Shame On Me


She hung her head, grabbed her purse and left. My indiscretion's were mounting.

Sarah was making herself a sandwich when I arrived home. She did a double take when she saw the clothes I was wearing.

"You wore that to school today?" she asked in amazement. "That's so cool. Do you know how hot you look?"

That last statement made me extremely uncomfortable. My daughter looked hot too...standing there in shorts to tight, halter top to small, but I didn't' t tell her she looked hot.

That's not what a mother tells a daughter. There are different depths of depravity...I wasn't going to let myself hit bottom. But standing there in the kitchen, looking at her perfectly round pussy moistened...god help me, my own daughter!

I went upstairs to change. I was so hot...I needed to...I slipped out of my room and tiptoed down the hall. In Sarah's bathroom I found the panties she wore to school that day.

Back in my room I removed my blouse and skirt...stood in front of the mirror, the crotch of her panties buried in my mouth. With one hand I pinched my left nipple till I whimpered in pain, my other hand buried in my cunt...I came so hard my legs turned rubbery as I crumpled to the floor. I finally realized something...the depths of depravity has no just continue down.

* * * * *

The remainder of the week I went back to my normal dress habits, the Bridget encounter had instilled a new fear in me. Bridget didn't appear to act any different in class, and I could only hope she would keep our little secret to herself.

Friday, Sarah called me from her school at noon. "Mom, there's this woman whose having a party tonight at her house and Heather said I should call and let you know you're invited."

"What woman?" I asked. "What are you talking about. I don't want you going to some party at some strange woman's house." Spoken like a true mother, I thought.

"It's a teacher here at school mother." She was whispering in the phone. "Mrs Barker...Annie, Heather said you knew her."

I was glad this conversation was by phone are how would I have explained my flush red need to take a deep breath before I answered her. My bathroom escapade with Annie rushed thru my mind...short circuiting directly to that spot between my legs.

The phone was silent. "Well mother? Are you still there?"

"I'm here. Listen, we'll talk about this at home tonight. I just can't think right now. Okay."

"Mother, I'm going to the party. I wasn't calling for your permission. I was calling to see if you wanted to go. You've been you want to go or not?"

"Listen, young lady, you don't tell me....

"Good-by mother."

She hung up the phone. I was livid...I was hot...I stepped into the supply room, locked the door and masturbated. To clean myself of my discharge I licked my fingers dry. I continued to use my fingers, scooping at my pussy till there was nothing left...nothing but the smell of my sex which permeated the little room.

That night I arrived home about seven. Sarah had already left. On the dining room table was an address, and a map. ANNIE LIVES HERE marked by a big red X.

I tried to relax, watch TV and forget about what I may be missing, what my daughter might be doing...I couldn't.

I went upstairs, lay out my other sheer blouse, a skirt even shorter than the one I wore to school, and my one and only pair of string panties.

After showering, and dressing, I stood in front of the mirror, the string up my ass quickly setting my mood...and in the car, my arousal so intense my hands were shaking as I grasped the steering wheel. I was totally overwhelmed with anticipation.

* * * * *

Annie's apartment wasn't an apartment at all. It was a duplex house sitting at the very end of a cul-de-sac in a residential area. There were at least twenty vehicles parked around the house when I arrived.

I hadn't stopped shaking, but now it was nerves, not anticipation of a good time.

Stepping out of my car into the darkened street, the cool breeze blowing over my mostly exposed legs, sent a shiver thru me.

Before leaving home, In my my mirror, I thought I looked sexy. Now I felt slutty. I even thought maybe I should just go my safe, mundane home.

A sign on the door said "DO NOT KNOCK, COME ON IN." The living room was full of girls, young teenage girls, the familiar giggling, a trait of theirs, and flesh everywhere, apparently each trying to outdo the other in dress. A literal sea of pussy...but my sensibilities telling me I didn't belong there.

I didn't recognize anyone. I quickly scanned the room for Sarah, Annie or even Heather. I didn't see anyone I knew. I was almost relieved. This was not the type of party I was expecting...although I really wasn't sure what I was expecting.

I suddenly had a panic attack and left...back to my car. As I sat there, getting my bearings, there was a tap on passenger side window. It was Bridget, the blonde from my class, my fantasy Lolita. I quickly thought of a valid reason why I happened to be there.

I unlocked the door and she climbed in.

"I saw you come into the party, then leave," she said. "You're not staying?"

