Showing Off


Showing Off, Showing More and Showing Skill

There must be something about the onset of summer. This time of year, as the temperature rises, my libido escalates, my daring side begins to awaken from its winter slumber and my exhibitionist tendencies emerge.

As the calendar slips into June, most of my college classmates have left this college town for their summer roosts, leaving me and a few of my fellow students here amongst the year-round athletes, worker bees and assorted townies. It's a great time to be here. The traffic thins out, leaving ample room for us avid cyclists, runners and other athletic types to train and play with abandon. Everyone dons their warm-weather work-out clothes and bare skin replaces head-to-toe fleece.

For me, the warm weather means I can begin wearing my skimpy shorts, tops, swim suits and other revealing summer clothes. Remember those exhibitionist tendencies I mentioned before?

Ever since I started college -- I'm a senior now -- I've found a great deal of self-satisfaction and sexual excitement in capitalizing on opportunities to show off my body to unsuspecting people, mostly men. I'm not talking about blatant flashing, although my growing boldness may lead me to that activity. I have preferred more subtle methods.

Let me take a minute to describe myself. I am 22 years old. 5 feet, 7 inches tall. I have long, straight brown hair that hangs down to the middle of my shoulder blades. As my height might lead you to guess, I am long and lean, but blessed with somewhat shapely curves in the right places. I have average-sized breasts. You know, enough to fill out a bra or bikini top, but not so much as to get in the way during a run or keep me from not wearing a bra. I've been told my ass is my finest asset, pun intended. I run or cycle at least three times a week and earn extra money by working three days a week as a personal trainer. I have a pierced belly button and a somewhat elaborate, but tasteful, tattoo in the middle of my back, right at about hip level. I work hard on my body, which may explain, in part, my desire for it to be admired by others.

With the temperatures in the mid-80s these days, I have pulled my stock of short shorts, flattering sports bras, halter tops and assorted other small clothing items out of the back of my closet. I just made my annual switch to g-string thong underwear, leaving my regular panties and the panty lines they create in a box with the rest of my winter garb.

Getting Ready to Greet the Summer

I woke up this morning feeling quite horny and decided it was time to begin my summer series of shows. My first decision of the day was to break out a pair of scissors and a new razor to take care of the hair down there, if you know what I mean...

After showering, I sat down on the edge of my bathtub and used the scissors to trim my pubic hair as short as I could get it. I then squirted a half dollar-sized glob of shaving gel into my left hand and rubbed it into my pubes, lathering it up nicely and completely covering my triangle of hair, as well as around my pussy lips and all the way up to my asshole. I took a brand new disposable razor in hand and made a first pass horizontally near the top of my triangle of hair. It took several passes before I had removed all the hair in each swath. I continued to work my way down my pubic area until I had removed all the hair above my actually pussy opening. Now I had to tackle the area around my pussy lips and the area from my pussy lips to just above my asshole. Carefully, I drew the razor vertically along each side of my pussy, slowly drawing the razor downward several times to remove all the hair. Then, with my other hand, I would hold each pussy lip in place as I carefully shaved off all the hair. When I finished, I noticed I had missed a tiny patch of hair just above the hood that covers my clit. I reached down with my right hand and lifted up on the skin just below my belly button with the flat of my hand. This provided easy access to the hair I had missed. A quick swipe of the still sharp razor removed the last of my pubic hair. Next came the peritoneum area, the area between my pussy and my asshole. This area was a bit hard to get at, since I couldn't see what I was doing. However, I wanted to be thorough, so I improvised.

I took my bathroom mirror off the wall above my sink. I propped it up against the side of the tub, laid down on the floor with my back propped up on a rolled up towel and raised my bent legs up toward my chest. With my legs in the air, I had a perfect view of my now bare pussy and my little pink asshole, still surrounded by wisps of brown hair. I took some more shaving cream and rubbed it all over the new target area. First I removed all the hair from the peritoneum. Next, was the area surrounding my asshole. This was a bit tricky, since the puckered skin required patience and a steady hand, lest I repeatedly nick my self. With my asshole covered in shaving cream, I used my left hand to pull my left leg to the side, granting complete access to that side of my anus. I carefully drew the razor out from my hole and up my ass cheek, being sure to remove ever last hair. I did the same for the other side and the areas directly above and below my asshole. I then took a warm, wet washcloth and wiped the remaining shaving cream away. I closely examined my handiwork and found no missed hairs. My pussy and asshole were now completely bare.

