tagErotic CouplingsSex in the Sahara Ch. 10

Sex in the Sahara Ch. 10


Chapter 10: Back to the Oasis

Linda’s narrative

The hot desert sun hit my eyes as I gingerly crept from the tent. My body was stiff and my pussy had almost certainly expanded an inch in diameter from the many cocks that had invaded it the night before. Memories of all those lovely cocks were floating around in my dazed mind as my eyes grew accustomed to the intense brightness of the Algerian sun.

A Bedouin Tribesman stood, wearily, a few feet from the entrance through which I had just crawled. He looked at me and smiled. During the gang bang of the night before; I had seen few of the faces of the men who had fucked me. I had just enjoyed their hard cocks as they had reamed into my pussy, my mouth and my arse. As I smiled back at the Arab guarding our ‘fuck’ tent I wondered if his cock had been one of those that I had enjoyed; or maybe it was Adele that he had penetrated. It was obvious from the smile on his face that he had fucked one of us at least. Maybe even both.

As I stood gazing around the encampment I was joined by Adele who took me in her arms, ignoring the look on the Bedouin’s face as he watched, and kissed me tenderly and erotically on my wet and willing lips.

“Good morning sweet Princess; how are you?” I looked deep into her soft eyes and ran my hand gently through her soft hair. “I’m fine sweetness. I slept like a baby after all the sex last night.”

We stood there under the hot desert sun as it lit up the golden sand of the dunes on one side and sent the opposite sides into almost total blackness. The nomad camp was almost deserted as Adele and I stood gazing around at the scenery before us; our arms around each other in protection. Although we knew we were safe and would soon be on our way back to the oasis the comfort of Adele’s arm around me made me feel safe. Eventually we turned and re-entered the tent to awaken Curtis who had almost passed out in exhaustion from fucking so many lovely virgins, as well as Adele and me afterwards.

Two hours later the three of us were helped into a Range Rover’ by the Bedouin leader himself’ and he bid us all a safe and enjoyable trip and thanked us all profusely for our services the night before. The grin on his face showed that he had also taken part in the sex at some stage; and again, as I had with the guard, I wondered if he had fucked me or fucked Adele.

The hot sand spurted from beneath the wheels of the vehicle as it sped forward into the desert and within an hour we found ourselves back at the oasis. Everything was as we had left it and, although we had showered back at the encampment, the moment the Range Rover had disappeared from view the three of us stripped off and dived into the cool waters of the oasis. We frolicked, we played, we kissed and we generally released our emotions that had built up over the last day and night.

Was it really only 28 hours since we had been ‘kidnapped’? It seemed like a lifetime ago to me as I sank my body below the refreshing waters. Finally we crept from the pool and lit the primus for a welcoming coffee. We had been fed in style prior to leaving the Bedouin camp but their hot, thick black coffee left a lot to be desired and the welcoming Nescafe went down a treat. None of us had bothered to dress after our swim and we sat around the stove discussing our plans in total nakedness until Curtis announced he was going to ‘get his head down’ for a few hours before we set off towards The Atlas Mountains and Marrakech; where we planned to spend a week just chilling out. He drank the remainder of his coffee before kissing Adele and me and within minutes he was fast asleep on top of his sleeping bag; almost certainly dreaming about his cock as it ravaged the hot, virgin, pussies the night before.

Adele and I decided to stretch out on a blanket beneath the shade of a large palm tree and try to get some sleep ourselves. However instead of closing our eyes we lay on our sides, facing each other, and discussed the events of the night before. As we had lost sight of each other, amidst the many naked male bodies, we each in turn went over some of the things that had happened and I listened intently as Adele narrated her experience. As she came to the end of her narrative I slid my hand over onto her naked breasts and slowly began to rub my palm over her exposed nipples. We looked deep into each other’s eyes as she, in turn, slid her hand over to my inner thigh. We leaned forward and kissed softly; our tongues meeting in a sensual insertion into the wet depths of our mouths. When our lips finally parted I stood up and told Adele I would just be a second and I crossed the short distance to our Land Rover and fumbled around in my bag until I found what I was looking for. Returning to the blanket I showed Adele the bottle of oily skin protection lotion and sank to my knees beside her.

“Your skin is very dry sweetness.” I murmured as I flipped the lid and poured some into my hand. “Turn onto your tummy baby.”

Without a word, but with a knowing glint in her eye, she smiled and turned onto her stomach with her head on her hands facing me. She shuddered slightly as the cold oil touched her back but she soon relaxed beneath me as I knelt astride her and began to massage lotion slowly and gently into her tanned skin. I let my knees sag and lowered myself onto the base of Adele’s naked bum. The feel of my pussy on her skin sent a lovely shiver through me and I heard Adele moan softly at the touch. With my hands gently massaging into her skin I slowly moved them up and down her spine in gentle, circular movements, pausing briefly at her shoulders to relax the tense muscles I found there. I smiled sexily to myself as my pussy began to slide over the lower part of Adele’s buttocks as I leaned back and forth applying the pressure of my hands on her body. For 5 minutes I concentrated on her back and shoulders, replenishing the lotion to her skin as necessary, before asking her to move her arms down to her side so that I could concentrate on those. Up and down I slid my hands over her soft skin; still moving my pussy over her buttocks in a slow, sensual movement that was sending little shivers of pleasure through my body. I knew I was getting wet; and I knew Adele could feel my juices seeping onto her skin. We both knew that soon we would make love.