I felt so uneasy, her seeing me here. I knew I had to protect my reputation as a teacher, so far as I knew it was still intact.

"No, I was looking for my daughter," I convincingly lied. She forgot her house key and I didn't want her to get stranded if she happened to get home before me tonight. I was just on my way to meet some friends for dinner. How about you, are you attending the party?"

"Ya, I get invited to a lot of Annie's parties," Bridget said. "My parents own this duplex, Annie and her husband rent from them."

"Oh, that's interesting. Annie have a lot of parties?"

"No, not really. Only when her husband is out of town...and only when my parents go to our summer cabin. My parents don't allow parties in their rental's so....

"So, your parents are out of town...they allow you to stay home by yourself?"

"Sometimes. I have a job at the mall now...I work on Saturdays so I had to stay."

As she talked I could hardly take my eyes off her...especially when I tried to not be so obvious...but my god, she looked so good, her blonde hair in a long pony tail, a short plaid skirt and bobby sox.

Would you like to come in for a drink? Her question jolted me out of my trance. "I have a bottle of wine...or my parents do, but we can drink it."

"No, I don't think I should be seen at a party of young girls. It doesn't seem...well it's just not appropriate."

"I didn't mean the party. I meant at my house...we live in the other half of the duplex."

"Oh...I see, you and your parents live next door. Well...I don't know Bridget, I have these people to meet and..."

Bridget shifted in her seat allowing me a quick glimpse of her thigh...I choked back a moan... My world was shrinking. My best judgement was telling me to go home. I didn't need to be in one of my student's home...alone with her. I glanced in her direction, the thought of those white panties I occasional glimpsed in class, my demon answered for me.

"Sure, why not. I can't stay long but a glass of wine sounds nice."

I followed her up the steps to the front door, her hips swaying with each step, her ass so tight, so perfect, It was hard to imagine anyone so impeccable, so unblemished, ever had to take a shit.

As I sat on the couch she went to the kitchen for wine. Returning with two glasses, she sat opposite of me, crossing her legs. There, in all their splendor, were the white panties I adored.

"Can I ask you something Mrs Callahan?"

"Sure Bridget, what?"

"Why do you allow your daughter to, you know...go to parties like Annie's?"

I knew I should have left when I had the chance. Bridget's question...I didn't want to answer it...I had no choice.

"Well, I trust my daughter Bridget. I believe she would make the right decisions if she found herself in an improper situation. I think she was invited to this party by some friend. Why? Is there something about the party I should know about?

"Wow, I wish my parents thought like you. That's sooo cool."

"What about the party Bridget." I suddenly felt reckless...I wanted to put her on the spot. After all, I hadn't done anything improper, and it was a logical question. Is there some kind of danger I should know about?"

"No, nothing like that. It's nothing, just a party. Can I ask you another question?"

"What?" Bridget refilled my glass...I already felt warm from the first glass.

"Remember the day I returned to the classroom to get my purse?"

"Yes, I remember. Why?"

I sort of walked in on you when you were, you know, wearing that shear blouse. How come you wore that to school?'

So she did notice! God I felt warm. The wine was having a quick effect on me. "I don't know Bridget. Bad choice I guess. Did it upset you?"

She didn't answer.

"Why don't you take your jacket off and make yourself more comfortable Mrs Callahan."

Tossing caution to the wind I removed my jacket knowing full well I would be putting my breast on display. I also knew full well that's why she suggested it.

Throwing the coat aside, I looked up at her stare...and as I thrust them out proudly, harden nipples and all, my gaze fell on her legs. They weren't crossed any more...feet on the floor, slightly spread, but with an unobstructed view all the way to her crotch.

My innocent Lolita, Bridget was coming on to me!

"My cunts wet, you know," she said as matter of fact. "It's been wet for sometime."

"Can I see?" I said huskily.

She didn't hesitate, spreading her legs wider, sliding slowly down in her chair, leaving no doubt what she wanted from me.

I was on my knee's in an instant, my head dipping between her legs, my lips caressing her soft thighs.

"Are you going to eat my pussy Mrs Callahan. Are you going to fuck me with your tongue, make me cum?"

"Yessss," I moaned. "Your lovely, sweet pussy." Her panties were so wet and warm, a sign of new discharge. I hungerly suck the crotch into my mouth, sucking on them as my nostrils sniffed in the familiar aroma only a teenager could produce.

