Seducing My Future Daughter in Law


My orgasm went on and on...with me clinging to Lisa's fist inside me, pounding my cunt hard just as my son loved to do! Through the tears, I could see Lisa's face lit up in ecstatic glee...loving the total depravity she had discovered with me...all her inhibitions washed away in the passion of our lovemaking.

As my orgasm faded along with consciousness, I knew that along with my son, I had found another soul mate...that she was equal to the passion and desire that I loved to share with my son and needed to have in my life.

Our ride home Monday morning was a happy one, much akin to the morning after I first made love with my son...both of us giddy with goofy, lovestruck smiles plastered on our faces. We held hands and talked as I drove us back home.

Lisa began addressing my bawdiness. "I really love the way you just let it all hang out, Gwen...Mom," she said. "I love the way you will say anything in bed...hearing you talk about John like that...heck, even thinking about it makes me wet. You are so honest and earnest when you talk about licking John's semen out of my pussy or having me describe John's cock when I'm fu-um fistfucking you..." Lisa looked over at me with those beautiful blue eyes. "Mom, do you ever think about fucking your son?"

I guess I should say I blushed all embarrassed like, but in truth I just grinned and winking at her said, "Maybe I already have!"

Lisa shivered and she blushed, even as she rubbed her jean covered pussy mound. "Oh God, Mom you make me wet!" she moaned. "I believe you would!"

I didn't think it was quite the moment to reveal the truth, but I thought I could start directing us towards it. "Well, maybe I will," I replied. I licked my lips and said, "I know I would love to taste how his spunk tastes coming out of your pussy!"

Lisa moaned and her jean zipper came down and she slipped fingers into her crotch. "Oh yesss! I want that too, Mom! I want to share him with you tonight!" She spread her legs wide, her hand disappearing inside her open zipper. My future daughter in law bit her lower lip and she fingered herself to orgasm. She kept her eyes on me as she told me over and over again that "tonight you drink your son's hot cum!"

We had a good trip home, Lisa fingering herself and then leaning over so I could suck her juices off her fingers...the thought of tonight's naughtiness keeping her incredibly aroused. Arriving home, John was thrilled to see both of us. We both received tremendous hugs and just watching John and Lisa soul kiss made me soak my panties. Later when I had a moment alone with John, I got my own lovers' kiss. Evilly, I refused to tell John how the weekend went...telling him simply to have faith that Momma would work it all out.

John was delighted when Lisa told him she wanted to spend the night. During another alone moment, John tried to apologize for not being able to make love to me, but I assured him he and I would find some quality lover time tomorrow. That evening, John and Lisa slipped off to his bedroom and I went to mine. The rooms were next to each other, so I enjoyed myself with a long masturbation session while John and Lisa fucked each other silly.

As if she had slipped her repressive restraints, Lisa was loud and vocal in her passion. I could hear her moans and sobs clearly as she begged my son to "Fuck me...fuck me hard, John! Fuck me...fill me up with your spunk! I listened proudly as my son did just that, fucking her to an orgasm and filling her up. Lisa surprised me then by urging John not to stop, but to continue fucking her. "I want you to flood my cunt with your cum, lover," she begged him! My son, always the attentive and giving lover, obliged Lisa and banged her for a long, hard fuck before filling her pussy even more with his hot semen. I was totally turned on...bringing myself off with my fingers several times as I listened to my son's moans and Lisa's screams of joy.

Catching my breath, I felt myself actually get more aroused as silence settled over my son's room. If I knew my son, two strong hard fucks would have him napping in a few moments, but what about Lisa?

My wonderings were answered in just a minute as my bedroom door opened and Lisa stepped inside looking incredibly beautiful, her hair a sweaty, tangled mess, her body glistening with fuck sweat, her full, perky breast bouncing with nipples hard and extended. She walked with that slightly bowlegged look of a well fucked woman, increased by the fact that she held a palm over her pussy mound. "I am sooo full of your son's jism, Mom!" she giggled. "I swear he must not have jacked off all weekend...saving it for me"

I licked my had been four days since I'd tasted my son's semen and I'll be honest, I was starved for a taste. I slipped out of bed and walked towards knees actually a little shaky. I found myself sinking to my knees in front of the lovely red-headed woman. Lisa withdrew her covering hand and a more lovely sight I've never seen. Her naked labia was spread wide, gaping open, my son's sperm oozing out of her still glistening, aroused pussy.

