tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 14

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 14



The following years the witches watched the men age gracefully in their golden years. The love they shared as a family helped them get through the tough times of the aging process. Alexander had turned twenty years old and still had not shown any type of witchcraft. He was going to college studying law, Roger and Saunders had retired from the police force when they reached Sixty-five years of age, they were now all in their seventy's. Cheyenne and the others still looked the same as they did twenty years ago. Aggatha now three hundred years old was meeting with the council to prepare for the battle of evil verses good, which was to take place in the very near future.

The eight witches were training harder to become better warriors when the time came. Their bodies were firm and built, they practiced blowing up objects sent flying at them unrepentantly, severing heads off mannequins with using the powers with their hands. Reflecting lightening bolts that were cast at them, flying high over the barn as Ralph who was very old and Ninja who had not aged watched the witches flying back and forth.

That night as they prepared potions, and vanquishing spells Alex called, he had just bought a house and wanted everyone to see it. They left the house before Aggatha could get back to tell them the news the council had learned of the dark side.

When they all pulled up to Alex's new home it was huge almost gothic looking. He showed them around the house. Cheyenne looked at her son, he was tall and had his father's coloring of milk chocolate, brown eyes. He is built muscular like Gore warrior, she thought to her self. She was very proud of her son and how well he had turned out.

"I've saved the best for last." He said smiling at his mother.

" my play room." He told them excitedly as he led them downstairs.

Once they were in the room Cheyenne became alarmed it was dark with candles lighting the room. Before she could say anything Alex with one swipe of his hand killed Hank, Roger and Saunders as the other demons came out of the shadows. Cheyenne and the other witches without a word changed into their warriors uniforms as they ran up the walls using their magical powers began blowing up demons. Cheyenne searched out Alex until she found him." You little bastard!" she said through gritted teeth grabbing him by the throat his face filled with terror, he had not expected his mother to be able to kill him. Cheyenne without hesitation had his heart in her hand before she blew him and his heart up. Not having the potions or weapons they had prepared for the battle, they had to depend on the ability and their magic to dispose of the evil around them. As the witches formed together holding hands they spotted Gina, Cheyenne ripped Gina's heart out of her chest with just one look, Gina's body began to smoke and sparkle before it blew up. Cheyenne's anger grew resulting in her powers growing stronger with the mixture of her fallen sister's that were gave to her. She began to float up in the middle of the room raising the seven other witches up with her. Mystic Shadow blew everyone up in the room until she and the other seven witches were the only ones left standing. Aggatha appeared in the room." Oh, thank God, you are all ok. I tried to get back to the house, but you were already gone. I tracked you here with the councils help.

"We all didn't make it." Cheyenne told her going to the two men's bodies whom she loved and even in death, she was torn. She cried kneeling in between them kissing them both good – bye, she began rocking back and forth as Lindsey held Saunders. The other witches stood behind them crying over the loss their family just suffered.

"Why? Why did they have to be sacrificed?" Cheyenne asked as she cried to the heavens above. "Why couldn't I sense Alex's evil with in him?" she asked crying laying her head down on Rogers's chest. He was her one true love. Guilt consuming her knowing she was the one who destroyed her son Alex. She held onto Roger's body until Aggatha pulled her from him forcing her to let go.

They carried their men who lost their lives to the Manor where they buried them in the family's graveyard. Cheyenne wore black from that day on never smiling. Her eyes held the longing to undo everything back to when she was with Roger. She stared out her bedroom window for hours drinking whiskey.

A month had gone by and Cheyenne spent most of the time drinking whiskey to stay drunk to run away from the pain of losing Hank, Roger, and Saunders. The other women worried that if she did not snap out of it that she too would be loss to them. They watched helplessly as she slowly killed her self-escaping the pain with in the walls of her heart.

Two months had gone by since that deadly day, Cheyenne stayed in her room drinking herself to oblivion. The women were talking when they realized that Gore warrior had not shown him self. Why? They had not heard anything of him and that was the day he had longed for. He had not tried to revenge Alex's death. Where had he gone? Cheyenne she decided she was going out, using her magic she dressed as sleazy as she could, looking like a high-class call girl then vanished appearing in the alley of a bar. She walked to the front of the bar and men were whistling at her as she walked by. She entered the dimly lit bar with the smoke so thick you cut it with a knife. She sat at the bar ordering a whiskey straight up on the rocks. She sipped her drink slowly unaware of the man who sat next to her dressed in a black T-shirt that fit tightly to his muscles, loose fitting black jeans with black boots, a thick gold chain around his neck. The bar tender watched him thinking he did not stand a chance picking her up.

