Seventh Heaven: Camden Family Sex


Cecilia thought her inner pussy was being torn from her body. She grunted and grasped hard on Annie's head, pulling her even tighter to her pussy.

Annie suddenly let out a loud groan and fell hard against Cecilia's body.

Behind her a naked Eric had just shoved his stiff cock deep into his wife's pussy. He pulled back slightly and drove deeper now that is cock was covered in her pussy juices. Deeper and deeper he went and until he was balls deep in her cunt. He began pumping faster and faster as he watched the two women clutch at each other as he knew he was going to cum quickly.

Cecilia watched Eric fuck Annie and she came all over Annie's face.

Annie lost it too and squeezing her cunt muscles she drew the cum from Eric and the two of them same together. Rolling off of Cecilia she took Eric with her.

Slowly the three of them calmed down and Eric slid out of Annie.

Cecilia crawled between Eric's legs and licked at the cum coated cock that was still fairly stiff.

He grabbed at her head and pumped his cock into her tiny mouth, her swollen lips were stretched around his now stiff cock.

Annie slid down and joined Cecilia and looking up at Eric whispered; "So you like this little slut's lips on your cock huh Eric?"

"Oh yes Annie she took real good care of the twin AND me while you were gone. I just love your new tits. How many doctors did you fuck to get those?"

She laughed; "Well at least I got something out of fucking them, what did you get from Cecilia?"

He smiled; "The same thing you did Annie, the same thing you did! Oh I missed you Annie, welcome home!"

She hugged him, pressing her new firm tits against him; "Me too honey, me too! Now are you ready to try out my new hooters?"

The three of them fucked late into the night only stopping to order a pizza and get right back to the bedroom afterwards.

Simon opened the door and welcomed Martin and Sandy into their apartment. He shook Martin's hand and hugged Sandy.

Martin was dressed in jeans and a dark green dress shirt, while Sandy was wearing a rather short black wrap-around slinky black dress.

Sandy immediately went over to Rose and they hugged and gave each other a chaste kiss.

Simon was dressed similar to Martin while Rose was wearing a black ribbed long-sleeved pullover turtleneck and an extremely tight black shirt that showed off her slim sleek body.

When Martin saw Rose with her apple sized tits pushing provocatively against the material of her pullover and her tight ass jutting against her tight skirt he nearly drooled all over himself.

Dinner was done and Rose placed it on the table for all to help themselves.

Simon popped open a bottle of wine and before long all were eating and drinking. When Simon opened the third bottle of wine Martin smiled over at Rose who was slyly sliding her bare foot up and down his calf.

At the other end of the table Sandy slid closer to Simon once he was seated with the wine and he nearly dumped it on the table when he felt her hand slide up his upper thigh.

When Rose's bare foot went higher Martin nearly choked on his wine. Looking over at Simon be blurted out; "I'm not sure about you Simon, but I had enough, how about taking our wine to the livingroom?"

Simon nodded; "Sounds like a great idea!" As he got up he noticed his cock had reared its stiff head because of Sandy's hand.

With two sofas directly across from each other Simon and Martin flopped down on opposite couches. Simon was surprised when Sandy took a seat beside him. When he looked up Rose had a wicked smile on her face and she took a seat next to Martin.

When Rose crossed her legs her tight short skirt rode up her bare thighs and covered less than half of her thighs. She uncrossed and recrossed them and Simon's eyes nearly popped out of his eyes when he noticed his bride didn't have any panties on. Her skirt rode even higher and Martin's eyes were glued to her slim shapely legs.

Across from her, Sandy who's large tits were bursting out of the top of her dress, turned towards Simon and whispered, "I think your wife is trying to seduce my man, what do you think Simon?"

"I got the same impression about you at the dining room table!" Looking over at Rose she had her legs uncrossed again and the one closest to Martin was draped over his and she was whispering in his ear. He smiled up at her and looked over at Sandy; "So tell us Sandy, you and Rose had this all cooked up before you even got here, right?"

Sandy nodded and looked over at Simon and before he could react, she was in his arms and her mouth was attacking his.

Across the room Rose already had her hand at Martin's pants, she was yanking open his pants and pulling down his zipper. Her long sable brown hair was draped over his shoulder and chest as she gave him a deep open-mouthed kiss.

Martin's hand was cradling her apple sized tit in his palm as Rose tore her mouth from his and her head dropped to his lap. She swiped his thick cock back and forth across her lips. Her tongue flicked out and danced around the thick head and Martin tightened his grip on her tit.

On the other sofa Sandy's dark eyes were smoking as she had Simon's pants around his ankles and his shorts followed shortly after that.

Simon had Sandy's belt that was tied about her waist holding her dress secure open and as it fell to the sofa. Her soft silky dress parted and her large tits were in the open for Simon to feast upon.

