tagIncest/TabooSeducing My Future Daughter in Law

Seducing My Future Daughter in Law


usual, this story is entirely fictional. Any resemblence to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. All characters exist only in my vivid imagination. Enjoy

I hate to be abrupt, but is there anything finer than spreading your legs wide and savoring the delicious feeling of your son's big cock sinking deep in your pussy...long, hard, veined flesh slowly scraping the insides of your sugar walls, making your hair almost stand on in, your fingernails ripping the sheets as you drown in waves of ecstasy? Can anything top your son's strong body on top of yours...his chest flattening out your pillowy breasts...chest hairs teasing your throbbing nipples even as he grinds his pubic hairs against your cunt as he sinks his babymaker all the way inside you? Is there anything more wonderful than at the height of your son induced orgasm to have your son moan, "I love you, Mom!" as he buries his stiff penis inside you and floods your womb with his steamy hot semen? No, I don't think there is....but I've discovered a close second. Let me tell you.

My name is Gwen. I'm fifty-one years old. I've been widowed once and I've been divorced once. My late husband (my first marriage), Tobias, gave me a lovely son when I was seventeen. It was 1973 and the Age of Aquarius was rapidly setting, to be replaced by the decadent "me" era, which was fine with me. Tobias and I were swingers and I enjoyed both men and women whenever the opportunity arose (and in those wild days, it arose a lot). That life ended for me in 1980 when Tobias was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. About the time Reagan was being sworn into office, my dear sweet husband left me and our son, John for the next life.

I promptly put my wild days behind me and focused on raising my son. We lived near Detroit, Michigan and with a lot of sweat and effort, I built up a decent retail business and by the time John graduated from high school, we were very well off.

It was about the time that John graduated that we both succumbed to the building desires that we both harbored. Perhaps it was Tobias's death that created the bond between us or perhaps it was simply our fate to become lovers, but shortly after John turned eighteen, I spread my legs for him and took my son's virginity. To this day I have never had a lover who made me feel so happy. Every day away from John, is a day that I feel incomplete and unfulfilled. Perhaps I will someday share with you how John and I finally gave in to our incestuous desires, but today, I want to share another story with you.

John and I were a couple...almost married in every sense of the word for over seven incredible years. His life was mostly comprised of going to college, working part time in my store and making me the most well fucked mom on the planet. Left alone, John would never have left, but silly me, I decided he needed to find a girl his own age and make a life of his own and so he took a job in Tennessee when he was twenty-six. Two years later, I married my second husband, Stanley, a handsome man with a silver tongue.

Oh, I won't deny that a couple of times a year, John and I got together...as lovers, we still sizzled and what Stan didn't know didn't hurt him. At age thirty-two, John met his future wife, Lisa and last summer they became engaged. I was overjoyed (and yes, al little jealous). John and Lisa make a lovely couple and with some sadness, I gave up my wonderful lover of a son.

Things took a bad turn for me. It turns out that Stanley had (and has) a major gambling problem and without my knowing it, he wiped out our savings and put me into total bankruptcy with his gambling losses up at the Reservation casinos. Before it was over, I lost my house and my business and I got rid of Stanley as well.

John, my sweet, sweet son, took me in and I moved to Knoxville and into my son's house. Then I moved into his bed again...well, at least most of the time. We hadn't planned it. John and Lisa were making their plans for their wedding, but our mutual attraction was too much. My son and I have too powerful a chemistry to be denied and oh God, I've missed him and his long, hard cock!

Lisa was blissfully unaware that her future husband was receiving the carnal affections of not one, but two women whose world revolved around him. Things just fell into place. Lisa had encouraged John to move me into his house, but preferred to not spend the night there, telling him she felt funny fucking him with his mother in the next room. Some nights John would spend over at Lisa's and some nights he stayed home, encouraged by his future bride to "spend more time with your mom!" Believe you me, he spend his time with me well...as we would fuck and suck until dawn. Other nights, he would go and have sex with Lisa and then come home, especially if she had meetings the next day. I confess I really enjoyed those nights as well, as I would greet him at his door, on my knees eager to taste Lisa's cunt cream on my son's cock!

And that is where our story really begins...this past March...a little less than three months before their wedding. Between our marathon bouts of sex, my son and I would discuss how we would handle things once he and Lisa were married. He told me he had no intention of ever giving me up again, but just didn't know how he was going to tell Lisa about us and keep his blushing bride.

