tagNovels and NovellasShona's Summer Holiday Ch. 04

Shona's Summer Holiday Ch. 04


Chapter 4 - The Babysitter

Shona stretched out on the bed, her naked body silhouetted by the light streaming through the window. Geoff had already left for work, leaving the two women together in bed. Jane slid over to her friend, slipping her arm over Shona’s side. Jane leaned to Shona, kissing her gently on the lips. Shona smiled, pulling Jane closer to her. Kissing more passionately, Shona’s thoughts drifted to last night. It was the first night that she had been totally with Geoff, her best friend’s husband. Jane and her had shared boyfriends in school, but this was much more. All three of them had sort of known that it was something special, something more than just a night of passion and sex. Geoff had taken control of the situation, making sure that everyone was ready for what was about to happen. Afterwards, Jane and Shona had never felt closer, sharing something as intimate as a husband. Geoff had taken her gently at first, adding to the emotion of the moment. However, as the night progressed, she understood why Jane was so enamoured with her older husband. Shona could still feel the pounding her muffin took before Geoff exploded deep inside her. Now Shona was kissing Jane again, feeling the familiar tingling racing through her body. Jane broke the kiss, smiling at Shona, her hands caressing Shona’s firm body. Jane looked deep into Shona’s eyes, letting her hands play with her large breasts, toying with Shona’s erect nipples. Shona moaned softly, letting Jane have her way with her. Shona rolled onto her back, letting Jane scoot up against her.

“You really enjoyed him last night, didn’t you Shona?” Jane smiled.

“Oh yes, Jane,” Shona cooed, “It was wonderful.” Shona pulled Jane to her, kissing her friend and lover again. She felt Jane’s large, firm breasts pressing against her, sending waves of electricity through her body. Jane moaned softly, slipping her thigh between Shona’s legs, rubbing against her trimmed pussy. Shona’s hips began to rock gently, adding to the stimulation. Jane kissed Shona deeply, then slid her tongue down her neck, her hands groping Shona’s breasts. Jane rolled Shona’s nipples in her fingers, shooting bolts of electricity through her body.

Shona’s pussy was still sore from last night, but she wanted to feel the softness of Jane’s tongue on her. Jane knew her old roommate completely. She slid down Shona’s body, sucking on her hard nipples, then slid further down. Shona felt her body tighten as Jane flicked her tongue over her cum encrusted lips. Jane sucked and fingered Shona, tasting both her and Geoff’s juices on her pussy. Shona moaned as Jane plunged her fingers deep into her tunnel, sliding them in and out of her. Jane felt Shona’s juices beginning to flow, smearing the wetness over her mound and lips.

“Oooohhh gggddddd,” Shona groaned as Jane sucked on her swollen clit, letting her teeth scrape across the sensitive bulb. “Oh fuck, Jane!!” Shona exclaimed, her hips bucking harder against Jane’s hot mouth. Shona grabbed her tits, squeezing, pulling at her sensitive nipples as Jane ate her hard, going from fingers to tongue and back again. Jane sucked hard, loving the thought of giving Shona such pleasure. Jane lapped at her lips, tasting her wetness as Shona bucked wildly, letting herself go. “Ooohhh Jane... I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!” Shona screamed as she grabbed Jane’s blonde hair, pulling her head hard against her quivering pussy.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhhh gggggddddddddd,” Shona screamed again, her body tightening as the orgasm exploded deep inside her. She arched her back, pressing her cunt hard against Jane’s wonderful mouth, letting her cum flood into her lover’s hungry mouth. Jane sucked and licked all she could, cleaning Shona with her tongue. Jane slid back up Shona’s trembling body, letting her full breasts drag against Shona’s belly and over her tits. Jane loved the feel of that and that it gave Geoff, and she was sure Shona, just as much pleasure.

“Oh Jane, I love you so much and I have missed you so badly, too,” Shona whispered softly. Jane smiled, laying her head onto her friend’s shoulder, caressing her.

“I have missed you so much, too, Shona. I wish you could stay longer... always, here with us.” Jane was surprised by her own words, but they were true. These last two weeks had rekindled the passion the two women had for each other. After several years of being apart and after becoming more settled in the routine of life, these two weeks had brought something back to both of them.

They lay there for another fifteen minutes before Jane slid out of bed.

“I have several boring errands to do today, you can either join me or just stay here and relax,” Jane said as she stood at the bathroom door, her beautiful body accentuated by the streaming light.

“I’ll just stay here, hon. There is some paperwork I can do. And I can take care of Leah, too.”

“Oh no, there’s no need for that. Nina is coming over in about an hour and is staying the day.” Jane turned to go into the shower, Shona leaned back on the pillow, smiling. She had been looking at Nina since she arrived, wanting to get to know her better.

Shona was outside by the pool with Leah when she heard Nina calling.