Sandy shifted and the dress fell from her thighs and her entire gorgeous body was exposed and Simon did not hesitate to pounce upon.

Simon leaned Sandy back on the sofa and covered her body with his own. Divesting her of her dress and quickly removing her bra, he went after her large tits. "Mmmmm my god Sandy I just love your big titties, don't get me wrong I love Rose's small firm tits, but your tits are fantastic. I could suck and play with them all day!"

Sandy giggled and threw her long sexy feathered hair over her shoulders giving him easier access to her sensitive tits. She didn't want him to stop, but eyeing his stiff cock, her mouth began to water just thinking about wrapping her lips around his long shaft. Breaking free from his hold on her tits, she slipped to the floor dressed only in her panties and looking up at his face she smiled up at him. Her dark eyes sparkled and opening her mouth she stuck out her tongue and gripping his cock, she ran his cock back and forth, up and down on his cock and letting out a loud moan opened her mouth wide and began to slide his cock into her oral cavern.

Inch by inch his cock disappeared into her mouth. She had experienced Simon's cock several years ago, but she couldn't then and now either, take his entire cock into her mouth. She stopped at six inches and she couldn't believe she only had half of his cock into her mouth.

Across from Simon and Sandy, Rose, just like Sandy was on her knees sucking on Martin's cock. Martin was naked from the waist down and he had his head thrown back. His hands held two fistfuls of her gorgeous sable brown hair. He loved how silky and long her hair was. Veils of her hair covered his thighs, belly and crotch area.

Rose was slurping and although Simon's cock was nearly twice as long as Martin's, his was a lot thicker and it stretched her lips. She gazed up at him with those dark smoky eyes and when her lips touched his belly he nearly lost it.

Martin looked at Simon and Sandy and saw them nearly naked; he too was now totally naked now but noticed Rose was still totally clothed. "Hey Simon why are the three of us naked and Rose here still has all her clothes on?"

"I'm not sure Martin, but I think we should remedy that and soon!" He gently pulled Sandy off his cock and planted a soft kiss on Sandy's lips; "I'll be right back I have to help Martin strip my wife."

Sandy chuckled; "Take your time I have to visit the little girl's room if you get my drift." She disappeared into the bathroom and Simon kicked his pants and shorts aside and tore off his shirt.

Rose ignored the two of them but let out a moan of disappointment when Simon pulled her off Martin's cock. He reached down and grabbed the bottom of her black turtleneck and drew it up her slim body. When it cleared her firm small tits, she raised her arms to assist him, but Simon held it there while Martin closed in and attacked her gorgeous tits.

His mouth covered one tiny mound and his hand plucked away at the other stiff nipple. He could hear Rose let out a screech under the turtleneck that had her head trapped.

"God damn you Simon, pull this fucking thing off of me so I can get back to sucking some cock!"

Simon held it there long enough for Martin to suck on her other tit and pull down her tiny skirt. He directed her to the sofa and had her sit down.

Just as Simon pulled her head free from the top, Simon took a seat on the sofa and drew Rose down to the same couch.

She lay on her back, now totally naked, her head in Simon's lap and stretched out on the sofa, one long slim leg on the floor and Martin pushed the other leg to the top of the sofa back.

Martin settled in between her outstretched legs and planning soft wet kisses and tiny bites on her inner thighs, quickly focused on her thick bush; "Mmmmmm it's nice to see you still have a thick carpet of hair down here, you are one lucky fucker Simon!" Before either could reply, Martin spread her lips and began lapping at the river of juices flowing out of her pussy.

Simon reached down and toyed with her quarter sized aureoles and tugged at her sensitive nipples.

Rose's dark eyes were smoldering as the two guys played with her sexually charged body; "Oh fuck Simon I love the way you play with my nipples. Fuck, Martin is eating my pussy so nicely! I can't wait for him to fill me with that thick cock of his. Speaking of cock let me have a go at yours till Sandy returns!"

Rose twisted her shoulders and came face to face with Simon's stiff cock. Opening her mouth, her pink lips enveloped the head of his cock. "Oh fuck yeah Martin, right there, suck my clit, oh fuck I'm going to cum soon!"

Just then Sandy let out a loud scream from the bathroom; "OH FUCK! NO FUCKING WAY! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT; I'M STARTING MY FUCKING PERIOD!" She came barreling out of the bathroom; "You cocksucker Martin, it's all your fault, I wanted to have this dinner last week, but nooooooooo, you had your fucking baseball practice! Now what the fuck am I supposed to do?"

Rose looked up with saliva all over her cheek from Simon's cock her flawless complexion flushed from her first orgasm spat out; Come on Simon, get up and comfort her, at this point there is no way I'm stopping now. Martin has my cunt so fucking hot and wet; I'm not stopping till he fills me with his hot sticky cum!"

