tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 04

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 04


Cheyenne Sat quietly in the window as the snow glistened the ground remembering the day this all started........

The year is 1972 Cheyenne and Hank Thompson pulled their car up in front of what appeared to be a normal looking house set in a quiet neighborhood, they were not prepared for what was waiting for them on the other side of the door. An elderly lady dressed in a long black dress, black shoes, and her gray hair up in a bun greeted them. She looks like she should be in a horror flick Cheyenne thought to herself as she shook the woman’s hand.

"Come in please "the woman spoke in almost a whisper.

Cheyenne wore a mid calf straight white skirt, a matching white cropped jacket, a light blue blouse, revealing her hour glass shape, She wore white heels, Her blonde hair worn up in a bun on top of her head, She looked at her husband Hank hesitantly as they entered the house.

"Please follow me Mrs. Harrelson is waiting for you in the den Mr. and Mrs. Thompson." she said turning to lead them down the hall way.

"How did you know our last name?" Cheyenne asked since they had not told her who they were.

The woman turned towards Cheyenne with a humble smile. "You are the only appointment for today my dear, so I just assumed it was you at the door," she continued to walk down the hall slowly.

"Oh." Cheyenne replied as she looked at the family’s portraits hanging on the wall.

Hank a quiet man was observing their surroundings and the fact that all of the drapes were pulled shut prohibiting sunlight from entering the house. He unbuttoned the top button of his white dress shirt, he smoothed out his black dress slacks, wishing he could take off the gray jacket as he walked down the hall way, his black dress shoes could use a good shining, but he didn’t have time since he woke up late this morning. God this place is depressing, he thought to himself as he smoothed his short graying hair.

The woman opened the door to the den where a young frail looking woman sat behind a large red oak desk with just a small gold desk lamp lighting the room.

"Your appointment is here Mrs. Harrelson." The woman informed the other woman.

Cheyenne noticed how beautiful the woman was with her long red hair hanging loosely to her waist, her eyes were an Icy blue, Cheyenne noticed that with her pale white skin, the red lipstick complimented the emerald green dress she wore. Her eyes held a sadness that grabbed Cheyenne’s heart when she looked into them with her own dark brown eyes.

"Thank you for coming to see me, the sun light gives me intolerable migraines in case you’re wondering why I keep my house so dark." The woman said as she rose from the huge brown leather chair behind the desk.

"It’s a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Harrelson." Hank said shaking her hand.

"Please sit down." Mrs. Harrelson told them pointing to the two brown chairs in front of the desk.

"I want to hire you to find out what my husband is up to. You see our bank accounts are missing money , he stays away for days at a time, he says it is business, but I feel it is something more than that. I do not believe he is seeing another woman, but he has to be up to something that could cause harm to everyone around him." Mrs. Harrelson’s voice stayed very calm and even toned as she spoke.

"Do you have any idea as to what it could be that he is doing?" Hank asked as he sat back in his chair.

"Young women seem to disappear during the times he is gone, I can give you the dates when he has been away to help you find out if he is the one behind these women’s disappearances." Her eyes began to tear up as she spoke.

"You mean the rash of women that have vanished from parking lots in the last six months?" Cheyenne asked as she looked at Hank with a confused expression on her face.

"Yes." Her tears streaked her face as she looked down at the top of her desk.

"Why didn’t you just call the police?" Cheyenne asked as she crossed her leg’s, she could tell the woman was in severe pain, was it from her migraines or the thought that her husband had something to do with six women disappearing without a trace of them anywhere.

"The police would have questioned him and he would have known that it was me. I don’t want him knowing any of this if it’s not him." her eyes were wide as she spoke." Here is a note book of the dates when he left, where he was supposed to have been at on those dates. The rest you will have to find out your selves, I am willing to pay you one thousand a day that should cover any expenses and then five thousand when you know if it’s him or not." She told them as she ran her hand over her forehead to help ease the pain of her migraine.

Hank cleared his voice as he looked at the woman." We can start tomorrow if that is soon enough for you?" he stood up looking around the richly decorated den.

