tagNonHumanShadows Ch. 01

Shadows Ch. 01


Thanks to everyone for the vote of confidence and reading my first pro-log! Here is my very first Chapter of Shadows and ever for this site! I hope you enjoy it! I certainly had fun writing it.

Dedicated for Nesi. For without you I would have never found this site, or had the courage to brave.


It was raining. October 31st and it was raining. I flopped back onto the couch my black and red tutu fluffing around me and kicked off my red satin 3 inch high heeled shoes. So much for this outside party downtown, it had been pouring for more than half the day and the streets where flooded with ankle deep water. City commissioners had immediately canceled the 3rd annual Peek-a-Jack Halloween Block party. I should have taken that as a hint. The horrible weather, flooding and cancelled party, but I jumped up and raced to grab my phone when it rang.


"I vant to suck your blood!!!!!"

Laughing I sat down on the edge of the couch, "Josh your accent is horrible!"

"Hey baby just working with what I got! You heading over to Katherine's?" Perking up at the name of his cousin I was beginning to think that my night might not end so badly. Not wanting to seem too eager I fined ignorance. "Katherine's? I didn't even know she was having a party. I thought the city cancelled everything downtown."

"They did, but Kate got her parents to give us their house on Wood-Low Road. Are you coming or what?"

I paused, fiddling with the silver glitter on my tutu. Wood-Low was notorious for low hanging trees, steep hills and the one giant 17th century cemetery that dominated almost 50 acres of land. You had guts to live up there and I had stayed far away from that place ever since I was a kid. It gave me the creeps. "I don't know Josh. Those cliffs are dangerous."

"Aw come on! It's inside their house; not to mention the fact that their house is encased by chest high brick walls! I'm not taking no for an answer. Be ready in 5 minutes I'm picking you up." And the phone went dead. I should have called him back, should have said no and stayed inside. Instead I raced upstairs to fix my makeup, spray glitter in my curls and grab my mask. I was heading back downstairs when the door bell rang. "Be right there!" I slipped my shoes back on, grabbed my purse, kissed Sarah, my black-orange tabby and opened the door.

Giving me the once over Josh whistled low. "Damn girl, you are going to turn some heads tonight." Laughing I locked the door behind me and hooked my arm through the one he offered to me. My outfit was a twist on witch, vampire and fairy. The red satin corset I had on was authentic, chiffon red and black fabric attacked just under my shoulder shoulders. I hand sewed small sequins in the shape of roses all over. Each rose was covered in black glitter and off set with a small clear crystal jewel inside the center. It bared my pale shoulders and lean arms from dance perfectly. The white tutu was old from my dance days back in high school. I dyed it black then sewed red and black chiffon fabric to it. The fabric was slightly shorter in the front, just reaching the tops of my thighs and trailed behind to my tops of my calves in the back. The whole skirt was dusted in fine silver glitter, the waist lined with silver jewels.

My mask was only for my eyes, just coming to the edge of my nose and the middle of my check bones. It was pure white. One red and black rose sat in each corner of the mask and the whole thing was dusted in silver and red glitter. Waist long chestnut curls added the effect of the red satin high heels. Over all I knew the effect looked ethereal. Tonight I wasn't Annabeth, I was Diana.

"Classic Josh, black trousers white button down shirt, black cape and knee high boots. Pirate?"

Josh reached into his pocket and whipped out a pair of white plastic vampire fangs. He put them on and smiled. Extending both arms he twirled. "What do you think?" Laughing I opened the car door and started to get in. Closing the door I watched him get in. "I think you'll be the most dashing out of all the vampires there." He kissed the back of my hand. "You are certainly going to be the bell of the ball. What are you supposed to be besides hot?" Taking back my hand I fiddled with the silver nail polish on them. "I'm a fairy witch who wants to be a vampire." Laughing Josh turned on the car and pulled out of my driveway. "Well the effect sure is going to make a statement." We were silent the rest of the ride there. Not much need to talk when your best friend is blaring Power96 through the speakers.

