tagRomanceShe Forgot Morning Ch. 11

She Forgot Morning Ch. 11


Stepping out of Sarah's apartment they took the elevator down to the ground floor and Bill led her out to his car where he opened the door for her, carefully closing it behind her. They were both relatively quiet during the short drive to the restaurant, just mentioning the weather and what they both had heard about the Orlean Place. They discovered that while both were familiar with the restaurant, neither had actually eaten there.

"I always wanted to go, but never felt there was an occasion special enough to go there," Sarah said on the ride to the restaurant.

"We once actually wanted to do an office party here, but the place wasn't big enough for everyone. I think that's why it's so hard to get reservations, it is simply so small."

"Well I am looking forward to it," she said as they pulled up to the entrance.

The valet opened Sarah's door and then went around getting the keys from Bill. Handing him the keys, Bill took the claim card, tucked it into his shirt pocket and walked around to Sarah. Gently taking her arm he led her into the restaurant. Once inside, the maitre de confirmed the reservations and led them to a small table near the back.

Once they were seated they reviewed the menus and selected something light and relatively inexpensive. Bill ordered a bottle of merlot and then turned his attention to Sarah.

"You know it's been a bit strange these last few weeks, I guess it's been perhaps even stranger for you. Between you and Katy I've really had to keep myself focused as we saw each other."

"I'm sorry, the last six months have really been confusing for me."

"I understand, I think you really held it together well, especially as we began figuring out about Katy. The most important thing is that the therapist actually got it all worked out. I mean I have friends who have been going to therapist and shrinks for years and they seem worse off than when they started. This guy must really know what he is doing."

"He seemed confident Katy was gone for good. I guess we'll find out for sure later."

Feeling a bit of a tingle in his groin, Bill smiled, taking a sip of his wine. "I've got reservations at the Trattoria, a nice room overlooking the lake."

"Oh Bill, you didn't need to, my apartment..."

"Hey, this will be the first night I get to share with just you, Sarah. I'd like it to be really special, for both of us," Bill said.

"You know, after all the craziness, the back seat of the car would be special."

"Except, I don't know how well these old bones will cooperate, it's has been a few years since I tried any backseat maneuvers."

"From what I recall, you did pretty well in my bedroom," Sarah said, reaching out and taking Bill's hand.

"Well, it was Katy who got to see me getting up in the mornings. That's when I paid the price for our adventures together."

"Oh come on, it couldn't have been that bad."

"Often I was still aching when you and I would go to lunch."

The light conversation carried them through dinner and they decided to forgo the dessert to get an earlier start to the hotel. They got the car from the valet and drove several blocks to the Trattoria, an upscale hotel with a Swiss Alps flair to it. When they reached their room they found they even had a center fireplace, like in many of the ski lodges.

The two lovers hardly noticed the fireplace as they embraced and kissed just as the entered the door and then left a trail of clothes leading to the bedroom. Sarah climbed naked onto the bed and waited for Bill, who grabbed her legs and pulled them to the edge where he kneeled between her legs. Remembering that this was when Katy always appeared, he began kissing up Sarah's thighs.

Breathing in the heady fragrance of her pussy, he parted her lips with her tongue and pushed it into her pussy. Pausing a moment, he moved in tongue in circles inside Sarah, waiting for something to happen. Slipping his tongue back out of her, he glanced up at her face and saw Sarah looking down at him.

He moved up to her clit, sucking it in between his lips as he pressed his fingers into her, pushing them deep. Sarah began to lift her hips, pushing herself against him as he sucked and licked her clit, feeling her body begin to tense up until she finally raised her ass off the bed and moaned loudly.

Holding his fingers inside her, Bill could feel her pussy convulsing again and again. Moving his mouth from her clit, he rested his head on her thigh until her orgasm subsided. Pulling his fingers out, he climbed up and whispered, "Sarah?"

Wrapping her arms around him, she answered, "Yes, Bill, it' me. Just me."

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