tagBDSMShe Needed That

She Needed That

byjosie girl©

She felt the bitchiness as it welled up inside her. It was a volcano set to explode, spewing its destruction on all who came into its path. Her emotions roiled with unfulfillment and she was at the breaking point.

How much longer could she stand it without him, without relief?

Before she could frame an answer to the question, the phone rang. "Yes," she snapped into the receiver. Her phone was always ringing at work; today she was not in the mood to placate anxious clients or subordinates who needed a helping hand.

A deep chuckle came across the line and burned itself into her brain. "Oh, My pet," he smoothly said, "such bad manners. We must work on that."

Her throat tightened and she felt a pulsing in her pussy. "Yes, Sir. I am sorry, Sir. I did not know it was you," she breathed into the phone.

"You are expected to have good manners at all times," he smoothly replied. "You are in need of reminding, I think."

"Yes, Sir." She closed her eyes and let his power sweep over her. She felt the tension of two long weeks slipping away.

"Come straight home from work," he ordered. "I will expect you here at 5:30."


She slipped the phone in its cradle. His words were clear; he did not want her to get off early although she would have rushed to be by his side. She glanced at the clock. Three hours to go and then a 30 minute drive home before she would be under his spell. Who was she kidding, she thought. She was always under his spell.


She parked the car and heard her heels as they click-clicked on the pavement leading up to the front door. She saw herself reach for the door knob and ease the door open. She stepped inside, looking into the living room and saw his legs, crossed at the ankles, as he relaxed in his favorite chair.

"Come here, My pet," his voice carried into the foyer.

She dropped her purse on the table and flew into the living room. Rushing to stand before him, her breath quickened just at the sight of him.

"Kneel," he commanded without rasing his voice.

She dropped to her knees between his now-spread thighs. "I did not expect you back so soon, Sir" she smiled into his eyes. "I am so glad you are home."

Warm brown eyes smiled back at her. "I am glad to be home," he said. "It would seem I have been gone too long." His voice hardened a bit.

There was an undertone to his voice that made her jerk to attention. Her mind raced; what was he talking about? What task had she left undone? She could think of nothing that would provoke his ire so she remained silent.

"But first things first," he said. "Suck me off."

She eagerly reached forward and undid the snap and zipper of his jeans. She pulled them off and then reached for the elastic waistband of his boxers, pulling them off as well. She was glad his shoes and socks were already gone; she didn't want to waste another moment before she tasted him.

She attacked his rock hard cock with devotion and talent. It was obvious to her that her Sir had done without in his absence; in moments she could feel his cock thrumming in her mouth, lengthening with every swirl of her tongue and pulsing as she tried to swallow him. He grabbed her head between his two hands and started to fuck her mouth with long, deep strokes. In a double heartbeat, he spewed his seed down her throat. She relished the taste, the smell, and swallowed greedily, not wasting a drop. Then she licked and laved until he gently pushed her away.

His hand roamed over her back and down the curve of her hip. He retraced its path and stopped when he reached the waistband of her panties. "You know better, pet," he smiled.

Damn, she thought. She had meant to take them off before she left the office. But she was so excited that her mind only thought of him. She started to offer her excuse and abruptly closed her mouth. There was no excuse and she knew it.

"Yes, Sir," she said, eyes cast down.

He helped her to her feet and then reached under her skirt to pull the offending garment down her legs and over her heel-clad feet. He left her garter belt and stockings on. Then he gently pushed her over his knees as he raised her skirt to her waist.

"I am sorry, Sir," she offered.

"I know you are, sweet, " he said as warm hands moved across her exposed ass. He rubbed slowly, sensuously, and watched as she reacted to his touch, pushing herself into his palms.

Suddenly his hands left her nether cheeks and, before she could feel the loss of his warmth, she felt a CRACK as one of his large hands descended on her ass. Before she could gather her wits about her, he spanked down again, just as hard, on the other cheek.

He began a pattern of hard slaps against her backside in a leisurely fashion, ensuring she felt every spank completely - the burning pain in all its glory. He covered her cheeks completely before he started concentrating on the sweet spot where thigh joined ass. Then he traveled midway down her thighs.

The heat intensified as the punishment continued and she started to react, first by squirming and then by sobbing.

Suddenly, he stopped. Thinking that the spanking was over, she started to push against his leg to rise. He laid his palm on the small of her back to hold her in place and simply said, "Now that you are warmed up, we can begin your correction, can't we, my sweet?"

His question didn't warrant an answer and she kept her mouth closed although her mind screamed that her ass could not take any more.

She felt his body shift as he reached to his side for something. And then she felt the burn and sting of the wooden paddle as it crashed against her defenseless backside.

He continued to lay one strike over the next, repeatedly and with no mercy. This was true, harsh punishment and she could not pretend it was anything else. Her sobs grew louder until she was screaming in pain.

He continued his assault on her tender flesh as if he never heard a sound.

Her screams lessoned and her sobs softened to quiet moans as the pain took her to another place. His pace smoothed out and the slaps against her flesh lessened in intensity. Her brutalized ass reacted to every downward stroke of the paddle by arching up to meet the hard wood.

Somehow he sensed the difference in her moans... a change from pure pain to the slow burn of pleasure. The paddle hit the floor and he used the hand that had punished her so severely to rub against her mons, feeling the wetness that greeted his questing fingers.

He plunged two fingers inside her dripping cunt and used his thumb to brush harshly against her pulsing clit. Once. Twice. On his third invasion, he felt her arch and the muscles of her cunt grab his fingers as if to draw them in. He smiled to himself as he buried his fingers as deeply as he could and let her ride her orgasm to ecstasy.

Her convulsions eased and then stopped, leaving her breathless and boneless as she lay across her Master's lap. He was rubbing her sweat covered back and ass slowly, gently as she recovered.

When she rejoined the world, he gently patted her backside, bringing forth a burst of delicious pain as he helped her to her feet. Her skirt slipped back in place, making her shutter a bit as it scraped against her tender bottom.

Grabbing both her hands in his, he looked tenderly into her eyes. "I believe you needed that, My sweet," he grinned into her tear-stained face.

"Yes, Sir, I did," she responded with a smile of her own.

"Run upstairs and grab a shower while I start supper," he ordered gently. "After supper, we will take care of the punishment you deserve for being rude on the phone."

Her eyes widened as she met his gaze. He never missed a thing or forgot a transgression. She smiled as she leaned down and brushed her lips over his. "Yes, Sir," she said before turning away to do his bidding.

As she climbed the steps to their bedroom, she felt contentment, peace and happiness wash over her. He was home. She was his. Life was so good.

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