Wanting to be totally thorough, I laid the bathroom mirror on the floor, squatted over it and closely studied my bald pussy. I used my finger tips to manipulate my pussy lips, taking care to examine each little nook and cranny. Not a stray hair to be seen. Done. Well, almost. All the activity around my pussy had turned me on, so with the mirror providing such a wonderful view of my special place, I slid two fingers in and out of my now-wet cunt, then focused on rubbing back and forth over my clit, which thanks to the shaving was easily accessible and in full view. It was such a turn on to masturbate with such a perfect view of my hand working my dripping wet pussy. The vivid view made me feel a bit naughty which greatly added to the excitement and ultimately a very quick trip to an intense orgasm.

Now for the Luncheon Appointment

Newly shaved and still horny as heck, I decided to go downtown to lunch, where all the 9-5ers gather, eat and wander over the lunch hour. To fit into such a nice setting, I needed to wear the right things. I started with a pair of tiny black g-string panties. With my now-shaved pussy, I could wear these tiny panties without nary a hair peeking out. I covered the g-string with a pair of small, skin-tight dark blue, cotton and spandex work-out shorts. These shorts look like a less-shiny pair of bicycle shorts, but are cut to a length that stops just at the place where my thighs meet my butt cheeks. The top of these shorts is cut low to hug my hips. On top I wore a thin, tight white work-out shirt. This body-hugging shirt is cut about three inches above my belly button, exposing my mid-rift and showing off the tattoo on my lower back.

What I like especially about his outfit is twofold. One, the low-cut shorts ensures that some part of my sexy underwear is always showing, leaving no doubt to the average observer that I am wearing a thong, with a remarkably thin strip of material running right up from my gorgeous ass cheeks (sorry about the editorializing, but when you got it, you got it...). When I sit down and lean forward in these shorts, you can see the tiny strip of material emerging from my ass cheeks and tying in to the strings that snake over my hips and back down the front of my shorts. I know this turns guys on. There must be something about women and g-strings these days.

The top is light and thin enough that one can just make out a nipple-sized dark circle on each breast. When my nipples are erect, which is quite often when I am dressed like this, the top draws even more leers than usual. In addition to being somewhat transparent, the top is very tight and clings snugly to my breasts, giving them just enough lift and support to highlight their size and nice round shape.

Dressed in my lunchtime outfit, I headed downtown. Just before I was about to turn onto the main downtown sidewalk and join the throngs of lunching workers and tourists, I adjusted my shorts especially for my outing. I tugged down on each leg, positioning the shorts low on my hips. I hooked a thumb under each side of my g-string and hiked it up enough that it was plainly visible above the waist of my shorts. As I lifted it up, I could feel the tiny triangle of material that covered my crotch slip between my pussy lips. It was a bit uncomfortable, but became much less so as I walked and the material worked its way back and forth across my newly-shaved pussy. I looked down and could see my slit clearly outlined in the skin-tight shorts. I hadn't noticed that before. Ahhh, something else to show off!

I decided to stop at Starbucks first. With iced coffee in hand, I grabbed a table next to the sidewalk outside. I sat down and leaned forward, putting my elbows on the table and hands around my iced coffee. People approaching on the sidewalk from behind would now be able to see the top half of my g-string thong exposed to them. They could see the top little strip of material emerging from my ass crack, and the two thin strings of material snaking up and over my exposed hips. I could feel the breeze on my half-exposed ass, and got increasingly turned on as I watched the reflection in the Starbucks window of men slowing and staring as they sauntered by me.

As I finished my coffee, I nonchalantly pinched my nipples as I stood up to ensure they would provide additional focal points as I headed off for a stroll through downtown. I walked the three blocks through downtown, drawing an impressive number of leers. One time a guy was just staring at my chest as we both crossed a busy street. He wasn't altering his astonished stare one bit, so I reach up and put my hands on the outside of my breasts and pushed them together, trailing my fingers around the curve of the underside of my breasts as I dropped my hands again to my sides. I thought the poor guy was going to walk into a pole.

