tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Sceptre Ch. 03

Sir Jeffrey and the Sceptre Ch. 03


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight of the Land, woke slowly when the rays of the sun shone through the tavern room window. He rubbed his eyes with his hand and slowly sat upright. He guessed it was not long after dawn. Sighing, he knew that he should be on his way soon if he wanted to get to Lady Brenwick's castle before nightfall.

He glanced to his left and smiled. Anisa was still asleep, her face looking angelic in the morning light. It was certainly a contrast between seeing her innocent sweetness now and the way her eyes had glowed with lust only the night before. Jeffrey laughed softly as his magic cock twitched at the memory and he wondered if Anisa might be amenable to waking up a little early.

Of course, Jeffrey knew that it was rude to wake someone without good reason, so he slowly slid a hand out and rested it on the redhead's thigh. She stirred as he stroked it downwards, feeling her warm soft skin. Slowly, her eyes opened, and she grinned at him as his fingers traced between her thighs.

Jeffrey pushed back the covers then, revealing Anisa's big tits, and he leant forwards to kiss the wonderful globes. She moaned and reached up to grab his hair, the moan growing louder as his hand found the wetness between her legs. Jeffrey was pleased to note that she had woken up as horny as him.

"Oh, Jeffrey. You know how to wake a woman," she moaned as he rubbed his palm against her cunt, enjoying the way her hips rolled to enhance the feeling.

"It is very presumptuous of me," he said quietly, lowering his head. "But I would not forgive myself if I had not done so."

Anisa grinned and kissed him. After a few moments, he broke the kiss and moved lower, eventually coming to her pussy. He pressed his tongue against her folds and began to hungrily devour her.

Anisa moaned loudly at the feeling and before long she was pressing her hips hard against his face. Jeffrey did not relent with his tongue and fingers. Moments later, the serving girl's blue eyes rolled back and she came. Her juices smeared against his mouth and tongue and he enjoyed the twitching in her cunt around his fingers.

Jeffrey did not wait to climb her body. He had to be on his way soon and could not afford to waste time. Anisa did not seem to mind, however, and she merely grinned as he angled his member with her entrance. Pushing inside, he groaned loudly. Her cunt felt amazing as his cock sank into her.

He started slowly, holding himself above the beautiful serving girl. Her short red hair was messy given that it was the morning but neither of them cared. Jeffrey was sure he looked just as unkempt. He fucked her gently, enjoying the sight of her body in the morning light.

Soon he was moving much more quickly, however, and Anisa's moans had grown far louder. He could feel her body coiling as his cock hammered into her pussy and he knew that she was building towards a giant orgasm. His magic cock always made sure his partners got off. Already, Anisa's eyes were slightly glazing.

"Oh, yes, Jeffrey. Fuck me, Sir Knight!" she shouted, and he leant forward to kiss her.

Her legs were wrapped around his waist and her hands gripped the sheets tightly. He enjoyed the way their tongues duelled and her big tits pressed against his chest. Her whole body shook each time he thrust inwards. Then his cock twitched and he knew the moment had arrived.

"I'm going to come, Anisa!" he grunted.

The serving girl stared at him needfully. "Yes! Fill me with your cum!"

Jeffrey cried out then as his orgasm arrived. His jizz burst forth, spraying into Anisa's cunt, which tightened on his cock as her own climax arrived. The beautiful young woman's eyes clouded in rapture as she came powerfully on his magic cock.

Eventually their orgasms ended and Jeffrey withdrew from Anisa's pussy. He grinned at her before climbing from the bed and starting to pull on his armour. He had to be on his way.

After he had dressed he shared a lingering kiss goodbye with Anisa, and she made him promise that he would call in to the tavern and find her if he were ever passing through the town again.

Heading downstairs, he bought a small loaf of bread from the innkeeper to have as his breakfast, then went outside to collect Swift. He was soon on his way.

The day stretched out ahead of Jeffrey as he journeyed towards Lady Brenwick's castle. The sun moved across the sky and towns and settlements passed him by. He did not have time to stop for more than a few minutes' rest and even as it was he was not sure he would reach his destination on time.

Worse still, as the hours stretched into evening clouds began to form in the sky, and by the time the sun was low on the horizon it was raining. Jeffrey wrapped his cloak around himself but the rain had soon soaked that and left him sodden. Swift carried on, oblivious to the wet, and Jeffrey envied the mare her stamina.

It was then that he saw the lights in the distance and realised he could make out the form of a large castle. From the way the fires flickered and danced he guessed that a fairly large settlement was at the base of the castle.

