tagBDSMSeduction Into Submission Ch. 01

Seduction Into Submission Ch. 01

bywhores Master©

You were standing in the middle of the room as I walked up behind you. I stood still for a moment.

"Don't move or say anything."

You were still and quiet. My hands reached for you and began to gently caress your shoulders. My hands pressed into your shoulder bones as my thumbs circled into your muscle.

I saw your head tilt slightly as I continued my deep massage. I slowly moved to your neck. Both hands flexed and worked on you.

My thumbs still pressed and circled into you as my hands moved under your chin and I tenderly caressed under your jaw, raising your head up and then relaxing you as I moved them away.

My hands moved slowly out to your shoulders and then they moved back to the center of your back. I pressed my thumbs into your spine, working against your tension a little at a time then moving down until I reached your waist.

Then I moved from your spine out in circular wiping motions. My hands were flat and the palms pressed into your flesh as I fanned all over your back.

I slid my hands up your sides under your armpits while being careful not to tickle you. I resumed my circular massages across your back and felt your muscles relaxing as I continued my work.

I paused for a moment to let the feeling return to my hands and fingers and as I waited, I undid your top and pulled it down so that it fell below your shoulders.

Your breasts held your top up, but the top half of your back was exposed. I leaned down and begin to kiss your flesh. Soon, little wet kisses and suckings covered your back.

I was in no hurry as I kissed and sucked and licked your skin. My hands moved ahead of my lips and mouth, caressing and touching you as if in preparation for my mouth or maybe just leading the way. Or I perhaps because I felt the overwhelming need to touch you and to feel your flesh under my hands.

Whatever the motivation, I kept plying and caressing your tissue. My mind was lost to everything else except you.

I reached around you and cupped your breasts in my hands. They were heavy and filled my hands easily. I squeezed and molded them and pulled you back against me.

I leaned down and sucked your ear lobes and your neck and then your cheeks. I saw the wetness of the kisses that I left on your skin. I wanted to cover your entire body with them.

My fingers teased your nipples, which poked up thru your top. I left your clothing intact and relished this moment of almost-innocent touches, but I couldn't stop myself and I soon pulled your top down to your waist and I lifted your breasts up in my hands.

I fondled them and felt the mass and shapes/ I closed my eyes as I played, to heighten my senses of them.

My concentration was fixed and focused on your breasts as I continued my touches. You leaned your head back as you relaxed in my hands. I heard your sighs, deep and coarse, as you felt the electricity shooting down from your bosom into your lower stomach.

Your responses provoked me and I squeezed harder and more urgently and soon my hands frantically pawed at your breasts as my thumbs and fingers rolled your nipples back and forth.

Then they gripped your nipples simultaneously and as if choreographed, pinched and pulled your stiff nipples. I felt them hard and erect as I pinched even harder, wondering how much you could stand and how much you wanted yet.

My pinches and pulls were eagerly welcomed as you rolled your head and leaned to me. Your mouth was open and hungry as I turned to you. Your lips were wet and hot and we kissed violently, as if we were dying without a kiss.

My fingers and thumbs pulled harder, and when I saw that excited you more, I slapped your nipples and spanked your breasts with the palm of my hands. I brushed the edge of my hands roughly across your nipples and felt them bend as I drug over them. Each new abuse caused you to shake and moan.

I released you and moved in front of you. I stared at you. Your face was flushed and your breasts pinkish. Your nipples and areola were dark, almost red.

I looked into your eyes and deliberately pulled your nipples. Your eyes were wet and glazed looking as you attempted to stare back, but they closed as I leaned down and bit your right nipple. I looked up as I held it between my teeth and saw you rocking your head from side to side.

I released that nipple and bit the other nipple as well and then moved from one to the other, biting and flicking with my tongue. I Sucked your nipples hard and scraped my teeth across them as you groaned and tried to stay still.

My heart raced at the pleasure I got from using you, but I knew your heart was racing also as you gave yourself to my pleasure.

I raised up and removed my hands. You opened your eyes and looked at me, waiting for my next move. I started unfastening your pants and I lowered them to the floor, leaving you standing in your panties and your top pulled up.

I removed the top and threw them on the floor. I helped you step out of your pants.

I stood back and looked at you. I could see your panties were wet. I reached down and slid my fingers between your legs and felt the wetness that soaked through your silky underwear.

