tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 26

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 26


Hank Thompson sat in his office when Gore warrior came to pay him a visit since Hank was not really a warlock he never was able to vanquish him. "Hi can I help you? "Hank asked the huge man.

"I think it's the other way around, I think I can help you because you have been wronged by a woman you once knew as Cheyenne." He said sitting down in the chair in front of the desk with a smile wearing all black.

"I am sorry I don't recall any woman by the name of Cheyenne." He told Gore warrior.

"Let me refresh your memory for you." he told him as his eyes glowed restoring the memory of his life with Cheyenne.

With a look of utter disbelief. "Mystics Shadow." He said slowly looking at the man as he knew as Gore warrior. "You, I vanquished you." He said standing up from the desk.

"They allowed you to become one of them, and then her and her lover decided it was time for you to go that they no longer needed to use you. they kicked you out reversing any magic you had, any memory of being the High Priest so her and her lover Knight Shadow could marry making him the High Priest. He steals your wife, kid and riches. All I ever did was to pleasure her; she was a freak like the time while you were sleeping she told me to perform oral sex on her. She liked how I got her hot. She convinced you that I took your body so I could impregnate her. I impregnated her with her knowing it was me. She rode me hard that night calling out my name not yours." He told him seeing the rage in his face.

"That bitch!" Hank yelled looking at Gore warrior. "Why are you telling me this? Why should I believe you? What do you want out of it?" he asked him looking suspiciously at him.

"Because she dumped me too and you want them all dead like I do, don't you? She made you think you were the father of her daughter when she was sleeping with Knight Shadow the whole time! Mystic caster is his daughter." he told him knowing he had him now.

"Join us and we will give you powers they could never give you. Between the two of us we can kill your whore wife and her husband who replaced you in every aspect." He told him watching him as Hank believed him, he always thought the worse of Mystic Shadow when he was angry causing him to hurt her.

"But she died how could she have come back? He asked him remembering her death.

"That was a ploy to get rid of you, because Mystic Shadow and Knight Shadow are very much alive." He told him seeing the anger in Hank's face.

"You have a deal I will join your forces!" Hank told him wanting revenge so bad he could taste it.

Gore warrior stood up hitting him with a lightening bolt in his heart killing him. His head lay back against the chair lifeless; his eyes opened slowly with a bright red glow as he grinned. "I know how to get the bitch to come to us. We will go to my house and use my bitch that I ended up with, with both of us involved attacking poor weak flat as a board Kathy it will bring my real whore of a wife out. I think its time for her lover and husband have one last fuck before we kill her!" he told Gore warrior as they both laughed. They appeared in the living room of his house while his wife was in the kitchen.

"I am home honey come meet my friend." He yelled for her smiling.

His wife came out looking at the huge man with Hank, she walked up to him to shake his hand when he grabbed her wrist pulling her up to his body as his eyes began to glow. Feeling fear she looked at Hank his eyes were glowing to just like the man holding her. "Let me go! Hank please stop him!" she pleaded as Gore warrior ripped off her clothing throwing her on the ground raping her savagely.

When he was done with her Hank grabbed her by the back of her hair throwing her on the ground sodomizing her.

Mystic Shadow got the vision of Gore warrior and Hank going to his house to kill his wife. "Hank has joined the dark side! He is with Gore warrior their going to kill his wife!" she told Knight Shadow then vanished.

Mystic Shadow appeared in the living room as Hank was raping his wife. Seeing his glowing eyes." You son of a bitch!" she yelled at him to get his attention to her and off of his wife.

"Mystic Shadow how nice that you wanted to join us." Gore warrior said grabbing her from behind, putting his hands on her breast as he licked her neck slowly.

"Fuck you!" she said throwing him over her back on to the ground.

"You bitch! You took everything from me!" Hank said rising up off his wife running at Mystic Shadow, his eyes were glowing as his wife watched them attacking the strange woman in white while she lay crying on the ground.