"Yes and thank you." She told them rising up from the desk." you will keep me informed on a daily basis correct?" she smiled at them as she held her hand out to shake theirs.

"Yes at the end of each day around six o’clock and no later then ten o’clock one of us will call you." Cheyenne told her straightening out her skirt as she rose from the chair.

Hank and Cheyenne entered the hall way and they were met by the gray haired woman." I will show you out." She told them as she showed them to the front door.

Man she is creepy, Cheyenne thought to her self as she followed behind the woman. Cheyenne could not wait to be in their car for she felt something would jump out at them from behind a door as they walked by.

Once inside of the car Cheyenne was relieved to be away from the eerie little old woman." Do you think she might be right?" she asked her husband as they drove slowly down the road.

Hank was looking at the houses around them. "I don’t know, but we were hired to find out and that’s what we will do." He said as he turned the car on to Federal highway.

"They have money that’s for sure; you aren’t middle class living off Bay Shore drive." Cheyenne said as she thumbed through the note book.

At the office Cheyenne thought how Mrs. Harrelson’s den made the office look drab with the white walls, the two brown desk and one window that Cheyenne could look out to see cars traveling down Federal high way. Cheyenne looked at the gray filing cabinets that held the clients they had acquired since they opened a year ago.

We will have a view of the ocean one day, she thought to herself.

Hank checked out the hotels that Fredrick Harrelson was suppose to stay at during the last six month’s while Cheyenne through some of the old news papers still in their office on a table in the corner. She looked through the news archives to see if the dates matched with the dates the women who had disappeared off the face of the earth.

"Hey babe one thing they all had in common they were single, in their forties, and had brown hair, they were all very beautiful." Cheyenne told him as she read each story." Cheyenne noticed all the women had disappeared in the afternoon. " well we know he strikes in the afternoon."

"Or she." Hank said looking up from the note book.

"Or what she?" Cheyenne asked looking at her husband puzzled by what he said.

"It could be a she, we don’t know if this guy is connected in any way to these women disappearing Cheyenne." He told her never looking up from the note book. "I guess I should fly out to Colorado since that was the first trip he made six months ago right at the time when the first disappearance occurred, maybe I can find out something on this guy." He told Cheyenne as he picked up the phone.

Cheyenne looked at the photo of Fredrick Harrelson that his wife had also supplied in the note book. He looked very handsome with chiseled features, slightly graying hair and not one hair out of place; he was fifty years old, married to his wife who was only thirty six years old, His eyes were almost black as coal, she felt like he was watching her through those eyes of the picture. These people remind me of the old horror movies with Bella Lugosi. She thought to herself as a shiver went through her body.

Hank interrupted her thoughts. "I leave Ft. Lauderdale at seven o’clock in the morning." Hank told his wife as he came up behind her as she sat working on the case he kissed her lightly on top of her head.

She swirled around in her chair. "How long do you think you will be gone?" she asked.

"I will try to come back home just as fast as I can." He knew how much she hated being alone in the house. "Ralph will be there with you to keep you company." He told her as he smiled trying to reassure her.

"Now you’re a comedian, Ralph is the only German Shepard who is scared of his own shadow." She said with a smile thinking of their big bad dog who would give them away to a burglar as long as they did not hurt him or take his food.

"You can come with me." He said smiling down at her.

"No way am I getting on a plane! Besides I need to do my research here, I just need to figure out how to talk with the Detectives with out giving away our client." Cheyenne said as she looked at her husband with a puzzled look hoping he would have the answer.

"I am sure you will figure it out baby." He told her knowing that she could pull it off.

Cheyenne was not surprised that this would be his answer to her. What did she expect he left almost every decision to her to make. She looked at him sarcastically.

" Thanks for the confidence there slugger." She said laughingly as she turned her back to him and began reading the papers about the women.

