tagGroup SexSelina's Bound to Enjoy

Selina's Bound to Enjoy


It was a beautiful warm night in Boston. Inside the mid terraced house, there were five friends celebrating friendship and previous meets. The friends all met over the last few years. There is Kathy a mature woman in her late 40's, very voluptuous, and a domineering person in the bedroom once she is comfortable with everyone there, somewhat versed in mastery. Then there is Tony, or TvTerry, as she likes to be called; a mid forties person born a male but a female at heart. Next is Roger; a man in his mid forties who is not looking for anything more than friends with benefits. Finally yet importantly, is Susan and Mark, a couple, she in her late thirty's and him a lot older. Susan is a girlfriend aiming to please her boyfriend's fantasies and Mark is trying to live out his fantasies and get Susan to open up sexually to her every fantasy and become more comfortable with herself. Mark has organised the party to celebrate getting a job. They are all getting together to have some food, cake, a few drinks, and see what, if anything, happens next!

Around 7:30 p.m., everyone has had several drinks, and is beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol. Susan is being her flirty self with Roger. You could tell by the way Roger is flirting back that he wants to get into Susan's tight juicy pussy. Mark is flirting with both his girlfriend and Kathy, while TvTerry is flirting passionately with Roger of whom she has a huge crush on. There has only been playful touching and smacks on the arse thus far, but nothing to indicate that things will go any further. As the night activities die down, we find everyone flirting and talking all on the one bed. TvTerry and Susan start to wrestle on the bed a little as Mark, Kathy, and Roger watch. TvTerry suggests to Roger to get some bondage tape. Roger does as he is asked. Susan starts to laugh and wrestle harder to try to keep from being taped up. Roger gets her hands taped so she cannot fight back much anymore. Susan is trying to keep her feet from being taped and losing the last of her freedom. However, Roger and TvTerry finally get her taped up to the knees and she is stuck now with no way to resist. Susan is now lying on her stomach taped up in a pair of short shorts and a halter-top that barely covers her breasts. TvTerry then breaks out a small paddle and begins to spank Susan's arse. Kathy decides she wants in on the fun. From within the bag of toys she put there earlier she retrieves a hood and puts it on Susan so she can only imagine things to come.

The four of them started to caress Susan's body from the roundness of her calves to the back of her neck and down again. Roger takes a detour and slides his hands up her halter-top, forcefully messaging her breasts while TvTerry continues to spank her arse and ever so lightly rub the paddle over her pussy lips through her shorts. Susan laughs and sighs a sigh of both ecstasy and excitement. Kathy goes to her toy box again, this time retrieving an 8" strap-on. Mark is watching intently as his girlfriend is being spanked and her breasts are being played with. His cock is getting harder as he watches Kathy putting on the strap-on and lubing it up; Mark knows that Susan is about to take the strap-on from behind and she has no idea! To be fair, Mark thinks that they should take off the bondage tape around her legs so Kathy can spread her legs and drive the strap-on deep in to Susan's juicy pussy and pound it hard. Susan, not knowing what is about to happen, says she is fine being taped, so they pull Susan up onto her knees, and Kathy gets behind her. Roger is getting an erection from squeezing Susan's tits and watching Kathy get ready to fuck Susan with the strap-on. TvTerry stops spanking Susan and begins to just rub her pussy lips with the paddle. Feeling Susan pressing against the paddle, TvTerry decides to see if Susan is wet enough for the strap-on to slide in without too much trouble. She slides her hand thru Susan's shorts and drives her fingers into her pussy. Susan gasps when the fingers enter her, not knowing whose fingers they are, going in and out of her squelching pussy.

TvTerry works Susan's pussy fast and hard. Between her breasts being squeezed, the spanking and now the fingers in her pussy Susan could not hold back any longer and began to squirt pussy juice down TvTerry's hand and onto the bed. Susan moans with pleasure and acclaims, "I haven't done that in front of others" as she laughs. Mark pulls Susan's shorts down to her knees where the tape is still holding then together. Roger slides his hand down her back and drives his fingers in to her pussy to see just how wet it is. He whispers to her to let her know how nice and juicy it is. Then he pulls his fingers out and with out warning Kathy drives the strap-on deep into Susan's soaking wet pussy.

