tagIncest/TabooSexiplicity Ch. 04

Sexiplicity Ch. 04


**Sorry for the wait. Had some health issues. Thanks to my editor. She knows who she is. Enjoy!**


Becca soaked in the tub while I changed the sheets on my bed and made up the couch for myself. My large cock had hurt her pretty bad and all she wanted to do was relax in a warm bath. While I was making up the beds, evil Peter started talking again.

"Well, I guess congratulations is in order... not too shabby... way to finally lose our virginity," he said.

"Thanks for not interfering... I didn't know if you would keep the promise."

"A bet's a bet, dweeb... I lost."

"I told you Tiffany didn't want anything to do with us."

"Yeah, because you fucked it up the first time. If I would have stayed in control, she'd be eating out of our hand and dying for our cock every second. Now I have my work cut out for me... but I guess that's okay, now that Becca is out of commission for a while."

"What do you mean?"

"Seriously? Your tore her up... why do you think she's in the tub right now... she'll not want to do anything for a week at least, maybe more until she heals."

"I couldn't help it," I said.

"I know, don't sweat it... we've got plenty of other prospects... your mom being top priority, basically already begging for it."

"But, she's my mother... that's messed up."

"She's also a hot milf and one that's been wasting away with no one to see to her needs. Oh yeah, she's begging for it. She would have fucked us already if you hadn't been a virgin at eighteen. Pathetic."

I ignored him, finished the bed and couch and went to check on Becca. The bath was running again when I knocked on the door and let myself in.

"You okay in here?" I asked.

"Yes, thank you... just warming the water again," she said.

The shower door was closed, so I couldn't see much more than her blurry form lying in the warm water.

"Can I get you anything?" I asked.

"Yeah, like my cock in your mouth?" evil Peter said in my head.

"No thank you... I'm fine," Becca said.

I wanted to walk to the door and slide it back so I could see her naked again, but I didn't know how she would react.

"Okay, well if you need anything let me know," I said.

"Okay, oh... I do need something... I need a razor and probably a tooth brush if I'm staying here. I don't really want to have to go home and get it with my mother and all."

"Right... okay... I'll see what I can do."

I left the bathroom. The toothbrush was easy enough... we had extra of those since we got one from the dentist every six months. A razor was a different story. We'd have to go buy one at the store. Pulling out my phone, I texted my mother to see if she could stop at the store on the way home from work and get one for Becca. Mom didn't reply... Mr. Howell must have her really busy. I thought about walking to the corner convenience store, but it was well after dark and getting late. I didn't live in the best of neighborhoods.

It was about that time when Tiffany came back home. She walked in the door, saw me and scowled.

"Where's Mom?"

"Work," I replied.

"What? Why?"

"She got called in. Mr. Howell can't do anything for himself."

"What a jerk, Saturday night? Pompous ass."

"I want to apologize," I began.

"Save it, little brother... I don't want to hear it!" she said, putting up her hand.

"It's since I hit my head... I've been acting weird I know," I tried again.

"Is someone here?" she asked, hearing the water in the bathtub."

"Yeah... It's Becca... she's kind of staying with us for a few days... it's a long story."

"Oh, great! The house wasn't small enough to begin with... I really need to move out," she said, walking to her room.

"Tiffany... I'm really sorry about..."

"I said... save it, Peter," she said, turning back around and rushing toward me.

"You can't mess with a girl like you did... I was... oh never mind... it's over."

"You were what?" I asked.

"If you must know, Peter... I was intrigued with your... well your penis... I had a weak moment and made a mistake... and then your reaction after I... well you know... it hurt."

"I'm sorry."

"You should be... it was your idea... you started it and I was being nice for once, knowing you've had limited experience with women and then you treat me like that... after... after... I sucked your..."

She seemed flushed and was possibly remembering what she had done and it was having an effect on her.

"Where's Becca going to stay?" she asked, changing the subject.

"My room for now... I'm on the couch," I said.

"Fine... better than her in my room," Becca said, going to her room.

"Fuck if I didn't just see that," evil Peter said, as we watched her walk away.

"Don't start."

"Oh, it's evident. She's got it bad for our cock. She could barely talk about it without salivating. I bet she's so wet right now."

