Kaelyn groaned loudly in frustration, running her fingers through her brown tresses. She hated working with Justin Timberlake of all people. She and 4 coworkers each got chosen to do private photo shoots with each of the members of Nsync, and just as Kaelyn's luck goes, she got stuck with Justin. The snobby, conceited, too good for everyone, 'blonde haired cutie.' "Hardly, " Kaelyn grumbled, setting up her stand, "Okay, Justin! Would you PLEASE change your shirt! You've got ketchup on that one from the damn french fries you were eating!"

"Nag, nag, nag!" Justin rolled his eyes, "I don't have to take orders from you! What are you, my mother?"

"Damnit Justin! Fine! You want pictures taken with a dirty shirt? Fine! I don't give a shit!" she yelled back, snapping a couple photo's. She stopped, looking over at him, "Could you AT LEAST smile?" Justin plastered on a goofy smile, mocking her, "Ugh! Justin, you asshole!" she said, walking over to the wardrobe rack.

"I love you too Kae, " he winked mockingly, grinning.

"Go to hell, " she mumbled, throwing a baby blue shirt at him, "put this on!"

"Yes Mommy, " Justin rolled his eyes, taking off his shirt, revealing his toned chest and well defined abs. Kaelyn just glanced over, her eyes widening.

"He is so sexy ... " Kaelyn thought, then shook her head, "Kae you stupid ass! This is Justin!" Justin noticed her eyes stuck to him again.

"What are YOU looking at?" he smirked, throwing his dirty shirt at her. It landed on her head.

"Ugh!" Kaelyn yelled, ripping the shirt off her head, snapping out of her thoughts and back to the reality that Justin was an ass, "I was looking at an asshole!" she sneered, tossing the shirt to the side.

"What was that?" Justin smirked, taking her camera off the stand.

"Justin put that back! That's expensive equipment!" she squealed, trying to get it back.

"What are you gonna do about it, shorty?" he smirked, holding the camera above his head.

"Give it back, prick!" she yelled in anger, trying to jump and get it. Justin laughed and took off running around the studio, "you spoiled brat!" Kaelyn yelled, running after him.

"Gotta catch me!" Justin laughed, far ahead of her. He hid behind a tapestry, seeing a cup of water close by that someone had been using to paint a set.

"I'll get you, Timberlake!" She yelled, starting to walk, "Where the hell are you?" she tried to catch her breath, looking around. Justin heard her getting closer and got ready to make his move, a sly grin on his face, " Justin!! Give me back my camera!" she yelled, just about to step in front of him.

"SMILE!" Justin yelled, splashing her with the water and snapping a picture as she screamed.

"You asshole!" Kaelyn screeched, looking down at her white shirt, now drenched with colored water. Her shirt became see-through, revealing her black lace bra, holding her C-cup breasts in place. Justin swallowed hard, his dick becoming erect, even though he hated Kaelyn.

"H-here's your camera ... " he said softly, handing it to her. Kaelyn grabbed it without glancing it him, turning her body and storming away, tears welling up in her eyes. She put the camera back on the stand, and ran into the dressing room, sitting on a couch and crying.

"Why does he have to be such an asshole!" she sobbed. Working with people like Justin made her hate her job.

"Kaelyn?" Justin called, snapping out of his trance. His dick throbbed, and he felt terrible for what he did, "What is wrong with me?" he asked himself. Kaelyn had never turned him on before. He sighed, walking back towards the setup. He raised an eyebrow, hearing her crying, and felt even worse. He slowly walked to the door, knocking.

"Go away!" Kaelyn sobbed. Justin slowly entered the room, "What, are you deaf now, too??" she yelled.

"Kaelyn, I ... " he started to speak, but his eyes became glued to her shirt clinging to her breasts, seeing her cleavage. Kae became enraged.

"You bastard!" She screamed, standing up and shoving him into the wall, "You fucking prick! You just can't keep your eyes off my tits can you? That's all you want, is SEX!"

"Wh-what!? Kaelyn no! That's not it!" He stumbled over his words.

"Oh yeah? Explain that!" She said, pointing to his erect dick.

"I ... I'm a guy, Kae! What do you want!"

"Oh, a guy huh? Does this turn guys on Justin?? Is this what guys want?" She hissed, pressing her breasts against his body. Justin groaned, "Yeah, " Kaelyn growled, grinding herself into his hardness, her body tightly against his, "this is what you want isn't it Justin, " she hissed again, and licked his lips, deciding to pay him back. Justin let out a soft moan, trying to stay tough.

"No! It isn't! Not from you, you skank!" he yelled, his voice cracking as she licked his neck.

"You're so full of shit, it's coming out your ears, " she sneered, "oh no, that's just your brain liquidating and oozing out, " she smirked evilly as she continued her torture, sucking his lower lip. Justin moaned loudly, his head spinning with pleasure. He couldn't take it anymore and he started to massage her hips. Kaelyn grinned, having him right where she wanted him. She backed him onto the couch, laying him down and continuing her seduction.

"Holy shit, Kae, " Justin moaned.

"Do you want me, Timberlake? Do you?" she growled, sucking his neck.

"Yes!" he yelled, defeated by what his body was feeling, "Yes, I want you!" Kaelyn suddenly stopped.

"Good, " she whispered, licking his lips and standing up, heading for the door, "paybacks a bitch, " she winked, reaching for the door handle. Justin sat there in shock, his dick harder than a rock and threatening to rip a hole in his jeans.

