tagInterracial LoveSharon Goes Back to School Ch. 14

Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 14


Original character by Nick Scipio

Story continuation by RogueAlan

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Chapter 14: Giving Thanks, Receiving Gifts

"Morning, babe!" Sharon smiled and stretched beneath the covers, having felt the gentle kiss.

"Morning, S-" her eyes snapped open... she had almost said 'Shaun.' She had not said it, had she? "Sweetheart!" she finished in a rush, seeing Chris leaning over her.

"I didn't think you were going to be home before Monday or Tuesday." She shrugged, as memories of the night before fell into place.

"I thought I'd surprise you," she said, then put on a feigned pout, "But you were sleeping like a log." In truth, Kelly had quietly helped her out of the chaps in the mud room. Sharon had debated hiding the garment in the Ranger Rover, but had decided against going outside in the clothes she was barely wearing. Kelly had barely been able to contain the laughter at the combination of an oversized rivals sweatshirt and chaps... and almost nothing else.

The women had showered together, the knowing touch of the younger woman quickly helping the thoroughly used housewife to relax. Without a second thought she'd dropped to her knees, burying her face in Kelly's permanently manicured pubes to lick and suck at her 'Sister.' Kelly had responded with a husky moan, undulating against Sharon's probing tongue. Her hand tangled in Sharon's hair as she held the older woman against her aroused, needing sex.

She'd moaned loudly that she was going to cum, then gasped at how good Sharon was at eating her out, which had pushed the married black cock slut to lick faster and suck harder. As her first climax had eased, Kelly had leaned against the shower wall, sliding down until she could return her friend and lover's attention. Less than 10 minutes after slipping into her home, with her family asleep in their beds, Sharon had cried out into Kelly's aroused sex as the women thrashed beneath the shower spray in a shimmering mutual climax. Much of the evening's fear and discomfort forgotten, Sharon had sat up, an arm draped around Kelly as she had described her day.

It was no surprise to Sharon that the game had been supposed to be an 'easy' win for their school. That explained why Shaun would have bet her on the game's outcome, she thought with relief. Even so, Kelly could not believe her friend had been left to take care of the entire opposing football team. Sharon blushed, trying to assure her friend it could not have been the whole team, even as she shivered, wondering just how many young men had been inside of her. She was certainly still sore enough to wonder.

Kelly had explained Dave had given her the job of driving the Range Rover to catch up to her at home, once they knew where she was and where she would be going. Sharon was pleased that when she had been 'lost' Shaun and Dave had been quick to get ZB Brothers from their school on the job of tracking her down and tacking care of her. She did not really consider the night could have been much worse-- she knew her job was to service any ZB member wherever she met them, however they wanted. She still did not wonder if students and alumni from different universities might not have her best interest in mind, or care that Shaun and Dave wanted her given 'special treatment.' She could not know that her special circumstances, and the notoriety and coin she was bringing in to their specific House was enough to make her a target in other ZB eyes.

She was worried at first at what Kelly had said to Chris and the kids when she arrived in Sharon's car without Sharon, but Kelly laughed, assuring her 'someone had been watching' so she had been called and told when she could safely arrive. In fact, she had not been waiting 30 minutes before Sharon had been deposited by the young cycle jock.

Giggling, the younger woman had teasingly pointed out that there would be harder questions to answer if anyone found them in a tangle on the floor of the shower. Sharon had blushed, but agreed, and the stunning pair had reluctantly climbed out of the shower to towel off as she had continued telling Kelly about her evening. Kelly had winced at the awful bruising on Sharon's unpierced nipple, and the vaguely hand shaped bruising that marred her left hip. Sharon remembered the teammates smacking her there as they'd been riding her. Rubbing it gingerly, she had admitted to Kelly she suspected they had intentionally done it for just that reason, if only because Shaun had insisted that she was not to be marked up.