They both grabbed her before she could use her powers on them bringing her to the ground trying to rip her clothes off to rape her. Both Gore warrior and Hank went flying up against the wall from a powerful force. Knight Shadow and Rain caster stood there looking at the creatures from hell with hate and contempt.

"You know something Hank I never did like you, and I don't like you putting your vile hands on my wife!" he told him raising him up in the air as Hank tried to struggle free from Knight Shadow's powers.

Rain caster held Gore warrior frozen in one spot. "I think its feeding time Knight Shadow." He said smiling at the ghoulish demon.

Hank was crazed from the demonic forces flowing through his blood. "She was my wife that you fucked! You got her knocked up with Mystic caster! You two planned on getting me out of the way the whole time! You two were always taking off together, you even sent me the vision of the night you fucked her! I am her husband not you!" he yelled as he could not move as Knight Shadow was a powerful warrior.

"For one thing Hank, I don't fuck my wife, I make love to my wife and we conceived Mystic caster out of love something you know nothing about! You hid behind her making her do all the fighting while you whimpered like a fucking puppy! Reality is Hank you were never married to her; we were wed when she was twenty one years old." Knight Shadow told him slamming him against another wall as Mystic Shadow tried to comfort Hank's wife Kathy.

"That's for calling her a witch whore!" he told him slamming him up against the ceiling." This is for all the times you threw that slime of hell hanging in the air over there up in her face constantly!" he said throwing him on the ground at his feet stepping on his throat. " And this one, last but not least is for all the tears you ever made her shed from the cruelty you ever did to her. So for wishing that we were burnt at the stakes I grant your wish to be delivered to you!" he told him looking at him with a smile of satisfaction on his face.

"I Knight shadow, the true High Priest order this slime to pass hell to the one who eats the evil souls on this demons soul he may dine in to the place where he dwells!" he said stepping back as Hank blew up into flames.

"Tennis anyone?" Rain caster asked as he slammed Gore warrior into the wall.

"I think you mean hand ball." Knight Shadow told him as he too slammed Gore warrior into the wall leaving the outline of his body on the wall from the force they used. Knight Shadow and Rain caster began to chant together." "I Knight shadow, the true High Priest and Rain caster brother to the High Priest order this foul slime to by pass hell going to the one who eat the evil souls, we give him this demons soul so he may dine in to the place where he dwells!" they said stepping back as Gore warrior blew up into flames his demonic cries were loud as he burned.

Mystic Shadow looked at Kathy, she was frightened and finding it hard to believe her husband of twenty five years was a demon. "She can't stay here; the others will come for her." She told Knight Shadow holding Kathy's hand.

"One more place at the dinner table." He said smiling at Kathy all of them vanishing.

They explained to the woman that she would be staying with them where they could protect her from the dark side torturing her for Gore warrior's finale demise. He was one of their highest demons. Kathy was a great help to Mystic caster with the twins, she soon became accustom to the life style of the witches and warlocks. One warrior name Shadow caster who was a powerful warrior, with blond curly hair to his neck line, crystal blue eyes, he was very muscular standing six feet three inches weighing two hundred and thirty pounds, began spending a lot of time helping Kathy with the kids even teaching her how to dodge flying objects since the twins found it funny to slam Mr. bear against your head. Kathy would smile watching the love exchanged between Mystic Shadow and Knight shadow as they would roll around on the living room floor wrestling then kissing each other as new lovers do. Shadow caster went to Rain caster for advice on romancing this beautiful woman.

Rain Caster smiling." My advice is to take her some where secluded like on a tropical island, both of your attire should be tropical for a picnic lunch and let nature take its course." He told him patting him on the shoulder.

Shadow Caster took Rain Caster's advice approaching Kathy, he was nervous. "Kathy I was wondering if you'd go to lunch with me today?" he asked standing in front of her rubbing his hands together.

Kathy smiled at him feeling the same attraction for him." Yes I would love to go with you for lunch." She told him standing up from the chair wearing a white sleeveless dress.

Taking her hand they appeared on an island in the tropics, through his magic he changed their attire to tropical bathing suits, a blanket, and a basket full of food with a bottle of white wine. They sat on the blanket eating and laughing, the wine was making Kathy tipsy.

