Shared Fantasies Ch. 02


Nevertheless, when I normally top up her cup, I splash in some more coffee, some more cream and add a dash of sugar. This time I rinsed the cup, started with fresh coffee and added just the right amount of cream and sugar before stirring fully! I realized I was conforming too! I was extending as far as possible to do little things to make her happy!

After a few cups each and getting through the paper Jessie broke the tranquility, "I want to go do some shopping, but first lets go back to the bedroom, there is something I want to try".

I, like most husbands, HATE 'shopping' and 'want to try' sounded bad, but I said nothing and followed her without question.

"Lay down on the bed", she instructed.

I laid down.

She gently spread my legs and crawled up onto the bed in between them without another word. Then maintaining constant eye-to-eye contact, at least as much as possible, she pealed off her robe, leaving her completely naked except for a sexy pair of bikini panties that I'd never seen before. It left her exposed from the waist up, flaunting her incredibly sexy tits.

This is probably the place to describe Jessie further. I mentioned her breasts near the very beginning of this story. They are perfect. No other word for it, perfect. Very, very firm, no sag whatsoever. Large, but not too large, and sensitive nipples. I flat love them. I've told her (not until long after we were married and could share things like this in safety) that it was what first attracted me to her.

Understand it is my favorite body part on a woman. Think what you will of me, it doesn't matter. The first thing I notice about a woman are her breasts. The second thing I notice are her breasts, the third thing I notice are her, well you get the point.

Before you castigate me, please know that a woman's (just as a man's,) most important feature (not to mention most important sex organ,) is the mind, but from a purely physical point of view, I love breasts. I love to look at them, touch them, feel them, PLAY with them, especially suck on them. Hell, who knows, maybe my mother did or did not breast-feed me, I don't actually know. Anyway, by now you know how I feel.

Now to go on, I'm the luckiest man on the planet. She is gorgeous. Great body, in total, not just the tits. Funny, fun, vivacious, sensual, sexy, loving, on and on and on. I consider myself an 'average Joe' (damn I wish that TV show hadn't ruined that expression), but I know most men who meet us envy me. She is a definite head-turner So, you see, I think she is as sexy as it gets and I adore her!

Let me take a minute to go back to her mind. As the rest of this story will bear out, it lacks not! She is very, very smart. And also nearly obsessive about doing whatever she takes on perfectly. Given the way this adventure had started, that had me quite worried. It would turn out to be a well-founded concern.

She looked me in the eyes again, with what could only be described as a wicked grin as she gently played with my cock. Played is the exact right word. She wasn't really stroking it, just, well, just playing with it. Touching it, feeling it, twisting it (not painfully at all, just, well, playing with it).

I was almost instantly completely hard. As soon as I was she did start to stroke. It took me a little while to realize it, but she was stroking me exactly as she observed me stroke myself. The only difference was that her hand was coming from the opposite side. Which actually made the stimulation more intense, or maybe it was just the state I was in by then, it's hard even now looking back to be sure.

In any case as I was getting closer and closer she spoke, "I bet you'd love for me to make you cum and give you a chance to recover before we start the serious part of your fantasy this evening, wouldn't you? I know you must be pretty horny already and the build up must be significant, huh?"

"Oh God baby, I think that would be best, yes! I'm sure my fantasy would work better that way!" I implored, thinking that she really understood my state and how, while I'd said I wanted to be crazed before the 'real' tease started that I'd be much happier with the suggestion she'd made.

"Well, let's see what happens" was her response.

She kept stroking and I was getting really close. Just at the point where I had slowed down to keep from cumming during my 'demonstration', she slowed down. My eyes, which had been shut, flew open. I saw Jessie staring intently at my cock. She would speed back up for a few seconds, then slow down again. Exactly mimicking what I'd demonstrated about 45 minutes earlier.

She continued just as I'd shown her, speed up, slow down about three or four times, then when even the slow stroking would have made me cum she'd stop completely for a few seconds, then a few more stokes. Finally I reached that point when any more stroking at all and I'd cum, she gave me three more strokes and released me. My balls tightened, my cock spasmed and twitched and an orgasm started and stopped in the same instant. Usually, and this time was no exception, a little dollop of cum oozes out the tip of my cock.

After about 15 seconds Jessie took her index finger and using the cum as a lubricant, rubbed it all around my cock head, spending most of the time concentrating on those very sensitive spots I'd shown her. It kept me right on the verge of cumming, but with no chance of going over the edge. It seemed like about 30 minutes, but she actually kept it up for about two.

I'd been moaning and groaning since the first time she slowed down. I had been doing it more so and louder as she continued. While she was rubbing my cock head with her fingertip I was babbling, "Oh baby, baby . . . oh God baby!"

"Wow!" she exclaimed when she had finally stopped all together.

"NO!" I exclaimed at the same time.

"Baby, I thought you were going to make me cum and give me some relief before we started my fantasy this evening! Why did you stop?" I more begged than asked.