“Out here, Nina,” Shona answered. Shona turned to watch the young woman walk through the French doors to the pool. Even though she was only a few years younger than both Shona and Jane, Nina still had that youthful, schoolgirl innocence about her. Nina was a junior in college and would baby-sit for Jane several times a week, earning extra money. Jane had taken her under her wing and had the two had become very close. Nina had actually accompanied the Jones to Sydney last spring for a week’s vacation. It was there that Jane and Nina had had a brief affair, Nina’s first time with a woman. Jane and Nina had petted a few times since, but had yet to repeat it. Nina was very tall, about 5'10, slim but with large firm breasts. She had a beautiful face, but was very shy, coming late into beauty only in high school. Her height and beauty scared off most guys in college and turned most girls against her. Jane understood what she was going through and became a surrogate mother and friend to her.

Shona was lying in a lounge chair, wearing a skimpy two piece bathing suit in the warm air. Leah was in her pen, playing with her toys. Nina walked over to Shona, carrying her books.

“Why don’t you join me, Nina, Leah seems to be quite happy here,” said Shona.

“I do have some studying I could do,” Nina replied. “I just wish I had brought my bathing suit with me.” Nina was wearing a pair of tight shorts and a tight t-shirt that showed off her ample breasts.

“Just take your top off and wear your bra as a swim top,” Shona said, hoping she would agree. Shona saw Nina blush at the suggestion, smiling to herself at Nina’s shyness. “Nina, no one else is here. It will be all right.”

Nina smiled shyly, as she slowly pulled the tight top off her body, her white bra contrasting with her tan. For the next half our, Shona and Nina both read their work, occasionally taking care of Leah.

After a while, Nina said it was time for Leah’s nap. She took Leah to her room, putting her down to sleep. When she returned, Shona could see the beads of sweat running down Nina’s neck and into her cleavage.

“Lets cool off in the pool, Nina,” Shona said, standing in front of the young woman.

“But I’m not dressed for it,” Nina replied, “It will fade my shorts.”

Shona smiled, “Just take them off, no one will see.

Nina looked around and smiled. “OK.”

Nina stood up, slipping her shorts off her long legs. She was even sexier than Shona had imagined, her innocence coupled with her incredible body.

In the pool, the two women began talking about men and college. Nina said that she didn’t date guys too much. Shona asked, “What about women?” Nina blushed, looking to the side. As she stammered an answer, Shona interrupted, “Jane told me about you and her in Sydney.” Nina looked up, embarrassed. Shona reached to take Nina’s hand, “Jane and I are very close too, Nina. We were close in school, too.”

Nina looked at Shona. She had thought about Jane’s friend too from time to time, wondering what went on between them. Nina smiled softly as Shona pulled her gently to her. Shona pushed Nina’s hair aside, then kissed her softly on the cheek. Nina stood there, waiting for the next step. Shona pulled Nina to her more firmly, their breasts pressing against each other. Shona leaned to Nina, kissing her full on the mouth. Nina responded in kind, opening her mouth slightly, letting Shona slip her tongue into her mouth. Nina felt a rush of excitement race through her body as Shona held her tight. They kissed passionately as Shona slid her hands over her body, feeling Nina’s firm, young flesh in her fingers. Shona could feel Nina become more tense and nervous the further she went.

“Just relax Nina,” Shona whispered softly. Nina answered with a smile. Shona leaned against the wall of the pool for support, holding Nina to her. She slid the straps of Nina’s bra off her shoulders, kissing, nibbling on her neck. Nina dropped her head back, letting Shona take control. Shona cupped Nina’s large breasts, unhooking the front clasp, freeing her tits. Shona could not hold back. She buried her face into Nina’s chest, sucking on the flesh of her tits. Nina moaned loudly, holding Shona’s face to her.

Shona sucked on Nina’s hard nipples, squeezing her tits, sending wave after wave of pleasure through Nina’s trembling body. Shona slid one hand down Nina’s belly, over her mound. Nina shuddered as she pressed her fingers against her pussy, rubbing her lips.

“Oohhhhhh gggddddd,” Nina moaned when Shona slipped a finger into her, the first finger other than her own for several months. She began breathing deeply as Shona plunged one, then another finger into her. Her muscles tightening around Shona’s fingers. Nina closed her eyes, letting the passion carry her. She felt Shona biting on her neck, her fingers driving deeper and deeper into her tunnel. Suddenly Nina became rigid, arching her back as her orgasm raced through her body, her pussy squeezing around Shona’s fingers. She collapsed into Shona’s arms, resting her head on her shoulder as the orgasm began to subside. She kissed Shona on the neck over and over, rocking her hips on her fingers.

“That was wonderful, Shona,” Nina said softly, holding on to her.

“Let’s go inside, Nina,” Shona said softly. Nina smiled, following Shona out of the pool. She grabbed her clothes and hurried into the house. Once in Shona’s room, Shona pushed Nina onto the bed, looking down at her, her eyes glowing. Nina slipped out of her wet panties, tossing them to the floor. Shona stripped out of her bathing suit, then slid onto the bed, sliding between Nina’s legs. Nina watched as Shona kissed her way up her leg, running her nails over her tender inner thighs.