She also told her friend and fellow stripper how hot the motorcycle ride had made her. Just remembering the exhilaration of the wind roaring over her body and the powerful throb of the motor transmitted through the seat nestled snugly between her thighs, the married housewife felt a spark of arousal or need light. Biting her lip, she had slipped into the cool water of the pool, aware she should have stopped to get a suit, but consoling herself with the fact that her family was asleep and the pool lights were off. Kelly slipped into the pool as well, her quiet movement reassuring Sharon her friend knew they had to be careful. They hugged, bodies undulating in the cool water, which did nothing to ease the pressure of need she had been feeling at the ride's end... an almost undeniable urge by the time he had coasted to a stop right outside her home.

Kelly's skilled fingers slipped easily between the folds of Sharon's sex, and despite the abuse they had endured in the preceding hours, it was pure pleasure Sharon felt as the younger woman deftly brought her off. She had returned the favor without considering where she was or how she had come to be so comfortable in all things sexual. Stifling giggles that they had 'gotten pretty loud' the women climbed out of the pool, dried off, and after a passionate 'good night kiss' Kelly had padded off to Catherine's room. Sharon had carefully wrapped the costume 'uniform' in the oversized hoodie she had been wearing. Grateful that there were robes in the pool house, she had slipped upstairs and into her own bedroom. To her relief, Chris had remained sound asleep.

She had taken the time to hide 'her' clothes-- for some reason she could not bring herself to simply throw them away. After pausing in the bathroom to reapply the ointment she had been given, she had tucked the baggie into her purse, and had donned a pair of worn, comfortable sweats before she had slipped ever so carefully into bed beside her husband. He had snored on, unaware of her arrival or presence.

Given how much she had done and how little she had eaten, sleep had quickly claimed Sharon, and had almost led to her mistake upon waking. The awful possibilities if she had said 'Shaun' propelled the tired housewife into full awareness. Anxious to move beyond the potentially disastrous faux pas, she sat up, throwing her arms around Chris,

"Mmmm, Sweetheart," she repeated with the energy and feigned delight of an experienced stripper, never realizing the easy use of her 'stage persona' with her husband, "I missed you!" He hugged her back, smiling broadly... cluelessly.

"I'm glad; I've missed you, too. Sorry I didn't realize when you got in," he relaxed his grip, letting her shift away as he gave her a lascivious wink, "If I'd known I was going to have such sexy company I would've stopped at two glasses of wine." Sharon giggled, biting her lower lip and batting her eyes in 'just the right way,' as she pressed a hand firmly against his collarbone, increasing the space between them.

"Whoa, cowboy! You were drinking without me?" she pouted playfully. Chris eyes widened... she almost laughed at the way he looked like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"I'm sorry, babe, I didn't mean..." She leaned in and gave him a peck on the lips.

"I'm just teasing, honey," she had to resist the urge to lick his lip teasingly as she backed away. "I'm glad you aren't just moping around the house while I'm at school." Chris relaxed, and Sharon did too-- he did not suspect at all. "Did Flora go home for the holiday?" Their housekeeper usually took the Thanksgiving holiday to go to South America... Central America? She could ever remember.

"No, she's going for the New Year this year... I asked her to stay to help since we see so little of you," Chris was climbing out of bed and missed Sharon's uncovered look of surprise-- Flora's bedroom window looked out over the pool.

"Oh, that's good," she managed, trying to tell herself it was impossible-- the little wizened woman had been asleep. "I thought I might have to get up to make breakfast." Chris poked his head out of the bathroom door, smiling 'that smile.'

"Hmmm," he stepped out, hands going to the tie of his sleep trousers, "Now that you mention it, we don't have to be out of bed for a little while." Sharon tried to understand what she was feeling... it certainly was not arousal. She knew she should feel ashamed about that. Chris smiled, not understanding why she was blushing.

"I-I'm not sure what you mean," Sharon managed, opting for the 'innocent naïve' act that served well in the club.

"Oh, that's all right," Chris assured her, bracing a knee against the bed and moving up beside her, "I'll show you." And then he was pulling her close. Sharon let him kiss her, kissed back hard, making the right noises as his tongue thrust against her lips and his fingers roamed over her body atop the sweats. Biting her lower lip again when he broke the kiss, she dropped her fingers to tease his erection through his pants. Chris groaned, smiling at her, "See, I told you I'd show you."

