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Sex Stress Test


I had just turned 65 and received my Medicare card. My wife was bugging me to get a complete physical (and a prescription for Viagra). Now I have been to many Doctors over my lifetime but if anyone is going to stick their finger up my ass and hold my balls while I cough, I prefer a woman Doctor.

I saw Dr. Mia Kim who gave me a complete going over including the usual digital probe and ball cupping. I detected a slight smile cross her face when I began to get hard as she held my balls. Later when I asked for the Viagra prescription she asked if it was really necessary.

As she wrote the Rx she said she said at my age I should have a stress test and called in her nurse, Heather, to schedule the test. Heather asked the doctor if she wanted the regular or experimental stress test. The doctor asked if I would like to be part of a study and take part in research project.. She explained that the test was based on the theory that sexual activity is good for the cardiovascular system and increases the heart rate. Having been through the treadmill test and all I opted for the new test. An appointment was set for the following week.

I arrived at the Doctor’s office at 9 AM as instructed. Nurse Heather greeted me and led me into a room with an examination table and a machine on a cart. She had me sign a paper giving permission for them to give me the experimental stress test. I’m sure I signed away any rights I had to hold them responsible if anything went wrong as well. I noticed Heather was wearing a white lab coat that buttoned down the front rather than her usual scrubs.

She instructed me to remove my clothes and lay on the table. As she left instead of the usual backless paper gown, she handed me a towel and suggested I might want to use it to cover “my privates”. I stripped and a few minutes Heather knocked on the door and entered. As I lay on my back, towel in place, The nurse began shaving spots on my chest, arm, leg and other various parts of my body. Once the shaving was complete she began attaching sticky-backed patches to the now hairless parts of my body.

Heather wheeled a machine near the table and began attaching wires to the patches. She turned the machine on and pushed a few buttons. I heard a humming noise and the printer spat out some graphs. Heather said, “You’re all set, ready to go. I’ll let the doctor know and as soon as she comes in we will get started.” She left, returning in a few minutes she wheeled a TV with built in VCR up to the table and asked if I could see the screen all right. I nodded as Dr. Kim entered.

“Now, Mr. Stevens, as I told you this is experimental and you may find it quite unusual. Okay Heather start the test.” The Doctor started the machine while Heather hit the play button on the VCR. On the screen was a beautiful light skin black woman striking various poses. She then began to dance and move in rhythm to the type of music played at a “Gentleman's Club”. As she stripped I heard the Doctor pushing various buttons and the printer rattling away. As the Video woman squatted facing the screen, she opened her dark cunt lips and displayed her inner pink pussy. To my disappointment Heather turned the TV off. Both Heather and Dr. Kim glanced at the towel that was now serving as a tent.

“That’s Phase One” Dr. Kim said, “Are you all right? Do you want to continue?” I quickly nodded as I couldn’t wait to see what was next. As the doctor started to speak, Heather began to unbutton her lab coat revealing her full round tits with erect cherry red nipples. She was clean shaven exposing the top of her slit before it disappeared between her legs.. “Heather will rub her breast across your body and penis. She will then place your member between her breast and nipples. Next she will perform fellatio on you.” I must have had a puzzled look on my face as Heather said, “I’m going to give you a blow job.”

In a very matter of fact voice the Doctor continued, “ After I take a reading of that phase, Heather will place a condom on your member and mount you, performing sexual intercourse with you. How do you feel? Do you have any pains in your chest? Remember you can stop the test at any time.” Yap, sure I’m going to stop this. “While your penis is in her vagina I will get on the table and straddle your head while you perform cunnilingus on me.” Immediately Heather said, “You know, eat her pussy.” As Heather spoke The good doctor unbuttoned her lab coat and stood at he counsel naked as a Jay Bird. She had pert round titties centered with hard brown nipples. Both women had erect nipples. I didn’t know if it was the air-conditioning or if they were turned on by the activities. Being Asian, Dr. Kim had a tuft of jet black hair just above her pussy. Her long labial lips hung freely between her parted legs.

I felt Heather’s warm body caress mine as she slid her big tits across my chest and stomach. She lifted my now rock hard cock to the valley between her tits and slowly rocked back and forth. Dr. Kim pushed more buttons and the printer ran more graphs. I then felt Heather's wet tongue lick up from the base of my rigid rod as she cupped my balls and squeezed. She wrapped her tongue around the head of my cock and slowly nibbled her way back down to the base. The pace quickened as her head bobbed up and down. Oh god don’t make me cum, I thought, I don’t want to miss out on the rest of the test. As if she read my mind she lifted her lips from my throbbing cock and began unwrapping a condom.

“How are you doing?” The naked Dr. Kim asked. Fine I muttered as I watched Heather’s skillful fingers slip the rubber on my dick. Using a step she got on the table and knelt over me. As she lowered her pink pussy lips on me I felt her vaginal heat and heard a sucking sound when she engulfed my meat. She rode my cock and I reached up to fondled her tits. Raising my head I sucked on her incredible nipples. I heard Dr. Kim push more buttons. She then used the step to straddle and kneel over my head.

I looked up to see the most beautiful sight of her incredible cunt waiting to be lowered on my mouth. Heather increased the pace of her cock riding rhythm as Dr. Kim’s pussy lips covered my face. I loved the scent and taste of her juices. She was really moist..no she was WET. This test was turning her on as much as me. Dr. Kim picked up the rhythm as nurse and doctor rode my body as if they were one. I felt Dr. Kim’s body pull to the right as she leaned over to push more buttons. The printer ran at a frantic rate as our three bodies tightened, strained and convulsed in a giant climax.

I kissed Dr. Kim’s lips as she raised them from my mouth and Heather gave my cock one last squeeze with her vaginal muscles as she dismounted. Dr. Kim rubbed a towel between her legs, carefully put her lab coat back and reviewed the graphs as she left the room.. Heather was still beautifully naked as she removed the full condom and wiped my semi-hard cock with a towel. Heather gave me a wink as she squeezed my cock and told me I could get dressed now.

After I dressed Dr. Kim returned to the room and advised that the preliminary results looked good but she would have to study them further. She told me I could resume a normal life but the research called for me to return every six months for another stress test. I forgot to ask her how many years this study would take. But who cares, after all it’s covered by Medicare.

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