tagBDSMSilence Gathering Pt. 03

Silence Gathering Pt. 03

bybarbarian queen 2©

Eileen drove quietly. Occasionally, she would flick a glance at her companion. She could see that he was still tense and worried about this gathering. Suddenly, she pulled over and stopped the car. Silence looked at her in surprise.

"Perhaps we should not go to this Gathering, Silence," she said.

He knew his tenseness was the cause of her comment. He took out the pad of paper she kept in the car for him and wrote quickly. He handed her the pad.

‘The invitation was a surprise,' she read. None of my previous Mistresses after Michelle were invited. I do not know what to think.' Eileen caressed his head.

"You worry for me, Silence?"

He sighed and nodded. She caressed his head. She smiled softly at him.

"Isn't it my job to worry over you?" she asked. His gestures showed his confusion. "We will do fine, my Silence," she said.

He wrote again. ‘May I ask something?'

"Of course, Silence."

‘It may be best if you used my name or called me something else.' She studied him briefly. He blushed at the disappointment in her eyes.

‘Please, Mistress,' he wrote, ‘I do not want anyone but you to call me Silence.' His gray eyes begged for understanding. The disappointment in her eyes faded to be replaced with understanding and affection.

"Very well, Silence," she said, "when we arrive, I will call you by your name." She caressed his head again.

Just then, a police car pulled up behind them. The police officer approached her window.

"Is there a problem, ma'am?" he asked.

Eileen felt Silence stiffen. She spared him a glance then looked at the officer.

"No, officer," she replied. "We had something to discuss, and I felt it better to stop while we did." The officer bent down for a better look into the car. Silence sat stiffly, looking straight ahead.

"Jonah?" asked the police officer, "Jonah Sheridan?"

With a sigh, Silence looked at the officer and nodded. The officer grinned.

"Hey, man! We haven't seen you for a long time!"

Silence shrugged and nodded.

The officer's face clouded. "Still got that problem, huh?"

Again, Silence shrugged and nodded.

The officer looked at Eileen. "Have I met you before, ma'am?" he asked.

"No, officer," she replied, "Jonah and I have been together only about a year and a half." Her tone was calm and her gaze steady. The officer found himself wanting to apologize for questioning her.

He nodded and stepped back to return to his car. Then he leaned down again. "Good to see you again, Jonah." He nodded again to Eileen. "Ma'am." She smiled slightly in reply. The police officer returned to his car and left.

Eileen felt Silence tense, waiting for the questions. She simply caressed his dark head. "We shall go on, then, Silence," was all she said. He sighed and leaned into her caress. Eileen started the car and resumed their journey.

As Silence had told her, the Gathering was at his parents' home. Eileen was impressed at the huge estate but tried not to show it. Silence was tense. She was met by a pair of valet, one to take her car and one to carry her luggage. She waved away the one valet. She would allow only Silence the duty of caring for her. She presented her invitation at the door.

"Mistress Eileen," acknowledged the butler. He ignored Silence, although his glance did rest on him briefly. "Your rooms are this way, Ma'am," he continued. "Master Joseph and Mistress Kathleen will be greeting all guests at dinner."

Eileen merely nodded and waited for him to proceed. The butler led them to a suite with a sitting room, bedroom, and lavish bath. Silence immediately began to put her things away. The butler hesitated and cleared his throat softly.

"Was there something else?" asked Eileen cooly.

"Ah, yes, Ma'am," said the butler. "Ah…submissives and slaves have their own dormitories, and..ah…"

Eileen looked at him cooly. "Wait, Jonah," she said. Silence immediately stopped putting things away. "I explained my wishes when I accepted the invitation," she continued in the same cool tone. "I was not told those wishes would not be granted."

The butler lowered his eyes. "Ah…yes, Ma'am…but…"

Eileen's voice turned cold. "Jonah stays with me," she said, "or we decline the invitation and leave."

"Ah…yes, Ma'am," the butler murmured, "but…Mistress Michelle thought your…um…that he should be in the dormitory."

Eileen's cold gaze made the butler swallow convulsively. "Mistress Michelle may do as she wishes," said Eileen, her voice velvet ice, "but Jonah stays with me. Or we leave."

The butler blanched and bowed. "As you wish, Ma'am," he said as he backed out of the room.

Eileen turned to Silence with a soft sigh. He was applauding silently, his gray eyes gleaming.

