tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShe Was Such A Naughty Lady

She Was Such A Naughty Lady


This story is completely true, even the names haven't been changed.

I had been married to my 2nd wife, Patti, for about a year. She was a cute redhead, one of those special type women, with freckles and the hair that has every color of red possible in it.

Patti was about 5'5", a tiny bit on the soft side, as women to that type tend to be. To me, she was like a fantasy come true, she didn't own a bra, and she loved those little "sizzler" style outfits, the supershort dress over matching bottoms, with a criss-cross top, so popular in the mid 70's.

She loved to let her smallish breasts peek out, and seldom missed an opportunity to let some poor unsuspecting guy have a peek. I loved it, to be honest, and one day I asked her if she wanted to go out flashing. She readily agreed, we spent an entire day driving all over, looking for opportunities. She sat topless in the car on the freeway, much to the delight of several truckers, we visited a shoe store where she literally drove a middleaged salesman to silliness, and she put her leg up on the dash and painted her toenails at a full service gas station, (which got to be VERY full service real quick!) It's a wonder they didn't wear out the windshield as she sat there with her pink pussy lips popped wide open, her red bush clearly visible.

It was a kick, we went home and screwed for hours. For some reason, all she had to do was look at me and I was up and ready to fuck, over and over!

Patti had a close girlfriend, the same age as her. Her name was Sara. Sara was a bit conservative in dress, and seemed to be constantly embarrassed at Patti's antics. One day they came in from the beach, I had just gotten home from work. Both were dressed in Bikinis, Sara was giggling. It seemed that they had been approached in the parking lot but a couple of guys. One of them had made a wisecrack about Patti's hair, and asked if she was the same color all over. Patti had dropped her bikini right there in the parking lot and showed him! The poor guy had just stood there in shock, so she had slipped her top off her breasts, and said "See, no hairy chest, either!" Then they just hopped in her little Volkswagen and drove off, leaving the guys standing there.

Of course, as they told me this, I started to get a bulge going on, which Patti quickly noticed. She sat down next to me, unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out right in front of Sara. I tried for a second to resist, that did no good, Sara's jaw dropped open, and she said "God, Patti!" in mock outrage, but I noticed she never took her eyes off my 8 incher. Patti stripped my pants off, there was just no resisting this woman! Then she started to jack me off, she loved to do that, she sometimes got me to come that way 3 times in a row! Sara sat down to watch, after a couple of minutes, Patti told Sara to go get the Poloroid Camera, she wanted a picture of me coming! As Sara came back with the camera, Patti told her to take off my shirt, which Sara did, then she told Sara, "Here, hold this, don't let it go down!"

Sara hesitated, then she reached out tentatively and grabbed my cock! At first she just held it, Patti told her to rub it, and began to fiddle with the Camera as Sara began to stroke me. At this point I would have allowed anything, Patti was pointing the camera, Sara was jacking my cock, as she sat there, her shoulders hunched forward, I could see Sar's tits almost all the way to her nipples as her bikini top loosed and slid down. Sara was sitting crosslegged, I had a perfect view of her barely covered bikini bottoms, too, with a couple of soft brown hairs peeking ou the sides.

I couldn't take any more, I shot off about 2 feet in the air, and Patti went, "Damn! I missed it!"

Patti sat the camera down, grabbed my cock and started trying to get me hard again, and she was having some success. She told Sara to take her top off, that will do it, Sara refused. "Come on!" Patti insisted, "I want to get the shot". Finally, off came Sara's bikini top, at first she kept her hands over her soft looking breasts, but finally she relaxed. Patti basically just grabbed her hands, and told Sara to try again. I was about half erect, Patti said, "This just won't do!", and dropped her bikini bottoms. Usually that would be all it would take, but by now I was struggling a bit, half hard was all I could manage. "Show him your pussy, Sara!" Patti demanded. "No!" Sara replied. "I said SHOW HIM YOUR PUSSY!" Patti demanded again. "NO!!" Sara said again. Patti then piled on top of Sara, who had to let go of my cock to defend herself. She was way too slow, Patti was a fairly physical lady. Suddenly they were wrestling on the floor, Patti stark naked, me stark naked, and Sara trying very hard and with little success to retain her Bikini bottoms. Arms and legs were flying in all directions, they both were giggling, about that time there was a loud knock on the door! "Crist", NOW what, I thought? Then the door banged open, and there stood Chuck, Sara's boyfriend!!

Just think of the scene. Here was Patti, naked as a jaybird, piled on top of Sara, whose bikini was down around her knees, I was sitting in a beanbag chair stark naked, with my dick by now at full staff.

"Hi, Chuck!" Patti said. "Come on in, we are jacking off Ted!!" Chuck just stood there for a few seconds, finally, he just shrugged, and came into the living room. Chuck looked at me, then Patti, who had sat up crosslegged on the floor, I looked at her pussy, she was fully swollen, obviously turned on. I knew that Chuck had a clear and unobstructed view, too. Patti told Chuck that Sara wouldn't take off her Bikini bottoms, Chuck looked at Sara, who by now had pulled them back up. "Help me pants her!" Patti said. Sara tried to get up and run for it, but she didn't make it, as Patti grabbed her again. This time, with a bit of help from Chuck, who I noticed managed to get his hand on Patti's pussy in the struggle, Sara lost her bottoms.

I started to laugh, here we sat, Patti wide open on display, Sara with both hands firmly clamped between her legs, me with a raging hard on, and Chuck fully dressed, but looking a little flushed. Patti got up and came over to me, and mounted me in one shot. Chuck took the cue and started with Sara, who was still protesting, but not nearly as much. Now we were all fucking like rabbits, Patti and I rolled off the beanbag onto the floor next to Sara and Chuck. Chuck looked over at us, then reached out and started to fondle Patti's tits.

I still hadn't had a clear look at Sara's pussy, and I wanted to, so I squirmed around to where I could see partially up between their legs. Chuck picked up on that, and rolled over with Sara on top, who by now had lost her bashfulness. Now I had a clear look, as Chuck thrust in and out. Sara had larger than normal pussy lips, they acted almost like suction cups, I could see them fold in and out with Chuck's thrusts.

he way we were laying, Chuck could see and reach between our legs, too, he reached out and I felt his fingers as he played with Patti's pussy. I pulled out to give him full access, and he did the same. I slid up, and began to lick Sara, who was thrusting her bottom up in the air to let me reach her. Chuck slid out from under her, I got up behind Sara, and entered her from behind. Chuck and Patti were engaged in a solid 69 by then, then he turned around, and began to fuck her, too!

Finally, we all finished up, and we sat there, exhausted. Patti looked at me and said,

"Damn! I never did get the shot!!"

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