tagBDSMShe Teaches Him Restraint

She Teaches Him Restraint


We met at a Starbucks; she was a barista, and I a customer. We would talk over the counter as she brewed my order often teasing me about my 'froufrou' order. She was so damn cute, just a little thing she couldn't weigh a hundred pounds dripping wet. Her dark brown hair was cut in bangs that stopped just above her large blue eyes, with her little button nose and sly grin she had the perfect pixie face. Believe me I was hooked, I found myself stopping by for coffee even when I was running late and didn't have the time.

She knew my name from the side of my cup but I had to ask what her name was. She teased me about being a stalker but finally told me her name was Grace.

"Grace would you like to go get some coffee sometime?"

All she said was "Duh" and pointed to our surroundings. I could feel my face redden as I realized my faux pas,

"OK I deserve that, well how about some ice cream then?"

"Now that's better, pick me up at three-thirty when I get off. Oh here you go Mister Froufrou,"

as she handed me my coffee, she giggled when she said it.

I had to leave work early to pick her up but I wasn't going to miss this chance. I got there ahead of time and when I went inside she was talking to a customer and I felt a pang of jealousy. She didn't acknowledge me until her customer had left, then she looked up and smiled, "That's my afternoon lover," she teased.

"Does that make me you morning lover?"

All she said was, "We'll see" but even that made my heart soar. I took her to one of those fancy ice cream palaces downtown and she said she wasn't dressed for it. I told her she looked beautiful and meant it, she looked up at me and when she saw I wasn't teasing she smiled.

"God, I love your smile, I'm serious you light up the whole room. What would you like, if you're a good girl I might give you two scoops?"

"I want a sundae, what do I have to be to get a sundae?"

"Just being here you've done more for me than I could hope, you can have anything you want."

"Now you're being the good boy, what kind of reward are you looking for?"

I think I blushed but I said nothing, we sat at a booth and I watched her consume a sundae that was almost as big as she was. She had eaten hers and was helping herself to mine before I was half done.

We drove back to her work to get her car and as I was thanking her for the great afternoon, she reached over and kissed me. It was a deep long kiss with a lot tongue and I swear when we parted I was panting. I held her close and when I tried to kiss her, she pushed me away.

"Now don't get too worked up, I have to go but thank you for the ice cream."

"Grace, how about a date, will you go out with me?"

"I don't know, we'll see, bye, see you tomorrow."

With that, she hopped out of the car and I watched her cute little ass sway as she walked back into Starbucks.

The next day she seemed glad to see me,

"Hi Rich, thanks again for yesterday, I had a good time."

"Have you given any thought on that date yet?"

"Why don't you come to my house for dinner tonight? I'll let you bring the dinner cause I can't cook."

I told her that would be great and asked her what she liked to eat.

"Anything that is rich and extravagant, I don't care, oh and bring lots I like to eat."

I talked to a maître d' I knew slightly and talked him into fixing a dinner for two to go. It was great he gave me china, silver wear, even crystal wine goblets. The meal was Steak and lobster and I had him throw in an extra steak and lobster. Grace was impressed and was delighted as she sat while I served her. She was beautiful, she had a little red dress on that showed off her muscular legs and was tight around her butt. I could tell she had no bra on as her little tittys pushed out and her nipples looked like two pencil erasers. I told her how gorgeous she looked and that I felt as if I was serving a princess, she laughed at this but I could tell she liked the compliment.

She devoured dinner, and I just couldn't figure where she could put all of this food. When we were done she sat back enjoying her wine as I cleaned up. When I had finished we went to her living room and sat on the couch. She began kissing me with passion but when I reached up to rub her breast she pushed me away.

"Look Rich, I like you and I'd like to be with you but I don't know if I can trust you."

"Grace I'd never do anything you didn't want me to, you can trust me."

"Talk is cheap what happens if you get all excited and then I want to stop, do you think you could stop then?"

I don't know why, just instinct I guess but I got down on my knees in front of her; I took her hand and kissed it.

"You are my princess and I am yours, whatever you wish is my command."

"Would you be willing to let me bind you to make sure you don't get carried away?"

"Huh, ah sure, whatever you want, I just want to make you comfortable."

"Listen Rich I know this sounds weird but you see I was raped right here in this apartment last year and by a man I was dating. I just can't get comfortable when I know that at any moment you might take advantage of me."

She started crying I got up and sat beside her putting my arms around her and holding her close.

"Grace, I could never take advantage of you but I want you to feel at ease with me, so anything you want to do I will do it.

"Rich I want to do wild things with you but I have to be able to control it, are you OK with that?"

I told her again anything that she wanted was fine with me; she got up and led me to her bedroom.

"Lay on the bed, I have some restraints I want to put on you."

I of course, knew about bondage and such but I had never been into anything like it. I did as she asked and she produced some handcuffs from somewhere. She had a big old brass bed and she cuffed both my hands and feet to her bed. Either I was naive or I trusted her as I wasn't nervous at all and I just laid still and let her do her handiwork.

"Oh Rich this is going to be great."

She straddled my chest and began to make out with me; she held my face with both hands and put her tongue deep in my mouth. She stopped while she sat up and took off her dress leaving her only wearing a red thong, she said,

"I'm embarrassed by my little tittys, please don't laugh at me."

All the while, she was brushing her nipples and making them stand up. I was getting a raging hard on and as I began to pant I think I moaned more than said,

"Grace I love you tiny tittys, they're so sexy, may I kiss them please?"