I rubbed my fingers between your lips and when they were wet, I sucked the juices off of them. I rubbed again and then put my fingers to your lips and let you taste that delicious nectar.

You sucked my fingers with a promise of my future pleasure, and I felt my cock leap at the warmth of your mouth on my fingers. I pulled my hand back and walked to the bag I had set on the floor. I removed some soft cotton cord, a long scarf and a paddle, and I returned to you.

"What is that for?"

I didn't answer.

You shifted and I saw you were uneasy but I ignored you.

"Please don't use the paddle on me. That would be too much."

I was bent over straightening the cord, and I was becoming irritated by your concern. I suddenly stood up and shot a sharp look down at you but didn't respond.

You looked away from my eyes to my chest, avoiding my displeasure.

I opend my shirt and pulled it back.

"Suck my nipples like I sucked yours. See if you can please me as I pleased you."

You began to kiss my chest as you traced your hands through the hair. You carressed and kissed my chest and flicked my nipples with your tongue and I leaned back and let you continue.

Your hot wet kisses pleased me immensely. I reached down and played with your tits while you kissed me and after a few minutes I pushed you down to the floor.

You looked up at me, as I stared down at you. I rubbed my cock thru my jeans as you watched my every move.

Then I slowly unzipped my jeans and opened the fly. My cock was apparent through my boxers and I squeezed the shaft and rubbed the length, starting to stroke it through the fabric.

You waited. I saw you look from my cock to my eyes, afraid to move or do anything until I signaled you or instructed you. I smiled to myself as I remained quiet. I enjoyed that moment of your discomfort.

Soon, I let my cock stick out of my boxers and I held it near your face, taunting you.

You leaned forward, butI moved back and raised my cock up, to show you how heavy and full my balls were of cum, which would soon be in and on you. I saw your lips part and your tongue ready to lick and suck them, but again I moved back.

You looked up at me, frustrated with my slowness and unsure what to do. I placed my hands on your face and felt your cheeks, running one of my thumbs across your lips, then pushing it inside.

I held it there for a moment, as I felt your lips close around it. You didn't know whether to suck my thumb or not, and I didn't give any indication of what I wanted.

I moved my hands to the back and sides of your head and held you and pulled you forward as if I was going to fuck your mouth, and you took a deep breath and opened your mouth, ready for my cock.

I brushed my cockhead across your lips and then across your chin and then as I held your head with one hand, I slipped my cock barely inside your mouth.

You moved forward and sucked my cock deep into your mouth, as if you were starved for it. I let you suck for a moment then pulled back.

The veins where starting to pop out from your sucking. I stroked my cock just far enough from your mouth that you could watch as my hand slid up and down the shaft and my left hand squeezed and played with my big head.

I watched as you stared at my hands and I saw you squirming as you knelt there. I had many plans for you then, and I decided it was time for you to give me my second pleasure.

The first pleasure was withholding from you and controlling your urges. Now I leaned forward and offered you my cock.

"Suck my cock".

You gulped my cock into your mouth and I felt your lips close tight around the shaft. Your tongue moved across the head as you sucked and bobbed up and down on my hot, hard, meat.

I stood there watching as you devoted yourself to that task. your eyes looked up to mine and we stared into each others eyes seeing the passion we both felt.

I brushed your hair and caressed your cheeks and face as you worked on my cock. Your hands cupped my balls and your eyes opened wide when you felt the weight and mass of them. I know your mind must have been measuring how much cum you would soon receive, because you sucked even harder and tightened your mouth grip.

Soon, I felt the hotness boiling up in my balls and I knew that I was about to shoot all of that cum into your mouth, and I grabbed your head with both hands and at that signal, you sucked my cock deep back against your throat and held it there as I throbbed and pulsed.

I felt the flow of the thick cum moving up through my cock, then it spurted back against your palate. I released your head so you could move to breathe if you needed and I stood there, shooting my cum into you.

Your eyes were fixed as you struggled to gulp down the cum as it drained out of me, and I saw your lips open enough for a breath, and then you moved back and slowly sucked my cock back into your mouth, then moved back and repeated that slow stroking/sucking until I knew that you had taken all of my wet essence.

I waited for you to finish cleaning my cock and licking the last drops away as they appeared, and then you sat still, waiting for my instructions.

"You have pleased me, my pet, and I will show my appreciation".

I left you kneeling there for a couple of minutes while I prepared for our next play.

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