"Shut up! I don't want to hear that about my sister."

"Dude, you know she's hot... remember the shower... fuck! Her body is incredible. We're going to play this cool... let her keep thinking about it... let her desire stew and then she'll practically be dying for it when I make my move again."

"Never going to happen," I said... but I think he knew I was nervous.


I was asleep on the couch, Becca was in my room and I heard my mother finally come home. The glowing numbers on the microwave in the kitchen said 3:21. She locked the front door again and walked quietly over to the sofa I was lying on, probably to check on me.

"Home finally?" I asked.

"Peter, I'm sorry I woke you... yes, we finally got the proposal done... that man is impossible some times," she said.

"I hope he's paying you overtime."

"He'll figure some way out of that too," she said, sitting down on the couch next to me and running her fingers through my hair.

"How's Becca?" Mom asked.

"She's good, sleeping comfortably in my bed. Something happened, Mom... while you were gone."

"What?" She asked.

"We... well we had sex... I'm not a virgin anymore."

"Oh... oh my... well, Peter... that was quick... your first day with a girlfriend and you're already having sex. My my."

"It kind of just happened, when we were making my bed up."

"Is she okay? With how... large you are... I can..."

"She soaked in the tub for over an hour after but she said she's okay."

"I see... I can imagine... your father wasn't my first and he still... never mind," she said.

It was dark and so I couldn't see Mom's face very well, just an outline of her. She tossed my hair, kissed my forehead and told me to go back to sleep. She seemed really warm and I think her hand was trembling. She got up from the couch and headed to her room.

I fell asleep but then something... a noise, woke me up again. It was only ten minutes later. I sat up on the couch and listened to see if I could hear it again. I didn't, but I heard something else and I had no idea what it was, but it was coming from down the hall, my mother's room. I got up, curious, and walked down to her door quietly. Some kind of humming noise was coming from inside... it would get loud and then quiet, loud and then quiet. It took my evil personality to figure out what it was.

"Seriously, dude?... she's fucking herself with a vibrator... right now, as you stand out here listening."

"Oh, fuck... I think you're right," I said, feeling a little ill but my cock still moved in my pajama bottoms.

I couldn't sleep naked on the couch like I normally do. I was about to walk away, quickly back to the couch when I suddenly didn't have control of my body again.

"This isn't right... I told your mother that I would be there for her when she needed release and now she's using a vibrator instead. She agreed," he said, reaching out for the doorknob.

"No... don't... she's fine... leave her alone!" I screamed.

"No, no way... she and I had a deal," he said opening the door.

"Who's there," Mom said, trying to turn off the vibrating toy but having difficulty as we stepped inside her room.

"It's me... Peter."

"What do you need, Peter?" she asked.

"Mom... I know what you're doing. You woke me up with that thing and I thought we had an arrangement?" he said.

"It's so late, Peter I didn't want to bother you."

"Helping my mother isn't a bother," he said, walking to the side of the bed.

Screaming did no good, begging did nothing either so I was helpless to stop him. He sat on the edge of her bed and turned on her nightstand lamp. She had the covers pulled up over her and looked a little embarrassed.

"I thought I waited long enough so you were asleep again, but I dropped the toy... it turned on and was really loud," she said, giggling.

That's what woke me up.

"Can I see it?" he asked.

Mom brought her hands up from the covers and in one was a six inch long and one inch in diameter pink vibrator with a black endcap. It was much smaller than our cock.

"It's all I have," she said, handing it to us.

"Not enough, I'm sure," he said, turning it on and then off. It was still wet from her sex.

"It's okay in emergencies," she said.

Of course our cock was growing quickly in my pajama bottoms, talking about this and holding a vibrator covered in vaginal juices will do that to you. He set it down on the nightstand and turned back around to my mother.

"I'm no longer a virgin... I can see to your needs now like we discussed. Did you forget?" he asked, reaching out and caressing my mother's hair and forehead.

"I did not forget... its just so late and we really shouldn't, Peter."

"I thought we were past the 'shouldn't' part, especially after last time... you wanted me... I wanted you but we only waited because I was a virgin and you wanted me to experience my first time with Becca. That's happened now.