" long time Cheyenne." He said running his finger down her shoulder to her hand feeling the desire he was igniting in her body.

Cheyenne looked at him even though he had changed into another body it was similar to his old one." Don't you get tired of the same look?" she asked as he continued to run his finger up and down her arm softly.

"No, just like I never get tired of yours." He told her as he moved his hand to her thigh. "You're not going to blow me up Cheyenne?" he asked her kissing her ear.

"No, I killed our bastard son." She said smiling then sipping her drink as his hand went further up her thigh. "Call me Mystic Shadow Cheyenne died with Roger." She told him bitterly sipping her whiskey.

"I know you killed him, he and the others all turned their backs on me. So now I am just winging it on my own." He said as he leaned over licking her shoulder." I have no connection to them except to destroy the highest ones of them," he told her moving closer to her kissing her passionately.

Mystic Shadow pulled away from him, "if I am one on your list do it now I really don't care anymore." she told him looking him in his eyes when he began kissing her causing a fire to come alive with her body when they appeared the motel room he was staying in.

"Why are we here Gore warrior?" she asked with her breathing becoming heavier as he held her body in his arms kissing her neck down to her cleavage.

"Because we are on the same side now it's called alone. The good council let you down by not protecting the humans." He told her as he raised her dress up over head exposing her still tight muscular body; he slowly removed her white lace thongs." I am going to make you forget your pain Mystic Shadow." He told her as he laid her on the bed removing his clothes. She moaned in pleasure from his tongue sliding slowly down her stomach. He could not control him self any longer he took her roughly as their passion burst into a powerful heated explosion.

After their hours of love making Cheyenne past out from the alcohol. Gore warrior took them to a dark dungeon where he planned to keep her there with him. He caught her at a vulnerable time and planned to use it to his advantage. " You are now my sex slave." He said laying the sleeping Cheyenne on a bed; he had already had this place set up for this day.

As he watched her sleep he made sure she had no clothes to put on when she a woken, he would have her perform sex acts on him. He had become even more demented over sex since the night she fought off his powers and more obsessed with having her forever.

The other women began searching for Cheyenne when they realized she had left the house. They were just seconds in finding her, but Gore warrior had vanished with her from the bar. They looked every where; they went so far to even nail posters with her pictures on it to anything standing. A big burly man named Jake told them that she was at the bar the other night with a black Mr. clean." That dude was all over her, and she was not fighting his advances either. She was into him just as much as he was into her. Then they just vanished." He told the seven witches.

They looked at each other knowing he had finally gotten her in her weakened state of mind. "We have to find her." They said going back to the house to tell Aggatha.

Aggatha was in the kitchen making up new potions when the women came in to the kitchen by the looks on their faces she knew it could not be good news." What has happened to her?" she asked going to the kitchen table to sit down.

"We know who has her, but we don't know where he has her." Tammy said.

"Gore warrior, he gave up the dark side, but he did not give up on Cheyenne." Aggatha said putting her head into her hands." what is the bastard going to do to her?" she asked as tears came to her eyes.

"Can the council locate where they are at?" Cathy asked.

"I will go ask them for their help." She told them as she vanished into a white cloud.

The seven witches looked at each other scared for their friend, leader, and sister in witch hood. "Protect her please." Lindsey asked looking towards heavens direction

That morning Cheyenne woke up next Gore warrior." Oh God it wasn't a dream after all." She said looking around the shrine he had made with her pictures lit by candles." What the hell kind of place is this?" she asked holding her throbbing head." God I need a drink." she said looking around.

"Mystic Shadow you're a wake now." He said as he rubbed her back with his hand.

"I need a drink, where's the whiskey?" she asked looking back at his naked body.

"Here is a drink of whiskey." He said pouring her a glass.

She drank it down." Oh much, much better to deal with the world." She said turning towards him." I remember last night the way you made my body feel so good." She said as she straddled across him kissing him." I have no reason to be in their world anymore, they took the most important part away from me and I don't ever want to go back." She said licking his lips as he felt her breast.

"I made this so you couldn't leave me ever again. You belong to me forever." He told her as he threw her back on the bed kissing her passionately "Tell me who do you belong to now?" he demanded of her.

"You, I belong to you." She said giving in to him for with out the love of Roger, there was not any reason to resist him anymore or his temptations. She no longer cared about the things she once did. She gave her body to him willingly.

That day they drank all the whiskey they had from the night before.

Cheyenne looked at him and into the empty bottle." we need more." She said looking into the bottle feeling not one bit of pain.

"there's a problem, I didn't think you would agree to join me so I made it so we can't get out of here and no spell can get us out or detect where we are at. " Why don't you come here and drink me." He said pulling her back on the bed...

