tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSins of a Sinner Ch. 07

Sins of a Sinner Ch. 07


This is the last chapter, for now at least, in a longer story. For character background and storylines, please check out earlier chapters. Thank you to all who have read this story. Thank you to all for your feedback. I hope you enjoy.


Paula did not move on the bed. Every muscle in her body ached, from both the abuse she had received and the intensity of each one of her orgasms.

She simply watched Mark's reflection in the mirror as he closed the dirty motel room door. She began to cry again when she heard the door knob locking. Only a few tears initially but building to full out sobbing.

Slowly, Paula regained her composure. She timidly began to move her legs and could feel her thighs burning. Her bottom was sore. Paula rose on wobbly legs, barely balancing in her heels.

Another thread of semen oozed from her stretched anus and onto the back of her stocking clad thigh. Paula stared at her reflection in the mirror for a long time.

Her hair was all mussed, her glasses askew and barely on the end of her nose. Paula's lipstick was smeared across her lips from the ball gag. Her bra pulled down under her large breasts, pushing each obscenely out.

Semen ran from her rear end and onto her silk stocking covered legs. Paula stood there for a long time, looking at what she had become. She truly was that man's slut. Dressed like a cheap whore in that slutty lingerie, standing there alone in a dirty motel room, after being used solely for his pleasure.

With shame, embarrassment and humiliation on her face, Paula begrudgingly acknowledged to herself that she LOVED every minute of it!

Funny, but all of the other emotions she usually felt afterward, like nervousness, anger, fear, resentment, disgust and repulsion, had become increasingly less over time.

Now, they were almost non-existent. Now, by the light of that dimly lit room, Paula finally accepted the feelings she kept buried inside of her for her whole life.

Paula slowly walked into the dirty bathroom and tried to clean herself up. She removed her sleazy brassier and stockings, and put on her usual Wal-mart bra and panty. She buttoned up her blouse and stepped into her skirt, zipping it and hooking it from the side.

Paula placed her used lingerie in a bag she had in her purse and exited the room. She walked to her car for another long ride home. Turning the radio to nothing in particular, Paula drove home in peace.

Once she had reconciled and accepted the dark desires she had buried inside for so long, all of the stress and turmoil she had fought with since Mark had discovered her theft seemed to disappear. For the first time, Paula felt at ease with herself.

Turning the corner, Paula eased her automobile into her garage. 8:55 PM. No one else was at home as she closed her kitchen door.

Paula went to the refrigerator and poured herself a tall glass of wine. She took a sip, then another and another. She entered the bathroom and removed her clothes.

A long, hot shower later, Paula reclined on the sofa with another glass of wine, watching television as her family trickled in through the front door after their evenings. George held her as they fell asleep, the first peaceful night's sleep Paula had in a long time.

The next morning, Paula dressed for work as usual. She stashed more lingerie in her purse, not knowing what lay ahead at the office, but not intimidated by it either.

She drove to work singing along with Shania, Faith and anyone else on the radio that morning. She smiled as she said hello to Amy and Donna.

Moving into her cubicle, she noticed Mark's door was closed. Smiling to herself, she discreetly checked the lingerie she had placed in her purse.

Another shear black brassier with a matching thong, garter belt and stockings were the choice for today. She let her fingers glide over the silky material and felt the all-too-familiar tingle beginning deep inside.

As she rose and turned toward the restroom, 3 men entered the office. Paula sat back down in her cubicle as she heard one of the men introduce himself to Amy the receptionist as Mr. Davis from California, here to see Mr. Sawyer.

"I don't care how busy he is, he will see me NOW!" was heard loudly throughout the office. Paula quickly took her purse and placed it in her desk drawer and began to work.

She watched as the 3 men walked into Mark Sawyer's office, closing the door behind them. About 5 minutes passed before Paula's intercom rang. "Yes Mr. Sawyer?"

"I need to see you in my office, NOW Ms. Thornton!" was the gruff reply from the other end.

Paula took a deep breath, rose from her desk and made her way towards Mark's door. She turned the knob and entered, "You wanted to see me?" All 4 men turned to face her as she closed the door behind her.