Our cock was rock hard again, the fucking thing, and before Mom could even say anything he shimmied out of our pajamas and underwear, revealing our huge cock to Mom. She swallowed hard and licked her lips unknowingly.

"This is what you need, not that tiny vibrator... let me help you," he said.

Mom's hands were trembling, her breathing had increased. She only hesitated for a brief second before throwing the covers off of her naked body and pulling us down onto her. Our flesh met hers, her large breasts pressed against our chest, our cock between her legs, arching up over her stomach. Evil Peter locked eyes with her, the look of lust on her face was clearly present.

"I'm ready for you, Peter," she said.

"Please don't do this! We can't go back from this! A blowjob and tittyfuck is one thing but full on sex with my mother! Please! We can't take it back!"

"Why would I want to take it back? This is just the beginning of a kick ass arrangement!" he said back in my head.

I had to watch, I had to feel... I was an unwilling participant as he moved our body backwards, letting our cock fall lower between Mom's legs. Their eyes were locked again as he moved forward and I felt everything as our cock entered my mother's extremely wet, warm pussy. Impossible pleasure engulfed our cock as inch after inch disappeared into my mother's body. Her head fell back in a lustful, hungry, yearning moan as if she'd been waiting for this forever and it was finally happening. She took every inch with ease, enveloping our cock in pleasure that easily rivaled Becca's tight virgin sex. It felt so good I fell silent from my screaming that turned into a moan of pleasure. The woman below me was no longer my mother, it was the only way I could cope with what we were doing.

Evil Peter, let out a moan of his own, held our cock deep and basked in the pleasure that was my mother. His hands grabbed both of her breasts, squeezing them together and leaning over to nibble on both as he held our long cock deep inside Mom. Not my mother! This was some gorgeous older woman with huge breasts and hot, wet pussy I was fucking. Not my mother. The older woman, grabbed our ass and pulled us even deeper which I didn't think possible. She let out another hungry moan as evil Peter sucked and nibbled on her nipples.

"Oh, Peter... It's so big... just like your father's," she said.

She eased up on our ass and evil Peter pulled half of our cock from her soaked sex before easing it back into her, only to hold it deep once again. The older woman moaned and called us by name in my mother's voice... the pleasure surged through our hands, mouth and cock as evil Peter continued licking and fondling her breasts. Pulling more out this time, he slammed his cock home faster then we'd ever moved before, not afraid of hurting her like I was Becca. The increased speed caused me to groan in pleasure and for the woman to cry our name... my illusion was failing me. Her voice was my mother... I was fucking my mother and I was enjoying it. A lot

"That's it, sweetie... give it to me... give mommy that big hard cock, Peter," she said, driving me crazy.

It felt so good I didn't care anymore that it was my mother. I was loving it, loving how fast I could fuck her, how deep my cock went into her, how I felt with her nipples in my mouth and my cock pounding away at her incredible pussy. It was different than with Becca. Mom's pussy moved and contracted, milking my cock with each thrust, she was no virgin, no novice, she knew exactly what she was doing and how to use her body and sex to her advantage. I was experiencing mind-blowing pleasure I'd never dreamt about before.

I was so lost in the bliss I didn't even realize I was in control of my body. It was me sucking on my mother's breasts, slamming my long cock in deep and out to the head with each thrust. I didn't even remember when evil Peter had given it back or if he even meant to. I was fucking my mother and loving every second. The only reason I hadn't climaxed yet was because of all the times previous to this one. I was able to pound away and just bask in the pleasure and last through it all. I was giving my mother what she needed and had been missing for years.

"Don't stop... just like that... just like that... mommy's going to cum!" she urged me on.

I fucked her and fucked her until I felt her contractions grip my cock and I knew she was climaxing. She started making these little panting noises as the waves crashed over her. She became exceedingly wet with an orgasmic release. Her mouth fell open, her chest rose and fell rapidly under my mouth and hands. I pounded into her deeply, giving her what she desired at 4am in the morning.

That's when I realized how to gain control back from evil Peter and why cumming had done it before. The key was not caring, not fighting him. When I was cumming nothing else mattered and I got control back. When I gave in and surrendered to the pleasure and no longer cared it was my mother, I got control back.