Many nights, we feel asleep after talking about Lisa and us, John's sperm trickling down from my pussy or asshole. I made a study of Lisa and almost drove John nuts, getting him to tell me everything he knew about her. I worked the problem and worked it and finally saw the solution late one night when John talked about how jealous Lisa had acted a year or so ago when her best friend and former college roomie, Theresa had gotten married. Lisa had been the maid of honor, but had been in a snit over the wedding...seeming to John to be a jilted lover.

I was like the Cheshire Cat grinning in the darkness. I knew how I could solve our dilemma and make our life even more pleasurable than ever. I didn't tell John my plan, but told him not to worry, "Momma's gonna take care of everything!"

Now for you visual types, I suppose I should describe us so your naughty imaginations can work up all sorts of wicked imagery. If you've done the math, you know I'm fifty-one years old and with lots of sweat and effort, I flatter myself to think I'm a pretty hot MILF. I'm five foot, three and weigh 138 pounds...just a shade on the voluptuous side with 38 DD breasts and thirty-six inch hips and a twenty-nine inch waist. Very zaftig with these big tits, but thanks to genetics and care, my big boobs don't sag too much. My brown eyes and my blackish-brown hair (with streaks of gray that my son tells me are very sexy), I still can draw my share of wolf whistles and hungry looks.

John stands five-eleven and shares my hair and eyes, but has a slim runner's build and at age thirty-four still has the stamina of a twenty year old. His cock when erect is very long and is thick enough to make me know I'm being stuffed with cock when we fuck!

Lisa is much younger than John...nine years younger. At twenty-five, my son's red headed fiancée is a very sexy girl...standing five foot nine, with an hourglass figure. Her breasts are a healthy 36C and she has a flat stomach (I'm sooo jealous), and a perfect, heart shaped ass. When you factor in her blue eyes, lightly freckled nose and that long, red hair, she is breathtaking!

This past March, I invited Lisa to spend a weekend with me in a resort town in the Smoky Mountains best known for its winter skiing and its abundance of shops and stores. I rented a chalet (fancy word for a furnished cabin, complete with shag carpet and a hot tub...very popular with newlyweds), and after she got off work Friday afternoon, we drove up for the weekend. As far as she knew, we were in for a weekend of shopping and doing the "girls' thing. The poor dear had no idea!

Things started quietly enough. We didn't get in until about nine o'clock and after grabbing a bite to eat downtown, we found the chalet manager and picked up the key. We drove up a winding road to our little chalet and carried our bags in.

"Ooh, Gwen!" It's lovely," my future daughter in law exclaimed. She set her bags down and began to explore the small cabin. "It's wonderful!" I heard her call out...then she said, "Hey! There's only the one bed!"

I stepped into the bedroom which sported a sumptuous king sized bed. "Really? I told them we needed two bed rooms or at least double beds." I said. I was lying of course...this was all part of my naughty plan. "Let me give them a call on my cell." I then proceeded to pretend to call the manager and have a conversation that ended with, "Well...damn. I guess we'll just have to make do."

I closed my phone up and shrugged my shoulders. "He apologized, but said everything is booked for the weekend. I suppose one of us could sleep on the sofa..."

Lisa giggled and said, "That's silly, Gwen. It's a big bed...we can share it. That is, if you don't mind!"

"Not at all, dear." I replied. I winked at her. "It's been a long time since I slept with another woman!"

Lisa turned bright red and then laughed as I laughed. We proceeded to get ready for bed. I changed in the bedroom while she changed in the bathroom. I imagine we were both surprised when we saw what the other was wearing.

Lisa had on flannel pajamas that primly covered up her luscious body. I was wearing one of John's old T-shirts which hugged my torso and barely covered my crotch. Lisa's eyes went wide when she saw what I had on and I again shrugged my shoulders and said in explanation, "I usually sleep naked, Lisa. I borrowed this from John so I wouldn't shock you. I didn't want to scare you with this old woman's body!"

Lisa was again blushing and then said, "Oh...um...you wouldn't shock me, Gwen. And you're not old you know. I wish I had your breasts. Your son is quite the tit man, y'know."

