tagLesbian SexSister Mistress Ch. 06

Sister Mistress Ch. 06


Rushing to his bedroom Lukey baby found a medium length bob cut wig light blondish brown in colour. Quickly he adjusted it and looking in his mirror gave it a quick brush before going back to his sister. Lukey sat across from his Kathy and watched as she finished her coffee as if nothing had happened.

"Okay Linda Cockslut tell Mistress everything you know about that slut over the road she might be worth a little of my time."

Little did he know that his Sister was already involved with Jenny.

For the next forty-five minutes Lukey sat and told his sister every rumour, every piece of gossip everything he'd ever heard about Jenny Cavanaugh since they'd moved here. When Johnny came in Katherine sent him home and told him to get some rest he wasn't required until the next day and he should report tomorrow at ten thirty exactly. The more Lukey told Katherine about Jenny the more certain she became that Jenny Cavanaugh was a confirmed exhibitionist. All the signs were there like never wearing a bra and always wearing light coloured button up shirts so she can show off her body. What sparked Katherine's interest most was how Jenny liked to sit on her horse and look down on everyone. She uses a saddle but has been seen bare back with a dress on rubbing herself along the horses back. Definitely a candidate for the virus Kathy thought. Lukey told her that every time he'd seen her do it he could clearly smell her sweet pussy and her nipples were nearly popping out of her sheer blouse.

"Everyone in her year at school had tried to get into her pants but know one has ever managed it so far. We were beginning to think that she was a lesbian or something." Kathy knew that young Jenny was a confirmed lesbian.

"Ha you should talk Linda Cockslut you are the something that's for sure. Now tell me what changed your mind?"

"She gave Johnny a hand job Mistress Katherine so we know she's not a dike."


"Sorry Mistress Katherine sorry it will never happen again."

"It better not Cockslut the correct term is lesbian."

The rest of the day was uneventful his Mistress had Lukey baby clean the whole house she even made him hang the washing out in his sexy nightie she couldn't care less that the clothesline could be seen from the street. When he went to complain she said.

"Do you want to go out there with just your sexy green lingerie on Cockslut?"

"Oh no Mistress I'm going I'm going."

Kathy had been watching for Jenny to walk out of her house from what Lukey said Kathy knew that she'd stand out the front for at least ten minutes, seeing her quarry she sent Linda out to check the clothes line. Well I'll soon find out if the disc has taken or not. Since it was quite warm Jenny was wearing her standard attire, a semi see-through white blouse a mid thigh denim skirt that looked as if it'd been sprayed on and a pair of leather sandals. Standing in the front room of their house Katherine had a good view of the street grabbing a pair of binoculars and quickly focusing them on Jenny's face as she watched Linda Cockslut walk to the line in his sexy powder blue nightie. A smile broke across Katherine's face as she watched the lust wash over Jenny's face, her tongue darted out and wet her soft lips. If only little Jenny knew that she's getting wet over my cross dressed Cockslut slut of a little brother. Then again what would Lukey baby say if he knew about the relationship she'd cultivated with Jenny in the last few weeks thanks to the DVD that Lukey had given her things were going to take an interesting turn, Katherine thought as she swept the binoculars down the younger girl's body she saw that Jenny's extra large pink nipples were straining against her thin cheese cloth shirt. As usual watching this female Jenny Cavanaugh was a getting excited even though she was only checking her washing. Kathy recognized that look of lust in the younger woman's eyes and was almost certain that Jenny had been programmed by the virus, now all she had to do was find out if she likes guys or was Johnny's hand job just a ruse or was it to keep every one off the scent. Katherine knew just how to go about finding out.

When Lukey baby returned from the clothes line she ordered him to stay in his room while she washed her car.

"You can surf the net for some sexy girl on girl photos while I'm busy."

"Yes Mistress Katherine."

He thought that it was a bit strange because she had two willing teens that would wash her car for her, but who was he to question his Mistress. Besides this was a perfect opportunity to look for some Mistress pictures and if he was lucky he'd find some big sexy boobed Mistress fucking her boy slut with an overly large strap-on dildo.

