the hallway to her door. Again she had a bit of trouble figuring how to get the key in to unlock the door, but as she had with everything else had it done in just a few tries. The final bit of her task was once again challenging, but it did not deter her at all. Erica simply walked over to the desk, got down onto her knees, shuffled herself under it, and worked to release the key. After minutes of calculating and attempting, the key to her cuffs was free and she soon had the restraints off.

With a sigh of relief to have accomplished her master's task, she picked up her phone and gave him a call. I took only one ring before he answered and begun to speak.

"I'll take this call to signify you have completed your task, and have successfully removed all of your restraints."

"Yes master."

"Very well, get some sleep and I will contact you in the morning with instructions about your next task."

As he had always done before, the line went dead and Erica was left to go over the experience on her own. She had just two more tasks to complete before her master returned from his business trip, and she went to bed thinking of all the possible things he could have her do. It was three a.m. and she knew he would be calling early, so she wanted to get as much sleep as possible. She didn't even remove the plug; partly because she was tired, and partly because he had told her it was to remain in until further notice.

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