tagNonHumanSecrets of the Forest Nymph Ch. 04

Secrets of the Forest Nymph Ch. 04


This part starts with Chad's first full day in the forest. For you lovers of the nonhuman world please understand this is my first attempt at a story with these types of characters. I think it would be wise to add a disclaimer too.

Towards the end you will get to a part with Marrow and his captives. It gets graphic, but it's necessary. If the story captivates you, then you will hate Marrow as much as I did when I wrote him.

Please, please, please don't forget to vote. Leave me comments too, no comments make me think you hated it or something was wrong with it. Enjoy the journey.


Chad woke up with a feeling that something was going on with his cock. He always woke up with a piss hard on. His wife Susan loved it like that, hard and ready. He pulled the covers back and saw Leonia. Her head was bobbing up and down slowly, savoring the taste of his cock.

"Good morning Leonia. It looks like you're up first," he said to her, trying not to moan aloud.

"Actually I got up and you were hard. That means you got up first, but you won't hear me complain," she replied then resumed sucking his cock.

Chad laid his head back and tried to concentrate. He didn't want to shoot off too quickly. Every time she took his cock into her throat, he lost a little more control. 'God this woman is better at head than anyone he'd ever been with, including Susan,' he thought.

He never could last long in the morning. This one was no different. Chad grabbed the back of Leonia's head and pushed down. At the same time, he thrust his hips up. He felt her gag as his cock went deeper in her throat.

He released the pressure, and Leonia moaned her disapproval. Chad knew what she wanted, the same thing she needed last night.

With all the power he could muster, he shoved Leonia's head down quickly and pushed his cock deeper with his hips. Chad fucked her face as long as he could. Leonia's throat was too tight. Rope after rope hot morning cum went straight into Leonia's throat.

The rough treatment set the elder elf off. Leonia screamed around his cock, as her orgasm ripped through her body. She stiffened like a board. Chad thought she couldn't breathe so he pulled out of her mouth.

Leonia gasped for air as soon as his cock slipped out, his last shot hitting her chin. She felt the thick cum splatter her face, as she doubled over, and grabbed her convulsing pussy. The hungry elf screamed as she came for the second time this morning.

When their breathing returned to normal Leonia whispered to Chad. "I wish you could do that every morning," she said.

"Which one are you referring too, Leonia? Me cumming in your throat, or shooting it on your face?" he asked.

Leonia looked him in the eye, "both."

"I hope you saved some strength for the trip," a female voice said.

They both turned suddenly and saw Leonia's daughter, Feather, standing in the doorway. Feather strolled up to the side of the bed, looking at her naked mother. "You missed some," she told Leonia, pointing to her dripping chin.

Chad was in shock, as he saw Leonia scoop up the sticky cum. She slipped the finger into her mouth, still holding her daughters gaze. Feather just laughed. "There's a couple of friends outside I want you to meet...after you get dressed."

Chad and Leonia got dressed and went outside to find Feather. Once Chad's eyes focused to the light, his jaw fell open. On either side of Feather stood the strangest looking creatures he'd ever seen, or even heard of for that matter.

"Chad, these two will be going with us to get Shea back. This is Malifin he's a Wokulo. He'll be extremely useful if we have to fight to get in the castle." Feather told him.

What Chad saw was a three-foot high dwarf, with a head far too large for his body. He had thick, course hair that was matted and tangled. Chad thought he resembled a shaggy dog that was standing up.

Chad nodded to him because he didn't know what to say. The little dwarf just looked Chad up and down and shook his head. Feather turned to her other side and pointed at the next creature.

"This large fellow is Larry, he's a Tengu." Larry was every bit of seven feet, with a slender but very muscular build. The only thing that stood out was his large red beak. Not to mention the white bird wings on his back. Chad thought it was someone's offspring...from an orgy gone horribly wrong.

Chad looked puzzled, and looked at the Tengu. "How'd you get a name like Larry?" he asked.

"My mother is human. Do you have a problem with that?" he answered sternly.

"No. No problem here big man. Larry sounds like a fantastic name," Chad said politely, trying not to die so soon into the journey.

Feather gathered some food for the trip, while Chad looked on. He didn't really know what else to do. Malifin kept staring at Chad, and this made him feel very uncomfortable. "Chad I want you to do me two favors," Leonia said, coming up behind him.

