tagLoving WivesGetting Off aTicket Ch. 2

Getting Off aTicket Ch. 2


Author's Note: Thanks for all your great comments, and please keep them coming. As this story was really written for a woman, I would love to hear from some women that have enjoyed the story. Also remember to include your email address in the body of your text if you wish for a response.

This is Part Two of "Getting Off a Ticket" and it picks up immediately after Part One. Please read that section first before reading further. I have included a few paragraphs from the end of Part One to refresh your memories. Enjoy.


And as my finger begins to pound into you, all of your reserves are gone. You begin to buckle up against my mouth and you begin to have a tremendous orgasm. Your body shakes with uncontrollable pleasure and for an eternity you are lost in a sea of ecstasy. Your orgasm finally subsides and your thoughts return to this world. It is then that you open your eyes and look down upon my face -- still softly kissing your sex. You draw me up with hand to your mouth, and we share a soft, relaxing kiss.

It is then that you feel my naked member for the first time. And much to your surprise the fires of desire are lit again when you feel its massive girth against your hips. Your mouth begins to water at the thought of taking my thick member between your lips -- and the thought of your husband watching makes your pussy throb again. With a smile, you lay me back against the pillows.

It is time for you to feel my hot, hard cock in your mouth.
And soon it will be time to feel me deep inside you -- to feel me pounding your pussy with my rigid tool.


"Okay," I say to your husband who is standing there with a dazed look on his face. "I'll make a deal with you. I will let you out of the ticket on one condition. You let me have your wife. No strings or conditions, and I get to have her as long as I want," I say in a strong and forceful way. His response is to stare at the wall as if he is too stunned to make a decision. I decide that he needs a little more prodding.

"Oh, and one more thing...you have to watch the whole thing”.

It takes for what seems forever for your husband to decide, but your face becomes flush with desire as he slowly nods his approval. You can see from the visible bulge in his pants that he very eager to see you in action. So you decide that if it is a show that he wants, then you will give it to him. You slowly and seductively sit up in the soft sheets of the bed, and you look him straight in the eye. Your look is very sexy, and you can feel your heart flutter as you think about what you are going to do.

You tear your gaze from your husband, and you motion me to lie back against the pillows -- so that I am half-sitting up. You stop to look upon the sight before you, for it has been a long time since you have seen a naked man besides your husband. What you see is a handsome man with short brown hair, deep blue eyes, big broad shoulders, a moderately hair chest, and thick powerful legs. But what really catches your eye is my thick semi-hard cock that rests against my neatly trimmed hair.

It reminds you of your old boyfriend's cock - how it is so thick and wide. You begin to remember how wonderful it felt to have your mouth stretched wide by his girth, and how intense the sensation was to feel yourself choke as you sought to take his wide, slick member deep into your mouth. You can see that it is leaking some tasty juices, and my balls look full with cum and desire. Your mouth is literally dripping with need, and with one last look of lust at your husband, you move between my legs.

You can now smell the scent of my hardening manhood, and a pang of sexual hunger strikes deep inside you. Loosing all of your self-control, you grab my almost rigid cock in your hand and you rest it against your face. You can feel my intense heat against your face, and a small amount of pre-cum can be felt on your cheek as you slowly rub my thick tool across your face. You revel in my massiveness, and my cock is thick and hot in your hand. You can wait no longer, and you open your mouth wide with lust and need.

And as my hard, hot cock slides into your mouth, a wave of pleasure washes over you. You can feel my rigid (yet incredibly soft) penis fill your mouth as you take me deeper into yourself. Your jaw is extended and your lips are stretched tight over your teeth as you reach the half-way point of my delicious cock. Your mouth is impossiblely stretched wide, and you recoil back up my cock -- sucking me softly and following your mouth with your hand. You refocus your attack on my hard tool as you again plunge me into your needy mouth. This time you get a little deeper before you have to recoil, and that success makes you want even more of me.

And for what seems like an eternity for me, you bob up and down on my wide cock -- taking just a little bit more of me into your impossiblely full mouth. Your breathing is now shallow and quick, and your pussy has becomes wet and slick with your desire. And as you reach the base of my cock with one final effort, you feel yourself completely full and satisfied. You remove my wet tool from your mouth and you look over at your husband. He is sitting in the chair with a look of pure sexual admiration at your efforts, and he is slowly rubbing the lump in his pants.