She pulled Martin up to her and kissed him hard and wrapping her extremely long slim legs around him, drew his stiff cock onto her dark forest and into her waiting womanhood.

Simon pulled the crying Sandy against his naked chest and as her big tits scraped against his hairy chest he let out a gasp. Placing his finger on the end of her chin, he drew her face up to his and planted a soft kiss on her bee-stung swollen lips.

Her lips parted immediately and her urgent tongue darted into his mouth and fenced wildly with his tongue. Breaking the kiss she rested her forehead on his chest; "Oh Simon we've been planning this night for weeks and I remember the first time you fucked me with that big cock of yours, well I was itching all week in anticipation of having you fill my pussy again with that monster!"

He looked down at the gorgeous woman before him and his cock got even harder. Those beautiful eyes staring up at him and her sexy feathered hair with those incredible bangs he let out a tiny groan deep in his throat.

He looked over at Rose and Martin; the two of them were pounding away like animals. Her head whipped around, her gorgeous hair covered her face, shoulders and tiny apple-sized tits. She was driving her hips upward to meet every downward plunge Martin was inflicting on her receptive body.

The two of them were building quickly towards an explosive orgasm as Rose gripped Martin's ass and urged him to fuck her deeper and harder.

Simon turned to the sad Sandy and whispered in her ear; "If you want to fuck, follow me!"

Sandy suddenly was smiling from ear to ear as Simon pulled her back into the bathroom. Sliding open the large door on the tub/shower combination, turned on the water. Turning back to Sandy grinned at her; "You better slip out of those panties and get ready, if you know what I mean. I'll turn around I know Rose hates it when I catch her with........well you know!"

She threw her arms around his neck and planted a hot wet kiss on his lips; "Oh Simon, I always knew you were special!" While Simon turned around, she slipped off her panties and sitting on the toilet got ready for the shower. She flushed and when she tapped Simon on the shoulder, he turned and she was once again in his arms.

Simon lifted her off her feet and placed her in the tub away from the shower spray. He got in too and slid the enclosure door shut. Reaching up he turned the spray onto their bodies, hitting them from the chest downward. The two of them embraced and Sandy was so turned on she didn't care about her hair.

She slid to her knees and began to give Simon a blow-job to end all blow-jobs. Her sexy silky hair was suddenly reduced to a dripping mass if wet locks, but she continued to suck his cock.

Simon gripped her by the arms and drew her to her feet and leaning her over, he began eating her pussy and she went berserk and within minutes was cumming all over his face. Without letting up, Simon got up and leaning over her lush body, slid his wet, stiff cock deep into her pussy.

The two of them fucked like it was the last fuck they would ever experience. He reached around and cupped her large swaying tits as he shoved his cock deeper and deeper into her extremely wet and hot cunt.

Sandy exploded over and over again, her thighs were red, but neither of them let up, not until she came again, just as she felt Simon filling her pussy with her potent sperm.

Totally spent the two of them drifted to the bathtub floor and after Simon pulled out and washed her sediment away, Simon blocked the drain and turning the lever from shower to tub, dumped half a bottle of bath oil into the tub and leaning back drew Sandy into his arms as the two of them waited for the tub to fill, they clutched at one another's body and laid back in total contentment.

Out in the livingroom they heard Rose cumming for the umpteenth time. Martin came once in her pussy and this time as she squirted all over his cock, Martin pulled out and drenched her face, chest and hair in his creamy cum.

The two of them collapsed against one another as they listened to the tub filling up. After about ten minutes they struggled to their feet and entered the bathroom.

Sandy was above Simon, she was bouncing up and down on his cock as water splashed against the enclosure door. Suddenly both Simon and Sandy let out a loud scream and she slumped against him as they both came once again.

She slowly slipped off of him and luckily the thick amount of bubbles hid the pale pink water. The two of them stood up and turned on the shower, rinsing off, they closed off the shower and pulled the drain plug.

Getting out they dried each other as Martin and Rose were next in line to wash off the sweat and cum form their bodies.

By the time they fucked again, rinsed off and dried off, they came back into the livingroom to see Sandy and Simon totally dressed, cuddling and sipping on a glass of wine.

Rose picked up her clothes and hurried to the bedroom to dress, while Martin disappeared into the bathroom to do the same.

Once out, the four of them sat and sipped wine until Martin stood and thanked Rose and Simon for the great meal and whatever.

Sandy cupped Simon's face planted a soft kiss on his lips and whispered; "Thank you Simon for the incredible evening. You turned a disaster into a very, very memorable night!" She hugged Rose and just before they left Simon spoke up; "Don't forget in a couple weeks at the Camden house, you're both invited for mom and dad's 25th wedding anniversary party, it's going to be a doozy!"


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