Heading to the Hills

As I left downtown, feeling somewhat flush from my little exhibitionist activity, I decided to go for a run before heading back home. I knew of a trail about half-mile from downtown that led up to a mountain overlook before winding back down to town, just a mile or so from my apartment. As I ran along the street, passing people along the way, I continued to get turned on knowing that my bouncing breasts were a surprising sight to people I was approaching, and my shapely ass was a welcome sight to those I had passed.

By the time I hit the trail, I was getting somewhat sweaty. The thin white top was becoming nearly translucent with each new drop of perspiration. Good thing I was leaving pavement and the people behind. Given how exposed by breasts now were, I could get in trouble running around like that on the city streets.

I continued to make good time up the trail. It was getting steeper, which was forcing me to exert myself more, resulting in more and more sweat. After about 15 minutes of increasingly steep trail, I paused to catch my breath. I looked down at my chest and was surprised that my breasts were almost completely visible. I tweaked my nipples and started back up the hill. I heard voices as I approached a hairpin turn not far from the top. I could tell it was a man and a woman. As I approached the turn, I slid my shorts significantly further down my hips, so that they were, essentially, half-way down my ass, totally exposing my g-string. As I rounded the turn, I saw the couple. They were young, perhaps in their 20s, and headed down the trail right toward me. I stood up as straight as I could, thrusting out my chest, and jogged right by them. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see them both staring at my breasts bouncing up and down in my now see-through top. I was sure they would turn around as I ran by, glimpsing my almost fully-exposed ass as I scampered up the trail. Boy was I getting hot!

I soon got to the top of this section of the trail, which emerges at an overlook off a windy mountain road. The overlook provides tourists with an excellent view of the town and surrounding valley. Being a perfect summer day, there were several cars parked in the overlook lot with numerous people milling around. I ran right through the overlook parking lot, still with breasts bouncing in my see-through top and my ass nearly exposed in my tiny g-string. I heard a couple of gasps and one whistle. I kept going and crossed the road, re-entering the woods on the other side.

About 100 yards into the woods, I slowed down and began walking to rest a bit. As I did so, I had time to relax and enjoy the warm sun beating down on the back of my neck. Feeling remarkably horny, I decided to find a secluded spot, well off the trail for a little sunbathing and, perhaps, a chance to relieve some sexual tensions, if you know what I mean.

Fun in the Sun

A little way further in, I left the trail and started climbing up to a rock outcropping about 50 feet above the trail. I climbed hand-over-hand up the steep hillside. I could feel my tiny, tight shorts sliding further down my ass as I bent over to grab rocks, roots and other woody debris to pull myself up the hill. Finally I reached the rocks and found that they hid a nice flat grassy area just above them. The sun shone brightly on the area through a gap in the trees. Since it was above the trail, no one coming by could see me. I looked around carefully to make sure no one was around, or in my sight line. There was no one.

Jumping straight into the fire, I quickly slid off my shorts, stepped out of them and tossed them on a rock. Now clad only in my tiny g-string panties and light top, I was even more excited. For some reason, standing nearly naked in the great outdoors made me feel flushed and even more horny that before.

I grabbed the sides of the panties and again lifted them up above my hips, pulling the thin material up between my pussy lips. I looked down, admiring the look of my shaved pussy lips protruding from either side of the black material wedged in my slit. I ran my fingers across my smooth lips, thinking about the whole shaving experience and how naughty it made me feel to have a totally smooth private area. I then hooked my fingers under the sides of my panties and slid them off over my hips and stepped out of them. Next, I peeled off my sweaty shirt and draped it on a rock next to me. Standing there, totally nude, surrounded by pine trees with the sun beating down on me, I felt a rush of excitement. What an incredible feeling.

