tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSheriff Duffy Ch. 02

Sheriff Duffy Ch. 02


Duffy drove the patrol car down to the high school stadium and saw the accident site, wreckers were pulliing away. His deputy, Miranda was just getting in her car. but got back out to come talk to him.

"Mostly fender bender but they took the tourist woman to the regional to make sure she is alright. Hamlin's suv plowed into her side, kids are all okay. Laura and Tonya were in the front and both were strapped in, thankfully."

"I'll call their moms and let them know," Duffy offered. "Seeya back at the station."

Marci was very grateful to hear the news but wanted to know where her daughter was. Duffy had to call Miranda on the radio, to learn both girls had gone to the regional hospital to make sure the lady was okay. His next call was to Laura's mom, Lana Hamlin. Lana and he had gone to the local high school at the same time, were in the same class even. She was always the unreachable cheerleader with brains and he was always the gangling doofus with no initiative.

He had never lost his longing for her, even after she went off to law school and came back married to her lawyer husband Alan. He became a wheeler-dealer in local politics while she opened a practice downtown.

"Hey Lana, it's Sherriff Duffy calling to let you know Laura has been in an auto accident but is okay. Minor damage to the cars and she is at regional checking up on the lady they ran into.

He told her he would meet her down there and drove off to the hospital. Finding them in the waiting room out front, Duffy asked how they were doing.

"Okay," Laura said. "Just shook up, still."

I called both your moms and let them know you were here," he related.

"Oh God, we're both grounded for life, I know it," Tonya volunteered.

"You guys weren't drinking, were you, I have to ask?"

They looked at each other a moment before both saying 'no' and looking down at their unbusy hands. Duffy's bullshit alarm went off, but it had been long enough after the wreck to do much testing, if Miranda hadn't done it already, and he doubted she had.

Their respective mothers came and hustled them both home and Duffy went back to the station. He had no sooner pulled into his office than Miranda was at the door, saying "Hey chief, ya better come see this."

She had a monitor out in the office and was cueing up a tape.

"I didn't think to look at this till I got back here, see what you think."

Hitting play, they were both transported back to the wreck site, shortly after Miranda drove up in her patrol car, the dash video providing the footage. The two girls huddled near the hood of her car, their conversation hushed but audible. Miranda had gone to check the other car.

"We can't mention the beer, whatever."

"Won't they test us or something? Two six packs is a lot."

"Not if we just act normal, a little hyped and worried."

Then Miranda came back to the car and talking shut down. She pressed stop and asked, "What can we do?"

He asked for the tape and told her he would think of something. And he did. He called Lana at the house, apologizing for it being late, and said he had important new evidence he wanted to show her. They agree to meet the next morning, Saturday at her office downtown.

Duffy had longed to get Lana over some kind of barrel since tenth grade and he really was going to enjoy the moment. She had no idea what was coming. They were alone in her office at ten. He had tried to lock the door behind him and she had arisen and opened it back up. He shrugged and sat.

He began with "Remember back in the day at school, you were the only cheerleader who kept to herself, didn't date any locals. And you had the most desirable body, even then."

Lana shifted uncomfortably behind the desk, she didn't like where this was going. "There was actually a reward for whichever guy claimed to have seen your tits, first," he continued. "Went unclaimed."

"Whatever does this have to do with new evidence and our being here?" she wanted to know.

Duffy walked over to the tape player on the sideboard and started his evidence tape playing. When it was over he took it out of the machine and sat back down.

"What is it you want?," she glared.

"What no one could get twenty years ago when you were eighteen, a glimpse of those fine knockers bared."

"You can't be serious," Lana sputtered.

"Sherriff Duffy, Ted if I may, please tell me you are joking."

"A one minute show is all I ask in return for the tape. No touching, we keep our distance and you avoid having insurance agents fighting over how drunken Laura might have been when she ran into that lady. Seems like a win/win to me." Duffy sat back and watched the emotions play over her face. Outrage, indignance, haughty disdain, frustration, then what...resignation, perhaps.

Lara stood and walked to the open door, closing it firmly, and slowly turning the lock.

"Let me understand your proposed contract, I bare myself to the waist for one minute only, you come no closer, and you leave the tape here with me. Is it the only one?"

"Fresh out of Miranda's cruiser," he smiled back.

She sat heavily back down, gazing out the window, while her hand meandered up to her collar and fingered the buttons there. Duffy placed the tape on the edge of desk, bringing her attention back into the room.

She stared straight into his eyes and began to unbutton the white oxford shirt from the top. Two, three then four and five came loose. She pulled the shirt open and looked down at the same time he did at her bra covered bosom. Lana leaned forward and reached one arm behind her, when the phone rang and shattered the moment. She looked at him with repugnance, grabbed the tape and slammed it into a drawer, then locked it.

"Get out, now!" she said in a low level tone, while the phone kept on signaling.

"Don't do this, Lana," he said. "You will learn to regret it if you double cross me now. Next time the ante goes up."

She raise and extended finger and pointed to the door. "Out!"