"Maybe latter, she teased but first I want to kiss yours."

She put her hand under my shirt first rubbing my nipples to hardness, and then squeezing bringing pain to my eyes.

"Ooh am I hurting you? Do I need to give you a safe word, how about pussy whipped? If I go too far you just say your safe word and I'll quit."

"Please don't stop, do whatever you wish."

"Now that's being a good boy, here for that you can kiss my titty one time."

She put her breast to my lips and I gently kissed, she sighed so I went further and licked her nipple, when she didn't pull back I put her nipple in my mouth and caressed it with my lips. She pulled back and I thought I went too far,

"I'm sorry Princess; I didn't mean to take liberties."

Grace said nothing but turned her back to me while she took off her panties. Her little round ass was so sexy; at this moment, I wanted nothing more than just to caress both cheeks. Then she turned around to show me her hairless pussy.

"Do you like my shave job; I did it just for you?"

I just nodded, as I didn't trust my voice. She crawled back on my chest; I could feel her wet pussy on my bare flesh. I watched as she turned her thong around in her hand then she put the crotch up to my nose. I inhaled deeply catching her scent as she rubbed the wet panty on my nose.

"Do my panties tell you how turned on I am? This is so bitchen to have this sense of power and not worry about some boy being mean to me."

I watched as she rubbed her pussy and then almost came in my pants when she put her finger in my mouth. I watched her as she played with herself for me, her eyes were glazed, and her mouth was slightly open as she panted. Her nipples looked like they could cut glass and both of our bodies were covered in sweat.

"Princess may I please you with my mouth?"

When she didn't answer, I thought maybe she didn't hear me but then she moved up and put her pussy in my face. I stuck my tongue in her as far as I could; she moaned and started moving her pussy against my tongue and face. I lay still and let her rub herself against me, she kept going faster until she at last shuddered and collapsed on to me.

She kissed me, "You naughty boy you taste like pussy."

My face was covered in her juices she smiled as she rubbed her hand in my face rubbing her scent into me. I began to wonder if I was to get any relief, my cock ached and strained to bust out of my pants. I was so aroused I hadn't noticed the pain the cuffs were causing to my wrists and ankles. Suddenly she sat up,

"OK your turn, but I expect you to be a good boy."

She turned around still sitting on my chest still wet with her juices. I looked at her strong lean back down to her ass with her cheeks spread as she sat astride me. With her knees on the bed and now her feet pointed toward me, I saw how sexy they were. Her toes were long and painted a bright red and I just wanted to suck each, one at a time. I was paying so much attention to her body I hadn't noticed she had undone my pants but when she grasped my cock, I snapped back into reality. She started rubbing me and I warned her I was almost Cumming already.

"That's good I wana watch you shoot. Oh my god, that's a lotta cum, that's OK keep spurting, I think this is so cute."

I don't think I have ever cum so much, spurt after spurt all over my belly and Grace. She held my now limp dick with one hand and began rubbing my load into my skin and hers. Still sitting on my chest she turned back around to face me.

"Is that all you got big boy? You look pretty limp and useless."

"Grace I have never been so turned on in all my life, I have plenty left just give me a minute to recoup."

She got up off me then bent over and bit my cock and when I winced, she chuckled then gave my cock a kiss.

"He's so cute when he's soft and cuddly."

My desires were falling into a place where they might never return but I couldn't stop, I didn't want to stop.

"Your highness may I please kiss your toes?"

Again, she smiled at me and I knew right then I would do anything for her just to see that smile.

"You really are a naughty boy, how about my ass, would you like to kiss that too."

"Yes Princess, yes please let me kiss your ass, your feet, your arm pits, your whole body I want to worship you. I don't know where this was coming from I have never had any desires like this before, but I feel the need to please you."

"I shall grant you your wish," I could tell she was taking this all as a joke but I no longer was, I was serous and I wanted to be her slave. She stood on my chest and balanced herself with the low beam on her ceiling. She put her foot to my mouth but her warning look told me to go slow. She put each toe to my lips for me to kiss and then she forced her big toe in mouth. I licked and sucked it like a giant clit as I looked her in the eye and I could see this pleased her. The toe made a plopping sound as she pulled it from my mouth and I moaned, as I didn't want to stop. She turned around, sat on my face, and she spread those luscious cheeks with both hands. I found my lips up against her little rosebud and I gently put my tongue up against her tight little hole. She pressed harder against me encouraging me to go farther, I began to violate her rectum with my tongue. Now she began to moan, and she rocked on my face, I could tell that she was close to a climax as she kept moving faster and faster. Just before orgasm she moved up placing her clit in my mouth, I held on to it with my teeth as I sucked it hard as she climaxed.

Only then did she notice my raging hard on, she turned around and impaled herself on my cock. She rode me hard and I still wanted more she reached up and pinched my nipples hard. I felt more pleasure than pain and I felt it in my groin. I refused to lose it I would not come until she did but she had other ideas and she was still in control.

"I want your baby, I command you to cum inside me," and that was the end of my control, I pumped my seed deep inside her womb.

We lay together both spent and that is when I began to feel the pain of the cuffs.

"Grace, do you think we can take these off?"

"Oh they're just toys just push the little tab on the side they fall right off."

We were married by the end of the year and by the way, I did give her a baby that first wonderful night. My life with Grace is as much as I ever hoped for but the best is still when she pulls out her toy handcuffs and then takes charge. Some people might call me pussy whipped but I never would because that is my safe word and I never have to use it. Of course, I still have to do all the cooking.

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