Seducing My Future Daughter in Law


Lisa's eyes were following my rubbing hand and I was pleased to see her lick her lips. ", I don't know, Mom. I think you look pretty sexy just the way you are," Lisa replied. She raised her head to look me in the eyes. "That outfit really brings out the naughty, nasty woman in you! You wear that to a beach and you'll have to fight the men off. I'm not even sure I'd trust your son around you dressed like that!"

I felt my nipples swell against the skimpy bikini halter. I stepped up to my future daughter in law and gave her a big hug. I said, "Thank you, sweetie. I love you!" as I savored the feel of her mostly naked body against my own mostly bare skin.

"I love you too, Mom," Lisa whispered shakily, returning my hug. I could feel her heart beating madly against my breast and felt her shiver. We stared into each other's eyes for long seconds and I suspected I could have taken it to the next step if I wished. I let the moment pass though, confident that our perfect moment was coming soon!

We finished up our shopping and after eating dinner we made our way back to our chalet. I dropped my bags in the living room and then stretched. "Mmmmm. You know, Lisa...after a good day's shopping, I think we deserve a treat. Let's fire up that hot tub and have a good soak!"

Lisa's eyes lit up and she said, "Sounds wonderful! I'm sure I packed a swimsuit in my bag. Let me go find it!"

I laughed as I marched towards the hot tub, stripping off clothes along the way. "Now honey, you're old enough to know the only way to enjoy a hot bath is to be buck naked! Don't be getting shy on me, Lisa. After shopping, we don't have anything to hide from each other." I let my bra going flying towards the bed as I stepped out of my panties. "C'mon, daughter. Get undressed and get your sexy, naked body in the hot tub. Momma will be waiting!"

I turned on the hot tub and stood there waiting for the water to warm up and for Lisa to work up the nerve to join me. The water quickly heated up and I climbed in, savoring the hot, steaming water swirling around my aroused body. "The water's fine, Lisa," I called out. "Come join me!"

A minute passed by, then another. I began to worry that maybe I had scared my son's fiancée off, but then the door slowly swung open. Lisa peered around the door. She stepped out, fully naked now and slowly walked towards the tub. Her body was without a flaw. Her porcelain skin was red with embarrassment, her pert, upright breasts capped by hard, elongated nipples...thick swollen nubs. As she climbed up into the hot tub, I got a bird's eye view of Lisa's bald snatch, her labia slightly spread and glistening. Her wetness gave me hope.

I held out a hand and helped her into the tub, her sighing as she sank into the hot, steamy water. Not letting go of her hand, I moved to face her, bobbing in the water, my breasts serving as floats, half covered, my long, aroused nipples peeking out as I moved.

"I had a wonderful day, Lisa," I said. "It's been wonderful spending time with you. John is so lucky to be marrying you. I'm so glad you haven't resented me moving in with my son these past months."

Lisa squeezed my hand. "Oh, Gwen...Mom, I mean. No, I would never resent you...John has been so happy to have you in his home." She leaned in close. "I hope you know we both want you to stay after we're married too! I know we'll be such a happy family, Mom." Lisa surprised me then by leaning in and kissing me on the cheek. As she did so, our breasts pressed together, nipples dragging across each other's skin. Lisa shivered at our touch.

"Oh honey, you're shivering...are you okay?" I asked. I put my free hand on her shoulder, feeling the tension there. " are sooo tense! C'mere, honey. Let Momma rub your shoulders for you."

I moved us around, scooting behind Lisa, my legs spread to pull her in between my thighs and I began to rub her shoulders. "Ohhh, Mom...that feels so wonderful," Lisa purred, leaning back into me, pressing herself against my cushiony tits.

As I kneaded her shoulders, Lisa said, "I've really enjoyed our weekend, Mom. It's been great to see this side of you."

"What side is that, honey?" I asked as I worked the muscles in her neck.

"Oh, I don't know what to call it...your bawdy side I guess. I'm envious at how relaxed you comfortable you are being naked...being naked around others. I've always been shy. John's like you...he doesn't mind just being naked, but if we're not making love...I've always been nervous about it."

I stroked her arms up and down as I replied, "I don't know why, Lisa. You have an absolutely gorgeous body. John's a lucky boy to make love to you. I bet his cock stands up whenever you walk by!"

Lisa giggled and said, "And that's another thing I envy about you. I was raised to never talk about sex and you don't have a problem talking about it...even talking about your own son's penis."

I shivered a little imagining my son's long, hard cock fucking Lisa's bare pussy. "Well, hon...I guess I grew up in a different time. I'm not ashamed that I've had a very interesting sex life."