Susan's pussy accepts the whole strap-on with out any reservations, and starts to rock back on the strap-on as Kathy thrusts forward driving it in as deep as it will go. Susan moans with pure pleasure, as Mark, Roger, and TvTerry watch. Kathy is pounding her fast and hard and getting Susan ready to orgasm again. Mark's cock is rock hard watching the action. Roger and TvTerry are both rubbing Susan's clit and each sucking harder and harder on one of her tits. Kathy starts to smack Susan's arse; Susan then lets go with a scream of "oh God, yeah, I'm going to blow again" and then her pussy squirts again, this time on TvTerry's and Roger's hands and down the shaft of the strap-on. Kathy reaches over, pulls Mark's cock out, and starts to stroke it as Susan continues to cum. Mark wants to have Susan suck his cock but she is still wearing the mask and does not know who is who. All Susan knows it that someone is using a strap-on in her pussy and others are sucking her tits and rubbing her clit. She can tell that there are three people doing things to her but she does not know who is doing what. She is in pure ecstasy and cumming over and over again.

Kathy pulls the strap-on out of Susan's soaking wet pussy and lies down on her belly as Mark and Roger undo the tape on her legs. They roll her over to her back, but leave her hands taped and the hood on. Roger starts to roughly play with her tits as TvTerry and Mark take turns driving their hands in and out of her pussy and rubbing her clit. Kathy removes the strap-on, starts to rub her own clit, and brings her self to orgasm. TvTerry takes this as a hint, works her way over to Kathy, and asks to lick her pussy. Mark and Roger are working Susan intently. Mark is licking Susan's pussy and Roger is sucking and biting her tits. TvTerry works Kathy's pussy intently with her tongue while she drives her hand into Kathy's pussy. Kathy lets out a squeal and her pussy squirts on TvTerry's hand and bed. Roger takes the hood off Susan while Mark is still licking her pussy. Susan is starting to get worked up again and says her pussy is going to cum again as Mark is eating her. Roger starts to suck her tits harder as she breaths faster, getting ready to orgasm yet again. Just before she orgasms Roger grasps her throat and applies just enough pressure to slow the blood flow to her brain and then releases and reapplies again and again until she orgasms harder then she ever has before. Satisfied that they have worked Susan's pussy good enough for now, Roger and Mark un-tape her and the three roll over to watch the show on the next bed, as TvTerry and Kathy begin to get really hot and heavy with some more toys from the toy box!

As Susan lay watching the action and recovering she felt movement down the bed and looked to see Mark on his back and Roger in a 69. As she watched there mouths eagerly sliding up and down each others hard cocks she couldn't resist sliding her own fingers in and out of her wet pussy in time to their sucking.

This did not go unnoticed by Kathy and TvTerry who both stopped and watched for a while before after a whispered conversation moved over and whispered to Mark and Roger.

Suddenly Kathy and Roger laid side by side on their backs and TvTerry and Mark lifted Susan from the bed and knelt her over Roger and as TvTerry aimed Roger's cock at Susan's soaking pussy Mark pushed her back till Roger was buried balls deep her still orgasming pussy. Mark then gently moved Susan's upper body sideways positioning her mouth on Kathy's extremely wet pussy.

As Susan started to eagerly lick Kathy's pussy while her own pussy was full of Roger's throbbing hard cock she suddenly groaned loudly into Kathy's pussy causing her to squirt in orgasm as she felt TvTerry sliding her cock deep into her arse and rubbing against Roger's in her pussy.

Susan was going mad in orgasmic pleasure trying to eat all Kathy's love juice as she herself was in continual multiple squirting orgasm from the cocks fucking her pussy and arse at the same time. Susan briefly opened her eyes and not seeing Mark looked round to see were he was and saw him stood behind TvTerry, leaning back against the wall with his cock buried in her arse. Susan started eating Kathy's pussy harder making her multi orgasm loudly as she thought of TvTerry's motions of fucking her arse causing Mark's cock to fuck TvTerry's arse.

It wasn't long before she felt both Roger and TvTerry speed up their fucking of her as they got nearer to cumming. Susan wanted to scream with ecstasy but couldn't with her mouth full of Kathy's sweet pussy and Juice. Susan suddenly found her head gently lifted as Kathy slid down so there heads were together and Kathy gave her a very passionate kiss before lifting Susan's head so she could see I had moved round and was wanking and aiming my cock at her face.

At this moment she felt TvTerry start to pump his hot cum in her arse and as she opened her mouth to scream in pleasure I sprayed her face and open mouth in the biggest load of hot sticky cum ever at the same time as Roger started spraying his hot cum deep in her vagina.