Without a word, I simply pressed my face to my future daughter in law's well fucked cunt and spearing her wide open folds with my tongue, I began lapping up John's spunk. It was delicious...his familiar tasty semen flavored with Lisa's sweet juices. Hungrily, I pressed my face more forcefully into her pussy, cupping her asscheeks in my hands while she whimpered with pleasure, hands in my hair, her thighs leaning into my shoulders as she trembled...already on the edge of orgasm.

As Lisa gasped and trembled to my loving ministrations, I buried my face in her slippery folds while my hands squeezed and spread her taut ass cheeks, my fingers sliding up and down the crack of her ass until my middle finger found her little brown hole and teased it...pressing against it, but never quite piercing. Her cunt, already sloppy with John's juices, was quickly flooded afresh as her cunt juices flowed heavily as I went down on my son's future bride.

"Awwwahhh, Mom!" Lisa moaned as her orgasm washed over her. I took her clitoris between my lips and tenderly sucked the extended nub making her sob anew as her orgasm intensified and then peaked. I eased her down to her knees and then with my face a sticky, tasty mess of jism and pussy cream, kissed her, sharing the sweet mixture of love juices.

We embraced there on my bedroom floor, kissing passionately with our arms wrapped around each other for a long time. When Lisa found her voice again, she murmured into my ear. "Did you like it, Mom? Do you like how John's semen tastes in my pussy?"

"I love it," I replied. "I just wish you could have the same experience...eating John's spunk out of my cunt, sweetheart!"

A soft groan escaped Lisa's lips as my words sent an aftershock of orgasm rippling through her body. I helped her to her feet and led my now sleepy lover back towards John's room. Quietly opening the door, I led her to the bed and helped her in beside my naked, snoring son. Lisa was asleep before her head hit the pillow.

For a long time, I watched my wonderful son and his lovely wife sleeping...both naked as the day they were beautiful and erotic in their slumber that I could feel the pussy cream running down my thighs. My eyes came time and time again to my son's cock, half erect between his legs. Their combined juices still glistened on his magnificent penis. My heart ached with love and lust for my son and lover.

Suddenly, I found myself kneeling beside the bed, my head scant inches from my snoring son's cock. I took it in hand, admiring its heft, enjoying the pulsing warmth. I ran my tongue the length of John's cock, savoring again the taste of his semen and Lisa's partly dry and cool, but still a sweet nectar.

My son's dick quickly responded to my loving attentions, swelling to a magnificent pole of cockflesh. I took John's penis in my mouth, lovingly running my tongue over his velvety steel flesh, licking him clean of their sweet cum.

John moaned and shifted, rising up to see his mother sucking his cock. I let him slip from my mouth and held a finger up to shush him. My son smiled down at me...a smile that could melt my heart and turn my pussy into a molten, steamy mound of desire. He glanced over at his sleeping fiancée and then slipped from the bed. He offered me his hand and helped me to my feet. We kissed...a long and ardent kiss. When it ended, he licked his lips and grinned. "Have a good snack?" He assumed he was tasting my efforts of licking his cock and I chose not to reveal Lisa's visit and gift. My son took me by the hand and led me out of the room.

He started to lead me towards my bedroom, but I stopped and in a hushed voice, said, "No lover...right here...right now." I leaned against the wall and spread my legs, revealing my wet, furry bush, parted in labia swollen and glistening with my juices. "Fuck me, John," I panted. "Fuck Mommy right here and now.

John closed in on me, lowering himself as he eased between my legs and then coming up with a swift, wonderful thrust, his erection slipping into my cunt...making me moan as his huge cock filled me up. He pressed my up against the wall and I raised my right leg and hooked it around his backside, using the leverage to thrust back, driving his cock home. His hairy chest felt exquisite as he pressed into, the wiry hairs teasing my very hard and aching nipples.

"I missed you, Mom!" John whispered as his tongue teased my ear.

"Momma missed you too, sweetheart," I gasped back as John began to ram his cock into my cunt with a swift piston motion. His thick throbbing meat felt so wonderful as it scrapped the cunt cream from my sugar walls...making my toes curl and my nails dragging trails down his back.

Our lips met and our tongue danced together in a ballet of desire while our joined crotches crashed together again and again...his pubic hairs tangling with my dense, black muff. Every inch of my flesh responded to my son's body as we became slick with sweat, becoming slippery and sticky...pleasure exploding from my pussy and traveling through every cell in my body.

