"Baby I want to be on top." That what you tell me as I make my way to the bed. I am your King and you my Queen so my only rebuttal is, "Do with me what you please." I can see the grin it puts on your face. Scanning your gorgeous melanin, thinking how good you taste. It's no secret I love to be in control, but as my Queen I'm vulnerable to you and let you run the show. I watch you as you sit up in the bed, naked from head to toe. The dimmed room light and Hawaiian scented glade candle illuminates your delicate skin. You've moisturized I can tell by your radiant glow.

"I'm jealous lady," I reveal to you. You ask me why. "Well lady you've put on lotion already and that's one of my favorite things to do to you."

"Aww baby but I've saved the best part for you." You turn and flaunt your ass in my direction. It only turns me on more as you know me so well. You rub the bed as to notion me in place. "Baby I want you to lotion all this ass while I give you a taste." Your grin is sinfully sexy as I climb on the bed and assume the position. I'm on my back when you tell me, "No not like that just yet, I want you to savor all this goodness from the back first." Little do you know, but that's another one of my favorites I stand back up and watch as you scooch back to the edge of the bed and toot that ass up for me to indulge.

I grab the lotion and squeeze an ample amount in to my hands. I slap my hands together over your ass causing specs to rain down on your ass and back. I'm certain they have landed elsewhere as well but you are my focus. My left hand meets your left cheek and my right hand meets your right cheek. I can hear you sigh as my hands land on your skin. I massage your ass with gentle strokes and watch as your body language exudes comfort. I love how you talk to me without talking to me. Methodically I continue to caress your cakes until I feel I've done you justice. I push your cheeks up and she opens, already glistening from the sheer anticipation of my touch. I swoop in slow and lick from your clit, along the length of your opening lightly slurping your lips. I don't stop there though, I continue pass the base of your pussy on to your tight ass hole. You pucker tight and release, giving me access to that pretty brown thing.

My lady requested to be on top, so like a genie I granted her wish. I slid underneath mamacita on my back. "Sit this juice box on me baby" I command you. With no hesitation you sit it down and our lips lock. You grind and moan upon me with such desire and passion. Like clockwork my hands gravitate to your buns and I begin to massage and pull you down on my face. I can tell you're biting your lip by your muffled moans. Your purrs are ever so enticing. You tell me to slide more on the bed, and hold up so I can readjust. You gracefully spin atop me giving you access to the bulge in my basketball shorts. You grapple with my jaw-string momentarily but get to your prize and slurp him like your favorite ice cream. My tongue swirls your lips as yours explores the head of my dick. We create a vicious cycle of pleasuring each other as your antics cause me to moan into your mound, which in turn has you humming in my mic. We seesaw back and forth trying to get each other to tap out. I am the victor as my dick falls from your mouth and you begin to convulse uncontrollably as you are consumed with an orgasm.

I lay back in attempt to admire my victory. I feel you panting upon me as you start coming down off the Bae induced high you just received. "Oh nigga you this ain't over", you pop up and rub your hot wetness down my lips, down my chin and chest. I'm sure the bottom half of my face looked like I been binging on Church's chicken your pussy so moist. I sit up on my elbows as I watch make way to your final decent. Your ass is still glistening from the massage and now is hovering over my stiffness. I moan as your lips begin to split my pole. Slowly you sink that ass on me and find a rhythm. I let you have your way momentarily, but in my mind I'm ready to assault that pretty pussy from down under. I play nice and let you have your way. You start talking your shit making it that much harder to control my beast. Saying shit like "Who putting this pussy on ya?" And "you love this pussy don't ya". I let it all ride until I feel you come for my jugular. Honestly I kind of blacked out after I heard you talk that shit. "I... am... about... to... make.... Yo... ass.... tap............... the fuck out". After every word you drop that ass harder and harder. You are playing to my weakness. You know I love when you get aggressive with me. On the last three words you swirl your hips on the way down and grind on my stick. "You done fucked up" I say internally.

You push up again, in attempt to assault me with that round brown again. But no, no I catch that ass at the tip of my dick gripping your waist tight. I see you looking back trying to figure out what's going on. Before you can speak I'm launching all this dick in your stomach. You scream as it's unexpected and deep in your pussy. I don't stop as I find a good tempo with which to drill this juice box with. You try to speak but can't. "Do... You... Know.... Who... You... Are... Fucking... With". I give the conversation strokes to match the conversation drops you gave me. My upward thrusts have my balls hitting your heavy ass cheeks. You can't control your moans as I'm digging off in you. Assaulting your pussy from down under like she stole my lunch money. I toss you off my wood on to your stomach. I get up on my knees in the bed and prepare to Hulk Smash the pussy. Somehow the covers landed on top of your ass. I rip them off overly aggressive. You look over your shoulder at me, but I push your head in to the pillow top and reach under you lifting that ass up in prime position. I line him up and run him in there picking right back up where I left off. Our thighs get to clapping as my pace picks up. Your screams and squealing only encourage me to beat my pussy up. That's right it's MY pussy.

"Baby, why you so mean your pussy?" You whimper. I try and block you out as your tone is my weakness when I beat it up like so. "Daddy be nice to your pussy, we're sorry" you moan and sob. Fuck I fell it coming. I pause to stave it off the inevitable, but them Kegels you be doing got my pussy squeezing the fuck out me. You literally massaging my shit. Fuck it, I decide we going to rock til the wheels fall off. I slam back down into you hard. You bite the sheets, and I grab a fist full of hair. I pound you hard as fuck. "Daddy I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's all yours daddy."

Those few lines had me popping off like fireworks on the 4th. I didn't even bother pulling out and that's just the way you and I both liked it. "Lady don't you ever talk that shit again." I said as I laid next to you on my back now rubbing your booty. You didn't respond though just rubbed my chest. We drift off and I go down hard I didn't budge until I heard the shower I don't know how many hours later. I turn over and doze right back off though.


"What the fuck?" I couldn't really move as I came to. I felt Bae's lips on my meat but I was unable to move.

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