As Susan knelt there with Mark's cum all over her face and some dripping down into Kathy's eager mouth, Kathy pulled her down and licked all the cum from her face as Roger and TvTerry moved clear allowing Susan to lay and recover. Once Kathy had thoroughly cleaned Susan's face she then thoroughly licked clean all the cum off TvTerry's cock, then Marks and Roger's which got all three guys hard again. Before she rolled Susan onto her back and spread her legs wide and first licked all the cum from arse and then from her dripping pussy causing Susan to have three more orgasms before she was finished cleaning her.

Roger, Mark and TvTerry having watched this now positioned Kathy at the end of the bed with her legs over the end. TvTerry bent down grabbed a foot in each hand and lifted them placing one foot on each shoulder before reaching down and aiming his hard cock at her wide open wet vagina and ramming his whole length into her and fucking hard and fast through one orgasm before cumming deep inside her as she came a second time. As he pulled out Mark stepped into his place and really went to town fucking her long and hard with his thick cock till he filled her with his cum as she was squirting in her fifth orgasm. Roger took his place as soon as he pulled out and started fucking her long and hard while tweaking her nipples and fingering her clit while TvTerry and I got our cocks cleaned by the now partially recovered Susan, till he to filled Kathy's pussy with his cum and moved over for Susan to suck his cock clean.

Once Susan had sucked all three of there cocks clean she went to the end of the bed and kneeling in the puddle of Kathy's pussy juice slowly and gently licked her pussy clean before inserting her tongue deep into Kathy's pussy and sucking all three loads of our still hot cum into her mouth. Once Susan was sure she had all our cum in her mouth she got up, leaned forward and shared it with Kathy as they French kissed.

Everyone now was sexually fucked so one by one we showered and cleaned up and the friends left around 3 am. Leaving Susan and Mark alone for the remainder of the night. Where after giving Mark's limp cock the kiss of life as he finger fucked her arse and pussy for about twenty minutes got his cock rock hard and his balls primed with more cum to fill her with.

Mark was so wound up now he grabbed Susan and the bondage tape and marched her down into the Kitchen where he turned the table ninety degrees to the wall before bending her over the table and binding, first her hands to opposite legs on one side of the table and then her legs which left her bent over exposing her mouth, pussy and arse for Mark to use which he did.

For the next two hours, he alternated between fucking her mouth five minutes, then her arse till she orgasmed, then her wet slippery vagina till she orgasmed and kept repeating till he was ready to cum. He then went round to her head and lifted it gently as he very slowly lined up his swollen precum leaking cock with her mouth and inserted the tip of his over sensitive cock between her lips and started very slowly fucking her mouth till with a loud groan he pushed his cock down her throat and held it there as his cock pulsed as his balls pumped all his remaining hot cum down her throat in five large jets.

As the last main spurt of cum left his throbbing cock he slowly pulled it from her mouth and wiped the remaining trickles all over face before going round the table and ramming his still hard cock deep in Susan's Vagina. He held there as deep as he could get and waited as both he and Susan could feel it slowly going flaccid inside her still wet orgasming vagina.

Mark had never said anything about what he was planning for Susan to anybody. After five minutes Marks cock was flaccid enough for what he had planned and without saying a word he suddenly pushed as tight as possible against Susan and let fly a long powerful jet of pee into Susan's vagina. Because of the tight seal he had created hardly any pee leaked out and Susan howled in pleasure and almost fainted as she orgasmed and squirted at being filled with so much hot pee and Mark collapsed over her back in sexual bliss totally exhausted.

After a very long time Mark recovered enough to stand and then he removed his cock from Susan's pussy, opening the floodgates as it slipped out for a torrent of hot pee mixed with cum and pussy juice to shower and splash all over him and Susan.

As he watched the hot stream of sex juices cascading down her lovely supple thighs to form a large puddle on the floor he couldn't help getting another rock hard errection which quivered almost vertical at the vision in front of him with his foreskin pulled back exposing his cock head looking painfully bright purple.

Never one to waste a hard on Marke pulled her cheeks apart and with perfect aim slid his cock deep into Susan's tight arse and then fucked her with long hard fast strokes through several orgasms and on into a continuous squirting orgasm till with a subdued scream from Susan as she felt him cumming deep in her arse she fainted with pleasure and exhaustion.

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