Service with a Smile Ch. 05


Stephanie's hip buzzed. She stopped short and tilted her pager. "Oh my! 911! I have to get to the hospital immediately."

"I don't want to go there, Mama."

Stephanie turned to face me. Harriett's arm blocked her path. "Mr. Marcus, could you give Inga a ride home?"

Harriett's look was severe. "Dear, I have some things I need to discuss."

"Please, Ms. Marcus." Stephanie put a hand on Harriett's shoulder. "I'd really appreciate it."

Harriett dropped her arm. "Oh, all right. The least I can do after all Inga has done for us."

Not nearly enough, but put the blame on Stephanie. Harriett shouted as the three of us crossed the threshold. "But come straight back, I need to speak with you."

When Inga got into the passenger side of my coupe, her shorts rode up, bunching around her thighs. I exited our neighborhood and accelerated onto a main street. I was anxious to get Inga safe and get back to Harriett's emergency.

I took a long look at my passenger. The top Inga wore was very tight. Obviously she came to my house braless, made up, looking to get laid. What a shock it must have been to see her mother coupled with me-

Inga's shout of "Look out!" brought me out of my reverie.

Traffic was stopped ahead of us. I slammed on the brakes but the distance was too short. I swerved onto the left shoulder. My tires slipped on the gravel. The embankment tilted. My car rolled over and slid, scraping the ground. Inga and I dangled from our seats, belts keeping us aloft. Inga rolled down her window, preparing for escape. Purple sludge flowed in. When Inga released her seatbelt, she plopped down in the sticky liquid. I had no choice, if I wanted to disembark. Somehow, we both crawled out of my overturned car. Oh God! My heart sunk at the totaled wreckage that had been my pride and joy.

Two firemen in head-to-toe covering ran over. "Don't move," said the first.

"Get them in a chemical shower," said the second.

"What's wrong?" My skin began to itch, and my eyes burned.

"A tanker hauling chemical waste overturned and dumped its load," said the first. "No time. Follow me."

Through my tears I saw him grab Inga's hand and hurry us to a plastic tent, four foot square, next to tanks and tubes.

"Get in and strip down," the fireman ordered. "We've got to get that stuff off you." I followed Inga into the tent.

"Toss your clothes through the slit." He unzipped a narrow gap. "We'll hold onto your valuables." I got undressed and did what he said. Although my vision was blurry through uncontrollable tears, I could see Inga's naked body, a foot away. Damn, under other circumstances, this might be pleasant, even erotic.

"The detox is going to be a little cold. Scrub yourselves real good."

A little cold was an underestimate. I couldn't stop shaking. Inga threw herself into my arms. Her body warmth helped.

"It itches so bad. Get it off me," she pleaded.

I rubbed my hands all over Inga's body. Shit, was I violating Stephanie's rules? No, she'd given me permission just minutes ago to hold her daughter. Inga's hands touched every inch of me, but my penis repeatedly. Damn, this was no place for a sexual encounter. There were firemen outside, waiting for us. My itching and burning subsided. My hands roamed freely over Inga's smooth skin. Her neck, shoulders, breasts. I lingered there, pulling at her nipples. Her stomach and hips, and then down her belly to her crotch. She widened her stance. I flashed my fingers quickly through her slit.

I heard voices outside the tent. "Where's the girl?"

"In the chemical shower."

"And the guy?"

"The same place."

"Who told you to put both of them in the same decontamination unit?"

"You did. You said, 'Get them in a chemical shower.' So I did."

"But they're naked!

"He's seen his daughter naked before. Hasn't he?"

"Who says she's his daughter?"


"Dummy." His voice raised, just like my prick. "Hey, are you two all right in there?"

"Fine," Inga called out. "Just making sure we get all of that goop off." She thrust her hips forward, legs spread. "Am I clean down there?" Inga's pussy lips spread wide. They were moving, and I heard a voice. It was Stepahnie, the lips saying "Don't even think about it!"

Inga tugged at my erection, then threw her arms around my neck and pulled her legs around my waist. I grabbed her ass, to keep us from falling over and destroying the tent.

"Here comes the rinse," a fireman cried.

This water was just as cold as the last. I shivered. My prick slid back and forth along Inga's pussy. My fingertips were dangerously close. She was humping. "Let's do it," she said. "No one will know." She ground her pubic area against mine.

I was so ready to fuck her. My dick was throbbing in anticipation.

"Take me, like you did Norma. Like you did my mom."

Stephanie's face appeared in my mind, angry, menacing. I pulled Inga off as the rinse ended. Inga came at me for another hug and cuddle, but I held her at arm's length. "You got something for us to wear?" I asked loudly.

A one-piece jump suit came through the upzipped slot. Size small.

"This one is for you." I handed it to Inga, whose pout put her lip two inches past the tip of her nose. Inga was sexy, even in a baggy post-hazmat suit. All of her excessive make-up was gone. Just her lovely, natural complexion. God, she was so beautiful, my heart ached.

Another jump suit appeared through the slot. Mine was extra large. I stepped in and zipped up. The fireman let us out of the tent.

"Any problems?" he asked. "For you or your, uh-"

"My minister?" If Inga performed ministry, that was an appropriate title. "Nope. Can we both get rides home?"

"You should both get checked out first. There's an ambulance parked right over there." His gloved hand pointed.

"Make sure she's okay first." I directed Inga towards the ambulance with my hand at her back. It took a push to get her moving.

"And you?"

"I'm fine. I'll check in with my physician, after I call my insurance agent. Now about that ride?"

"If you're sure." The suited fireman waved to a colleague beyond the taped perimeter.

Inga looked back at me over her shoulder as I followed a fireman to a red sedan. How disappointed she must have been, coming so close to real sex.

For some reason, I was more afraid of Stephanie than any woman I'd ever met, even though I'd fucked her vigorously. Perhaps it was the contrast with my earliest sexual liaisons, when the parents were almost thrilled I was fucking their daughters. Stephanie was the exact opposite. That's probably why she was still in control. Boy, I hate when that happens!

(To be continued)


An Original H M Tale

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