It took less than 15 minutes to get to Katherine's house. I can't explain why the cliffs creep me out. They just do; they sat atop of the mountain that the town was built around and under. 'Under its shadow of blessing,' my history teacher always said in middle school. Be that as it may going up the steep climb of a dirt road to get to this house I didn't feel blessed -I felt scared.

Scared and small, like if I screamed no one would hear me. The spot between my shoulders grew tight when, instead of making a left to the house, we made a right.

I turned down the music and looked at Josh. "Katherine's house is back that way." I said gesturing behind us. He nodded, "Yeah but I just got a text. Since it stopped raining they're all out on the cliff drop making a bon fire." I groaned. "Josh you know I don't like these woods and cliffs. They give me the creeps and it's almost midnight."

He pulled to a stop behind a line of cars and motorbikes. "Come on Annabeth. You're my best friend and Mimi is here." We sat in the dark of the car and when the cloud cleared for the full moon I could see the pleading in his eyes. Mimi had been his crush for years. Sighing I unhooked my seat belt and pushed open the door to Josh's whopping. "I owe you big time. Big time! Whatever you want for a week: lunch, or breakfast, even if you want them in that order!" He came around the front of the car too plant two kisses on my cheeks. "You do owe me mister. But I'll take my pay in a ride home from work this Sunday night." "Done", he said taking my hand and hauling me through the trees.

I had to be careful walking, the rain had left mud and puddles and going through those in my heels was not an option for me. I sent Josh ahead and moved at more leisure pace, carefully glancing at the ground before I put my foot anywhere. Mind you it wasn't that I cared if my shoes got ruined, but I defiantly favored not having mud between my toes all night.

"ANNABETH!!!!!!!" I had reached the bonfire site and Katherine spied me coming into her line of sight. I sighed for the 3rd time that night catching a glimpse of at least 40 kids ranging from vampires, clowns to giant bananas. "I'm so glad you came!"

Katherine was a 5 foot red headed dancer. A pure whirl wind of energy though. I say whirl wind because she also tended to be like me; A whirl wind of destruction and clumsiness. Which was demonstrated to me again when she tripped on a rock knocked the giant bananas drink out of his hands and landed in my arms. "Sorry!" she giggled, giving me a hard squeeze. "Thanks for inviting me." I bent down in my 3 inch heels and squeezed her back albeit more gently though, as she was past buzzed and moving on to drunk. "I'm so excited you're here. A couple kids from Europe came through down tonight! They're backpacking through the states! I ran into them in the store and invited them here tonight! Isn't that so cool?! And they are SOO cute."

I smiled and nodded letting her gush on about her man-find earlier today. My eyes were constantly moving through the crowd of nosy kids, the 5 foot bonfire, smoke and drunken games of bob for the apple and beer pong.

"Your outfit is so hot!!!! Did you make it? Of course you did your new hobby and all. OK well you have fun and I'll catch up with you later!" She twirled off in her purple butterfly costume hugging some girl dressed as an orange cat. I made my way over to the punch and snacks set out on portable tables. I glanced over into the woods and suppressed a shiver. Yup creepy indeed and I was no longer hungry but I helped myself to some red punch, which I knew was spiked. 'It'll help me relax' I kept saying to myself.

I lingered at the punch bowl for a few more minutes refilling only twice as the cups were small. Twenty minutes later unable to take the crush and loud music of Pitbull any longer I made my way to the edge of a large rock. It towered over me my several feet but rounding the corner the waves made it was blessedly quieter and I was alone. Feeling brave I dangled my feet over the edge of the cliff leaning my head back against the rock. I hiccupped and giggled. "Damn, punch was stronger than I thought" mumbling to myself I didn't notice the shadow in the corner of my vision.

"Are you all right?"

I jumped and squealed nearly pitching forward. The strong hand on my upper arm stabled me however. "Whoops" Looking down at the water I giggled again. "That would have been a long way down; would have ruined my Halloween." Looking up I gasp, 'Gorgeous.'