That night at home Cheyenne stepped into the hot shower awaiting her aching body, the hot steamy water felt great on her skin as she soaped up her body into a rich lather and loving the smell of the foamy soap .Cheyenne felt her skin become covered in goose bumps and that same eerie feeling she had earlier today had returned. Hank was busy packing his suit case while she showered and hoping he would not be gone for more then a few days on this trip. He would have to travel to all three states that Fredrick Harrelson had been to in the last six months on his business trips. He loved their small ranch house that he and Cheyenne bought eight months ago, it was quiet and out in Coral Springs. He knew Cheyenne would be alright while he was gone; he just hated having to leave her by herself when he had to travel out of town on cases. He ignored Ralph’s growling at the window as he laid at the foot of their bed.

Hank looked around their bedroom that Cheyenne had decorated, building the entertainment system and dressers into the walls gave them more space. Hank looked around the room feeling a strangeness he had never felt before, as if eyes were upon him, Hank shook it off that Cheyenne's wild imagination was rubbing off on him. He looked out the French colonial windows with black shears; he bumped into the small round table draped in a pink table cover holding a black and pink vase with pink carnations. He stepped backwards thinking he had seen someone in the shadows outside, he stepped out onto the patio to see if his eyes were playing tricks on him.

Cheyenne stepped out of the glass encased shower, sitting next to it was a deep round Jacuzzi tub with candles sitting on the step leading into it. She had designed the tub & sinks in pink pearl with gold faucets, the bath room gave her many a relaxing night where she could unwind. She wrapped the large white towel around her body, wrapping her hair up in a smaller white towel, she sat at her make up table in the corner of the bathroom as she applied make up to her face, she blow dried her hair then splashed perfume lightly over her body, she slipped into her black satin night gown with black lace across her breast and lace straps across her shoulders. She slipped into black spiked heels entering the bedroom, but she found Hank sitting on the patio leading out of the bedroom.

There was a patio table with chairs, in the mornings they drank coffee there. Cheyenne turned on the stereo playing the song look at little sister, swaying her body to the music in front of Hank rubbing her hands over her body, she straddled both of his legs moving her body seductively over him, he took her in his arms kissing her passionately.

"I want you right here and right now." He told her caressing her breast.

"Mmmm take me now." She whispered as his fingers found the wetness between her thighs.

"Ahhhh yes" she said as he unfastened his pants going deep inside of her body. She moved her body to the beat of the music playing on the stereo, her movements were causing his thirst for her to grow hotter and wilder as he grabbed the back of her hair and rammed himself deep and hard inside of her sticky sweet juices until they both exploded into a powerful orgasm. "God the star spangled banner baby!" she laughed as she laid her head on his chest.

"Wow star spangled banner huh?" he laughed as he took a deep breath." Sure you don’t want to make fire works in Colorado?"

She smiled looking into his eyes." No." she said smacking his cheek softly.

That night they slept in each other’s arms until the clock woke them at five o’clock in the morning. Hank did not want to be late for his flight. The hardest thing she had to do was to leave him at the air port; on the way home she played the song Baby I want you by Bread. It was a lonely ride home for her. She entered the house greeted by Ralph barking at her." You are supposed to greet me with licks and a wagging tail dummy, not bark at Me.," she said as she patted the dogs head. The living room she decorated with a country style. Pictures of horses running hung on the brown wooden walls. The fireplace had a large rug in front of it on the wooden floor. She hurried into the bedroom to dress to go to the police department to see what she could learn. She wore a pair of blue jeans with a black T-shirt, a blue denim jacket with brown boots. She wore her blonde hair worn down and parted in the middle. Her make up was applied in light brown shades, she lightly applied blush to make her cheek bones stand out.

She drove to the police station to speak with the detectives in charge of the case; she waited in the lobby for the detective to meet her. She felt a strange sensation in her stomach when she saw her ex boyfriend of three years… Roger O’berst, he was the man Cheyenne had loved for three years and he was the man who broke her heart just before meeting Hank.

He walked up to her smiling and she could feel the heat rising in her face seeing him for the first time since their break up. She noticed he had not changed much since they were last together, his temples had started to gray ever so slightly but he still had dark brown hair, his brown eyes were almost hypnotizing and penetrating when he looked into her eyes. He was tall with a thin build, but muscular in stature. Great, this is not what I needed! Running into Roger today! she thought to herself as he stood smiling down at her.