"I have wanted to do something since the first day I saw you." She told him getting on her knees in front of him where he was sitting.

"What have you wanted to do?" he asked smiling at her.

Kathy leaned over kissing him feeling his arms wrap around her, they fell back wards, their kisses becoming more passionate and intense un aware that it had started raining as he rolled on top of her letting his hands explore her body as well as his tongue, they made passionate love only noticing the storm when they exploded into a climax when a lightening bolt struck near where they were laying.

Looking at each other laughing for they both were startled. "I guess we should return to the house." He told her lying on top of her kissing her nose.

From that moment on he slept every night in her room holding her close to his body as they slept UN aware the fairies were giggling sprinkling them with their magical dust for protection as they did to everyone in the entire house. Fairies were always near the children day or night. Knight Shadow felt it was time to move to a new location considering they had been their six months now. Rain caster and Enchantress caster were sent to find a secluded place for them to move to with in the next twenty four hours. The husband and wife team soared through the skies invisible to anything. They found twenty acres of land in Northern Florida in a small town known as Live Oak, Rain Caster and Enchantress caster purchased the property, they then arranged for the lights and water to be installed paying extra for priority status as in yesterday. They purchased a two story log home to be delivered that day since he had already cleared the property using his magic. By the next evening everything was set up since Enchantress Caster living up to her name convinced the water and electrical companies to just place everything there that they would do the rest even showing them her degrees in electrical, plumbing and her builders contractors license. She was able to have the furniture delivered the next morning; it was all red wood and rustic looking furniture. They could not just pop everything into place since they were in a small town where everyone knew everyone else's business. They set up the fences that night when no one was around to see them using their magical powers.

Everyone was moved into the new home that night as they cast their spells for invisibilities and the shields that would kill evil beings in a fifty mile radius of the children. Ninja explored his new territory of twenty acres. Mystic Shadow stood smiling outside as the tiny little Fairies known to mortals as lightening bugs or fire flies would land in her hand excited to meet the High Priestess Mystic Shadow.

"No one must know we are here." She told them.

They promised to keep their secret and stayed around the cabin sprinkling their magical dust all over the grounds to ward off evil creatures from trying to venture on to the property. One female fairy took a liking to Ninja landing on his nose as he looked at her cross eyed, he would run chasing her for hours.

In the town of Jasper lived a Fox Fairy who was actually an undead spirit stealing love from humans in order to go on living by changing into a human form. This one particular Fox Fairy changed in a young nurse named Sherri. She was beautiful with long black hair, velvet blue eyes, pale skin, having natural red lips. Her body was voluptuous that men found her hard to resist. She preyed on the older men in their sixties that she met while they were hospitalized.

James Kluger was hospitalized for a mild stroke, he was average built, gray hair and mustache, his eyes were brown. She made sure she handled his case for she needed life added to her.

"and how is the most handsome man in the hospital doing today?" she asked smiling at him in her tight nurses dress that she made sure her cleavage was showing as she entered his room .

"Great since you came in here." He told her smiling; she made him feel good something he hadn't felt since his wife had died three years ago in an automobile accident.

"I have to give you a bed bath." She told him bending over him to untie the hospital gown as her breast brushed his cheek.

"I am lucky today." He told her smiling looking at her breast so close he could touch them with his mouth if he had the courage to do it.

She shut the door so she could bathe him without anyone seeing her. She washed his face, chest and back, when she got to his male organ she spent more time washing that area causing him to become erect.

"Well nothing wrong with it." She told him as she slowly washed it making him wanting to explode then stopping.

"I would give anything to have you climb in bed right now with me." He told her wanting to have a climax since she got him so worked up.

"Well you could hire me for private duty at your house you know; there no one would be able to disturb us." She said placing her hand on his hard organ.

"Well that's what I want." He told her as she stroked him until he climaxed.

"I will go arrange it for you." She told him giving him a kiss on his lips.