Katherine quickly changed into a pair of extremely short hot pink cut-offs and a light blue flower patterned halter top without a bra so her large tits bounced with every movement. It was obvious that she had no underwear on as not a single line could be seen under the shiny shorts and her inch long nipples stood out proudly. Grabbing a bucket she squirted some dishwashing liquid into it put a sponge and walked out the front door glad to see Jenny still standing in the street alone. She began whistling loudly to attract Jenny's attention. Kathy pulled out the hose and filled the bucket she watched Jenny out of the corner of her eye, seeing she had the teens undivided attention Katherine began hosing her car as she the hose she accidentally on purpose sprayed her shirt soaking it. Immediately the flimsy halter top was drenched her erect nipples poked out even further. Jenny sat down hugging her knees and watched Katherine hose her car then started sponging it down with the soapy water. Jenny wanted to run across the road but Katherine had warned her that under no circumstances was Jenny to approach her in the street unless Katherine made the first move. Jenny knew she loved Katherine and would do anything for her, the sex was mind blowing to say the least. Jenny was a confirmed lesbian or so she thought and only stirred boys to keep them from bullying her. Kathy made sure her tits got covered in plenty of suds and she started to enjoy the sensations of the slippery liquid against her now fully erect nipples as her teats slid over the car. Dropping the sponge in the bucket Kathy walked towards the tap picked up the hose to turn it on. She swayed her hips accentuating the way her large tits swayed from side to side. As she turned the tap Kathy looked up at Jenny smiled and in a sweet voice said.

"Hi Honey will you be a darl and turn this off in a second?"

Jenny flew to her feet and almost ran across the road her pert tits swaying and her rosy nipples rubbing against the thin cheese cloth as soon as she'd moved Katherine had turned her back.

"Yeah sure I'll stand by the tap I've nothing better to do."

"That's a good girl."

Katherine enjoyed the sight of this cute girl leaning of the tap and watched intently for her reaction to Kathy's simple statement. The girl visibly beamed when she heard the older lady call her a good girl and Katherine knew instantly that she'd have this little exhibitionist under her control in no time at all the little minx was hooked on the sex and her exhibitionism training is coming along nicely. The little bitch is ready for stage two for sure. Katherine spent quite a while washing her car making sure that young Jenny got a really good eyeful she'd bend over with her tight butt facing Jenny then she'd turn around and lean down so far that her tits almost dropped out in front of the cute 18 year old. Jenny's fat nipples were rock hard as she watched the older red head. Her neighbour prancing around only yards away from her started to have an effect on her, no one knew their secret they got close once but just as Katherine said a quick hand job fixed that besides it wasn't that bad after all just that awful sticky stuff she thought to herself. Watching Katherine parade around in front of her Jenny could feel her pussy moistening she wondered if this woman knew just how much she affected her. Jenny's young pussy would drip at the sight of her lovers abundant melons and she'd almost orgasm at the sight of Katherine's shaved mound.

"Okay Honey on."

Katherine's voice brought her out of her day dream. Jenny dutifully turned on the hose and continued drooling over her neighbour.

"Off now darl... Good girl."

Again Jenny felt a huge surge of pleasure and sort of pride when this Katherine talked to her like that. Before she knew it she had already answered.

"Thank you."

Then she realized what she'd said and blushed. "Why did I thank her? It was her that should be thanking me." Jenny thought to herself. By now Katherine was standing next to her, Jenny couldn't believe how big this lady's boobs were and had to say something to keep her close enough so she could bask in their shadow.

"Agh was that you in the yard earlier?

"No silly it was my cousin Linda she's visiting for the weekend, you two should get together she's nineteen how old are you Honey?"

That word "Honey" brought another flush to Jenny's cheeks that didn't go unnoticed. Going along with the charade Jenny breathed deeply taking in Katherine's natural aroma winked and said.

"My name's Jenny..."

"I know who you are Jenny."

"I'm eighteen I've got nothing planned this afternoon I might come over if that's okay with you, Katherine?"