"Cheyenne why are you here?" he asked taking her hand into his.

"I am waiting to speak to someone in charge of the case of the missing women from the parking lot that is all." She told him feeling very nervous around him. She looked anxiously at her watch.

He smiled "Well would you want to talk over coffee?" he said with a smug smile. His charm could be very disarming to someone who did not know him.

Looking at him wide eyed trying to keep her cool with out blowing any chance of getting what she needed to help their case. ****! Now what am I suppose to do? She thought to herself." Coffee sounds great Roger." Her smile was so friendly, but inside she felt like daggers were waiting to shoot through her body and straight into his ass. She giggled to herself thinking how funny that would look.

"Good we’ll go in my car to the doughnut shop on Atlantic boulevard then." He said guiding her out side to the back parking lot where his white crown Victoria was parked.

"I can just follow you in my car Roger." She told him as he unlocked her door.

"Nonsense Cheyenne, it’s been along time since I have had the pleasure of your company." He smiled as he shut the car door for her.

God he really adds extra charm when he is up to something. She thought to herself as she watched him get in the car.

"How is married life Cheyenne?" He asked putting his arm on the back of the seat as he backed out of the parking space.

She looked out the car window." Good Roger." She did not want to talk about her life with him.

"Could have been us you know Cheyenne." He looked at her as they sat at the red light.

Cheyenne began to laugh, "Oh please Roger! The only commitment you wanted was the commitment of sex and nothing more! If you could have had a harem you might have been happy for awhile." She sat shaking her head as she smiled out the car window.

"Sounds like you are still jealous babe." He smiled as he knew how to push her buttons.

"Oh Roger please! Don’t sound so foolish ok?" She said smugly crossing her arms as she remained staring out the window. Us and how many others would their have been too? She asked herself as they pulled into the parking lot of the doughnut shop.

Cheyenne could not wait to get back to her car and away from him, she just needed to see what he would tell her if anything.

They sat across the table from each other sipping the hot coffee it actually helped to ease her tension.

"What is your interest in this case Cheyenne?" he asked looking deep into her eyes.

"Well we have a client who hired us to find out what her husband is doing when he is away on trips." She was trying not to give to much information for now.

"What does that have to do with the case? Because he goes on trips and this makes his wife suspicious?" He asked knowing there was more to this.

"Because he seems to have left the same day of each disappearance, and she wants to know if he has something to do with these women." She told him and not wanting to have to go through with this with him, why couldn’t it have been anyone else but him?

"What ties does he have with any of these women?" he asked her as he sat back in his chair.

"I don’t know, I just started looking into it." She told him now sounding stupid.

He smiled sipping his coffee." You should investigate him not my case, when you know there is a connection come talk to me. " He said as he looked very serious at her with out a trace of a smile." But, if you want me to help you, you have to tell me what you know if you want me to talk about the case." He smiled at her so smugly.

She sat back in her chair studying his face "There isn’t any use in me sitting here any longer, I can see this is not going anywhere." She told him feeling like crying from the aggravation when she realized she had to wait for him. Great! Just what I wanted to be stuck here with him with out any type of escape in sight! She thought as she sat back down. She sat silently then pulled herself together." Your right I should have seen if he was connected to them first, but I thought by seeing what connections the police may have found it might have linked back to him ." She said humbly hoping it worked and he would talk to her.

"What is his name?" he asked as he ran his finger around the rim of his coffee.

"I am not ready to tell you since it may be nothing." she explained to him.

"But you want me to talk and tell you what we have?" he asked irritated.

"I am sorry, but if you go to him he will know someone pointed a finger at him and he’ll suspect it was his wife." she tried to explain to him why she did not want to tell him too much.

Roger sat for a moment as he realized he could have her work with him on this , it would mean being together until he got what he wanted, her.

"I have an offer since we both know each other and we both want to find out what is going on and who the responsible party is, you will have to work with me though ." he told her as he watched her reaction to his proposal.

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