I laughed and began to cross the room. "Well, he was when he was little. I thought I'd never get him weaned off these things." I cupped and squeezed my right breast as I said it. I stood up on tiptoe and gave Lisa a hug, our breasts mashing against each other and said, "You don't have a thing to worry about there...I wished my tits were still as firm and perky as yours."

Lisa's blush deepened and she seemed speechless. We climbed into bed and she turned off the light. I slipped over from the far side of the bed and leaning over her, bent down and kissed her goodnight on the corner of her mouth. "Goodnight, Lisa!" I whispered as she gasped in surprise.

"Um, goodnight Gwen," she whispered back in a quiet voice.

I eased a bit away from her and then found her hand. I squeezed it tightly and said, "Lisa...you're practically family...my daughter as far as I'm concerned. Please feel free to call me Mom!"

"Thank you...Mom," Lisa whispered. "Goodnight."

We listened to each other's breath for a long time. I could feel my future daughter in law's nervousness and arousal. I had planted a seed...one I was confident would take root and flourish! I finally heard Lisa snoring softly and then I closed my eyes and slept the sleep of the thoroughly naughty!

Morning came and I was delighted to wake up spooning with Lisa. I was snuggled up tight with her, my arms around her...one hand cupping her firm breast and the other resting palm down on her flat belly...her pajama top having pulled up and leaving her stomach bare...my fingertips almost brushing the waistband of her pajama bottoms.

I was content to lie there, embracing her as she slept and I did so for maybe thirty minutes. Finally, Lisa began to awake, making little contented noises and sighs, her little bottom wriggling back, pushing into my crotch. One hand rose and covered mine cupping her breast, pressing it into her titflesh.

"Mmmm...I lovvvve you...you feel sooo good!" she murmured into her pillow and then I think she realized where she was. "OH!" Lisa began to struggle to move out of our embrace and with regret I let her go, pretending to wake up and yawning.

I stretched out like a cat, my breasts pulling the T-shirt upwards to reveal the fact that I was wearing no panties...my thick, furry muff revealed in all its glory. Lisa had scurried away from me and was on her feet staring down at my partially naked body as I smiled up at her and grinned. "Good morning, future daughter of mine!"

"Um...good morning, Gwen...Mom. I'm uh...sorry...we were, uh..."

"I guess we were cold in the night...we must've been cuddling for the warmth," I replied, trying to make her feel at ease. "Or, I suppose we both miss having our man in bed with us! Nothing like snuggling with your lover in the morning, is there?" I stretched again, letting her continue to get an eyeful of my hairy cunt.

She laughed...a little shrilly and nodded. She fled then to the bathroom, as speechless then as she had been the night before. She finally emerged, more composed and then helped by the coffee I had brewed in the cabin's little kitchenette. We got cleaned up and proceeded to drive back into town and found the cutest little diner to eat some breakfast.

Here, Lisa finally began to talk. "I'm sorry if I acted silly this morning. I guess I just woke up thinking I was home with John and not expecting to be snuggled up with my mother in law."

"I think I understand, honey...it's okay. I have to confess...it felt good waking up spooning with someone...just safe and warm and loving."

Lisa nodded in agreement. We continued to eat and I knew she wanted to say something else. Finally, she grinned at me and said, "I hope this doesn't sound weird or forward or something, but can I confess something to you, um, Mom?"

I leaned forward. "You can tell Momma anything, dear."

She giggled and said, "You might think this is weird, but you and John spoon exactly the same way!"

"Really?" I replied.

Lisa nodded. "Yes! John almost always wakes me up with one hand cupping my tit and the other almost in my panties." She blushed when she said that, but grinned as I laughed aloud. "Usually I wake up just as he's slipping his fingers through the waistband," she continued...giving me a nervous smile.

I laughed again and winked at her. "Well, I guess you woke up too early this morning...I hadn't gotten that far!" We both laughed at that even as she gave me another wide-eyed look of surprise. We continued to laugh like two school girls and although our talk shifted to other things, I was pleased to see her given me curious looks now and again.

With breakfast over, we began to assault the many stores in the downtown region...our focus mostly on clothes and shoes for Lisa's honeymoon. We made our way through the shops until we came upon a famous lingerie store. "Uh oh!" I teased Lisa. "Here's the most important stop, sweetie! We need to find you something special and sexy for your wedding night!"

Lisa blushed and hesitated at the door. "Oh...I don't know about this, Gwen...um, Mom," she stammered.