"Whatever you want Leonia," Chad said, taking her hand.

"First. You and Princess Shea come back in one piece," she said.

"I'll try my best. What's the second favor?" he asked.

"That you bring my daughter back to me," Leonia said, as a small tear rolling down her cheek.

Chad found his backpack and turned to Feather. "This would be simpler if I could use a gun." Chad said, annoyed at the fact than firearms didn't work here.

"In that case you'll need these. They belonged to my father, I think he'd want you to have them," she replied handing him a large bag.

Chad pulled out a crossbow, and a quiver full of arrows. Next, he pulled a long gold sword around three feet long out of the bag. The sword was well balanced, and appeared to be razor sharp. Chad looked back at Feather and a lump appeared in his throat. He felt honored to have the trust of these two women on his side.

Chad still didn't know if Malifin, or Larry the birdman, would be on his side. Nevertheless, it seemed they trusted Feather. They finished getting supplies and loaded everything up in packs. He turned back to Leonia and took her hand.

"Don't worry we'll be back soon...all of us" he said.

"Take this Chad, you never know when you'll need it," Leonia said, as she handed him a small cloth wrapped object.

"If you two are done, we need to get going," Feather shouted.

"How long to get there Feather?" he asked her as she started to leave.

"About two days. Longer if you don't move your ass," she replied.

Looking back to Leonia, "In that case, we'll see you in four days."

The group of four left the large Oak tree. Malifin lead the way followed by Larry. Feather and Chad walked side by side a few yards behind them. Chad was scanning the forest for signs of danger, while Feather kept her eyes on Malifin.

"Chad you can relax a little. This is not the bad part of the forest. That part will come sometime tomorrow," she said. Since he believed in Feather's good judgment, he slung the crossbow on his shoulder. He studied his other two companions who led the way.

"So tell me Feather, what's the deal with your two friends up there?" he asked.

"Well Malifin is a Wokulo," she replied.

"You told me that already. Why did you get a...whatchamacallit, to help us?" Chad asked.

"A Wokulo Chad. They're from a different part of the forest. That's about as tall as they get. Most of the forest creatures can't see them, but the Elves can. He has a great alertness for danger, and can take down most things double his size. He can also see through walls, and sometimes trees. Don't you think that will come in handy?" Feather told him.

"If he's from another part of the forest, what the hell is he doing here?" Chad asked.

"Marrow destroyed his village. His family escaped but Marrow kept him prisoner here as punishment. He really wants to get back to his family. He agreed to help us if I take him back," she told him.

"How is it that Larry and I can see him?" he asked.

"Well it's his choice really. If he doesn't want someone to see him, then they won't. That little trick is going to be helpful when we get to the castle," Feather added.

Chad looked towards Larry, wondering if he should even ask. "What's the background on bird man there?"

"The Tengu are famous for their fighting skills. Masters of the martial arts and to my knowledge they have never lost a fight. The creatures that we're going to come across might not attack if they see him," she said.

"I do have a bit of advice for you though. If you call him birdman one more time, he might beat you silly. We already have to save Shea. I don't want to have to save you too," she warned him.

Chad thought about his new friends. He began to feel a little better about their chances of getting out of this. The only hang up would be the creatures they were sure to encounter. If they had these kinds of things in the forest, what else is out there?

Chad could only hope they would get there and Susan, or actually Shea, would be ok. He continued with his thoughts and they walked deeper into the forest.

After a few hours of silence except for the occasional chirping of the birds, Feather spoke up. "I was wondering if you would answer something for me," she said.

"I will if I can. What is it?" Chad said as he kept his eyes on Larry.

"How much did Mother tell you about humans, and the forest," Feather asked nervously.

"She said that humans get brought here from time to time. I assume with the same trick you pulled on me. I guess the elves' enjoy a little variety from time to time," Chad chuckled. "She also said that we get a larger...um...libido while in the forest. I guess that helps. Since it seems everyone around here is horny all the time," he added.

"Not just Elves'. Remember, your wife is a Forest Nymph," Feather reminded him.

"I still can't believe after all this time, she never told me the truth," Chad said as he shook his head.

"Remember how freaked out you were when you realized it wasn't a dream," Feather said.

"Ok, you got your point across," he relented.