"A test?" she asked quietly. He nodded. Her smile was wry, "We seem to have passed." Silence nodded agreement and finished putting things away. He helped Eileen bathe as he usually did, and she held with close, kissing him with gentle promise. Eileen allowed him to help her dress. She knew he had more experience in what was expected here. He seemed prepared to stay in their rooms, but she indicated the black leather pants, boots, and silk shirt.

"You will come with me," she said. He looked faintly troubled but did as she required. Eileen noted with satisfaction that others had their submissives with them.

As they entered the room, the butler announced them, "Mistress Eileen!"

A man and woman stepped forward to greet her. The man extended his hand. "I am Joseph Sheridan," he said, "and my wife, Kathleen."

Eileen allowed him to take her hand. "Joseph, Kathleen," she said. She saw that Silence's raven hair came from his mother and his height from his father, although he was taller. "Thank you for the invitation. I am honored." She noticed that neither acknowledged their son, although Eileen noticed Kathleen sneaking glances at him. She suddenly seem to relax and her manner became more friendly. Joseph took his cue from his wife and also seemed to relax with her.

Eileen was introduced to those she did not know and greeted those she knew. Silence was a constant, comforting presence behind her. Suddenly, she came face to face with a petite, stunning blonde with ice blue eyes. She felt Silence stiffen behind her.

"Weeeellll," drawled the young woman.

Eileen raised one eyebrow. It was a mannerism that she knew was annoying.

"You must be Michelle," said Eileen politely as she extended her hand. "I am Eileen."

Michelle frowned slightly. At first it seemed that she would ignore the offered hand. Then she took Eileen's hand and squeezed hard, trying to make her flinch or pull away. Eileen simply tensed her hand and waited for Michelle to tire of the contest, which she did very quickly.

Dinner was served, and somehow, Eileen managed to keep her temper. She was beginning to wonder why no one tried to curb Michelle's acid tongue. It seemed that most ignored her rudeness.

When they finally got back to their rooms, Eileen began pacing, trying to work off her temper. She turned and bumped into Silence. He simply wrapped his arms around her and held her. With a sigh, she finally relaxed and leaned against his comforting strength. "Has that child always been so…so…" Eileen shrugged. She felt him nod his head. "I need you," she said softly. Silence began massaging her shoulders as she leaned against him.

Eventually, she found herself nude. He had managed to undress them both while he soothed her. She began caressing him, losing herself in the feel of his skin, the heat of his massive erection. When he finally entered her, she arched in orgasm. Her kiss was full of hungry passion, which he answered by giving himself to her, filling her, thrusting hard and deep, taking her higher and higher until she could only writhe and spasm in orgasm. Then he climaxed, filling her with his essence.

They lay entwined, relaxing in the glow of their passion when a scream of agony cut through the night. Eileen felt Silence tense. "Michelle?" she asked softly. He nodded. Her arms tightened around him. "Never," she promised, "never as long as I live." He sighed and nuzzled against her breast. She held him, caressing him softly, until they both slept.

The next day and a half passed fairly easily. She was approached several times with offers of trades. She always declined. Each time she did, Silence relaxed more. Late in the afternoon of the last day, Kathleen asked to speak to her privately. Eileen asked Silence to pack their things as they would be leaving after dinner. He bowed and left her alone with his mother.

Kathleen watched him leave. "He still does not speak?"

"No," replied Eileen, "but we understand each other.

Kathleen nodded. "Do you know why he doesn't speak?"

"Yes," said Eileen.

Kathleen sighed. "We never knew what happened. We only knew that Michelle had sold his contract to another."

Eileen looked at Kathleen curiously. "Have you ever seen his contract?" Kathleen shook her head. Eileen pulled a copy from her purse and handed it to the other woman.

Kathleen read silently, her expression tightening until she came to the amendments. She looked at Eileen. "Thank you." She did not say for what, but Eileen understood.

"May I ask a favor, Kathleen?"

Kathleen nodded. She had not expected to like Jonah's new mistress but was pleased to find that she did.

"If Jonah asks to be released," said Eileen softly, "may he come here until he finds another?"

"I think, yes," said Kathleen. "Joseph may be a bit prickly about it at first, but Jonah may stay here if he needs to."

"Thank you."

Kathleen looked closely at Eileen. "You said nothing about your releasing him."

"I have no wish to release him at all," said Eileen quietly.

"I see," said Kathleen, smiling suddenly.