“Ooohhhhh shit,” Nina moaned when Shona flicked her tongue over her sensitive lips. Nina grabbed her tits, pinching her hard nipples, feeling Shona’s tongue sliding in and out of her pussy. Shona sucked hard on Nina’s lips, tasting her sweet juices mixed with the chlorine from the pool. Shona, too, felt a little giddy, being with another woman herself, other than Jane, for the first time in quite a while. She slipped her hands under Nina’s firm arse, lifting her hips to her mouth. She hungrily ate Nina’s pussy, tonguing and licking her juices. Nina began to feel another orgasm building deep within her trembling body. She bit her bottom lip as Shona pressed her mouth hard against her cunt, plunging her tongue ever deeper inside her. Nina moaned loudly, her hips bucking, fucking Shona’s mouth. Shona suddenly plunged two fingers deep into Nina’s wet cunt, taking her to the edge of her orgasm.

“Oh God, oh God yessss!” Nina screamed as Shona finger fucked her quivering cunt while her mouth bit and pulled on her clit. Only with Jane had Nina ever experienced anything like this. Never had any of the few boys she had been with ever made her feel like this. Her body shook violently as she orgasmed hard, flooding her cunt with her hot cum. She squirted her juices all over Shona’s face, Shona lapped all she could. Nina screamed as she came again and again, squeezing her large tits as she fucked Shona’s hungry mouth.

“Oooohhhh gggdddddd,” Nina moaned, squeezing Shona’s head in her legs, her body shaking as she squirted her juices into Shona’s waiting mouth. Shona drank all she could, kissing and sucking on Nina’s thighs before sliding up to be next to her. Nina looked longingly into Shona’s eyes, her body still trembling as the waves of her orgasm continued to shoot through her.

Shona could remember the feeling that Nina was experiencing. That sensation of having been taken hard for the first time, how your body shakes uncontrollably, how you want to move but can’t, how you just lie there, unable to do anything. Shona leaned up, stroking Nina’s soft, long hair. Nina just lay there, savouring what had just happened. She smiled at Shona, wanting to return the favour to her new friend, her new lover.

“I want to do the same to you, Shona,” Nina said, unsure of just what to say or how to say it. Shona smiled, kissing Nina, sharing her cum with her. Nina returned the kiss, taking a more active part this time. Nina rolled on top of her, letting her tits hang, dragging against Shona’s tits and belly. Nina wasn’t sure what to do, but she knew the guys she had been with loved that. Shona did too; she cupped Nina’s tits, squeezing them in her hands, toying with her nipples. Nina closed her eyes, feeling a rush of electricity race through her. She slid further down Shona’s taught body until she reached her mound. She had not done this with Jane, only with her hands, but she wanted to learn with Shona. Nina flicked her tongue lightly over Shona’s lips, before she stuck her tongue inside her. Shona groaned as Nina tongued her cunt. She smiled, knowing that Nina wasn’t going to be too good today, but that she seemed to be an eager student and she did have a couple of more weeks here to teach her.

Nina tongued the wet cunt, tasting another woman’s juices for the first time. She loved the taste and the sensation of eating Shona. She rubbed Shona’s clit as her tongue slid in and out of the wet pussy. Shona began bucking her hips more, feeling her orgasm building.

“Suck on my clit, Nina, suck it hard!” Shona ordered Nina, who answered by spreading her lips, and sucking on Shona’s swollen bud. “Oooohhh fffuucckkkk,” Shona moaned as Nina sucked harder on her clit, fingering her cunt as she had done to her earlier. Shona began bucking more, fucking Nina’s long fingers. Nina felt Shona begin to shake, ready to cum. She fingered her harder, slamming her fingers harder and harder into her tightening cunt. “Oooohhhhh gggdddd, I’m cumming,” Shona screamed uncontrollably as Nina plunged her fingers deep into her, fucking her hard and fast with her fingers. Nina tried to keep her mouth on Shona’s clit, but the bucking of her hips made it difficult to stay there. Nina rammed her fingers in and out, faster and faster until Shona arched her back, moaning loudly as her cunt squeezed Nina’s fingers, releasing her juices. Shona came harder than she had expected, her cum squirting out onto the bed and over Nina’s hand. Nina kept fingering her until Shona begged her to stop. Nina pulled her fingers out, sliding them into her mouth, sucking Shona’s juices from them. She looked so sensual sucking her fingers, Shona pulled her to her, holding her tight to her sweating body. The two women kissed each other, then lay there, cuddling, lost in the afterglow of their passion.

“Oh Shona, that was incredible,” Nina said softly, caressing Shona.

Shona smiled, “Nina, you were so good too. I really wasn’t expecting you to be so good your first time,” she giggled. Nina blushed, laying her head on Shona’s shoulder.

After a while, Nina got up to take care of Leah. When Jane came home, the two women were sitting on the couch, together with Leah. Nina and Shona were laughing, almost giggling as Jane walked in, exhausted from her errands. She looked at the two, knowing something was up between them, but not sure what. She looked at Nina, then at Shona, both trying to keep from laughing, but not doing it too well. When Jane saw the look in Shona’s eyes, she knew. Jane broke into a big smile and all three began laughing. Later that day, Nina and Shona repeated what had happened earlier, but this time with Jane.

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