Mr. Davis said "Please Ms. Thornton, be seated," as he motioned to the seat in front of her boss's desk. Mark stared at her as she sat down, a pale angry look over his face.

She turned her head to face Mr. Davis, trying to focus only on the middle aged, distinguished looking man. Older, with a just-turning-gray full head of brown hair, well tailored suit and a commanding presence, Mr. Davis made an memorable first impression.

"First off, I want to thank you for all of your hard work of late. We had not been able to correct this problem and, thanks to you, we now know why." She stared intently at Mr. Davis as he held a file up to her. "It was very diligent work on your part and I'm very grateful for your efforts."

"This is crazy!" shouted Mark Sawyer. "Why would I steal from you? I've never stolen anything in my life. I was brought here to catch the thief in this office." Mark leaned forward, pointing across his desk at Paula.

"It was her. She's been stealing small amounts of money over the past 4 years, putting them into dummy accounts and taking the money for herself." He reached into his desk and pulled out a file and handed it to Mr. Davis.

Mr. Davis looked at Paula as he took the file. He glanced through it for some time and smiled. "Very clever," he said as he looked over at Paula while handing the file back to Mark.

Paula sat still, motionless, nervous, as all 4 men stared at her. Paula took a deep breath, the fear evident across her face. She held her hands tightly in her lap, back straight and legs crossed at her ankles.

Her gray skirt all of a sudden began to feel very warm. Paula reached up and adjusted her wire framed glasses. Looking back at Mr. Davis, Paula felt like she would begin to cry at any second.

Mr. Davis broke the silence, "My dear, please don't be intimidated by him. The files you've been sending to us this past week clearly show what has been happening. He set up these accounts, didn't he Ms. Thornton?"

Paula mustered up all of the courage she could. "Well, it appears so Mr. Davis. I've checked and checked all of these accounts, over and over. They seemed like legitimate companies. The bills all looked real enough."

"In all honesty, I wouldn't have caught them except for the last 3. I thought those accounts had been closed, for a long time even. We haven't done business with those companies for a couple of years and all of a sudden I had 3 bills from them."

"When I checked, no one could verify that these were actual companies. So, I searched and searched, made a couple of phone calls, and found out these were really just names."

"And you've been stealing that money now for almost 4 years. Almost $50,000!" shouted Mark. "I caught you a couple of weeks ago. I should've turned you in then."

Mark's face turned red as he seethed in anger. He glared at Paula. "I don't know what you think you're pulling here bitch."

"ENOUGH!" yelled Mr. Davis. "If what you're saying is true Mark, how do you explain the three $7,500 deposits in your bank account in the last 2 weeks?"

Mark looked, stunned, at Mr. Davis, then back across his desk at Paula. She sat there as she had before when it was just the two of them, staring down at the carpet. He looked back at Mr. Davis, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Mr. Davis looked at Paula, "Would you please go on Ms. Thornton."

Her eyes remained fixed on Mr. Davis as Paula responded, "Sure. When I searched deeper on these fake company names, I found that a Mr. M. Sawyer was sole owner of each."

"With a little more digging, I traced the three $7,500 payments to a bank account in his name. It's all there in that file," she said, pointing towards the one in Mr. Davis' hands.

Mark stammered, "I still don't know what this is all about. There must be some other explanation. She set this whole thing up. I don't know what she's pulling, but she's the thief, not me."

Paula's memory flashed back to her first meeting with Mark when Mr. Davis said "I was hoping you would at least treat me with some respect. No explanation of what happened. Hell, you didn't even take the time to look at the file and try to see what I'm talking about. Yet you sit here and insult my intelligence. You give me no choice but to have you arrested." Paula looked on intently at the proceedings in front of her while all of the time smiling to herself at the irony of the situation.

"I'm sorry, but I still don't know what you're talking about. I've never stolen anything in my life. Hell, I make more than enough money. Why would I steal from you?" Mark leaned forward in his chair, hands on his desk, as he tried to reason with his boss.

"Because you found out your ex-wife left you for me, that's why! I knew I should have gotten rid of you when it all happened, but Cheryl talked me into it. She took pity on you. I knew it would only be a matter of time before you would screw me to try and get even. Now, you've proven me right. You give me no choice." Mr. Davis looked at the two men behind him as they moved toward Mark.