The real world went away, leaving just my son and I in existence, wrapped in infinite layers of incredible orgasmic pleasure until I screamed into John's mouth and had a monster orgasm...intensifying as John emptied his load of hot semen into my hungry womb.

I could barely stand and my wonderful son picked me up in his strong arms and carried me back to my bedroom where he showered me with loving kisses until I drifted off to sleep.

I slept in the next morning, awakened only when I heard my bedroom door open. Lisa, freshly showered and in a fluffy robe hurried in, a naughty smile on her face. Behind the open door, I could the shower running and my son singing.

"Good morning, darling, how are you?" I said to Lisa.

Not saying a word, Lisa hopped up on the bed and kissed me, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth, making me moan in surprise as she fed me a fresh, hot load of my son's semen. For long minutes we remained lip locked, her feeding me John's spunk. Finally Lisa pulled away, a streamer of jism hanging for a second between our lips before breaking and splattering on my chest.

"Good morning, Mom," Lisa said in a chipper voice. "I just sucked your son off and thought you might like a fresh breakfast." She used her finger to scoop up the streamer on my tits and then sucked it clean. "God, your son tastes good." She kissed me again and said, "I gotta go, Mom...I'm late for work!" She scurried to the door and before she left, turned and said, "I'll see you tonight...afterwards?" She looked so lovely smiling at the thought of a repeat of last night.

"I'm looking forward to it, Lisa," I replied...but only if you'll eat Momma's pussy too!"

Lisa grinned evilly! "Whatever Momma wants!" She licked her lips and headed out the door. In a few minutes, I heard the front door slam and then Lisa's car starting up. Shortly afterwards my son came in the room, looking a little worn out. I giggled and said, "How long do you think you can survive with two lovers, son?"

John shrugged and grinned. "Long enough I guess to visit Doctor Campbell and pick up something to keep my dick up and running."

He climbed in bed with me and we snuggled and kissed for a little while. I was sure he could taste his own spunk on my lips, but he didn't ask me directly, instead asking me how our trip went.

I stretched out like a big cat, smiling nastily at him and said, "Beyond my wild expectations," I replied, choosing not to elaborate. John started to ask me something. I'm sure it had to do with how we were going to work things out, but I stopped his question with a kiss and said, "Just leave everything to Momma, son. Mom's going to work everything out."

John went off to work and I had myself a lazy day. Truthfully, that red headed minx had me just about worn out. I never would have imagined that sweet Lisa would be such a sapphic tiger when she dropped her inhibitions.

That evening the weather was really nice so we had a cookout, just the three of us and I felt like the star of the show, both my son and my future daughter in law sneaking little caresses and gropes of my body when the other wasn't looking. If one went inside, the other was kissing me or nibbling on the back of my neck, making me absolutely crazy with desire.

We watched a little television and then Lisa announced she was going to bed. She kissed me chastely on the cheek, whispering to me to not fall asleep and then after she went upstairs, John lingered behind to give me a long soul kiss. As he did so, I pulled down his shorts and breaking the kiss, sucked his already hardening cock into a long, stiff erection.

"Go fuck, Lisa, son," I said in a husky lust ridden voice, "Fuck her and give her a big load of your spunk...make her cum...fuck her like you'd like to be fucking me...make your mother proud!" I took his cock in my mouth again, swirling my tongue around his swelling cockhead. John moaned and ran his fingers through my dark hair, urging me to deep throat him. I resisted and let him slip from between my lips.

"Fuck her like you would fuck Mommy, John." I stood up and tucked his fine cock back into his shorts. "And, John..."

"Yes, Mom?"

"Pretend to fall asleep, but don't you do it. And if Lisa leaves the bed...wait ten minutes and then come to my bedroom."

John gave me a curious look and started again to ask a question, but I kissed him to keep him silent. "Go baby, go to your future bride. Trust your mother to make everything all right."

John hurried upstairs to Lisa and I went and took a quick shower, wanting to be fresh for what was coming. In my bedroom, I lit several candles, feeling myself getting wet as I heard moans of passion coming from next door...the headboard hitting the wall as it had so many times when I was under my son, being fed his big cock.

I heard Lisa's cries reach a crescendo just as John gave out his bull roar bellow that signaled that he was cumming. I sat on the edge of my bed, naked, legs spread as I fingered my pussy...teasing my long clitoris out of hiding...smelling myself...the aroma of my arousal already thick in my room.