From her arms I moved my body lower down her own so that I was kneeling over her ankles as my hands began to massage the lotion onto her buttocks. Gently, sexily, slowly, pressing and squeezing I moulded her firm cheeks in my hands. I could hear her breathing increasing in intensity as well as in volume. Occasionally a small gasp would escape her lips as I lowered my head and kissed each cheek softly. I could feel her body becoming totally relaxed as I slid my hands over her skin but then, as I bent again to kiss her bum cheeks she would stiffen in delight beneath me. Again I sat back on my heels and continued to massage, again I would lean forward and kiss those lovely, sexy, well formed buttocks; occasionally moving my hands down the back of her legs before returning to her bum.

Slowly I leant forward again and felt Adele stiffen in readiness for some more kisses to her cheeks. But they never arrived. Instead my tongue darted briefly into her tiny, tight bum hole and she almost screamed as she felt my tongue slide, fractionally, inside. Her hips shot upwards to meet me and I began to slowly lick up and down her small crack. I stopped briefly, to again slide my tongue into the hole, before returning to the licking movements as she began to writhe beneath me.

I gently changed my position as I lifted first one knee, and then the other, so that I was kneeling between her now open legs. My hands began a sensuous massaging of her legs; up and down the backs first, and then on the insides. Slowly, very slowly, I worked my hands upwards until my fingers finally reached the area between her bum and her pussy. I knew it would be wet and I slid a solitary finger over the base of her slit and delighted at the moan of pleasure that escaped her lips. I lowered myself forward again and my tongue slid first into her bum hole and flicked a few times before moving downward to her pussy. Her position, laying flat on her stomach, also meant that her wet slit was pressed into the blanket and only the bottom was available to my tongue. I moved my hands to her hips and gently lifted them; letting Adele know that I needed her to kneel up slightly. Once her pussy was free from the ground I again bent low and began to lick sensuously up and down the crack of her bum to the now accessible slit of her pussy.

Adele’s hips arched upwards and my tongue slid into her wetness as I craned my neck backwards to allow me to lick and taste at the juices that were flowing from her. Up and down, in and out, my tongue licked and probed as Adele now moaned constantly beneath me. Suddenly I stopped, sat up and climbed from between her legs. I whispered to her to turn over and I again climbed between her long, sexy, oil covered legs. Holding myself up by my hands I stretched myself above the length of Adele’s lovely, slender body and, just as I lowered my hips so that our pussies touched, I kissed her first on the forehead, then on each eye, and then a tender kiss to her lips before I dropped my mouth to her firm breasts and erect nipples. As my lips closed around her left breast I felt the wetness from my pussy mingling with the wetness from her own and I relaxed my hips so that our wet slits pressed tight together. My teeth bit gently on the nipple in my mouth and Adele moaned loudly as the pleasure shot through her. I moved my head and took her other nipple into me. A suck, a gentle bite, and then another suck. I felt her body quiver beneath me and I got to my knees again. I moved down between her legs so as to lay flat on my own tummy. I placed my hands on her hips and drove my face into her wetness.

She screamed.

A scream of delight and pleasure erupted from her mouth as my tongue now dived deeply into her womanhood. I kept it stiff as my head bobbed up and down and my tongue turned into a tin cock as it probed the depths of her wetness. My face became covered in smooth, silky juices as I moved in and out of her slowly and sensuously. I relaxed my tongue for a moment and commenced to lick up and down her sit. Her hips jerked up into my face as I touched her tiny bud a few centimetres above the hole that I had just been probing. I could feel my rock hard nipples pressing into the blanket as I concentrated on the pussy in my mouth.

I moved one hand from her hip and slid it beneath her just as my mouth encircled her clit and began to suck. My long index finger slid into the wetness of her hole and again she screamed. Her whole body began to tremble and jerk against my face and finger as she took it deeper inside her.

Faster and faster her hips pounded up and down against me. My tongue probed her slit again to join my finger as it reamed in and out. Then back to her clitoris to leave just my finger inside her. Suddenly her body went into a massive tremble, her legs closed about my head and she came. I felt the hot juices spurt onto my finger and immediately rammed my tongue inside to taste them as they flowed freely from her quivering body. The average eight second orgasm paled into insignificance as her eruption continued with my tongue and finger probing and sucking the very depths of her womanhood.

Finally her body began to relax beneath me as she came down from the sexual heights that I had taken her too. I slid gracefully from between her legs and lay beside her; my arms wrapped around her as if to protect her. A reversal of roles as Adele was usually MY protector. But I loved it. I loved to feel her quivering in my arms as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

I kissed her.

The following morning Curtis had the camp packed up while Adele and I bathed before climbing back into our travelling shorts and tops. Curtis took the wheel and the three of us headed west towards The Atlas Mountains and Marrakech. This had been one hell of a sexy holiday and, as I felt Adele’s hand begin to stroke my naked leg as we sat behind Curtis in the Land Rover, I wondered if was yet over and what sexy fun awaited us in the days ahead. Slowly I opened my legs……


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