Lisa was silent for a minute, then she said, "Mom...Gwen, may I ask a personal question?"

"Of course, dear," I replied.

"Last said it had been a long time since you slept with a woman. I was wondering if you meant it...have you ever, you know, been with another woman!"

I continued to rub her arms and shoulders as I replied. "Oh yes! It's been several years, but I've had several women lovers in my time."

Lisa sighed a little. "I've been tempted, but the timing was never right. I've always wondered what it would be like."

"Really? Who had you been tempted by, Lisa?"

My future daughter in law stayed silent for a few seconds and then she replied in a low voice, " college roomie for one. I had a terrible crush on Theresa most of our four years together. I um...used to masterbate under the covers thinking of her and me in bed together."

"Mmmmm" I purred. "Anyone else?"

Long, silent seconds passed by...the only sounds the bubbling hot tub and our own growing heavier by the second. Finally Lisa whispered, "You, Mom. I've been fantasizing about you all day."

I worked the muscles in Lisa's shoulders and slowly slid my hands down her front, whispering in her ear as I cupped her suddenly heaving breasts. "Oh sweet Lisa, would you like me to make love to you?" My palms rubbed against her thick nipples...I could feel her blood throbbing in the hard, rubbery nubs. I kissed her neck, my tongue trailing upwards.

Lisa moaned and leaned her head back against me, not objecting as I shifted a bit so I could kiss her. "Oh, Mommm!" she moaned as my tongue slipped into her waiting mouth to be greeted by her own eager tongue. We moved and shifted until we were facing each other, each with a leg draped across the thigh of the other. My hands still massaging her firm breasts, we kissed long, deep and passionately. Even within the hot water of the tub, I could sense the heat emanating from between Lisa's thighs. Lisa's hands moved down and cupped my ass cheeks, pulling me closer to her even as her tongue hungrily dueled and danced with mine. She never closed her blue eyes as we kissed.

I slid one hand down between our joined crotches, slipping a finger between her flowered labia, sliding it into the fiery wetness of her cunt. "Ooooh myy Goddd!" Lisa moaned, breaking the kiss. "M-Mom, I'm on fire!"

I lifted us up, forcing Lisa out of the water and sitting her on the rim of the hot tub, my hands spreading her legs wide to expose her shaved pussy. Her thick labia lips were spread wide, revealing her tender, pink flesh, glistening with her juices.

"You are so beautiful, Lisa," I cooed. "Such a lovely pussy!" On my knees in the tub, I pressed my face hungrily into my future daughter in law's cunt. It had been at least ten years since I had licked a wet pussy, but it's like riding a bike. She was delicious and I savored every sweet tasting drop of her pussy juices, running my tongue up the length of her wet slit and then fluttering over her partly hooded clitoris, making her cry out. My fingers moved to spread her hot, wet labia wide and I thrust my tongue deep, curling and swirling to gather up the sudden flood of cunt cream.

Lisa's legs came up and over my shoulders, her thighs tightening their hold on my head, unwilling to see me if I would! I lapped her pussy with building enthusiasm, recalling every sweet trick I had ever learned and had taught my son about eating pussy. "Ooooohh, Gwen-Momma!" sobbed Lisa as her fingers intertwined in my dark locks and she tugged my face into her wet pussy even more. I rolled my tongue over her clit...caressing it and then gently sucking it between my lips, making my son's bride to be cry out with the powerful waves of pleasure!

I sucked and licked the young woman's pussy until her breath was coming in ragged gasps, her cries getting more shrill and excited. My face was suddenly flooded with cunt cream and I focused on teasing her now fully engorged clitoris...a half inch long penis like nubbin, swirling my tongue around it as her juices literally sprayed my face as she screamed, "OHHH, MOMMM! CUM CUM CUMMMMINGGG, MOMM!"

I licked and lapped Lisa's delicious cunt until she was begging me to stop and then I licked a little more before she slipped back into the water, crying and laughing as she embraced me and thanked me. Lisa had a long, tension breaking cum cry and I held her in my arms until it had passed.

Finally she stopped sniffling and kissed my sticky, cunt juice covered lips and whispered, "I always knew it would be wonderful...I just knew it would be. I love you, Mom...thank you."

"You're welcome, daughter," I whispered in return, aware that her hands were now roaming over my body, pinching my nipples, kneading my tit flesh even as she showered me with kisses. "Do you you want me now?" I asked.

