tagGroup SexSexy Student Scientists Ch. 2

Sexy Student Scientists Ch. 2


The second day was a gorgeous sunny, warm day and was spent looking for rock samples around the rock exposures and old mine wastes of the region. The best part of the day was the lunch break, for we stopped at a small lake which had a nice sandy beach. There we had our picnic lunch and a refreshing bathe in the still cool waters of Bell Lake. The air was more summery than spring like with the temperature at a balmy 80 degrees. Of course, the girls had brought along their thong bikinis and they were dancing around in the shallow water splashing and shouting with joy. I couldn't help noticing that the cool sparkling water had made Alberta's nipples stand out from her very skimpy bikini top. The bikini was almost a see through white fabric and her black skin glistened from it. As a result the dark, hard, erect nipples stood out even more clearly. It was more than I could do to hide the bulge in my briefs. Belinda looked over at me and whispered:

'Now, now Rod, easy boy, you'll get your chance tonight.' Though my full name was Rodney, Belinda always called me Rod when I was sexually excited. I just smiled and nodded and turned my attention to the other two girls, blonde Colleen and dark haired Jennie. They were shivering a bit from the cool water but I could also tell that they were stimulated by the warm air, the freshness and the exhilaration of the moment.

At one point they came rushing over to Belinda and me and bending over at the waist, so that we had a great view of their well formed breasts, they asked if they could stay a bit longer in the water. I told them another ten minutes should do it then we would have to get going. The turned, jiggled their cute asses and sped back to the water. Belinda and I just sighed and gave each other knowing looks.

I also noticed that Belinda was taking a keen interest in a couple of the boys who were more mature and were certainly well hung. I commented on her interest in Jeff and Josh - two athletic types and members of the football team. Belinda and I had never had any secrets from each other and had always promoted a liberal sexual experience. Belinda gave me that coy, sweet smile and secretly rubbed herself under her towel to show her approval of Jeff and Josh and then reached over, without being seen, and gave my throbbing cock a squeeze.

It was not a tiring day but I certainly was excited at the thought of continuing the girl's education tonight and I had a hard time concealing my exuberance. However, it was still early, so I spent time talking with Elaine, the Director of the camp. As we were the only visitors she had time on her hands and was more than glad to chat. Elaine was in her late thirties, a mature lady with a nice figure. Her light red hair accented her pale complexion and the soft lines of her face. She was wearing a green blouse, open at the top and tied at the waist, so that her ample tits and her cute navel were exposed. Her cut away, blue-denim shorts did their best to expose her ass cheeks and accentuate the vee of her pussy.

She had a beautiful smile and she was very aware of my interest in her assets. We talked for a while about world events, the camp, problems - you know - general stuff. Then the talk got around to responsibility, and handling these teens. Soon we were commenting on their bodies, sex and the conversation began to get hotter. She eyed my bulge and brushed against my arm with her hot tits. I shivered noticeably and gave a guttural gasp. Then she invited me into her office for a coffee. I accepted, hoping that Elaine wanted more than coffee.

Sure enough, once inside, she closed the door and we went into the back room where all the supplies are stored. I put my arms around her waist, pulled her to me and finding no resistance, I kissed her long and deeply, our tongues swirling around and making us hotter. I quickly disrobed her and began sucking on her big tits and erect nipples. She moaned deeply and placed her hands on my cock, squeezing it longingly. Next thing I know she is on her knees and my cock is in her mouth and she is giving me one of the best blow jobs ever. Her tongue and mouth worked magic on my pulsating cock and I was close to cumming. I pushed her on to the rug, ripped off her shorts and panties and slipped my rigid cock into her juicy, warm, moist, soft cunt. It was a great fuck and we both came at the same time. It was only then that we heard the desk bell being rung, so Elaine jumped up, dressed quickly, leaving her wet panties behind, and went to attend to business. I took my time dressing and when the coast was clear, kissed her gently and went to find Belinda.

Belinda could tell that something had gone on by the look on my face and by my sweaty appearance. She was excited when I told her what had happened and she proceeded to use her vibrator to bring herself to a climax.

After a hearty dinner, some ping-pong and a few board games, it was curfew time and I grew more eager by the minute. The group had gone to their cabins, so I checked on the boys to make sure that they were all there and told them to settle down and get to sleep. Getting back to Belinda, we decided to give the girls a little more time to get settled before checking on them. Belinda could see my eagerness and gently told me to slow down as the wait would be well worth it. Once again, Belinda was in charge and when she thought the moment right she picked up her bag and said. 'Let's go'. She didn't say what she had in her bag but I could guess and that made me even more anxious to get to the girl's cabin.

The door was unlocked and they were obviously expecting us. They had a fire going tonight and they were dressed in the skimpiest of pj's. Alberta, who was fast becoming my favorite, was dressed in a powder blue, see-through top and shorts. My cock sprang immediately to attention; and it was noticeable as it projected from my Adidas tearaways. Colleen, the blonde haired beauty had a black frilly outfit on and Jennie was clad only in bra and panties. Belinda commented that they seemed ready for bed; but they objected and asked her for more instruction. With that, Alberta came forward and pulled off my pants to reveal a throbbing eight inches that she rapidly engulfed and I was enthralled by the erotic appearance of her large black lips around my shaft. Seeing that, Belinda said that they should slow down and wait for her instruction. She told them that sometimes when they wanted sex there wouldn't be any men around. They may be alone or with another woman. So for tonight she was going to teach them about treating themselves with sensuous actions. She realized that she couldn't leave me out so this is what she planned -

Belinda knew that Alberta was a great fuck so she had her kneel down and told me to place my cock in Alberta's now sopping wet cunt. I needed no further invite and grabbed Alberta's ass opened her pink cunt and slid my cock into her. She gasped and moaned as she pushed back to me. Belinda now strapped on her dildo and told Jennie that she was going to show her how great it was to be fucked by another woman. Jennie's eyes opened wide at the size of the dildo; but Belinda assured her that there was nothing to be afraid of, once it was well lubed. Colleen was told to lie under Alberta so that Alberta could eat her cunt and Belinda then positioned Jennie ready for the strap on dildo. It was so amazing to see these three teens waiting for some of the greatest sex they'd ever experience.

Belinda said. 'Let the fun begin.'; and with that we all went to it. My cock slurped in and out of Alberta's tight cunt; underneath her, Colleen was being licked frantically by Alberta and to the side Belinda had the dildo deeply in Jennie's now well juiced and hot cunt. Jennie was moaning and groaning, playing with Belinda's tits and yelling, 'Fuck me, fuck me, deeper, harder, Miss.' Alberta, feeling my throbbing, thrusting cock sliding back and forth inside her was licking Colleen's clit so hard that Colleen was gasping and moaning with delight. My movement became so fast and I knew that my cock was about to explode. Belinda had her eyes closed and was fucking Jennie with passion.

Jennie looked like she was enjoying being fucked and would soon reach orgasm. Colleen was playing with her tits and squeezing her nipples. Suddenly I could feel that wonderful sensation of orgasm and being drained of my juices, so I pulled out and spurted a huge load of cum over Alberta's black, glistening backside. With that the others yelled as they were overcome and we all lay on the rug in front of the fireplace, exhausted and spent. However, it was clean up time; and the girls knew what to do. Colleen demanded my cock and licked and sucked it clean until it was hard again. Belinda sucked Jennie's cunt juices off the dildo and Jennie licked my cum off Alberta's back before kissing her and letting her taste some of it. Belinda taught them all how to use the strap-on dildo and left it there as we departed back to our cabin wondering what more was to come.

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