"These men are federal officers. They'll take it from here. Funny, I thought you were brighter than this. If you wouldn't have been so greedy, you probably would have gotten away with it. That is, of course, had our new office manager, Ms. Thornton here, not been as diligent as she has been."

Turning toward Paula, Mr. Davis said, "I hope you will consider my offer. We can talk about your new responsibilities and salary this afternoon. That is, of course, if you'll take the job. Take the morning to mull it over. Maybe talk to that husband of yours. George is it? This will affect both of your lives."

Mark Sawyer stood behind his desk as the two officers placed him in handcuffs. They led him out of his office, past Paula, as Mr. Davis followed. Mark stared at her as he passed, not in anger, but in disbelief.

'She's a smart fucking bitch,' he said to himself. Mark was sure that Paula was his, that the way she had responded to him was genuine and that she loved it as much as he thought she did. He was sure that Paula was becoming his submissive, his slut.

'How could she do this to me? How could I have been so wrong?' he thought as the officers led him out of the building and placed him in the back seat of the waiting automobile.

Paula returned to her desk and spent the rest of the day at ease. Her co-workers were abuzz over being told what had happened and how Paula had "caught" Mark stealing. They all applauded her and hoped she would take the new job Mr. Davis had offered. She told him she needed some time to think it over and left for home that night with a smile on her face.

She drove home, thinking about all that had unfolded. Her plan had worked, much better than she could have hoped. When Paula had been discovered, she was in a panic. She could not think straight. All of the feelings of shame, humiliation, embarrassment, nervousness, anger, fear, resentment, disgust and repulsion she initially felt made it impossible for her to concentrate.

But as Mark used her more and more, her head began to slowly clear. Not because of penance for her sins, but of acceptance of who she truly was deep down inside. All of the stress from suppressing and hiding her dark desires was being washed away by everything Mark did to her and everything she did to him.

Once she was able to think clearly, she devised the plan to set Mark up. It wasn't very difficult to get him to sign papers, especially after one of their office "sessions". She slipped bank forms and legal papers in with her other requests for him to sign and he blindly followed.

Frankly, his work performance had deteriorated with each passing encounter with Paula. He really wasn't thinking very clearly about work, only about what he could make her do next. So, she set up a dummy store-front company that had purchased the three fake companies she had created earlier. Each one led back to Mark. Finally, she transferred checks to these accounts and, once she had removed a bit of the cash for herself, e-mailed Mr. Davis with her "proof."

Funny, she had silently hoped it would take Mr. Davis a bit longer to come after Mark. Last night with him in the hotel room was incredible. She loved being chained to the bed. She loved the gag in her mouth, the way he made her dress and all of those dirty things he did to her.

Paula had never, ever experienced orgasms as intense as the ones Mark had brought her, and she kind of hoped for maybe just a few more. Of course, the shame of betraying George wore on her after each time, but she was getting better at dealing with it.

But Mr. Davis was fast acting. Heck, he was even instrumental. Who knew that he was the one Mark's ex-wife left him for? How lucky was that? God truly did answer her prayers. He did save her. Paula thanked God all the way home.

She now thought exclusively about George. George was still the only man she had ever loved. Her feelings for him had never changed regardless of Mark. However, sex with her husband was nothing like it was with Mark and Paula knew she could not live the rest of her life with the same old stuff from George. But Paula loved George deeply. So, she decided she would change their lovemaking a bit and make him change as well.

That night, as they lay in bed, Paula with her head on his chest and cradled in his arm, she leaned up and kissed him. Slowly, passionately, she kissed his lips. Paula's tongue slowly slipped into his mouth while her hands caressed his chest.

Slowly, she unbuttoned his pajama top as her tongue met his. Her hands felt his skin as she sucked his tongue into her mouth. At first, George was hesitant, but he quickly followed suit, sucking Paula's tongue into his mouth.

As Paula kissed her husband, her hands traveled down his body, down his stomach. Her fingernails traced the line of the waistband of his pajama bottoms as their tongues entwined. Paula slipped her hand inside his bottoms and reached for George's penis. Not as big as Mark's, but definitely as hard.