She had a big grin on her pretty face when she replied, ignoring my question for the moment, "I bet you wonder how I could so exactly tell when you were about to cum, don't you?"

"Well, yeah actually, I do" I said as my breathing started to return to normal, the ache in my groin started to subside slightly, and my cock began to soften somewhat from it's rock hard state.

"When I watched you do it to yourself, I learned something I bet you don't even know. Every time just before you would slow down or stop, your cock does the same thing. The skin of the head gets darker and the texture changes just a bit. It gets kind of bumpy rather than the normal smooth. And just before you had to stop completely, it also swells in a certain way that says you're about to cum!" Jessie said with a big smile and a kind of excitement in her voice I don't hear very often.

"Oh SHIT!" I thought. If she could tell all that from just one time watching me, AND reproduce it herself so exactingly on the first try, I was totally fucked! I'd given her everything she needed to drive me insane! I knew what a fast study Jessie was anytime she puts her mind to something, and somehow I just knew this was going to be one of those times. I could only imagine how much more proficient at frustrating the Hell out of me she could become by the end of the evening!

"But you said you were going to let me cum before we started tonight!" I implored.

"Don't whine" funny how one perspective about imploring is another's whine, "besides I said I bet you'd love me to, not that I was going to! Don't you remember telling me how verbal teasing was part of your fantasy, besides, you are really horny and have not cum for a while just like you said, and I want to be sure your fantasy is completely fulfilled, just like you did for me." She had a big shit-eating grin on her face.

"Anyway, I wasn't sure after only watching you that once, that I'd be able to push you really close to cumming but still stop short, so I decided to try it now. I figured worst case was you'd cum and I'd learn more and we'd still have this evening. But it worked just perfect and now I'm sure I can do that consistently!" she added.

I was sure too, and beginning to realize I might have got myself into something FAR more than I bargained for. After her next comment I removed the word 'might' from the equation.

"And one more thing Jack, you've been very sweet so far this morning. I'd suggest you be sure to continue to dote on me all day if you want to get to cum at the end of the evening" she said through a little laugh.

I know my jaw dropped open. I clearly remembered telling her that I wanted her to be in charge of not only when, but IF I came. However that now sounded like a very bad idea! Again I started to say something, but caught myself just in time.

"Jack," Jessie said, as if she had heard my unspoken words, "your fantasy was giving up control, and you did that last night when you agreed to my rules. So, I will be deciding if you get to cum tonight or not. And like I said, the nicer you treat me all day, the better your chance tonight!"

It dawned on me that of course Jessie would have done research, that's her way. She'd probably even found many of the websites I visit. She is way better with computers than I am. I'd tried to cover my tracks but probably didn't do so well enough to fool her once she started looking. Oh God what had I got myself into!

"In fact, I'm going to give you a chance right now to do something real nice for me!" she said with an unfamiliar smile. "This is making me quite horny, far more than I expected. Jack, make me cum with your tongue!" she commanded, there is no other way to describe it.

I took to my assignment with delight, but given the state I was already in, it was definitely adding to my frustration. My cock was rock hard throughout, and Jessie's juices all over my face were just more fuel for the fire I was feeling in my loins.

I could tell Jessie was undeniably quite horny. She was very wet when I started and she quickly approached orgasm. It had only been a couple of minutes before she was cumming and crying out with pleasure. It normally takes her far longer than that.

She laid back and with her eyes closed, was quiet for a couple of minutes before she spoke again, "Mmm, that was nice indeed, you earned at least a couple of brownie points for that."

That sounded good to me, I was already dying to cum, or so I thought at the time.

She finally sat up

"I'm going to get dressed to go shopping, would you please go clean up the kitchen then get ready yourself?" she asked, not really asking.

Naturally I simply said, "Sure honey, glad to" with a smile. Knowing exactly what she was up to.

I hurried straight to the kitchen. Jessie doesn't usually take very long to get ready and I certainly didn't want to keep her waiting.

I was amazed at how much I wanted to please her, not just to get to cum later, but for the sake of making her happy. This was exactly what I'd read about, and much different than when I was pretending she was being a tease!

I got the kitchen done in a flash and hurried into the bedroom to get dressed. When I got there and saw how Jessie was dressed I knew it was going to be a long day. I've already told you how gorgeous she is, and believe me it isn't just my opinion, but what I didn't mention was that she has legs a mile long that end in a perfect heart shaped ass. This particular day she was wearing a pair of jeans that looked like they had to be spray painted on. The seat has the kind of seam that fits right up in the crack of her ass and you could put two or three fingers between the tops of her thighs right over her pussy. You know the look.

It didn't matter that I was so horny, it would have happened normally, my cock actually started to get hard. Add the fact that she was wearing a pair of spiky 'fuck me' heels and I knew she was going to get a lot of looks today. When she turned around and I saw how low and tight her tee shirt was I thought I might cum right there! She didn't look trashy, just unbelievably sexy.

"Will I don't have to ask if you like my outfit I see" she laughed.

I looked down to realize that my cock was sticking straight out!

To be continued...

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