"Sure why not it's just Linda and I home, both Mother and Luke are away for the weekend, Linda's staying to keep me company."

As Kathy talked to the young girl she noticed how Jenny was checking her out, the poor kid couldn't keep her eyes off Katherine's huge cleavage. Katherine knew about Jenny's big boob fantasies and she didn't do anything to hide the ample tit flesh that spilled out of her halter top in fact she pushed her boobs out her stiff nipples straining the thin material even further.

"I was wondering why I hadn't seen Lukey around today he's usually out here all the time."

"Yeah it's just us girls at home until tomorrow, if you like come over at two thirty."

Jenny was in awe of this woman she couldn't keep her eyes off her, after having her first lesbian encounter the previous summer with an older camp councillor she'd fantasized of just such a partner and in the last month she'd found just that in her very own street. Besides that other chick Linda didn't look too bad and from what she'd seen her dressed in earlier didn't mind teasing, with luck there might even be a chance of a sexy threesome not that she really wanted to share those fantastic boobs. Katherine had hinted all the time how much fun they are and she was starting to like the idea. This thought brought a fresh wave of pleasure flooding through her body and she felt her young pussy start to leak its dewy moisture. Stepping back a little she said.

"How come Johnny was here earlier? I saw him mow your lawn."

"That dirty bastard came round to do the lawns, but when I got up I found Linda sucking on his big dick in the fucking kitchen."

Since Jenny wasn't shocked in the least Katherine decide to juice it up a touch and continued telling Jenny what she'd witnessed that morning.

"Luckily, the little slut swallowed every drop otherwise she'd have copped it that's for sure."

"Yuck how could she it's so sticky and smells."

Katherine thought, in her next disc I'll have to push the male form more?

"I was supposed to be looking after her and she goes and fucking deep throats the first cock that walks in the door. I don't know what I'm going to fucking do she's such a slut Jenny."

Hearing Katherine speak like this was turning her on even more and she had to get out of there before the smell of her leaking cunt wafted up. She'd never fantasized about sucking on a dick because the thought of cum in her mouth revolted her but her body was telling her the opposite. She could feel how stiff her nipples had become they throbbed in time to her racing heart beat and each time she moved they scraped against her blouse looking up into Katherine's eyes she smiled as sweetly and sexily as she could.

"No worries see ya at two thirty then Katherine."

Watching Jenny's butt sway as she waltzed across the street Kathy wasn't sure but was that a wet spot on the back of Jenny's denims? Jenny sure is ripe for the plucking, I'm glad that she didn't make any attempt to shorten my name to the more common Kathy, what's more she didn't blink at my subtle order two arrive at two thirty. If Jenny's punctual and arrives on time then within the hour that little whore will be licking my sweet pussy and I'll be fucking her with a nice big dildo. Katherine liked that thought very much it'd been a while since she'd had another girl slave to play with; she missed Jade's talented tongue and supple body.

Katherine found Lukey baby on the computer in his room just as she'd left him watching his special slide show reinforcing his new submissive position in life, walking in she said.

"We might be getting a visitor later Linda. I want you dressed in the black skirt and white blouse you had on last night oh yeah Cockslut put on a sexy camisole too and those shoes as well."

Kathy was keen to see if Jenny had watched the disc she'd given her earlier that week, she told Jenny that the disc was a music video and Lukey told her that she was into them; she was welcome to hang onto it for as long as she liked. Little did Jenny know just how much of an effect it would have on her because Kathy had made Jenny's full on hard core after the first song she'd be hooked and just another one of her toys. Katherine knew it'd work perfectly because she'd tested a mild version on her mother earlier that week that programmed Deborah's mind so that she didn't see anything unusual if she accidentally saw her teenage son clad in sexy lingerie or any type of woman's clothing, he'd appear to her as if he is her nonexistent sister's daughter Linda. Along with instructions not to see that Lukey's choice in underwear and to obey every instruction no matter how absurd or unusual that Katherine gave without question or thought, she would pass it off as if it were her own idea. Katherine added on a few lines of code forcing Deborah to dress more provocatively, paying particular attention to sexy lingerie shoes shorter skirts to show off her beautiful legs. Almost as an after thought Kathy added a control word that when she spoke it her mother she would go limp as if asleep her mind would switch off although her eyes would stay open and she'd remember everything that happened only it would be as if there was a fog in front of her and she can't quite see clearly unless her Mistress allows it.