Sharon managed a nod, struggling to remember how she was supposed to behave as his demure, rather plain wife. She could tell he was not going to be interested in much foreplay, and was relieved he wouldn't see her bruised breasts. His fingers caught the waistband of her sweat bottoms, yanking them down forcefully. Sharon allowed a gasp of shock, which only spurred him on. Moving over he, he pressed himself down, his erection against her mons, his sleep pants still on. She writhed beneath him, moaning.

"Need to get these off," he panted, reaching down to awkwardly push at his bottoms. Nodding her head, Sharon caught the waistband, helping to push them down. She found his knees were pinning her pants in place just above her knees so she could not spread her legs like she wanted to. She blushed, realizing the 'real' Sharon would not be wantonly spreading her legs, welcoming Chris' thrusts.

She was distracted though, too aware that she was anything but aroused. She worried that Chris would realize when he thrust into her, and worried, too, that it would hurt. Without considering it, she was trying to find a memory to jump start her libido... something to spark arousal. Unbidden, the memory of Dave thrusting into her there in the same bed filled her mind. Her breath caught, excitement sparking, but too late.

"Oh yeah!" Chris nearly shouted, pushing at her, trying to thrust into her, his erect cock moving along the crease between her labia and thigh. Sharon shimmied her hips, dutifully trying to catch the driving head, to take him into her sex. She could feel her juices beginning to flow, but knew she was not wet yet. Chris was unaware, though, lifting his head back, lips skinned back in a feral grin as he thrust at her again and again and again. Sharon tried to flex her knees, opening herself, wanting him to be inside of her... this was her husband, after all. After several more futile thrusts, he managed to seat himself, purely by accident.

Sharon was relieved but he seemed unaware he'd just been against her, not inside of her. She groaned, pushing up against him, wishing she could feel him more... wondering why they felt so disconnected; she assured herself it was just that she had been away for too long. Aware she could not prolong the coupling until he might want her to take off the sweat top, Sharon stopped thinking about anything except getting Chris off. She whimpered, thrashing her head and shivering as he huffed over her.

"You've missed this," he panted, "Didn't know how much you needed it, did you?" Sharon went with it, nodding eagerly, then moaning,

"Yeah, daddy!" she cooed, "God, I love you!" And she meant that, she knew. Even if she was not close to getting off. "Keep doing that!" she groaned as he moved higher, pushing his thrusting shaft against her clit, triggering a steady beat of pleasure. She smiled, pleased that she was feeling pleasure from their coupling.

"I... love... you... too!" Chris thrusting became less coordinated. He slowed, dipping lower in her waking sex.

"No baby!" she urged, "Don't slow down... don't stop!" He reared up, abruptly. "Is it safe?" Sharon frowned for a moment, wondering what he meant. Of course she was safe she'd had... She blushed again, trying to calculate something she had stopped worrying about; she could not very well tell Chris she had had an IUD placed.

"I... I," she shook her head, pushing against his chest, answering instinctively, "Yes, but it's about that time... Dammit, and always right when we have some time together." Chris did not answer, except to bury his head at the base of her neck, jack hammering against her a last few disjointed times before he threw his head back,

"Ahhhh!" He went still, thrust fully against her. Barely inside of her, a part of Sharon's mind judged critically, even as the distracted wife thrashed and feigned a mutual climax. She lay panting unnecessarily when he rolled away a moment later, fingers tracing her still bared hip. "Guess I still got it." he smiled, leaning over to kiss her again.

"You do, baby," she agreed, kissing him again, hating that she was lying to him. He settled back onto his side of the bed. Sharon considered what had just happened. She was relieved he had not suspected she was not ready, had not considered she was faking it, and certainly had not noticed she 'felt' any different from before. But she was also horrified at how easily she had chosen to fool him, and felt no small alarm that sex with her husband DID feel different to her. Glad that she had not been too sore to accept his obvious interest, Sharon told herself it was just the overuse she had experienced the day before that was interfering with her enjoying sex with her husband.

"Do you ever consider trying a different position, babe?" she started, wondering if maybe doggy style might feel better. But Chris was snoring softly, having already fallen asleep after they had finished.

Sharon slipped out of the bed, showered thoroughly, and applied more of the salve before she headed downstairs in another of the few matched sweat suits that she had purchased before heading to school.