He hurriedly rode Swift towards the city but it was dark when he arrived and the gate was already shut. When he thumped on the wood a figure poked their head above the stone wall and stared down at him.

"Gate's locked," said a gruff man's voice.

Jeffrey stood tall. "Good sir, I am a Knight of the Land, on business from the crown. I must ask that you must let me enter."

"Gate's locked," the man said again.

"You must let me enter! Your Duchess has requested my aid."

"Gate's locked."

Jeffrey growled. "For the love of the queen, man, let me in! I am a knight of these lands, and it is raining. I demand that you open this gate!"

"You can demand all you like, but my orders stand," the man sneered. "No one is to enter through this gate once night has fallen. No exceptions were stated for knights who were a little bit wet."

Jeffrey sighed in exasperation. It was then that a second figure appeared on the wall.

"What are you doing, soldier?" a woman's voice snapped. "Open the gate at once. Have you no respect?"

The first figure turned to the second, clearly confused. "Are you sure, ma'am?"

"I am positive. Open the gate immediately!"

Then both figures disappeared out of sight. Moments later the noise of the gate being opened sounded loud and the heavy wooden doors swung open. Jeffrey rode through to find the second figure waiting for him.

"Thank you for your assistance, my lady," he said.

The figure giggled. She was wrapped in a long cloak against the rain, but they were under cover here. "Do not worry yourself with thanks, Sir Knight. I am Karen Westonbrook, Captain of the Guard." She offered her hand and Jeffrey took it. "But please, call me Karen. You are not one of my guardsmen."

She threw back the hood of her cloak then and Jeffrey almost gasped. She was stunning. Her straight black hair was back in a ponytail and brown eyes shone warmly on her lovely face. She was quite tall too at about 5'9", and he placed her probably in her late-twenties. Her body however he could see nothing of.

"I am indebted to you, Karen. Would you be able to lead me to the castle? I must speak with Lady Brenwick."

Karen shook her head. "Unfortunately I cannot, Sir Knight. At nightfall the drawbridge raises across the moat, and only in an emergency will it be lowered before morning. You must wait until dawn."

Jeffrey sighed. "Very well. And please, Karen, call me Jeffrey. Do you know of a tavern where I might spend the night?"

The guard captain looked him up and down, then smiled. Almost predatorily. Jeffrey's cock twitched at the glint in her brown eyes. He had seen that look from women many times in the past. "I do, Jeffrey, although perhaps I have somewhere better for you to stay. There is a free bed in the guardhouse, and as a soldier of the realm you are entitled to use it and save yourself some gold."

Jeffrey weighed up the idea. It was certainly a good one. He was not short of coin now that he was a Knight of the Land but that did not mean that he should not save it when he could. "I thank you for your offer. Which way are the bunks?"

Karen laughed sweetly. "I do not expect you to sleep there. You may stay in the officers' quarters." She lowered her voice then and grinned wickedly. "They have a bit more luxury to them, and you are a Knight of the Land, after all."

After she had waved a guard forward to take Swift's reins, they entered the gatehouse and immediately climbed a spiral staircase. Soon they came to the top where the steps ended in front of a wooden door. Karen pushed it open and stepped through. Jeffrey followed her.

He found himself standing in a large circular room, the stone walls dotted with windows that looked out in every direction. Clearly, they were at the very top of one of the towers. A large bed was at the head of the room, and other items of furniture filled the space.

Jeffrey realised that this did not look like the officers' quarters - it looked very much like the personal quarters of the Captain of the Guard herself.

"Do you like the look of the place?" Karen smiled at him, reaching for her cloak. "I'm afraid I mislead you slightly, Jeffrey. I feared that if I said you were welcome to use my personal quarters that you would refuse out of politeness."

Jeffrey opened his mouth to respond but his breath was caught as Karen pulled the cloak over her head. Underneath she was wearing an elaborate guard's uniform, with a short red skirt and red shirt, over which lay a white tunic and chainmail armour. Brown ankle-high boots completed the rest of the uniform and a gold-inlaid scabbard hung at her waist. Jeffrey guessed that it marked her out as an officer.

What caught his attention however were the lovely long legs that the skirt revealed, as well as her slim frame. And what held his attention were her huge tits, which pushed outwards from beneath the chainmail and tunic.

She smiled at him. "I see you have no objections. Good. But all this talk is leaving you sodden, Jeffrey. You must get out of those wet clothes."

Jeffrey realised that she was right. He reached for his breastplate.

"Would you like me to give you some privacy?" she said.

