tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Answer Ch. 01

Sir Jeffrey and the Answer Ch. 01


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight of the Land, surveyed his estate with a broad grin. He had been given land when he had been made a full knight and he looked over it now. A large manor house stood at its centre with a stable to one side and the expertly looked after gardens were the envy of the whole town.

He had more money than he knew what to do with, too, so he employed many of the local populace to help with his gardens and horses, and he also invested in many of their businesses. He did not really expect any money back in turn but he wanted to try and help. The rest he donated to local shelters and the town's church, though he had to do so secretly because knights were not supposed to spend so freely. Luckily, this was the town in which he had been living before being raised to Knight of the Land, so people knew him well enough to stay secret.

He glanced at the large woods which stood off to his left, which he shared with his neighbour. He was close with his neighbour, who was a fellow knight, and it was to that estate he was now about to go. He walked to his stables.

Getting there, he summoned his stablehand, who greeted him then went to fetch his mount. Returning, the young man passed him the reins to Swift. He owned other horses now too, of course, but Swift remained his favourite.

Sir Jeffrey set off, thanking the stablehand before riding quickly round the rear of his house and across the gardens. At the far end of his garden stood a large gate beyond which were the gardens of his neighbour. It was a quick way of reaching the other estate and Sir Jeffrey took it often.

Swift made short work of the distance and soon Sir Jeffrey was handing Swift's reins to a stablehand at the other house. Although it had been a relatively short journey his own mansion was a good distance away and Sir Jeffrey knew that if he had tried to walk the distance it would have taken him a long time indeed.

And he had needed to be quick, because he was running late. He had wanted to meet the knight who owned this estate when they returned from their travels, for they had been gone nearly a week and he missed their company. As it was, he had not been standing there long when the sound of hooves came loud in the air, and he turned to see the knight approaching.

He waited whilst the stablehand rushed forward to take the reins of the knight's mount, then he stepped closer as they realised he was there.

"Jeffrey! I did not expect to find you waiting for me. I was going to call round to yours later," the knight smiled pleasantly. "But please, come in."

Jeffrey followed them into the house, smiling as he walked through the familiar rooms to the rear sitting room that looked out over the gardens. Bar the few servants and stablehands that lived on the estate, everyone else had gone home. The house was empty.

Eventually they came to the sitting room, and his neighbour peeled off their armour and hung it on the wall. Soon they were dressed only in the soft underclothes that a knight wore under their amour, but they did not seem to be embarrassed by being scantily clad in front of Jeffrey.

Which was hardly surprising, given who they were.

"Hello Sara," Jeffrey grinned. The beautiful blonde knight smiled seductively back, striding towards him.

You see, Sir Jeffrey and Dame Sara had chosen estates next to each other. Such things were not normally done as knights were expected to watch over whole towns on their own, but Princess Isabel had personally seen to their request the day after the ceremony that made them full knights. When they were given their plots of land, it was revealed that they had got their wish.

"Hello Jeffrey," she smirked back, reaching him. She reached out to place a hand on his chest. "I am glad you were waiting for me."

"You are?" he said.

"Of course," she replied. "Otherwise I would have had to wait until later to have you inside of me."

She kissed him then and Sir Jeffrey returned the motion, pushing his tongue into her mouth. Sara was as horny as she ever had been and he always enjoyed spending time with her. Often one or both of them was away from their estates (they were Knights of the Land, after all, and frequently had duties to attend to) which meant that they valued the time they did get together. Had they not been neighbours they might not have seen much of each other at all, which Jeffrey would have regretted. Judging by the way Sara hungrily began to tug off his shirt, he guessed she would have regretted that too.

Soon she pulled the garment from him and her hands had moved to his trousers. She unbuckled them, pushing them down, and it was not long until he was completely naked in her sitting room. He did not care - he had been naked in her sitting room many times before.

What he did care about was the fact that she was still clothed and so he set about rectifying that. Grabbing her undershirt he pulled it from her head, groaning as her large breasts spilled free. He immediately grasped them, squeezing them before leaning forwards to suck her nipples into his mouth.

Sara loved it when he pleasured her tits. So did most women he was with, Sir Jeffrey realised, which was good news since he loved doing it. He kissed and licked Sara's nipples and sometimes gently bit down on them, causing her to moan loudly. Before long his magic cock was stood proud to attention.

His magic cock had not lost its potency when he became a full Knight of the Land. He still found himself growing increasingly horny until he emptied his seed inside a willing woman, or in desperate times by his own hand. He still enjoyed orgasms more potent than most men and his lovers had not stopped coming so hard that they almost passed out. Sir Jeffrey was glad of that. His length was his pride and joy and despite its few drawbacks he delighted in the life it let him lead.

And it was not just Sir Jeffrey who loved his magic cock, either. Already word had begun to get around the town that the knight who owned the estate would give you the best orgasm you had ever had, just like it had the church where Jeffrey had lived before he had earned full status. Sir Jeffrey had never told anyone about his magic cock, but its effects were hard to disguise. The women he fucked might not know why they were climaxing so hard around his length, but they knew they wanted more of it.

He did not think about such things for long, however, when he had the more immediate distraction of Sara as she sank quickly to her knees. He groaned as she sucked his member into her mouth, her tongue exploring its length. Soon it was wet with her saliva and he reached out to run his fingers through her silky blonde hair. She gave fantastic blowjobs.

She looked up at him with hungry blue eyes and he stared down lustfully. Clearly her absence had got her worked up and it was with great passion that she sucked down on his cock. He enjoyed every second.

Before long, he could take no more, and he reached down to tug Sara to her feet. She grinned, standing quickly and kissing him, letting him pull the remaining clothes from her body until she was naked, too.

When he had done so, Sir Jeffrey guided Sara to the nearest couch, lowering her down onto it quickly. She reclined, spreading her legs to reveal her glistening pussy, and Sir Jeffrey climbed on top of her as he angled his cock.

"I want you inside me now, Jeffrey," she moaned.

He pushed inwards, feeling her pussy welcoming him in. She felt fantastic around his length, her soft cunt the perfect fit for his cock. He started to move his hips then, staring into her blue eyes as his pace grew.

"Oh fuck me, yes!" she shouted, her body tensing. She looked so good as he fucked her and Sir Jeffrey would never get bored of the sight. The sofa was slightly rocking with the force of his thrusts now as he hammered his cock into her tight snatch.

Her large tits shook on her chest wonderfully and if Sir Jeffrey had not been holding himself up with both hands he would have grasped the lovely globes. Instead he took in the sight of them, enjoying the way Sara had started to arch her back. She knew he was close.

So was he. "I'm going to come, Sara!" he grunted. He could feel the pressure in his balls.

"Do it!" she screamed.

He pumped even harder, feeling her cunt narrowing on him. She was on the edge.

"Yes!" she shrieked as she came, her blue eyes flashing. Her pussy spasmed against his length and he knew his magic cock had got her off again. Seconds later he came, too, his hot seed spurting into the gorgeous blonde knight.

Afterwards, he slowly regained composure, withdrawing his cock from Sara with a satisfied moan. She grinned up at him.

"I've been waiting so long for that," she said. "And you didn't disappoint."

"I'm glad to hear it," he smiled.

He stood up, finding his clothes and pulling them on. Sara sat up on the sofa and watched him doing so.

"I must go back to my estate, Sara," Sir Jeffrey said to the lovely knight.

"And I must get something to eat and write a letter to the Queen," Sara nodded. "But thank you for your visit, Jeffrey. I shall come to you tomorrow morning." She added the last part with a wink.

Jeffrey laughed happily as he made his way outside. He loved being a knight.

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