Paula slowly worked her hand up and down the length of his shaft, stroking him like she did back in high school. She lifted her head away from him and looked him in the eye with a devilish grin.

Slowly, all the time locked in his gaze, she kissed and licked her way down his chest. She felt the muscles of his chest, stomach and thighs stiffening in nervous reaction to her. George watched as Paula moved lower down his body.

Still staring at him, she smiled as she let go of his penis and pulled his bottoms down. George's penis sprang forward.

Paula looked down and then back up at George. She reached back over and began stroking him again. In a hushed voice, George asked "What's gotten into you? What are you doing?"

Smiling slyly up at him, Paula said "I overheard some of the women at work talking about things they do for their husbands, and Donna made this one sound like fun. I know it's a sin, but ....."

Paula, still staring into George's eyes, lowered her head and kissed George's erection. She slowly started licking up and down, like Mark had taught her. Her tongue flicked and danced across the head and along the shaft.

Again, startled at first, George relaxed and moaned with pleasure as Paula took him into her mouth. She softly and gently began sucking him in and out, just as Mark had taught her. George moaned and groaned as Paula licked and sucked him.

In almost no time, Paula could feel George stiffening in her mouth. He groaned loudly and tried to pull her up and off of his erection, but Paula tightened her lips and worked him even harder.


George's cock exploded in her mouth. Stream after stream of cum pumped into Paula's mouth, on her lips and onto her chin. She held him there, taking all the George could give her. As he relaxed, she slowly lifted up off of him.

She saw the look of shock on George's face. "Oh baby. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for ...... Oh God. I'm sorry. I would never ...... You must think I'm some kind of animal. I'm sorry. I love you." George stuttered and mumbled for a few seconds.

Paula looked up at him, cum still on her face and lips. "Shhhh. Sweetie. It's ok. I'm not mad. I kind of liked it." She wiped her face with a tissue from next to the bed. She smiled at a horrified George.

Finally, he said "We've never done anything like that before. The Bible says that's a sin. May God forgive me."

The smile left Paula's face as she looked up at him. She stared into his distraught face and sadly said, "Didn't you like it?"

George said, "It was like nothing I've ever felt before. It felt really good. But Paula, it's a sin and we can't ever do anything like that again. The Bible says sex is only for procreation and not pleasure. What we just did was for pleasure only. It felt incredible but it is Satan's handywork. May God forgive me."

Paula remained quiet for some time as George prayed softly, finally dejectedly adding, "May God forgive both of us."

George lay there for a time before falling off to sleep. He wrestled with emotions and desires he thought he had conquered with God's help a long time ago. He thought he had tamed his animal instincts back when he found religion but Paula had awoken those long suppressed urges. George vowed silently, over and over, to remain vigilant in his beliefs.

He thought a lot about Paula. Why had she succumbed so easily to the devil's temptation to sin? Maybe she wasn't the woman he thought she was?

Paula lay there too, her head resting on the chest of the only man she has ever loved. She laid there in silence for a long time. This may not be as easy as she had hoped. Paula slowly came to the realization that it would take George a long time to change, if at all. She finally drifted off to sleep.

Paula dreams a lot lately. She dreams that someday George will hold her head tightly down on his cock as he makes her suck it. Paula dreams that he will slap her ass, lick her pussy and fuck her ass hole. She dreams that someday soon, George will make her dress like a slut, chain her to a bed and use her like a whore. More than anything else, Paula dreams of cumming like Mark taught her to.

But Paula's nights are now restless again. Mark released a thirst from inside her that George has not been able to quench. She betrayed Mark and saved herself from going to prison. Now, Paula can't save herself from her own desires.

The man she loves cannot give her what she needs. Mark brought that out of her. She tried to escape it all with God's help, but God helped make her the way she was. As much as she tried to deny it to herself, she could not hide it from Mark even though neither could initially see it.

It started by stealing money to help feed her family but in the end she only fed a hunger for herself. Now, her hunger lingers and love has not satisfied her. Paula needs more but not even God has helped.

Maybe Paula should have been more careful in what she prayed for. At first, she met a devil but wanted only her saint. Now the saint cannot compete with what the devil released inside of her. Or cleanse the sins of a sinner. Paula prays a lot. So far, in vain.

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