Any thought Flora had slept through the prior night's fun was dashed when Sharon saw the number of place settings that were arranged about the kitchen table. But when the diminutive woman turned through the kitchen door carrying a tray of glasses and a pitcher of orange juice, she gave no indication that she had noticed anything inappropriate.

"Good morning!" she said, smiling broadly, drawing out 'ing' to 'een,' "Mr. Chris will be so glad you are home." Sharon laughed and nodded, blushing at the same time.

"He's already proven that, Flora... so I expect he may miss breakfast." The little woman clicked her tongue.

"They all may, but it's Saturday. Is okay. Are you and your friend going to do some shopping?" Sharon noticed no hidden meaning there. She shrugged.

"I'm sure we'll go out, you're right... But if we don't wait and take Cathy along she'll never forgive me." Flora nodded, asking if Sharon wanted some coffee. She nodded, even as she dove into the plate of still steaming huevos rancheros the housekeeper had uncovered on the table. She began to eat without really considering the last time she had enjoyed a real meal... the last time she and Kelly had been home. She had a second helping, as well as bacon and chorizo links that Flora provided, enjoying several of the friend flour tortilla quarters that supplanted the usual bread or muffins.

She also paged through the paper, eyeing the lead story about the stunning football loss. There on the front page, in a small window beside the large image of the victorious team celebrating as they left the field, the scoreboard behind them, she saw a picture of Mr. Luthor. The paper identified him as a 'local business man and booster' and quoted his 'shock' at how completely outplayed the team had been. He added that the loss had surprised the Vegas bookmakers, as well.

Staring at the photo, which she could tell had been taken at the party where she had been the day before, Sharon thought for a dizzying moment there would be an image of her being used by the team on next page. She shuddered, ashamed at how the thought had somehow left her aroused. Did she want to be exposed as such a slut? Pushing away from the table, she thanked Flora, adding that she was going to the basement to exercise.

The day passed incredibly quickly. The kids were anxious to get Sharon caught up with what was going on at home, and each was insistent they 'had' to go out to one place or another. She and Kelly laughed with her children on the way to the mall where they spent the day shopping, eating, and seeing a movie. When Kelly asked why Chris had not come along, Sharon shrugged, explaining he had always been a 'homebody' and usually let she or Flora take the kids out. Most of the time, she was sure, the kids now drove themselves. But Kelly agreed spending time with Scott and Cathy was fun.

More than once Sharon found herself watching the others, wondering how her lover could be so much like her daughter... both her children, for that matter. They laughed with familiarity about topics that left her puzzled. They enjoyed the same music on the way to the mall, chose the same meal at the expansive food court, and championed the same horror movie. Cathy and Kelly liked the same outfits in American Eagle and Forever 21. Eyeing her youngest, Sharon admitted she had fully expected he was already sexually active-- he was a boy and a football player and girls were forever hanging around the house. But somehow she had deluded herself-- Catherine was too pure and naïve to have become involved with the few boys who had gotten up the guts to ask her out. Seeing she and Kelly laughing and whispering and eyeing the young men doing the same to her daughter and friend, Sharon realized she had been fooling herself.

And when the girls stopped at the Piercing Pagoda and Catherine insisted she wanted to find earrings like the hanging crystal and onyx ZB work Kelly was wearing, Sharon found herself wondering if her daughter was really the naïve one... would she have been so easily swept into the situation in which she found herself? As Kelly shrugged and looked at the various offerings with Catherine, Sharon tried to convince herself the girls were smarter-- Kelly had no boyfriend, much less a husband, so she had little to lose if people found out what she was doing at school. With that flimsy explanation, the nervous white housewife let her kids and fellow dancer convince her that the zombie movie 'wouldn't be that bad.' She did not wonder at the relief she had felt when Cathy settled on crystal spiral earrings instead of asking anymore about the ZB jewelry. And once the movie started-- she and the girls screaming, Scott laughing-- her musings, like the day's earlier worries, were forgotten.

Monday morning Chris had golf. Flora had church. The kids had school activities-- Scott's football team was still in the running for state and the coach had insisted on two a day practices during the break. Catherine was on the cheerleading squad, and they had decided to practice too, 'if the football players had to.'

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