My son's fiancée nodded eagerly and I kissed her once more and raised myself out of the water, spreading my legs so Lisa could run her hands through my hairy muff, oohing and ahhing as she spread my plump cunt lips apart to reveal my wetness,

I sighed as she leaned in and began to daintily kiss my pussy, tentatively lapping at my folds of cunt meat. I thought her timidity was adorable and was suddenly struck by a nasty thought.

"Lisa, feel free to get down and dirty." She looked up at me, her blue eyes full of delight and lust. "Lisa, my dear, I want you to eat my pussy like you would if my pussy was pumped full with John's semen!'

Lisa's eyes widened and with a muffled moan she rammed her face into my steamy cunt, her tongue madly, sloppily gobbling my juices. I quickly felt my own pleasure growing. What my future daughter in law lacked in technique she made up in enthusiasm. Her probing tongue slithered in and out of my juicy pussy, lapping up my heavy flow of cunt cream, sending great bolts of orgasmic pleasure through my entire body.

"Ohhh, baby....sweet daughter, lick Momma's pussy!" I moaned as my son's fiancée licked me towards an orgasm. With a muffled squeal of delight, Lisa discovered my clitoris and ravaged it with her torturous tongue. I fell towards a major orgasm as Lisa trapped my turgid clitoris between her lips and fluttered her tongue madly over it, sending me into orgasmic spasms so intense they were in that border land between pleasure and pain. I screamed, "I LOVE YOU, LISA...MOMMA LOVES YOU!" as my orgasm raged through my body, everything disappearing into a white nothingness of incredible pleasure.

When I returned to myself, I was a little surprised to find myself on the bed, Lisa kissing me passionately, our bodies intertwined...cunts rubbing against each other's thigh. I could taste my pussy on Lisa's lips intermingled with her own juices as she licked my face clean.

Long into the night, I made love with my future daughter in law, relishing each sweet lick of her delicious, wet pussy, enjoying every moan I could urge from her lusty body. My son had described how voracious his future bride could be when they made love...never quite satisfied and always hungry for more until she was too sore to go on.

Lisa was a quick learner as well, keeping an ear tuned for my moans and sighs of pleasure as she learned to eat pussy. Her tongue seemed made for slithering into a woman's pink cunt folds and finding all the sweet spots that make a woman scream with pleasure as her toes curl and she claws the sheets. Lisa and I fell asleep in the middle of a slow, passionate kiss, enjoying the taste of our own juices on each other's lips and tongues.

We woke Sunday morning in a tangle of arms and legs, her lips fastened around one of my slightly sore nipples. I stroked her hair and urged her upwards so that she came out of her sleep kissing me...savoring our mixed juices smeared on both our faces. We both reeked of pussy...aroused pussy and the scent made my cunt spasm and tingle. My hand wandered idly down between her thighs and I was pleased to feel Lisa's wetness as well. "Morning, lover!" I murmured, kissing her gently.

Lisa's eyes widened at the reality of what I said and then she sprouted a big, goofy grin. "Omigod...we are lovers, aren't we?" She whispered, kissing me back.

"One big, happy family!" I replied. "One big, happy, loving family at that!"

Lisa giggled and shivered. "Oh wow! We'll have to be, won't we! I still love John as much as I ever did, but I love you too, Mom! Do you...can we still be lovers even after John and I get married?"

I kissed Lisa passionately. "Oh yes, sweetheart. Now that I've had you, I can't ever give you up. I'm already addicted to your little sugar puss!" I stroked her labia with a finger, making her whimper ever so slightly. I kissed her throat and began to shower her body with kisses, making my way down her lovely form, pausing to nip at her swollen and no doubt sore nipples, making her moan from both pain and delight.

"MmmmmGod!" she moaned as I bit her rubbery nipples and then proceeded to softly kiss my way down across her flat stomach and then following her fresh aroma of cunt cream to her naked pussy. Her hands intertwined in my hair, guiding me to her. She shivered as I pierced her slit with my tongue, held rigid to penetrate her slippery wet flesh. "Oh my God...I can't believe my future mother in law is eating me...that I'm her lover. Oh Mom...I'm going to be fucking your son and then making love to you!"

Again a nasty thought flashed through my head and I raised my mouth from her flowered pussy, her juices dripping from my chin and in a lusty whisper said, "That's right, Lisa. Just imagine it...I'm going to eat my own son's jism from your pussy!"