" I can get out of here, I am the priestess of... of... oh well of something." she said drunk from the alcohol." Watch I will go and get us more whiskey so we can finish me drinking you." She said as she stood in the middle of the room. Mystic Shadow vanished into thin air causing Gore warrior to leap from the bed. She came falling back to the ground. "What the fuck!" She said sitting on the floor naked rubbing her head.

Gore warrior was laughing at the sight of her." Here's a thought, we have a drunken witch, and a drunken demon and neither one of us can get out." He said laughing so hard from the thought of her trying to get out.

"You cast the spell, just reverse it.," she said getting up off the floor aggravated she staggered over to him.

"I forgot what the spell was." He told her looking serious at her." It was so long ago and I thought you would fight Me." he tried explaining to her.

She looked at him in disbelief, "you thought we were just going to live in here and fuck like rabbits?" she could not believe he had trapped them in there.

"Cheyenne, I mean Mystic Shadow who ever you are I did not think you would give in to me so easy." He told her sitting up in bed looking at her.

She looked at him feeling anger towards him." Nothing can get out.... why can't you make a bottle of whiskey appear since you're the creator?" She asked running her hand through her hair as she sat on the side of the bed.

"I will try, only because I am thirsty too." He said slightly laughing when a bottle appeared in his hand." Hey it worked!" he said as they both began to laugh as they fought over the bottle to be the first one to drink from it.

"Come here demon boy, and let me have my witchy way with you!" she told him jumping on top of him stealing the bottle." Keep me drunk and I will be happy," she told him smiling down at him feeling victorious.

Aggatha came back to the house with news from the council, the other women waited patiently to hear what she had found out.

" They say that now they cannot find out where she is at... They are working on it, but they did detect that she has with drawn and lost her will to go on since the deaths. "She stopped taking a deep breath as she wiped the tears away." They can feel her sorrow while she mourns for her soul mate and friends. The problem we have encountered is she blames the council and her self for not protecting them." She told the women sadly sitting down on the stare case. The seven witches gathered around her.

"So what are they going to do?" Tammy asked in an irritated voice, they already knew this.

"They are working on it." Aggatha told them looking worried.

"This is just great! Cheyenne is missing, kidnapped and they are working on it?" Gloria asked as she sat back in her chair frustrated.

A few days had passed and still no word of Cheyenne, the women tried working spells to see if they could find her that way. The women were becoming more determined then ever to find Cheyenne and bring her back home.

Cheyenne and Gore warrior had spent three days of drinking and having sex Cheyenne had become bored of the dungeon." I can't stay cooped up in here any longer." She told him getting out of bed and pacing the floor.

"I can't remember the spell or I would reverse it." He told her realizing it wasn't a great plan after all.

"When you made this place didn't you think of showers?" she asked feeling very itchy from lack of water.

"I just wanted to get you here." He said looking around the prison he created for the two of them.

"So why did you wait?" she asked.

"I realized that with Roger around I would never really have you, so I waited, the more I waited the more I worked on this place," he told her.

"Look I got to get out of here! Do you understand me?" she asked him getting irritated with the place and her pain from him mentioning Rogers name.

"If we get out of here I will lose you." He told her that was his worse fear.

She stood over the bed smiling smugly." If we do not get out of here... I will kill you from going mad in here!" She told him getting more frustrated with him. "Demons are not the brightness I see." She said becoming more agitated," Look concentrate on the damned spell." She said rubbing her hands together. " I haven't any reason to leave you. There is no one out there waiting for me anymore. I just want to get out of here." She said kissing his lips softly then licking them as she began to kiss him more passionately using sex and alcohol to lose her pain she was feeling for Roger. After their game of sex he tried to remember the spell but came up empty. Cheyenne could stand being trapped in the dungeon of love any longer stood in the middle of the room summoning every power she had making the walls crumble. They looked at each other as the walls crumbled around their feet. They laughed seeing the sun light. Cheyenne taking another drink of the whiskey looked at him." The sun light feels good." She said laughing like a child. Gore warrior sat on the bed looking at her.

She was spinning in the sun light around and around. "I see a pond let's go swimming," she said running into the water he chased her. They played in the water until memories started seeping back into Cheyenne's mind she swam to Gore warrior wrapping her legs and arms around him she kissed him." Make me forget." She said as he began to caress her breast and they had sex in the water. Cheyenne looked at him after their sexual encounter in the water." I have to go home, meet me in my room tonight." She told him kissing him then vanishing. Cheyenne did not have any intentions of sticking around waiting for Gore warrior to show up. She had decided on plans that did not include him with her.

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