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Shot Down


Myra and Jack Mansfield were friends with Marty and Randy Sandford for many years.

Jack was pilot of the bomber and Randy was the navigator. The plane was shot down. Only Jack and Randy survived. Randy was partially blinded by the blast and Jack was wounded in the right leg and walks with a slight, but hardly noticeable, limp.

After a lengthy recovery both couples moved to a small Midwest town. Myra is an attractive woman that has curves where curves needed to be. She is from a strict family and has a wonderful singing voice.

Marty, on the other hand, is slim with little curves, but is lovely to look at anyway. Her upbringing was one of wealth and she is rather wild in her actions.

Randy is quite handsome and he also has a great voice and sang with a band before enlisting in the Air Force.

Jack was short and skinny when he enlisted but is now just short in stature. He had become quite muscular during his tenure in the Air Force and kept in shape by vigorous exercise helping his wound to heal and never stopped exercising as a mental release to the memories of the time that he and Randy spent bobbing about on the ocean after being shot down.

Randy and Myra have become quite good friends and they have found a band that needed vocalists. They always traveled together because of Randy's handicap.

Jack became aware of Myra's attraction to Randy soon after they began to sing together. At first he dismissed it as a repartee between friends, but noticed that it had become more and more congenial as time went on.

Jack allowed the brazen actions toward his wife because of his liaison with Randy and felt he was responsible for Randy's vision problem, he being the Captain of the plane, even though the counselors had explained differently.

Myra enjoyed the affection Randy showed her and became quite enamored with the situation. She fantasized about Randy and her becoming more than just a duet with the band. She often felt quit aroused when they sang love songs together. Randy also became quite fascinated with Myra. He began to find more and more reasons to be with her. He became increasingly affectionate and began to make sexual innuendoes.

Myra did not reject his advances, but instead encouraged him. It was during a rehearsal that they finally let themselves go. They had sung several love songs together and both were sexually charged. The band members had left and they were alone.

Randy pulled her to him and kissed her passionately. She sighed sensually and returned the kiss with equal passion.

They stumbled to the van that Myra had bought, hoping for just such an occasion. The kisses were hot and heavy. Myra turned on the mood lights that surrounded the inside of the van and slowly removed her blouse.

Randy watched in adoration as she removed her bra. His gasp was all the inspiration she needed. She fumbled with the buttons on his shirt. She pressed her hot tits against his naked body. Rubbing them against his hairy chest, she kissed his lips and pressed her tongue into his mouth in hungry adulation.

Randy worked at her skirt and soon had it down over her flaring hips. He caught her bikini panties with his thumbs and pushed it down her long, tapering, perfectly shaped legs.

She moaned her acceptance. She felt the sensual vibrations begin in her thighs as he probed her pussy with his finger, flicking her hardening clit with the tip of his finger.

His cock throbbed violently when she caught it in her hand. He nearly came as she stroked it while he finger fucked her into an arousal that she could not deny.

She groaned and implored him to "Please be gentle." She spread her legs as wide as she could. "Fill me with your big, hard cock," she pleaded loudly. "I want to feel you deep inside me."

Randy grunted lewdly as he pressed his cock against her tight, hot cunt lips. With a huge thrust, he buried his cock into her soft folds to the hilt. He began a slow cadence, pushing his cock in and out of her wonton pussy with vigor and forceful strokes.

Her shouts of excitement and desire echoed in the van. Myra felt his cock throbbing deep inside her and began a rhythm to match his; meeting his strokes with equal thrusts of her own.

After several minutes they both shuddered their orgasm. Randy held his cock deep inside of her pulsing cunt, spewing his semen into the depths of her velvet cunt.

Her orgasm throbbed against his cock and spewed from around the thick invader, drenching them both with the sticky, mingled fluid.

The laughed loudly at the spectacle they had created. They wondered aloud how they would explain it to their own spouses.

To Myra's delight, Randy's cock still stood hard and erect, bouncing up and down as he slowly withdrew.

"Don's stop now," she ordered.

He smiled as he reentered her soft pussy, slipping deep inside until his balls slapped against her lovely ass.

"MMM!" she said softly as he began to fuck her with long, slow strokes, causing her to tremble against his naked body. "You are a great fuck," she explained as she met each stroke with a thrust of her own.

Randy's breath was becoming labored. "I am going to cum again," he muttered as he drove into her unmercifully.

"That's it! Fill me with your cum! Fuck me long and hard!" she shouted as he exploded the second time.

She could feel the hot liquid shooting into the depths of her pussy, filling her with the sweet nectar of life. His grunts vibrated the van as he released his searing, sticky liquid into her womb.

They lay locked together in bliss as his cock slowly diminished in size inside of her.

"I am spent," he gasped as he withdrew his softening cock.

"OH PLEASE NO!" she shouted. "I want more and more of your wonderful cock!" she blurted.

"Just let me rest a minute and I will fuck you again," he said softly.

She took his softening cock in her hand. She slipped to the floor and lifted the sticky shaft to her mouth. "MMM!" she hummed around the soft meat. "We taste good together," she mumbled around his cock. She smiled widely as it grew inside her mouth. "My, that is nice," she gurgled as it grew and grew. "Now fuck me some more!" she exclaimed as she straddled his body, allowing his hard cock to slip silently into her cunt.

She rode him unmercifully, wriggling her cunt around his stiff cock.

He soon growled as he had a dry orgasm. His eyes rolled back in their sockets as he passed out from sheer delight.