Suddenly the front door head jerked away, a cold fear washed over me. As my eyes quickly adjusted to the semi darkness I could see it was Annie. I started to rise.

"No, no, don't get up on my account Mrs Callahan. I know how much you want to eat my neighbor's pussy. Or should I say their daughter. You do want to lick her pussy don't you slut."

I felt so powerless around this wicked woman...woman? She was one of my former students. She could be my daughter. Daughter! My choice of comparison bothered made me that much hotter.

I hung my head. "Yes," I answered obediently.

For some reason I wanted Bridget to see me so submissive, so slutty, so degraded. God, I could feel my panties filling....

"Then do it bitch, suck that little cunt. I have to warn you though, when she cums, she cums like a river. But then you'd like that wouldn't you Mrs Callahan.

"Yesssss," I answered as my head dipped between Bridget's legs again.

Annie sat down next to Bridget, attacking the young girls mouth with her tongue, Bridget moaned as she greedily sucked it into her mouth.

I continued lapping at Bridget's luscious slit, my two finger slipping inside her up to my knuckle. She was beginning to moan...and groan...louder, her tone changing as she approached her first orgasm. My lips surrounded her entire slit, my tongue flicking at her clit...I didn't want to lose a drop if she came profusely as Annie had suggested.

"Are you about ready to cum Bridget?" Annie asked.

"Uh huh," she moaned. "So close...going to cummmm...going, uhhhh, oh god...yesss...going to...CUMMMMMINGGGG."

Her undulating hips, fucking her fuzz covered cunt against my mouth, she mewed in ecstasy, her cream filling my mouth with sweet, runny cum. I swallowed...and swallowed again, the familiar coating of my tongue and throat, to be washed down with wine.

My own panties filling much I leaked out on to the carpeted floor.

My entire mound was throbbing, never had I experienced such a lustful need...I straddled Bridget's ankle and humped it shamelessly.

Her shin bone became greased in seconds, the friction of my cunt lips slipping up and down on her skin set my pussy afire, the god, the pain was exquisite.

Suddenly, in a fit of superiority, Annie shoved me backwards...I lay sprawled out on the floor.

"Pleaseeeee, I have to cummm. Annie, Bridget...please help me. I'll do anything. need to cummm"

"It's not time for you bitch," Annie ordered. "I'll let you know when you can cum."

Standing above me , Bridget, Annie, student and former student, watched as I groveled at their feet begging for sexual relief. I had become their slut pig, wallowing in shame...

"Get the collar," Annie order.

Bridget left the room, back in a second with a short leather looking belt. Annie fitted it around my neck, Bridget snapping a long chain to it.

"Get up," Annie ordered.

I struggled to my feet reaching for my jacket.

"You don't need your jacket bitch," Annie barked. "Where we're going everyone wants to see those fabulous tits of yours. Let's go."

Annie pulled on the chain...I followed. She lead me out the front door, the cool air blistering my already aching nipples. Leading me across the lawn, we entered the other unit of the duplex, the side where the party was in progress.

I halted at the door. "Please Annie, I can't go in there like this. Your humiliating daughter is in there. Please, I'm begging you, don't do this to me."

Tears were streaming my pussy steaming from this degradation.

She jerked the chain, I had no choice but to follow. Everyone in the dim lit living room turned to look as we entered. Annie continued walking, pulling me through the crowded room, all the young girls reaching out to grope at my body. I could feel their hands on my ass, my tits, pinching, rubbing, laughing at my despair.

As Annie led me towards the stairs I could see Sarah, standing nearby, watching as I allowed myself to be displayed so shamefully..

As I neared her I tried to explain, to tell her I was sorry. She didn't say a word. Annie stopped for a moment, letting me stand in front of Sarah in all of my shame. Sarah reached out, pinching my nipple, her other hand sliding under my short skirt.

"What a slut you are mother," she said. My hips pushed forward, wanting those fingers to fuck me, make me cum...she pulled away from me.

Annie pulled me up the steps. A fear of the unknown swept over me...I didn't know where they were taking me.

At the end of the hall, the very last bedroom, Annie released me from the collar and pushed me through the door, locking it behind me. I was standing alone in a room with a bed.

Not for long. The room was dark but I could make out a figure entering thru another door across the room.

"Hello Kelly. Long time since we've seen each other. I peered thru the semi darkness, trying to see who it was...the voice was familiar.