He smiled ruefully, almost as if he knew what I was thinking. But was he ever. Piercing eyes, eyes that saw everything and were so emerald green. I could tell even under the moonlight, his lips were full and red set into an angled chin and jaw that said he was all business. But those lips were so, so kissable. Black hair fell unruly around his eyes but was cut short in the fashion of guys. His skin was pale but then so was mine from lack of hiding from the sun.

He wore knee high leather boots, fitted so nicely they looked like second skin, black pants and red, a very scarlet red shirt. He was fitted with a black cape too. It was white satin on the inside, I know because I choose at this point to run my fingers around the hemline inside of the cape.

I cocked my head to the side.


He nodded. "I decided to be myself tonight."

I continued to stare at him, startled and realized I didn't know him. His accent cut though my fog of drunk and fire however. "You're one of the backpackers." I made it a statement rather than a question. Again the nodded, I gestured to the hills surround us. "And you choose Massachusetts? Of all the places to stop in the world, you came here?" He smiled then, white teeth gleaming in the night. "Indeed, many of my friends were born here. Many of them witches in fact. " I laughed then, pointing to my costume. "Well I guess I'm to be counted among them. Fairy witch who wants to be vampire, pretty spiffy costume- eh?"

The silence that met my statement sent a chill down my spine. He reached up to move my hair off my shoulder, fingers leaving my back to travel to my neck. "Your name little witch?'

It was harder to breathe, and suddenly far warmer than it should have been on a rainy October night. "Diana." His hand squeezed just enough, exerting pressure to let me know he was still connected to me.

"Your real name, little witch."

I inhaled bringing in smoke from the fire and spice. The spice I knew was all him. I licked my lips and with a start realized his eyes were glued to my lips. "Annabeth Harper."

"Annabeth Harper." He rolled my name over his tongue ,across his lips and I felt that tug all the way inside to my soul.

"I should get back to the party." I moved to get up and he jumped into a crouch, hand still on the side of my neck.

"I'm Derek."

I looked at him. Staring up first into his eyes again, and then moved my gaze to his lips.

"Derek." He jerked, almost as if I struck him. He placed his lips next to my ear.

"It has been years since I've seen a witch."

Years? Was he nuts? He couldn't be older than 30, if that. His touch was setting my blood on fire and his closeness was almost too much.

"Derek- I," And he kissed me. So hard if he hadn't been holding on to me I would have gone right off that cliff. I don't know why I didn't fight back. But his lips where soft but hard, hot and cold all at the same time, so I kissed him back.

Derek moaned and fisted both hands into her hair. She smelled of fire and lavender. She pulled something deep inside him and it wanted out. He put his back against the rock and pulled her astride his thighs. He moved her hands, which where fluttering at his chest into his hair. She moaned and he pulled her hips forward to grind against his cock.

Annabeth pulled back. "No. I shouldn't be doing this, we really should get back." She looked toward the sounds of party and the light of the fire.

Derek growled he didn't want to share his witch. It had been years, decades since he's tasted one. Let alone find one that set his blood on fire as she did.

"Stay. Stay here, no one will find us, and they won't hear us." He pulled her face back and ground his cock into her panties again. She moaned and leaned forward toward him even though her body was still tense. "I dare you."

I should have left, grabbed my wits and left. But he made me hot, and the fire made me feel wet and itchy. It left me wanting more and needed something out of reach, something that needed to be filled. I should have stopped thinking with my pussy and used my head. But then 'I dare you.' -- And I've never been one to step away from a dare.

Annabeth leaned her full weight into him, using teeth to bite his lower lip. She was rewarded with a growl and the air on her face as he pulled her mask off. "I want to feel you inside me," she breathed into his mouth pulling at the buttons on his shirt. In return he pulled at the leather straps that bound her corset together pulling it off entirely. Annabeth moaned as he bent her backward latching his mouth onto her breast, sucking her nipple. "Bite me." She begged. "Use your teeth. Please." She was begging that Derek obey her, he did. The sharp pain that jerked her eyes open was replaced by more hot fire that started at her nipple and moved straight down into her clit.