"What?!" he yelled, "Oh, I don't think so, bitch!" He got up, grabbing her by the waist and tossing her onto the couch. Kae screamed.

"Justin stop! Let me go!"

"Not a chance!" he grinned, as he straddled her. He ripped open her shirt, smirking, "See what you fucking did to me?" He made her look down at his bulge, "You did it, so now you're gonna fix it!"

"No!" Kae screamed, kind of surprised that she had made him that big.

"Yes!" Justin grinned, burying his face in her cleavage as he held her arms above her head with one hand. She struggled to break free as he reached back and unclasped her strapless bra. He then proceeded to take one of her breasts into his mouth, sucking and nipping at her nipples. Small whimpers escaped Kaelyn's lips, as she still struggled, trying not to let Justin's aggressiveness turn her on.

"Justin, stop it!" she squealed.

"God you're sexy, " he moaned as he massaged her breasts, his tongue licking down her flat tummy, dipping into her belly button. Kae moaned in pleasure. She couldn't tell her body not to be turned on, even by someone she despised so deeply. She felt her pussy getting wetter with every move he made and she found herself not wanting him to stop.

"I ... I hate you, Timberlake, " she moaned.

"I know," he grinned, unbuttoning her jeans with his free hand, pushing them down her slim, sexy legs. He saw her wetness seeping through her panties and knew he had to taste her. He took her panties off in one swift movement, and begin to lick her pussy, still holding her arms.

"Oh God!" Kae squealed with pleasure, "Oh yes Justin! Suck on me, ugh!"

"Damn straight, " Justin moaned, letting her arms go. Kaelyn immediately ran her fingers through his curls as he began to tongue fuck her, his tongue diving inside her pussy over and over again.

"Ooh! Justin!" she whimpered, pulling his shirt off and rubbing his strong back, putting her legs over his taut shoulders. Justin began nibbling and sucking on her clit, "Oh God, Timberlake! I'm gonna cum!"

"Cum Kaelyn!" he growled, going back to his work.

"Yes! God yes, I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" she screamed as her cum oozed into his mouth, over his tongue and down his throat. Justin licked his lips, moaning.

"Mmm, Kae you taste like candy, " he moaned, kissing and nipping back up her body, paying special attention to her breasts.

"Shutup and fuck me, jerk!" Kaelyn moaned with anticipation. Justin grinned, kissing her passionately as he let her take his pants off. She threw them to the floor, along with his boxers, to reveal his throbbing erection, the tip swelling, "Oh God, I want that inside me!" she whimpered.

"Are you tight Kaelyn? Huh baby? Are you tight for me?" Justin growled, teasing her pussy with his the tip of his cock.

"YES!" she screamed, "Yes Justin, I'm SO tight!"

"Mmm you'll be my most rewarding fuck ever, " he hissed as he shoved himself inside her pussy, moaning loudly.

"FUCK!" Kaelyn screamed, whimpering, and wrapping her legs around his waist, "Holy shit, your cock is huge!"

"Ugh! I thought you hated me!" he grunted, getting used to her tightness.

"I do!" she screamed, "Just fuck me, Timberlake!"

"Gladly, bitch, " he grinned, pulling all the way out and slamming into her again, repeating this over and over again, pushing his dick a little further inside her each time until his balls touched her skin. Kaelyn whimpered and squealed with pleasure as he fucked her wildly, her juices seeping out and staining the couch beneath them.

"Faster!" Kae yelled, and Justin complied, "HARDER!" she screamed, and Justin obeyed without the slightest hesitation. They never imagined that the one person they hated the most, felt so good.

"Come on Kaelyn! Cum on me you whore!" Justin yelled, pummeling into her.

"Shit! You prick, oh God I'm gonna cum again!" She whimpered.

"CUM! Cum NOW!"

"FUCK!! I'm cumming Justinnnnnn!!!" Kae screamed as her walls tightened around his dick and her body arched, making her tremble as she sent her juices flowing over him.

"Oh damn!" he yelled, "Fuck that feels good, Kaelyn!"

"Please Justin, please let me feel you!" she screamed, tears streaming down her face from the ecstasy she was trapped in.

"Oh yeah baby! Just a few ... more ... thrusts! UGGHH!!" He yelled loudly, throwing his head back and clenching his teeth as his dick twitched and he shot off load after sweet load of thick cum into her aching, burning pussy.

"JUSTIN!" Kae screamed at the top of her lungs, her hips bucking.

"Oh fuck yeah! Oh God ... Kaelyn ... " He groaned, slowly relaxing and collapsing on her body, their sweat mixing. Kaelyn moaned as he pulled out and just laid on her, as she stroked his curls and they shared a passionate kiss, his tongue protruding her mouth.

"God Timberlake, that was the best sex I've ever had, " she moaned softly.

"Same here, " he grinned, kissing her neck. Kae smiled, her hate for him gone.

"Well, we have to get back to work, prick, " she teased, "You got me sidetracked and those pictures are due by the end of the day, "

"Aw, but wasn't it fun being sidetracked?" He grinned, kissing her softly.

"Mmm, " she returned the kiss, "yes it was. "

"Well, stop complaining then, " he paused, "and get me some clean clothes for the shoot!" He said, forcing a serious look. For a second, Kae was confused, and started to hate him again, but then she saw that sly, adorable grin creep up on his face, and she couldn't help but laugh.

"You're such a jerk, " she laughed, and pulled him down to share a passionate, lust-filled kiss.

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