Myra continued to ride his cock, even though it was becoming soft again. She soon noticed he had passed out and slipped off of his cock and smiled. She kissed his lips and laughed as he began to respond to her kisses.

"I guess that will be all," she sighed when he struggle to an upright position. "We will continue this at the next chance we get!" she informed him. "You are the best fuck I have ever had and I want more of it," she exclaimed as she slipped behind the wheel, still naked and dripping on the seat.

Randy just sighed and pulled his clothing on. "I will be ready the next time," he promised.

Chapter 2

Randy and Myra took every opportunity to continue the lovemaking. They began to be more openly expressive and were becoming more and more antagonistic toward their own spouses.

Jack was first to notice but felt he could not interfere because of his debt to Randy.

It all came to a head, so to speak, one evening when the four of them were playing cards.

It was Myra that suggested they play strip poker and Randy echoed her emphatically.

"I am not a poker player," Marty said vocally. "I don't know one hand from the other," she complained.

Myra smiled. "I will help you," she said. Marty scowled but decided to try.

Of course, Marty was the first to loose, with Myra's advice and help. "That will cost you your blouse," Myra asserted.

Jack looked surprised but only smiled at the outright manipulations by his wife.

The game progressed quickly until the only thing they had left on was their under pants.

Jack smiled when Marty gave up her bra. Myra had talked her into a wild bet and she had lost.

Marty argued to no avail. Myra conceded that since she had assisted Marty in the loss, she would also remove her bra.

Jack was surprised at her forthrightness. He watched closely as Myra helped Marty unfasten her bra.

Marty's tits were small, possibly a "B" but they were firm and the nipples were large as was the areole they adorned.

Myra's tits were large and sagged slightly. The nipples were small but stood out rock hard. She blatantly shook them at Randy and smiled. "Last hand! Winner takes all!" Myra said emphatically. She smiled and winked at Randy.

Myra said, "Show down. Highest card wins."

Jack gasped at his wife's obvious innuendo. He saw her slip an ace to the top of the deck and turned it face up for Randy.

Randy whooped and shouted as the other cards were laid out. Myra laughed as the last card was turned up. "I guess Randy wins. He can decide what we do now!" she said huskily.

Randy looked at his naked wife and then at Myra. "I think we should switch partners for the night," he said tentatively, glancing at his wife.

Her expression was one of surprise but also of agreement. Her soft, "OK," was a complete surprise to everyone.

She was now assured that Randy and Myra were having an affair and was eager to get even.

She stood and took Jack by the hand. "Come on, big boy. Let's get on with this." She tugged Jack toward the bedroom and kicked the door closed with her foot, exposing the trimmed bush between her legs.

Myra and Randy stood with their mouth agape. "I don't believe that," they said almost in unison.

Marty was trembling as the door slammed shut. "I don't believe I did that," she breathed. She turned toward Jack and smiled awkwardly. "I believe we have some catching up to do!" she exclaimed, looking directly at Jack's stiff monster. She blushed at her own earnestness.

Jack smiled at her. "Come here!" he said softly. He kissed her tenderly.

She sighed deeply and returned his kiss. "I am glad that this happened," she said softly. "I have wanted this for such a long time. Please make love to me. I want you so badly."

Jack was taken aback by her announcement. He had wanted to make love to her also, but could not allow himself to consider it because of Randy.

He took her in his arms and held her tightly against his naked body.

She moaned softly as he lifted her onto the bed.

He felt her tremble as he pressed his cock into her soft, hot pussy. She squealed softly as it rubbed against her clit, driving her into a sexual frenzy. She began to wriggle and thrust wildly under him. The bedsprings sang their song as they became more and more wild in their wonderful lovemaking. They both felt they were floating in and out above the bed, making their desires more and more delightful.

It was much later that they came down from their exquisite copulation. They held each other tenderly as their orgasms subsided.

She held his cock tenderly in her hand and kissed the small hole in the tip of the helmet, tasting the sweet nectar of their combined explosions.

His cock jumped at the touch.

"In my ass," she said softly. "I have never had one in my ass and I want you to be the first!" she exclaimed.

She rolled over on her elbows and knees, pointing her tight ass sphincter toward him.

Gently he pressed the tip of his cum lubricated cock against the tight hole.

She moaned softly and released the muscle holding her sphincter closed, allowing his cock head to pop inside.

She groaned in pain. The pain quickly dissipated and she released him again. His cock slipped deep inside her bowels.

Her squeal of delight echoed in the room. "Ah! Oh! YES!" she shouted in delight. "Fuck my ass hard!"

It was just at that moment that their spouses opened the door and walked into the room.

Randy and Myra were aghast at the sight.

"She would never let me do that," Randy exclaimed.

"I don't think I want to try that either," Myra said.

Marty looked around her naked body at them. Her smile of delight took them by surprise. "I love to make love to Jack," she exclaimed. "Let's make it a permanent exchange. He is sooooo good!"

Myra and Randy looked at each other. Their expressions were one of shock.

Myra frowned. "I guess we could trade back and forth but not permanently," she said.

Randy frowned at her revelation.

Jack laughed aloud, causing his cock to tremble in Marty's ass.

Marty screamed her delight. "Oh Yes!" she acknowledging the great feeling she was experiencing.

Jack's orgasm shook the bed as Myra and Randy looked on in awe and wonderment.

It was much later, when Jack had filled Marty's ass with two more orgasms and Marty had several of her own, that the four of them decided to make the swapping a regular thing but only when all four were included.

The four lived happily ever after.

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