A few minutes passed and I had myself on the edge of an orgasm...never quite letting myself peak. Lisa opened my bedroom door, looking lovely and sweaty, her hair bed tousled, a hand cupping her naked cunt and keeping my son's sperm from running out.

"I've been thinking all day about you,, Mom," panted Lisa. I almost cum every time I think of you licking John's spunk from my pussy." She reached me and I roughly pulled her down onto the bed, kissing her deeply before beginning a trail of kisses down to her breasts, red with John's lovebits...I added my own, biting her swollen nipples, tugging them with my teeth and making her gasp.

I groaned as I felt Lisa's fingers slip into my furry bush, finding my labia and thrusting into my cunt. I kissed my way down, rolling Lisa onto her back as my tongue slithered across her sweat slickened stomach and then further, licking across her pubic bone and then finding her gaping pussy lips...John's semen oozing across her pink pussy meat, still hot and creamy.

Lisa let out a moan as I fluttered my long tongue across her clit, a moan quickly muffled as I swung a leg over her head and lowered my own wet pussy to her face. We both moaned as we began to tongue each other. My tongue scooped up a thick blob of my son's semen out of Lisa's pussy and she ran her tongue deep into the cleft between my labia, slurping up my heavily flowing cunt cream.

Lisa was quickly learning my specific pleasure points and I was moaning with orgasmic delight as her tongue pressed inside me, swirling over my sensitive, wet flesh. Still recovering from the orgasm my son gave her, Lisa trembled and shook under me as I quickly sucked and licked her into cumming again.

We both rode out our orgasms and continued to happily pleasure each other. I wormed my middle finger into her tight asshole up to the first knuckle as I sucked on her clit, making her gasp and moan. We were both sweaty and the heady aroma of our aroused cunts filled the room.

Suddenly Lisa gasped, saying something that was muffled by my squirming cunt on her mouth. I felt added weight on the bed and then hands stroking my ass, lifting my pelvic region up just slightly, allowing Lisa to gasp, "John...omigod! Baby...what are you...OMIGOD!"

I felt the crown of John's swollen cock press between my labia lips and heard him say in a ragged voice, "It's okay, Lisa...Mom won't mind...she loves my cock!" My son then rammed his cock back home, making me cry out as he buried himself all the way inside me.

Even as I could hear Lisa continue to gasp, "Omigod," I urged my son on. "Yes, oh, YESSS! FUCK MEEE, SON! GIVE MOMMA THAT FINE COCK! YOU KNOW MOMMY LOVES GETTING OHHHH FUCKED BY THAT BIGGG DICK!"

John was as hard and as swollen as I could ever remember and I was honestly as wet as I can ever remember being...I could literally feel my own pussy juices spraying inside me, bathing my son's cock with hot cunt cream. As John began to thrust in and out of me, I was sure my juices were literally showering Lisa's face with each outward movement of my son's cock.

As the sheer erotic pleasure of John's massive dick being buried in me again and again swept over me, I found myself exploding into a massive orgasm as I realized that for the first time since John and I became lovers, someone else was witnessing our incestuous love. I collapsed on top of Lisa's body as my body was wracked with incredible, joyous pleasure. Just as I thought I could cum no harder, I felt Lisa's tongue slithering over my clitoris and I was suddenly screaming in erotic delight as every fiber of my being was overwhelmed by the monster orgasm of my life.

Through my own cries of pleasure, I could hear John groaning and grunting and I suddenly comprehended through my pleasure riddled mind that Lisa was in addition to tonguing my cock packed cunt, was licking my son's cream covered cock as it slid in and out of my pussy. I was helpless, lying there on Lisa's firm, sweaty body, my face pressed into her wet pussy which was flowing heavily with her own juices. I barely had the energy to weakly lap at her cunt.

Suddenly, John thrust deep into my womb, grinding his groin against mine, is hand taking hold of my body, rolling me over and off of Lisa, spreading my legs wide and then his own weight settling on top of me, my heavy breasts spreading out, flattened by my son's body. John wonderful cock never left my cunt, embedded deep in his mother's womb through his entire maneuver.

My body convulse with ecstasy as John resumed his hard fucking motion into my pussy. For a long time, the world winnowed away to just John and I, with Lisa's disembodied voices urging us on. "Fuck your Mom, John! Do you like it, lover? Do you like putting your big thing in Mommy's pussy! That's it, John, give it her...make your Momma cum! Fuck your Mom the way she loves it! Fuck her hard, lover!"

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