The rest of the city is asleep.

You text me an address and what looks like a room number.

My gps leads me to a hotel in the center of town.

I wear a skirt, black and well above the knee.

A tank top.

No bra. No panties.

I'm standing outside of the room.

Inside my body is telling me to leave, leave now.

Instead I reach down, turning the handle, and opening the unlocked door.

After a few second my eyes adjust to the light and I see you.

The door shuts behind me as I walk into the dim room.

Sitting on the bed you are massaging your stiff cock. I gulp, its big.

You are wearing a mask.

I cannot see your face and it sends shivers down my spine.

My eyes turn back to your hand, gripping your large cock harder than before.

Not a word is spoken.

I walk closer as you continue to stare at me.

My lips are parted and I barely notice my tongue slipping out to lick them.

A few more steps closer, I need to see it closer.

I'm now within arms reach.

Your spare hand reaches to the him of my skirt, lifting, searching, grazing.

The lack of panties doesn't go unnoticed.

I turn around and bend over to give you a better view.

Several times your thumb slides through the juices oozing from my slit.

I gasp as you push your thumb into my butthole.

You stick your two middle fingers inside my pussy.

Your cock, still in your hand, waiting to bust.

Just as I begin to enjoy the feel you remove your hand.

I turn around to see you wipe precum off the tip of your head.

I open my mouth signaling that I want the tiny droplet.

Licking your finger I savor the flavor of you.

My skirt is bunched around my waist.

You grab my pussy lips and pull me towards the bed.

I land on all fours before you ease your grip on my pussy.

Grabbing a fist full of hair you push my face close to your cock.

I assume you want me to suck it until you slightly turn my head.

I look at you, see your eyes peering at me through the mask.

The slapping of your cock on my face startled me and I try to move.

Tighter my hair is gripped.

My face is turning red from the slaps.

Lifting my head you bring my face close to your and watch my trembling lips.

You let go of your cock and slap the right side of my face.

Reaffirming your grip,you steady my head again.

I watch your hand come up again as it lashes me once more across the face

Your hand goes back to stroking your cock.

I reposition myself on all fours as I feel you tug my nipples through my shirt.

You pull my nipples with both hands until I'm on top of you.

I try to lean back, I need to leave, I can't even see your face.

That only causes you to pinch harder and pull closer.

Your gaze drops down to my pussy as you feel drops of my moisture leaking.

You push my skirt on up around my waist.

Grabbing my hips, lifting me to the very tip of your cock.

You tilt your head to watch my pussy juice drip onto the head.

Go! I have to leave! I should have left. Why did I open the door?

I put my hands on your shoulders and try to push myself off of you.

Gasping I feel your cock sliding through me as you push my thighs down.

I pant as you allow me to sit on your pole and adjust to your size.

I open my eyes and look at the eyes hiding behind the mask.

Your hand pushes my chest and I fall backwards onto the foot of the bed.

I'm a bit stunned by the sudden movement.

You push me onto my side and on over onto my stomach.

Looking back I see you straddling the back of my thighs.His hand slides up my spine and back down over my butt.

The thought of a nice backrub goes through my mind, my body relaxes.

He massages my butt, kneeds them like dough.

My body turns into jello under his soothing hands.

Immediately my eyes widen as I feel it.....

His cock, the tip, my ass clinching as he stuffs the head into the tiny hole.

My hands pulling the sheet as it pops into my butthole.

With one hard thrust his entire cock is stuffed into my ass.

He holds it there, leaning in to moan into my ear.

I brace myself as he pulls back.

I'm shocked once again as he pulls all the way out.

My little ass muscle spasms in an attempt to tighten back up.

He hurt me, maybe he feels bad. My ass stings. Is it bleeding?

Still on my thighs his hands land beside my shoulders as he leans closer.

I feel him, parting my cheeks again, his cock grazing in my pussy juice.

He doesn't stop this time, he goes in fully, not wasting a moment in my hole.

After an eternity of him admiring my gaping asshole he decides its time to nut.

He pulls me back onto all four, lining up his cock to my ass.

Pulling my hair back he sides his arm under my neck.

He tears into me with one mission, one goal.

I see spots as he tightens his arm, cutting my breathing in half.

A loud moan fills the room as I feel the nut being forced deep inside.

He waits, allowing every drip to drop, leaving each inside me.

Standing up he picks my keys up from the floor, throwing them at me.

He notices a small bit of cum still oozing and flings it off his cock onto me.

Not a word is spoke.

The mask is not removed.

I hobble to my feet, pulling my skirt down as cum seeps from my ass.

He points to the door, my signal to leave.

Settling down into my car, I lean my head back and breathe out.

I lift my skirt, looking down at my dirty cum holes, I smile.

Not a single word was spoken.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/17/17

Keep it up!

This is really good writing. I loved it!
There are, however, a few reasons why I don't consider it 5 star. First, it's in the wrong category. This is all completely consensual sex in the story, so it doesn'tmore...

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