Mom's orgasm got me really close to cumming. The way her body reacted to the orgasm was a huge turn on and felt incredible too. By then I was covered in a light sheen of sweat from how hard I was working and as her orgasm completed, she fell limp, almost looking like she was melting into her bed she was so relaxed.

I eased my thrusts until I was slowly moving in and out, waiting for her to open her eyes again.

"Oh, Peter... that was amazing... you made me climax like I used to with your father. You're such a good boy to help your mother feel like this again."

"You deserve to be pleasured again," I said.

She smiled up at me. My cock was on the verge and staying there with my slow thrusts and withdrawals.

"Keep going... speed up again," Mom said.

I obeyed and started rushing in and out of her with speed.

"Mmm, yes, that's perfect, so deep... so full. I want you to cum Peter," Mom said.

I sped up even more, going to my knees because my arms were getting tired from holding myself up. This angle really bent my cock down and increased the friction inside Mom's pussy. I also got to watch my long cock moving in and out of Mom's wet sex, her fleshy lips clinging to my shaft as it slid in and out. My cock was rock hard, shiny with her fluids in the light of the lamp. My balls had sucked up really tight around my shaft from all the use, preparing for yet another explosion.

"Your father liked to cum on my breasts. Do you want to cum on my breasts, Peter?" Mom asked.

I nodded my head, surging with arousal from the very thought she put in my head. I was so close, right on the cusp of no return, basking in the intense sensation before my limit was reached. My entire body electrified and humming with pleasure.

With my limit reached, I pulled out and Mom grabbed my cock, stroking it immediately so I didn't have to as I moved up and leaned over her body. She pointed my cock down to her breasts just as the first blast of semen shot from my cock, spraying her left breast. The second burst was even larger, curling up and splashing down onto both breasts in one long rope of white that looked like a question mark.

"That's it, Peter... give it to me... shower me with your semen... I love it!" Mom said, totally into the moment and not acting like I've come to expect.

She stroked me all the way through my climax as each spurt fell to her breasts and dribbled to her stomach as it eased up. She squeezed my head when I was done, getting every drop out with her fingers before licking them clean. It's impossible to explain how exciting and good it felt. I was a converted mother fucker and had zero regrets. Evil Peter had it right all along... fucking my mother ended up being insanely good.

"You're welcome," he said in my head as I fell back onto my butt after Mom let go of my spent cock.

She was amazing, way better at sex then I would have thought. And to think her talents and skills were going to waste all this time. Not anymore. Now that evil Peter opened my eyes to the possibilities, I planned on making the most of Mom's abilities. Just think what she could teach me.


Mom had kissed me on the cheek and told me to go back out to the couch and she'd clean herself up. She thanked me and told me it was exactly what she needed after Mr. Howell calling her into work. I fell asleep quickly from all the chemicals released when I came. I was out like a light and it was Becca that woke me up Sunday morning at a little after nine.

"Hey, sleepy head," she said, sitting next to me on the sofa.

I had forgotten to get dressed again after having sex with Mom so I was naked under the thin sheets on the couch. I had a morning boner as well and needed to take a leak.

"Morning," I said back.

"I couldn't sleep anymore so I thought I'd come down and see if you were awake," she said.

"Yep, I'm awake," I said afraid to move because of my present condition.

"Good, so we should make breakfast," she said, patting me on the arm and yanking the covers back.

"Peter! Good heavens!" she said seeing my naked body and erect cock. "I thought you had pajamas on!"

My first reaction was to pull the sheets back over myself but something stopped me, "I got too hot last night, must have kicked them off... I'm used to sleeping naked," I said, lying there naked while she stared down at my hard cock.

"That's fine and all but why are you big like that?" she asked.

"It happens in the morning. Ever heard the expression 'morning wood'?" I asked.

"Yes," she responded.

"Well, there ya go... 'Morning wood'."

"Oh... I didn't know that's what it meant... so what do you do? Is it from being sexually stimulated or not?"

"Normally it'd go take a leak and it would calm down after that, so it's not really an arousal thing, unless you want it to be," I said grinning.

She tore her eyes off my cock and looked at my face, "We can't, not here... your sister or mother could walk in any second."


"Where are your pajamas? You said you kicked them off but I don't see them anywhere," she said looking around.

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