"There is something else I'd like to know," Feather said shyly.

"Not a problem. You need my shoe size?" he said jokingly.

'How's my mom in bed?" Feather asked looking at him.

Chad just laughed at her. One thought went through him mind. 'That rubber room was looking better and better all the time.'

"What's so funny about that?" Feather asked, not getting the joke.

Chad looked at her and smiled. "It must be an elf thing. Leonia asked the very same thing about you," he said.

Chad wanted to change the subject before he got in trouble. "Where do we stop for the night? We can't go wondering around the forest in the dark," he asked.

"There's a lake up ahead that's pretty safe. After that, we get into the bad part of the forest. You might see some amazing things there Chad. I think you'd better prepare yourself. Like you humans like to say so much, 'you're not in Kansas anymore Toto'," Feather told Chad, giggling to herself.

They continued through the forest. Much of the day spent bringing Chad up to speed on what he might see. The creatures they would encounter. To Chad, it seemed like a cross between Lord of the Rings, and Eighth Grade Mythology.

He chuckled to himself. The only thing missing was the Mad Hatter. The small group had a few hours of sunlight left, when entered a large clearing. Chad looked upon the sight with awe. He had never envisioned such a beautiful and peaceful place, within such chaos.

The team stopped by the side of the lake. They took in the sight around them. The water was so clear. Chad could see the large boulders at the bottom...forty feet down. To the North side there was a smaller pond, he guessed about thirty feet in diameter. The middle of the larger lake had a group of rocks that piled up out of the water.

What got his attention about the rock formation, were the six lovely women that were sitting on them. "Feather, I must be going nuts. Are those...?" Chad said.

"You're catching on pretty fast, Mermaids," Feather told him as she laughed.

"From what I remember, Mermaids are supposed to be deadly," he said.

"Only to Humans. They lure men in, and then put their souls in cages beneath the water. I wouldn't talk to them if you want to stay alive," Feather added.

Something caught his eye beneath the water and he could see one of them approach the shoreline. Chad started to back up. The mermaid came out of the water a little, and he could see her tail kicking back and forth. Chad could feel the attraction, as soon as she looked at him.

"So tell me handsome, what's your name?" Her voice was like listening to soft music.

Feather moved in front of Chad and faced the women. "Leave him alone mermaid. This one is off limits," Feather told her sternly.

"Oh come on now elf. It's been a while since we've had a human here," the mermaid said softly.

"This one is different. This is Princess Shea's husband," she said.

Suddenly the mermaid climbed out of the water. In an instant, her tail was gone, replaced with human legs. Chad could only stare at her. She was so beautiful and alluring. He could see why men would go to her...willingly.

The mermaid went before Feather and Chad and dropped to one knee, lowering her head. "Forgive me your majesty. I had no idea," she said almost in a begging manner.

Chad was still in amazement until Feather brought him back to reality. "Chad, close your mouth, you look stupid," Feather told him.

"Sorry. Please stand up miss. It's not what you think." The women stood before them and approached Feather.

"I'm Xena. If there is anything I can do for you, please ask. You may have use of the lake without fear from the others," she said.

"I'm Feather. This is Chad. We need a safe spot to stop for the night," she told her.

"We did not know where the princess had fled to. Has she returned to help us against Marrow?" Xena asked.

"Not exactly, she was taken by Marrow. The four of us are going to get her back," Feather said.

Xena turned to look at Malifin and Larry. She thought Malifin looked like an unkempt pet. He could use a swim in the lake...badly. Larry on the other hand was a different story.

"I don't think I've ever seen a Tengu before. You're very handsome," Xena said, her eyes shinning brightly.

"Your sing song voice and charms don't work on me mermaid," Larry told her sternly.

Xena moved in front of Larry, and stroked his arm. "I didn't think it would. That won't stop me from the other naughty thoughts I have," she said softly. Chad was amazed at the way these creatures threw sex around like Frisbees.

"I think we need to refill the water. I wouldn't mind getting something to eat too," Feather said to everyone.

"I wouldn't mind getting something to eat either," Xena said as she ran her hand down to Larry's crotch.

"You two go set up a camp for the night, and I'll get the water," Malifin said. It was the first time Malifin had spoken since leaving the large oak tree. Chad noticed that it had a hint of disdain, possibly towards him. "I doubt we'll get any help from him," Malifin told them as he pointed to Larry.