He sat fuming in his car, she had played him for the gullible doofus again. Plus, he had a raging hardon just from glimpsing her bounty filled bra. His expectation of gloating and perverse pleasure had been dashed. What to do.

Duffy wasn't due for his weekly appointment with DeeDee, the preacher's wife until after lunch, but he just couldn't wait that long. He didn't use the siren but he drove to the suburbs directly.

She met his knock on the door dressed in a terry cloth robe and some animal on her feet for slippers. Glancing over her shoulder, she said, "You're not supposed to be here, yet, we are still having breakfast."

A petite brunette with a page boy haircut, she looked ever like a ballerina. Why she had fallen for her scumbag husband and stayed with him, he would never understand. Duffy had followed up a report from several parents complaining about how 'hands on' Reverend Martin was with the juvenile boys in his congregation. Researching his past appointments had uncovered an unsavory history of child molestation and abuse.

Duffy confronted the preacher and threatened to take the whole thing public if he heard one more bad report. He realized at the same time, if the good rev was into boys he probably wasn't paying much attention to his cute wife. He met with DeeDee separately and somehow she got the idea she could help maintain the security of their secret if she put out for the good Sherriff once a week.

He usually arrived after Martin had gone to his study over at the nearby church to work on his sermon for the next day. Today he could wait, and strolled menacingly into the kitchen. Martin was as surprised as his wife, and blustered about 'What was the meaning of this..."

Duffy flipped out, handcuffed the red-faced do-gooder to his chair, and told him he was going to have to watch is wife make the weekly payment.

DeeDee said, "Please, no...not in front of him."

"He might as well see what you do each week to preserve his privacy. It has probably been so long since he has seen you naked, he forgot how good you look...show him."

"Let's go upstairs and use the bedroom, leave him down here, please?" she squealed with fear.

"Show him," Duffy repeated.

Meekly, head down, DeeDee began to untie the knot at her waist. Looking up one last time at him, "Please," she implored.

He didn't say a word and an awkward silence filled the room, a mixture of fear, annoyance, embarrassment and sexual portent. She slowly opened the robe and let it drop, revealing pajamas covered with colorful balloons. Her head dropped again as did the top and bottoms in a puddle down with the robe.

"Loose the panties but keep the slippers on, don't want your feet to get cold, besides they kinda add a kinky touch."

"Come over here and stand next to me and pervy here, let him see what he has been missing," Duffy beckoned.

"Wish you could feel these nice little titties rev, just a handful but very responsive to the touch. Once we get her warmed up a little more you can be a bit rougher with them, but right now, gentle is the key"

Duffy leaned his head down and lightly brushed each extended nipple with a kiss, after rubbing them continually with his thumb while he talked. A red flush started at her neck and spread across to her chest. Still actively thumbing, Duffy said "I like to spend about ten minutes working these nubbins over to get her to moisten up, maybe you forgot that. A wet pussy really isn't that different from a warm butthole, you should revisit sometime. There, you see that little involuntary hip thrust, that's what we like to see, the well is getting primed. Here honey, bend over the table and give Martin a nice look."

DeeDee put her hands on the table and pushed her legs back some. Duffy kept caressing her breasts the whole time, teasing and flicking now, the other hand cupped her tight butt, firmly jostling it around.

"How is this not like the butts you like, smooth, firm, warm and very responsive to the right touch. Another roll of the hips and a small toe extension, see it?"

"Look how much they stick up now, they like a tweak and a pinch now they're up and running."

DeeDee mewled a bit and shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

"Now Martin, focus your eyes below the hole you're usually aiming at, see this puffy, hairy slit here, if you pull back the lips a little, see how pink and moist it is?"

Martin said "You bastard, let her go, she doesn't deserve this."

"Maybe she likes it martin, did you ever thin of that?" Duffy unzipped. Taking a rubber from his shirt pocket, he rolled it on.

"And I notice I'm not the only one with a stiff prick. Watch what I get to do with mine, now."

With that he inserted the bulbous end and kept a slow steady pressure till it disappeared completely. DeeDee let out a sigh or moan, hard to tell. Almost out, all the way back in, repeating the drilling motion.

"Now watch this Martin cuz I know you think I'm raping your poor wifey, here."

Duffy pulled back, almost out, then stood still. DeeDee looked back and moved back in the same motion, wantonly impaling herself. While Duffy stood stock still, she began a circular gyration with her ass, covering many angles of attack and pleasure. Then Duffy went back to work, methodically pounding into the slight girl.

"Listen to the breathing Martin, each breath louder and closer together. She want it now as much as I do. And I really want"

Duffy matched his repetitive thrusts to her gasps for air, filling her after every intake, only to hear it rush out again. Both were soon lost in a mutual climax of some strength. Duffy worked all his anger and frustration from dealing with Lana into his forcible fuck of the preacher's wife.

When he left he told the Pastor Martin he hoped he had received some message to work into tomorrow's sermon. DeeDee was on her knees crying when he let Martin go.

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