I quickly took her by the hand and said, "Nonsense, honey! It's your wedding night. A lovely woman like you needs to be either naked or dressed in something sexy. Flannel jammies are fine for a cold winter's night, but for that special night, you need something hot and naughty!"

With a little urging, I got my future daughter in law inside and although she was turning a bright red, we began looking through the store's sexy gowns and negligees. Lisa picked out a few things and I selected a few items and we made our way to the change rooms.

Lisa disappeared inside a change room and I waited outside. After a few impatient minutes, I called out, "Well?"

"Um...well what...I guess I look okay, Mom."

I tapped on the door. "Well, Lisa...let me look and I'll give you a second opinion." There was silence from the other side for several seconds...then I heard the lock click and the door swung open. I stepped inside and stopped in my tracks in awe.

"Well, Mom...what do you think?" Lisa shifted nervously, standing before me in a white, halter strapped babydoll negligee.

"Oh darling, you look incredible," I gasped. And she did. Her breasts peered out in spectacular fashion and the short length showed off her long, shapely legs. "I promise you that John will have a wedding night hard-on when he sees you in that!"

Lisa gasped and shivered. "Gwen...you're awful!"

I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Just telling you the truth. My son would have to be blind not to have an erection when he sees you in that!" I licked my lips hungrily. "You're beautiful, Lisa!"

Lisa looked down bashfully, drawing a sharp breath as she realized how scantily clad she was in the negligee.

I held up another negligee. "I thought I might try on something as well. Do you mind?" I asked as I kicked off my shoes.

Lisa started and eyed me thoughtfully. "Um, no Mom...go ahead."

I already was shrugging out of my summer dress, letting it pool at my feet and standing there in a bra and sheer white panties. I wondered if my future daughter in law could tell I had a wet spot in my crotch from looking at her sexy body. I turned around as I skinned off my panties, saying in a calmer than I felt voice, "Don't let me stop you, Lisa. Go ahead and try on something else. We can model for each other."

I let my panties slid down and I stepped out of them as I wriggled out of my bra, letting my heavy breasts bounce and fall. I glanced at Lisa, admiring her perky tits and raising an eyebrow at her shaved pussy. My son had told me how Lisa preferred a bald cunt, but I had not imagined how sexy her pink, bare pussy was! I was pleased to see her casting side long glances at me as well. I wondered what she thought of my meaty boobs and my hairy muff.

We both turned and modeled our outfits. "Oh, Gwen! You're just beautiful!" Lisa sighed as she gazed up and down my body. I was wearing a red flyaway babydoll that had a plunging neckline that was a little small for me, forcing my breast to swell up and overflow the negligee...making my 38DD's look even bigger.

Lisa was wearing a cami and panties that really showed off her lovely, flat stomach and whose low cut top allowed her firm, round breasts to appear as if they were about to burst free from the camisole. "Damn, Lisa. Don't wear that the first night...my son will cum in his shorts before you have a chance to consummate the marriage! That is, pardon my French, fucking hot!"

Lisa laughed and clapped. "Oh my god, Mom! You are so nasty! I can't believe I'm hearing you talk about your own son that way!"

"Well...he's my son, but he's a man too, isn't he?" I replied. "I've seem him naked before. I know he's got a big cock." I pirouetted for her. "Do you think this would make him hard too?"

Lisa rolled her eyes and giggled. "Yeah...oh yeah, Mom! If he knew what a sexy Mom he had, I'm sure he'd get an erection if he saw you in that!"

Finally relaxed, we continued to try on outfits, Lisa getting more and more comfortable being naked around me. She became more comfortable talking naughtily about John as well...giving me a vivid description of my son's long, thick cock before we finished.

We wrapped our shopping up by trying on some string bikini outfits. Lisa tried on a skimpy black string bikini that she looked drop dead gorgeous in, the black contrasting incredibly with her red hair and her ivory skin. I tried on a similar one...my voluptuous body overflowing the skimpy material. I stared hungrily at Lisa's bikini clad crotch, fabric molding enticingly around her long, thick labia lips. I glanced down at my own crotch and ran a hand over my bikini covered crotch, teasing some of the thick, curly pubic hairs that spread outward, uncontained by the skimpy bikini.

I suppose I'm gonna have shave if I'm gonna wear something like this, huh, Lisa?" I said.

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