Larry looked at Malifin, "I said her charms don't work on me Wokulo, that doesn't mean I would turn down a chance to see what she can do," Larry told the gruff Dwarf.

Chad and Feather shook their heads, and turned towards the forests edge. Chad had his backpack and brought more supplies than he probably needed. Shelter was not a problem. Keeping Larry and Malifin from starting a fight might be.

He sensed that maybe these two species shouldn't be near each other very long. Chad turned his head towards the lake where he saw Larry pulling Xena off to the side away from the water.

Larry moved them off to a patch of taller grass. He wanted as much cushion as he could get. "So what's your pleasure big boy?" Xena asked as she removed her top, freeing her large breasts.

"I have a lot of personal kinks. Mostly I enjoy a woman that's flexible," Larry said.

"Have you ever had a mermaid before?" she said as she pulled her small thong down her shapely human legs.

"No, I never have. However, I've heard many stories. I hope they're all true," Larry replied.

The Tengu removed the cloth wrap surrounding his waist, releasing his cock from its confining space. Xena gasped as it appeared before her.

"Holy shit! I think that things bigger than any centaur." Xena exclaimed.

"I tried to tell you, I enjoy flexible women. As it turns out, it's kind of necessary," Larry said as he lifted his cock up.

"Get ready you big fucking stud. I'm about to show you a new meaning for the word, flexible," she whispered as she dropped to her knees.

Larry was used to women not being able to take much of his cock, in any hole. He thought that even though mermaids have a reputation of sexuality, this was going to be business as usual. Xena held the large cock up to her face. She was not a very big woman. It was no surprise she couldn't fit her hands around it.

"This thing must be a foot and a half long and as thick as my forearm." She whispered as she licked her lips.

Most of the time, women only got the large head in their mouths. It was a welcome surprise when eight inches disappeared into her throat. Xena's mouth was like any other Mermaid. They could dislocate their jaw, giving them the ability to swallow larger fish almost whole. Xena pulled her mouth off his cock.

"You have a fabulous cock Larry. I could suck this forever," she said as she held his cock against her face. "You know, there is something you can do. It'll make it more enjoyable for me, while I suck you," she said, pumping his cock with both hands.

Running his hands through her hair, he looked down at her. "What would that be you sexy mermaid?" Larry asked.

"It's a little embarrassing. Would it be too much to ask if you call me a few names, maybe pull my hair? I love it when my partner sort of 'uses me' as a piece of meat," she whimpered.

"In that case, I'd be happy to rape your face - whore," Larry growled at her.

With two handfuls of hair, Larry forced his cock into her mouth rapidly. Xena was not fighting it, as he basically, jacked his cock off with her head. Even though she was half-female, her throat could open enough to swallow almost twelve inches of his cock. The sight before Larry was amazing. Her throat would bulge out as his cock sunk deeper.

Larry knew he was leaking pre-cum, it was leaking down her chin. Reluctantly, he pulled Xena's mouth clear of his cock. "You sure can take a lot of cock in that mouth of yours," he told her.

"One of the small perks of being a Mermaid," Xena smiled, as she rubbed the pre-cum into her skin. Larry wasn't done with this fish, so he pulled her up by her hair. This caused Xena to moan aloud. "That's it you bastard, do what you want," she said with excitement in her voice.

Larry pushed her roughly down on her back. Xena smiled as he kneeled down and grabbed her legs, forcing them apart. "I sure hope this doesn't hurt much," Larry told her.

"You don't seem to understand Larry, I hope it does," she told him as she pulled her nipples hard. In one swift motion, Larry sunk the length of his cock into her body. Xena's eyes rolled back in her head. She screamed so loud the other mermaids dove into the water.

Chad and Feather also heard the scream and turned towards the couple. "Don't worry Chad, mermaids can take a lot," Feather told him as she grabbed his arm.

"It sounds like he's killing her," Chad said.

"It does sort of feel like that. I know, I'm still a little sore," she said rubbing her pussy mound.

"So, you had some fun last night yourself," Chad laughed at her.

"Hey! You're not the only one who needed a little relaxing! Are you ever going to tell me about my mom?" she asked.

"Let's just say you two are a lot alike in some ways," he told her as he slapped her ass.

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