I found a relatively flat rock and laid down on it, soaking in the sun and thinking about how sexy this felt. My hand made its way down to my shaved pussy and I again began to masturbate, as a breeze blew across my sweaty body. Just as I was nearing orgasm, I heard voices on the trail below me. I quickly withdrew my hand from my crotch and moved into position to peer over the rocks to the trail below. The same couple I had passed on the trail before were noe standing directly below my rock outcropping. The guy was pointing up to the rocks and saying something I couldn't make out. Then, the woman left the trail and began climbing up toward me, the guy following her and helping her get up the steep terrain. I looked over to where my clothes were draped on rocks, about 20 feet from where I had been laying. Obviously, the clothes were well out of reach and there was no way I could get to them without being seen and/or heard.

I was near panic. What should I do? I was totally naked and two strangers would be peeking over the rocks in a matter of 30 seconds. Shit!

Sometimes You Just Have to Go With It

In a sudden rush of excitement, I decided what to do. Nothing. I would just lay down and see what happens. I felt relatively safe, since it was a man and a woman. I crept back over to my sunbathing rock and laid back down. The way the rock was positioned, my feet were pointing in the direction from which the man and woman would appear over the rocks. Now feeling more comfortable with my exhibitionist decision, I bent my knees, feet flat on the rock and parted my legs just enough that they would have a clear view of my shaved pussy. I ran my hands over my breasts and pinched my nipples so they would be erect when the couple got their first look at me.

Just as I lay my arms at my side, I heard a grunt and saw the woman appear over the rock face. She stood up and almost immediately saw me. She gasped and quickly turned around. I heard her companion ask what was wrong. She said, "There's somebody up here." The guy responded with a "so what?" and quickly climbed up over the edge. He too let out an audible gasp, but didn't avert his gaze anywhere near as quick as the woman did. He stammered something about being sorry for disturbing me. He grabbed his wife's elbow (I noticed a wedding band) and turned to head back down to the trail.

"That's alright," I said in as firm and confident of a voice as I could muster. "Stay. I don't mind at all. The couple looked at each other and then looked at me. Both of them let their gaze linger much longer this time, eyes flashing with uncertainty as sexual tension seemed to grow almost palpable. They both sort of shrugged and the guy said, "Okay." They sat down on a rock and fidgeted, not know what to do with themselves.

I decided that since I initiated this strange situation, I should make a valiant attempt to break the ice. So, I stood up, strode over to them and extended a hand. "Hi, I'm Kai. I don't usually lay around the woods naked, but for some reason, it seemed like the thing to do today. We all shook hands as Tom and Kate introduced themselves. The only other thing I could think to say is, "Sorry, but this is really turning me on."

Kate smiled knowingly and looked down at her husband's crotch. "I think it's turning Tom on to," she said as she put her hand on the newly constructed tent in his flimsy running shorts. Tom turned a bit red. Feeling much more emboldened after Kate's light-hearted reaction, I reached down, still standing there in front of them, and sensually cupped my shaved crotch with my right hand and ran my middle finger back and forth just inside my moist pussy. Kate's eyes were fixated on my shaved pussy and the activity taking place down there. Tom was too.

"Have you always shaved everything off down there," she asked with a nod of her head toward my crotch. "No, just shaved for the first time today," I relied. "It's very sexy," she said. I was surprised by her candor and noticed she was massaging Tom's obviously hard dick through the material of his shorts. "I trim and shave down there too, but not as much as you did," she said still staring at my crotch.

"Really," I said, "Let me see." I surprised myself with that comment, but she didn't miss a beat and said, "OK." She stood up and slid off her shorts. She was wearing a thong too. Not nearly as skimpy as my g-string, but still very sexy. Before I could assess much more, she slipped it off too, stood up and pulled her t-shirt off over her head. Now clad in only a sports bra, she whipped it off too. Man, this girl was as, if not more, bold than I was. Now poor Tom was sitting there, hard as a rock, surrounded by two totally nude women.

"See," Kate said as she looked down at her pussy and kind of compressed her upper thighs with her hands to improve the view of her crotch. Her pubic hair was trimmed very close to the skin and she had shaved all the hair off around the sides of her pussy. "This allows me to wear just about any bathing suit I want to," she said as she too slipped a finger between her pussy lips.

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