She had it arranged for him to be taken home that day where she would be with him twenty four hours a day. As soon as the paramedics left she was feeling weak, she walked into the bedroom where he waited for this creature of beauty watching her drop her uniform and under clothing on the floor. She joined him in the bed kissing him and stroking him, she licked his mouth going all the way down his body as his wife did not believe in oral sex he was enjoying the pleasures she was giving to him, she straddled him as he caressed her breast, grabbing her perfectly rounded hips as he exploded inside of her and this was how she stole the victims love through the orgasm they received from having sex with her. She stole his love where she was rejuvenated with life and he began to feel worthless.

Each time she had sex with him on a daily bases he felt more worthless and began to waste away until there was nothing left of him at the end of the third week

Cause of death was noted as natural causes from the stroke, but the official record was the Fox Fairy who would move on to another victim to steal love from. She thought she should try men in a bar it might start to look suspicious if too many of her patients died. She went to a bar in the town of Lake City wearing tight fitting blue jeans, a long sleeve blue western shirt with white fringe across her breast line, brown western boots with a white western hat. She sat next to a large Mexican man in his fifty's who was looking her over.

"You want a drink?" he said smiling at her.

"Thank you yes a screw driver." she told him placing her hand on his leg giving him a light kiss on his cheek.

As they drank their drinks making small talk he asked her to dance, they slow danced seductively, and he rubbed her back then holding her by the ass as they danced. He bragged to his friends how he was going to take her home giving her the best sex she ever had. And his bragging became truth as she let him take her home with him. Once at his mobile home he laid in the bed watching her take her clothes off slowly, he became aroused watching her as he got into bed with him he immediately began fondling her body, kissing her then getting on top of her where he was rough in sex which made him climax faster giving her what she needed life and he began to feel worthless. With in one month he felt so worthless wasting away to nothing he died from natural causes in his sleep.

The fairies told Mystics Shadow of the evil Fox Fairy that night Knight Shadow met her at the bar. Where she had no idea she was trying to entice the High Priest. He smiled at her after an hour with her coming on to him.

"Let's cut to the chase ok. I want to fuck you and you want to fuck me so why don't you follow me to my place and let me fuck your brains out?" he asked rubbing her thigh.

Sherri followed him home, once she got with in the fifty mile radius of the house a huge lightening bolt hit the car blowing her up along with the car. The police ruled it as a freak act of nature when the car behind them reported what happened they could never find any body parts any where. The official cause, Power of the white light.

Kathy started to become very tired and not feeling well Guardian caster sent for their doctor to check her even though she was a mortal she could still administer to her. When the doctor did her examination on her she did not have good news pulling Guardian Caster to the side to talk privately to her.

"She has terminal cancer she will be lucky if she makes it another month." She told her looking at the poor girl who would soon die.

"I will have Mystic Shadow tell her." She told the doctor. "Stay here until we get back here.

Shadow Caster was with Mystic Shadow when she broke the news of Kathy's condition. His eyes tearing up as he heard the woman he loved would only be alive for one more month.

"It is not fair! Why does she have to leave me? She makes my life worth living." He cried into his hands.

"I will go tell her." Mystic Shadow told him touching his shoulder as he grabbed her hand.

"Marry us before she dies, tonight if possible?" he asked her looking so lost.

"Sure I will, but let us talk to her first." She said looking sad as she knew the pain he must be feeling.

They walked into the room where Kathy was sitting with the doctor looking scared knowing she must have found something serious. Mystics Shadow walked up to her sitting beside her on the bed.

"Kathy the doctor found cancer in you." She told her seeing the fear in her eyes.

"How bad is it?" she asked looking at Shadow Casters face knowing he was holding back tears." I am going to die aren't I?" she asked knowing the answer in her heart as tears ran down her face.

"Yes Kathy, you have about a month to live." She told her as tears came to her eyes.

Shadow Caster taking her in his arms." I don't want to lose you now that I have found you!" he cried holding her tightly." You're my true love. I want to marry you tonight Kathy." He told her looking into her eyes.

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