tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 03

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 03


They all appeared at the High council where they saw Cheyenne in a long white gown, with a white canopy veil that surrounded the bed from the ceiling to the floor, everything was all white as she laid there looking so angelic and at peace when they saw Roger sitting in a chair by the bed where she laid. Two men led them into the room Roger looked up at them as they came into the room.

"Oh my God Cheyenne!" Hank cried out as she laid there looking so peaceful.

"Will you guys please shut up? I am not dead! I was knocked out! I have a horrible head ache! Your constant crying was killing me, so I told them to bring you here to make you be quiet." Cheyenne said sitting up in bed.

Aggatha looked at Cheyenne with a stern look." Your not dead, you gave me such a fright and all you can tell us is to shut up!" she said walking up to Cheyenne hugging her as they both laughed.

"I am too stubborn to die don't you know?" she said smiling." They tell me I can go home tomorrow."

Hank walked up to Cheyenne." I am so sorry Cheyenne." He told her as tears came to his eyes.

Cheyenne placed her hand on his." The guy was not real; the real guys are sows running around somewhere." She told him." But your not getting off that easy you have to court me all over again." She said smiling.

As the two men led them out of the room they were sent them back to the house where they were all relieved that life would not go on with out Cheyenne being in it.

The seven witches told Hank, Roger and Saunders how they found out about the men they turned into sows filmed the sex they had with Cheyenne and Alicia then showed it on the internet. When Cheyenne found out they told them how they altered the film seen so it would be the men having sex with men. Then Cheyenne turned them into sows. The men wanted to know where the house was located at. When they got the information they needed they went to the house they loaded up the five sows taking them to the slaughterhouse when asked how they wanted them cut up. Roger told them he did not care that he wanted the meat to be donated to a woman's crisis center for abused women. He would pay for the cost of shipping and what ever else it might entail for he felt it was for a very good cause.

The three men laughed at the thought that those sows that used and abused women would be dinner for the victims of abusive men.

Cheyenne arrived home the next day where the seven witches took her up stares giving her a hot bubble bath, dressing her like Cinderella, they escorted her down stares taking her outside where a white coach, a coachman and four white horses awaited her." What is going on?" she asked them.

"It's a secret; we've been sworn to secrecy." They told her putting her in the coach giggling as they shut the door.

The coach then began to move and began to fly through the air where it landed at the manor. People were dressed for Cinderella's ball, the coachman helped Cheyenne out of the coach, she walked up the stares to the manor looking at all the people there , when she went inside people were waltzing , she looked around the manor as it looked like the castle from the fairy tale. People watched her as she walked into the ballroom where she saw Aggatha, the seven witches, Roger, Saunders, but no Hank when she felt a hand on her shoulder. It was a stuffy older man." The prince has been taken by your beauty and wishes to dance with you," he told her taking her hand where he led her to Hank who bowed down to her.

"What is going on here?" she asked him as they began to waltz around the ball room.

"You want to be courted well I am courting you my soon to be wife." He told her as they waltz around the ball room.

"Please can we stop waltzing I am feeling sea sick?" She told him trying to avoid this.

"Not until you tell me... Will you marry me?" he asked holding her tightly to him.

"I need time to think, please. " She said pulling away from him and running up the stares to her room

Roger was quick to follow her." Cheyenne what are you doing? This is what you wanted." He told her.

Cheyenne looked at him like a lost child. "What I wanted doesn't want me!" she cried looking at him wiping her tears away.

"Baby, I love you with all my heart. I can't commit to myself much less a wife." he told her taking her in his arms. "I will love only you, and God knows I wish I was that special guy with all my heart." He told her kissing her passionately one last time. "Go on baby find the happiness you deserve." He told her watching as she walked slowly out of the room. He fell to the floor on his knees crying his heart out.

Cheyenne found Hank in the crowd. "Will you ever cheat again? Because so help me I will give you a vasectomy plus removal of your family jewels and feed them to the sharks!" She told him looking down at her shoes.

"That sounds so gross the way you put it." He told her." I will never stray ever again." He told her.

"And no more hurtful words?" she asked

"No more hurtful words." He told her.

"Then yes I will marry you." She told him.

At that moment she heard horns sounding. "Attention the prince has an important message to announce." The man said very loudly.

Hank taking Cheyenne's hand led her in front of everyone.

"I wish to announce the engagement of myself and Mystic Shadow," he said smiling then taking her in his arms kissing her.

"There will be a double wedding next Saturday in Jamaica." Saunders announced that he and Lindsey were also being married.

That night at the end of the ball everyone returned to Jamaica and Cheyenne led Hank to the bedroom.

"So big boy would you like to see just how naughty Cinderella can be?" she asked with her hands on hips shaking them back and forth.

"Oh yes Cinderella, why don't you show me just how naughty you can be." He told her as he lay back on the bed with his arms folded behind his head.

Using her magic and turning in a circle she changed into a red lace corset, bustier, and fish net stockings with red spiked heels. she teaseling crawled slowly up his body stopping when she got his pants as she UN buttoned them slowly, then used her teeth to un zip them.

"Oh yes Cinderella show me more of your naughtiness." He told her smiling.

She removed his clothing using her magic. "Cinderella likes nice hard lolly pops, can I lick yours?" she asked looking up at him with big brown eyes.

"Oh yes Cinderella be my guest." He said as she began to lick him.

She continued to move up his body licking his stomach until she reached his lips licking them ever so tender.

"Cinderella needs help getting her clothes off." She said kissing him softly.

"I can be of service there." He said removing her clothes by his magic.

"Can I ride the big Prince's horsy?" she asked sitting up on top of him massaging her breast.

"Oh yes... it likes to be rode." He told her as he entered her.

"Mmmm Cinderella likes your horsy." She told him as she moved slowly on top of him receiving him deep into her hot sweet juices, as she ran her tongue slowly around his lips and he longed to suck on her tongue. She moved her hips in a slow circular grind while the sensations he gave to her breast from his mouth made her even wetter and juicier until the fire built up with in them sending them into such an explosive orgasm. Her moans filled the night air sounding like a wolf who had lost it's mate.

"Did Cinderella do well by the big Prince?" she asked him.

"Yes and now the big prince will beg Cinderella for more." He told her throwing her on her back as they made love for hours.

Hank fell to sleep and Cheyenne slipped out of bed watching out her window when she saw Roger looking up at her. She softly touched the glass as a teardrop spilt from her eye. "Good-bye my love." She whispered still touching the glass as they both longed for the other one.

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