You then take my cock in your hand -- slick from your wonderful attention, and you turn your head toward your husband. While staring into his eyes you begin to rub your mouth up and down on the outside of my hot member. You want to show him how wide your new toy has become with your teasing, and you want him to see the joy and desire on your face. You then re-take me into your mouth, and you begin to put on a real show. While one hand trails your mouth while it bobs up and down on me, the other hand begins to play with my cum-filled balls. Your hand even ventures down to caress my ass, as you hear your husband whimper with approval of your wanton desire. It is then that I speak to you in a low and whispered voice.

"Your mouth feels so good on my cock. You suck me so good, and you look so damn sexy with your mouth stretched around my cock."

Then, I take my cock out of your mouth, and I begin to smear the under side of its thick girth against your face. You are lost is a sea of pure lust as my hot, slick tool is rubbed against your open and hungry mouth. Your eyes are closed and all your being is focused on my massive cock as it caresses your face.

"See how much she likes my cock," I tell your husband. "She really needed to feel me stretch her pretty little mouth," I add as I being to very softly pat your slick face with my tool.

And I continue as I take your chin in my left hand and look straight into your eyes.

"I wish I could blow my big load into your hot, sweet mouth. But I have other plans for you," I say with a lust that cannot be denied. "I need to feel your hot, slick pussy on my cock. I need to feel you ride my big tool. I need to feel you fuck me."

Those words burn into your brain, and your feel your desires grow even higher. Your pussy begins to throb with wetness, and you begin to tremble with desire. I then guide your face to mine, and we share a kiss of pure sexual need. You then position yourself just above my incredible hard and very wet cock, and you begin to rub my wide cockhead against your warm, slick folds. You then cautiously begin to descend upon my massive tool, and your pussy is immediately engulfed in intense pleasure as you very slowly -- inch by inch -- work my thick cock deep inside you.

It takes some time and just a little pain until you are fully buried atop my now throbbing cock. And it feels so damn good! You are so full and complete, and you can feel my every move and spasm. I then look into your eyes, and I whisper into your ear... "I want you to fuck me...I want you to fuck me hard...I need you to ride this big cock of mine. I need to feel you cum all over my throbbing cock. And I need to shoot my big load of cum deep inside you."

A fire is ignited inside you as you feel a need to cum right now. It is a need to cum for me; it is a need to cum for your watching husband and it is a need to feel my thick cock spasm inside you. So you begin to rock your hips -- back and forth -- feeling my tool stretch you in places long forgotten. It feels so wonderful to feel your lips stretched wide, and to have your hole so filled with such a beautiful cock.

And the rocking gets faster, and my cock feels even bigger by the moment. You grab the headboard for support, and you start to buck even faster against my pleasure pole. And I lean forward and grab your swaying breasts in my hands, and I begin to suck and lick your engorged nipples. I switch back and forth -- licking one and then nibbling on the other. We are both lost in a world of pure pleasure as you begin to feel an orgasm develop deep inside you. And as you buck even harder against my incredible organ, and as I continue to feast upon your breasts, and reach one of my hands down between us. I begin to rub your erect clitoris with my thumb, which is slick from our juices, and you begin to have a momentous climax.

And just as you feel yourself fall over that cliff into a sea of pure ecstasy, you hear me whisper as I begin to shoot a huge load deep into your body. "...I am coming now...you feel so good...come with me...come on my cock...feel me shoot my come into you..."

You are consumed by those hot words. Your body convulses in wave after wave of pure pleasure as you feel my cock shoot load after load into your spasming pussy. For an eternity you cannot breathe or think -- there is only the state of supreme ecstasy that you are lost in. But finally, it is over.

You open your eyes to find yourself back in your bedroom, with the wonderful feeling of our juices draining from your exhausted sex. You look over at your incredible husband to find him grinning from ear to ear. It appears that he was most pleased with your show, as the large lump in his pants illustrates.

Exhausted, you slide off of me and you curl up to a pillow. Your body is still having small convulsions as you close your eyes. Your last thought before you drift off into sleep, is how well you are going to reward your husband for allowing you to have my cock. The feeling of bliss is overpowering -- and you sleep.

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