They spoke quietly for a few more minutes. Then Eileen excused herself to dress for dinner. Silence was not in their rooms. Her things had been laid out and his. Curious, Eileen went through the suite. There was no sign of Silence and no indication where he had gone. Finally, she found a scrap of paper in a wastebasket. A note telling him to come to her in the west wing. Puzzled and a little angry that someone had sent him a note in her name, she went out to look for him. She saw Kathleen and Joseph.

"Someone summoned Jonah to the west wing in my name," Eileen said with cool anger. "Will you guide me there, please." Joseph and Kathleen led her to another suite.

An angry feminine voice could be heard punctuated by the sounds of blows. Eileen did not hesitate or knock. She threw open the door and entered.

Silence was nude and blindfolded. He had been chained and stretched. Michelle was beating him with a viciously barbed cat o' nine tails. That Silence was not aroused seemed to drive the blonde woman insane with anger.

The blood on his body pushed Eileen's anger into rage. She saw Michelle draw back to strike at his genitals. Without thought, Eileen interposed her body between Silence and the whip. The two blows on her back were intense fire. Somehow she did not scream in pain. She felt the blood begin to flow on her back. When she could again focus, she turned to Joseph.

"Take him down!" she commanded. Silence was lowered into her arms. She barely noticed that Kathleen had taken the whip from Michelle. Joseph was unshackling his son.

Eileen removed the blindfold. "I'm so sorry!" she whispered, "I did not keep my promise." Someone handed her a wet cloth. Gently, she cleaned his wounds, noting that they were bloody but light. This time. When she looked into his eyes, she nearly wept. Her Silence was gone. The flat, cool expression was back in his eyes.

"Can you walk, Jonah," she asked. He nodded and slowly stood. Eileen looked at Joseph and Kathleen. "We will see you at dinner," she said. She completely ignored the still ranting Michelle.

Eileen and Silence went to their suite. He was remote, tensing if she touched him. Eileen sighed.

"Please shower and dress, Silence," she said softly. "We will be leaving after dinner." He nodded and went to do as she told him. Eileen took a cloth and carefully tried to care for her lacerated back. The pain made her nauseous. Trembling, she managed to dress before Silence finished and reappeared. He came and knelt before her. Then he handed her a slip of paper. His eyes were cast down so he did not see the tremor in her hand when she took it.

‘I wish to be released,' he had written, ‘I cannot do this anymore.'

Eileen waited until she was certain her voice was steady. "As we agreed in your contract, Silence," she said. "I will release you this evening at dinner. I want everyone to know that this is in accordance with an accepted contract. You may stay here for awhile if you wish." He glanced at her in surprise, then looked down. "Your parents have agreed," she continued. "You may come for the rest of your things when you wish. You have your key." He bowed his head.

Eileen was hollow. Everything she wanted was leaving her. Even the pain in her back had no meaning anymore.

"Come," she said. He rose gracefully and followed in his accustomed place to the dining room. Suddenly, Eileen had no desire to stay. The others were already seated when she and Silence entered. When she did not take her seat, the buzz of conversation slowly died.

"Master Joseph, Mistress Kathleen," she began, "I wish to thank you for your hospitality. I apologize for not remaining for the rest of the evening." She looked around. Michelle's petulant expression fueled her resolve.

"However, before I leave, I have one task that I wished to perform before witnesses." Eileen turned slightly, hiding the wince of pain. "Jonah." He stepped to her side. Slowly she reached up to his collar. "You have served me well. As you have requested, I release you. I wish you the best of everything. I hope you find your heart's desire."

As she unfastened his collar, he looked into her eyes. The pain and loss he saw there briefly pierced his own anger and pain. As the collar slipped from his neck, Michelle stood.

"No!" she said. "You can't release him! He has to be sold! It's in his contract and I want him!"

With the silver chain heavy in her hands, Eileen turned to Michelle. Her cold smile made the younger woman pause.

"Jonah's contract was amended months ago," said Eileen. "He is free of you. He is free to choose."

Kathleen stood then. "I have seen the amendments," she said. "They are in accord with our practices. Jonah has bee released according to our custom." Michelle dropped back into her chair, sullen and defeated.

Eileen nodded her thanks to Kathleen. She looked up into the gray eyes she could no longer see through her tears. "Goodbye, my Silence," she whispered for him alone to hear. "Be happy." Then she left the dining room.

The butler had her car brought and her suitcase put in it. Eyes filled with tears of pain and sorrow, Eileen drove home, leaving her heart behind.

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