Jeffrey did not mind undressing in front of hot women - it usually led to sex. Especially when those women had invited him to sleep in their bedrooms. His balls throbbed at the thought. "Not at all, Karen. I have nothing to hide." He was sure he saw a delighted glint enter her eyes.

He pulled the breastplate from his body, turning to hang it on a rack on the wall behind him, before removing the rest of his armour the same way. His underclothes, however, were just as soaked. He would have to take those off also.

"You are still wearing wet clothes, Jeffrey. You should remove them," Karen said behind him. He turned around to face her. She had taken off her armour and tunic, too, leaving her only in her red skirt and shirt. A wicked grin was on her face.

"You are right, of course, but I would feel self-conscious if I were naked alone."

Karen smirked. "Well, perhaps I can help with that." Then she reached for her shirt and tugged it over her head. Her lovely huge tits were exposed and he watched as Karen threw the shirt to one side. "Your turn."

Jeffrey grasped his shirt, hurriedly pulling it from his body, feeling immediate relief as the clothing was removed. His pants quickly followed, and his underwear, leaving him stood naked but drying in Karen's room. More noticeable though was his swiftly-growing erection.

Karen stepped towards him then, kissing him passionately. He enjoyed the feel of her giant breasts crushed against his body and let his hands rove over her back. For a while they simply kissed in silence but for their faint moaning and the sound of the rainstorm outside.

Then Karen broke the kiss, reaching down with one hand to grab his member, which yearned for attention. He gasped as she did so and a mischievous smile crept across her face as she guided him to the bed using his cock. Then she lowered herself onto the edge of the bed and looked up at him, her brown eyes glowing with lust.

Her lips parted and she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. Jeffrey groaned loudly at the wonderful feeling and stared down lustfully at the guard captain. She kissed her way down his sides, licking every inch of his shaft until it was slick with her saliva, then she sucked the tip whilst wrapping her hands around his base. It felt amazing. Just as good, she looked amazing doing it, sat on the edge of the bed, her huge tits shaking with the pumping of her fists on his length.

Jeffrey did not let that continue for long, however. It had been that morning when his magic cock had last felt release and he knew that he would not last forever. Karen seemed to read his mind and the guard captain released her grip on his cock, instead shuffling up the bed until she was fully on the mattress. Jeffrey swiftly joined her. As he climbed onto the bed, Karen lifted her hips and pulled her skirt from her body. She tossed it carelessly away.

They kissed again and Jeffrey felt Karen moan into his mouth. He reached up then to grasp her tits, and with his right hand he grasped one of the huge globes whilst with his left he pushed himself above her.

Suddenly she placed her hands on his shoulders and stopped him. "Don't be silly, Jeffrey," she whispered. "You've had a long day's travel. It is only fair that I do the work." She winked, rolling him over until he was on his back, and straddled his waist. Then she angled herself with his rigid cock.

"Oh, yes, Sir Knight," she moaned as she impaled herself on his member, her pussy drawing him in every inch of the way. Soon her hips rested against his, his cock fully engulfed by her hot cunt.

Moments later she was bouncing on his length and Jeffrey appreciated the fact that for a second night in a row a gorgeous woman was riding his cock. Her pace was not slow and her loud moans filled the top of the tower. Jeffrey was grateful that the thick wooden door was shut and it was raining outside, else the other guards would have heard Karen's euphoric cries and possibly come to investigate.

As it was they had privacy. Jeffrey lay there for a while as Karen's cunt did wonderful things to his cock, enjoying the sight of the stunning guard captain enjoying herself above him. Slowly he started to join her movements with his own thrusts, unable to keep still. Her huge tits called out to his hands and he could not resist but reach up squeeze the globes.

Soon his hips were hammering upwards, his cock slamming into his lover's pussy, and Karen's whole body started to tense. He could tell she was going to come soon. His own balls twitched too and he knew that it meant they wanted to be emptied.

"I'm so close, Jeffrey! So close! Yes!" Karen screamed out then, her body going rigid as her orgasm arrived. He could feel her cunt grasping at his member, the magic in his cock giving yet another woman an orgam she would never forget.

Seconds later he came too, his seed exploding from his member and spattering against the guard captain's tunnel. Her cunt juices seeped out from her spasming pussy and Jeffrey delighted in the sight of her pleasure as much as he did the feel of his.

When it was over, Karen grinned, gulping down air. She slowly pulled herself from his lap, letting his now-flaccid cock spring free of her of her cunt. A few strands of black hair had loosened themselves from her ponytail but she did not bother to sort them out. Instead she placed her head on Jeffrey's chest.

He sighed happily. He hoped he got wet more often.

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