I again lashed out with my tongue, targeting Lisa's rigid and exposed clitoris, but the image of me eating John's sperm out of my daughter in law's cunt triggered her orgasm before I could lap her little nub. Her fingers clinched in my hair as she thrust her pelvis upwards into my face, pressing my face hard against her bald pussy, flooding my mouth with copious amounts of her love cream as she screamed, "OH GOD YESSS! YOU'RE SOOO NASTY, MOMMM! I LOVE YOU, GWEN!"

I felt my young lover twisting about, suddenly realizing that she was turning her body so her mouth could reach my furry twat. She rolled us over, pressing her creamy pussy into my mouth even as I felt her hands cup my asscheeks as she mashed her face into my wet pussy. My own orgasm had been hovering on the edge of explosion since we woke pussy having been eaten so many times in just a few hours; I was extremely sensitive and when Lisa ran her fat tongue over my engorged clitoris, I simply exploded...sobbing with joy into her steamy, sodden cunt, even as I flooded her face with my juices.

We remained in a passionate sixty-nine for what seemed like hours, licking and sucking and lapping each other, our arms and legs locked tightly around each other...two women becoming one perfect pleasuring beast, intent on devouring itself...feasting on the sweetest tasting pussy flesh possible. The entire chalet seemed to be saturated with the powerful scent of our unceasingly wet cunts...filling our nostrils with the heavenly scents and filling our hearts with unbridled lust for each other.

We made love all through the morning, pausing finally to eat some food rather than each other. I cooked us some breakfast and we moved back to the hot tub to soak our weary bodies and to talk about the new life we suddenly found ourselves in. For my part, even though I had planned to seduce Lisa for my own purposes, I wasn't prepared for the sudden love I was feeling for this woman a little over half my age. As my son and lover's future wife, I had really come to like her, but now after such a night of passion, I knew that I could not give her up. If I could not love her as I did my wonderful motherfucker of a son, then I still loved her passionately. The thought of my son, his future wife and me, possibly living a full and loving life together almost made me tremble.

As we soaked in the hot tub, Lisa talked about her feelings for both men and women. "I've always been attracted to women," she told me. "I had crushes on my best friend in high school, my 12th grade English teacher and of course, Theresa...I just never had the nerve to act on my family it would have been better to be a drug addicted hooker than gay. I wanted Theresa bad...I can't tell you how many times I finger fucked myself to orgasm after seeing her run naked around our dorm room," Lisa sighed.

"Of course," I also love cock," my future daughter in law continued. "Oh, god, I love cock, especially John's long dick!" Lisa realized what she said and giggled. "Oh wow, Mom. I'm starting to sound like you...the way you talk about John and his cock!" She slipped closer and kissed me. "I love how you can say you would dare to do anything."

I kissed her back. "Mmmmm, tell me more, sweetheart. Describe my son's cock to me...tell me how it feels inside your hot puss!" I urged her.

To my delight, she did. "Oh's huge...long and thick...I can barely get my lips around it when I suck John off." She blushed a little, but relaxed as I stroked her thigh with my hand and licked my lips.

"Yes, Mom...I suck your son's cock and eat his thick, salty cum!" whispered Lisa, her hand now running along my thigh, brushing my furry bush. "And it's so thick, it feels like a huge log when he puts it inside's so big, he has to work it into my tight big I feel like he's gonna split me in two!"

Lisa kissed me again and I took her hand by the wrist and pressed her fingers into my wet, burning hole. "Tell me more, baby...tell me what it feels like to be fucked by my me, Mommy how it feels to be fucked by her son!"

Lisa shivered and moaned as she kissed me forcefully, three of her fingers slipping roughly inside my cunt, making me gasp against her lips. She ended the kiss, a sliver of saliva strung between our mouths as she continued excitedly. "John's cock is big and feels like it will go on forever," she whispered in my ear as she added another finger and worked her hand inside me deeper.

"Its like heaven is wedged in your pussy, Mom...his thick meat worming its way against the insides of your sugar walls, making you squirm and moan and scream..." As she said the last she thrust all five fingers of her hand inside me and then I did let out a scream as she made a fist inside my cunt. "John pounds my pussy like a madman, Mom...thrusting hard and fast in and out of me, making me wetter, making me crazy, making me cum and cum and cum!"

My whole body spasmed as my son's future wife began to fist fuck me, just like my son sometimes does to me while waiting for his cock to revive. I knew immediately that he had done her the same way, as she began ramming her hand inside me to the wrist. I lost my speech as an orgasm exploded over me and I screamed as Lisa cried out, "Do you like it, you like your son's cock? Is it making you cum? Could you cum on John's big thick cock, Mom...could you?"

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