Grinding her hips against him she used her free hands to untie the strings at the side of her skirted tutu pulling it off she was let sitting on top of black pants in nothing but her black lace boy shorts.

Derek groaned and reached for the ties at his pants, his closed the marks on her breasts and moved up to her neck then her lips, tugging on her teeth. That had her rank her nails down his now unbuttoned shirt. "God you set me afire." He stuck his face in her hair to calm down, he didn't want to rush and hurt her but Annabeth pulled his face back to hers and kissed him again. Derek reached for his pants again. Putting his arm around her back and pushing against the wall he used his free hand to pull the pants down. Annabeth looked down and grinned. "No boxers?"

He shrugged and watched her face. "I never did like them." She laughed and latched onto his neck. "Annabeth you can't do that." 'Hmm' was his only response. His control was slowly slipping and he wanted to feel her hot and wet. He knew she was wet, could smell it and he could feel it through her lace underwear and he wanted them off. "Off Derek, rip them off!" He granted her wish and groaned as her wet pussy met his cock. He traced both hands up from her waist over her back and held on to her shoulders. "Put my cock inside you Annabeth."

Shaking with fire, liquor and passion Annabeth did as he asked gasping as the head of him pushed at her entrance. "Fuck, my little witch you are far too tight." Derek started working himself in and out, working her wetness onto his cock. Finally after what seemed like an eternity he slid home all the way to the base.

"Holy shit." He couldn't help but smile at the curse that came from her mouth. "I feel like I'm on fire Derek." He nodded putting his mouth to her neck. "I know. I feel it as well. Now, ride me little witch." The control in his voice sent a trill through her and he groaned as her vaginal muscles gripped his cock.

He tugged her hair tilting her head back and making her gasp. "Ride me," he growled, and she did. Picking herself up and then slamming herself back down over and over. The air filled with steady moans as he gripped her hips to pull her down harder and faster, meeting his almost unnatural pace. "Put your feet flat on the floor, little witch and hands behind you on my thighs." Annabeth obliged and moved into the new position which set a scream from her and it deepened the angle and he thrust harder. "God: hot, so hot and tight. You feel incredible."

"I'm close Derek, so very close." Digging her nails into his pants she tried to set a faster pace. He took the pace for her and brought her flush up against his body. One hand tangled in her hair and the other holding her waist he kissed her neck. "Tell me when little witch."

He pushed into her faster, knowing that she was almost gone enough to not noticed that pace he was setting with his hips. "Almost Derek, please, please... fuck so close." She began to squeeze his cock and he felt his ending coming up from the bottom of his sack. "Tell me, little witch, tell me when." "Fuck, fuck... Derek.... I'm... Cumming!!!!" Between one trust and the next her scream split the air as his teeth sank deep and both crescendo to climax.

**** **** **** ****

"Annabeth...." Groaning Annabeth sat up. "What the hell? Are you alright? I've been looking everywhere for you! You can't just disappear like that." Confused she looked around and started into Josh's eyes. "What are you talking about?" "It's almost dawn I've been looking for you for almost 2 hours! I knew that punch was to strong." Gasping Annabeth looked down, oddly she was fully clothed. Corset up tight, mask on, skirt and shoes in place. "Where did that cape come from?" Josh bent down to help Annabeth to sit up. "What?" Looking down her fingers tangled in the satin and she flushed remembering her cries and green eyed suitor from last night. "It was... It was here when I sat down."

Sighing Josh knew he was in for it later. "Come on, let's get you home and showered." Reaching down he grabbed both the cloak and Annabeth. He doubt he could have left it, she was gripping it so tight.

Halfway down the mountain Annabeth turned around and glanced back. "Josh..." "Hmm?" Was his repose rolling down the windows in the car. Glancing out the window Annabeth took her mask off and shook her hair out. "Never mind." Annabeth kept her thoughts as they left Wood-Low Road, but she couldn't shake the feeling that nothing was ever going to be the same.

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