The woman moved towards me. It was Betty! My friend for years...but how? "Betty, what are you..."

"You remember calling me two weeks ago to see what you could find out about a girl named Heather?"

"Yes, but...I don't understand...what, why are you here?"

"Because I want to fuck you Kelly. It took some doing to get this far...after you called I made Heather hook up with your daughter, although after Heather saw her it didn't take much of a effort on my part. They're quite a pair, those two. I catch them almost every day in the girls restroom, if they're not eating each other, they're seducing some other unsuspecting teen pussy. You should see some of the fine young pussy they've supplied me with. "

"You used my daughter to get to me. Why? I still don't understand."

"What don't you understand you fucking slut. I've wanted to fuck you for years. You just never knew it.

She leaned over sucking one of my long nipples into her mouth. Pussy juice gushed from me, adding to the gooey mess between my legs.

"Betty, my god, I never knew. All the dinners and trips together with our husbands. Even in college, we were roommates, I never knew.

"You know now cunt. And you want me to fuck you don't you. Tell me goddamn it. YOU WANT ME TO FUCK YOU!"

"Oh Betty, god yessssss, I need to be fucked. Pleaseeeee. MMmmmm... yes...fuck meee, pleaseeee.

She threw me on the bed. My legs immediately spread, an invitation to eat me...fuck me...anything that would relieve my throbbing clit..

As I pawed at my pussy, whimpering, Betty slowly slipped off her skirt. There, hanging heavily between her legs, a replica of a huge...humongous cock.

In my naivete' I thought it must surely be a party gag. Betty wasn't laughing as she crawled between my legs, mounting me with this incredulous thing and placing its head against my sopping cunt.

"NOOOOOO," I screamed. But it was too late...the cock plunged into me.

"You like my big cock bitch...YOU LIKE MY BIG COCK BITCH."

Her intensity, her glazed eyes, scared me. I couldn't answer...I couldn't breath, she shoved again forcing the phallus deeper, my hips responding, my need to cum overpowering. I could only grunt incoherently as she thrust at me violently, whispering in my ear what a good fuck she was giving me.

"I'm going to stick this cock up your ass next," she hissed. "You want it up your ass don't you Kelly...Answer me goddamn it."

"Yessss, up my assss. God yessss. Fuck meeee...want to cum...want cummm."

My thrusting hips, reaching for, begging for this cock to enter me deeper, deeper, my legs wrapped around her ass, my ankles locked together, holding her in me.

"Going to cumm...going to...." I gasped for air. "Goddddd, CUMMMMMINNGGGGG," I screamed as my entire body convulsed, my hips slapping against her lewd, so exquisitely painful. Time...time seemed suspended...pleasure, pure unadulterated pleasure, uncontrolled.

Within minutes, reality stepped in., I realized where I was at and what I had allowed to happen. I prayed that this bizarre night, this whole month could be forgotten, put behind me.

Betty still lay on top of me, slobbering, sucking my lips, tonguing my nostrils. She was slowly warming me up again...I didn't want it.

I suddenly remembered...Sarah watching me being led around like a tits hanging out for all to see. So humiliating, oh god.....

"Fuck me again Betty, pleaseeeee...give me that big dick..."

Betty pulled out of me, I could see the slimy dildo, my cum dripping from its head on to my stomach.

"Turn over bitch,"Betty ordered. "Turn over."


"Turn over goddamn it. And suck on these."

She stuck a pair of wet panties in my mouth...sopping wet...suddenly she flipped me over on my stomach.

I raised my hips from the bed, spreading my thighs submissively...where is that big cock, I wondered. God I needed it...waiting for her to bury it in me again.

"NOOOOO," I screamed as the head pressed against my anal ring. "PLEASE BETTY, NOOO, PLEASEEE, I CAN' big, to big...nooooo.......

My God, the pain, the unbearable pain...she thrust the huge prick deep into my ass. Deeper, deeper, I passed out.

When I awoke I was alone, disorientated. I tried to move, the pain in my rectum was excruciating. Suddenly it all came back to me, Betty, the enormous dildo!

I forced myself out of bed, every movement of my legs exacerbated the pain. I moved slowly out into the hallway, searching for a bathroom.

Two doors down, I turned on the light, my movement reflected in a full length mirror...the image was not pretty. Especially the dried blood that had streaked down my legs.

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