Lukey didn't have to ask who it was that might be coming over a mixture of excitement and dread swept over him. What if she recognized him, he'd die of embarrassment for sure. Seeing the fear on her little brother's face Katherine said.

"I wouldn't worry Linda I don't think she'll be looking at your face all that much. From what I saw she won't be able to keep her eyes off me. You better have a shave though Linda we don't want anything to scare her off now do we."

Lukey baby's heart was pounding in his chest and his mouth was dry as he answered his sister.

"Yes, Mistress Katherine but when she hears my voice she'll know it's me."

"You silly little slut don't you think your Mistress has thought of that? If you keep going I won't let you meet our guest"

"Sorry I didn't think Mistress Katherine."

"If I let you meet her then I'll tell her that you're a deaf mute and the only sounds you usually make are grunts groans and moans. So you'd better not say a word and if you can play your part properly then your Mistress might just make one of those kinky fantasies of yours come true."

"Yes, Mistress Katherine I'll do my best, I won't disappoint you."

"You'd better not disappoint Linda Cockslut that's all I can say. Now since I don't want you shooting come everywhere later I'm going to unlock your belt and let you masturbate while I'm in the shower."

"Oh thank you, Mistress Katherine you're the best."

Lukey had been desperate ever since he'd swallowed Johnny's cum earlier that morning he stood still as Katherine slid his G-string down to his thighs and then removed the harness but she didn't remove the butt plug. Reaching behind her little brother she patted his butt and said.

"Off you go you little wanker Mistress expects her Cockslut not to waste his sticky jism. You can take the plug out only long enough to clean it and don't you dare use it to fuck that slutty hole."

Lukey baby rushed off towards his bedroom he couldn't wait.

Walking past her brother's bedroom Katherine saw her sibling propped up on a couple of pillows watching his reflection in the mirror. Lukey baby had taken off the powder blue nightie along with his green G-string, but had left on his suspenders, stockings and matching bra. The sight of her little brother clad in her discarded lingerie his shaved cock as hard as steel and smooth nuts bouncing as Lukey's fist pumped away made her smile, he's gonna do well if he keeps up this standard. Linda Cockslut was so engrossed with his reflection that he didn't notice his sister watching him through the view finder of the camcorder.

"Look at the little pervert wanking his pathetically small cock."

Hearing his Mistress degraded him pushed him over the edge and when he saw the camcorder his cock started to spew its creamy liquid and he moaned.

"Aghhhh Mistress Katherine you're filming me, oh my aghhhh Cockslut's cummmmming."

Rolling to one side Lukey's cupped hand was at the ready to catch his seed compared to Johnny big dick his naked cock spewed a moderate amount of jism. Once Lukey milked the last drop from his tool he lifted his palm to his quivering lips making sure his wig was out of the way he sucked at his sticky cum until his hand was spotlessly clean. Licking his fingers Lukey baby looked towards his door he expected his Sister to still be standing there but was nowhere to be seen. Shrugging his shoulders Lukey decided he'd have another wank while he could.

Katherine didn't disturb him until a little after one thirty she just stuck her head around the door and said.

"Get dressed Linda it's time to put my plan into operation."

"Yes Mistress Katherine."

"Silence you stupid fucking deaf Cockslut."

Lukey nodded his head furiously.

"That's better my little whore. When you're ready come down to the sitting room I'll be waiting for you, Linda Cockslut."

Fifteen minutes later he found Katherine curled up on the leather lounge her legs under her. She'd changed out of the halter top and shorts. Now she had her black string bikini on. The top has nine separate string that are attached to a studded central circle they radiate out to a pair of strings that go around her big melons the effect is that her titties are completely out there for anyone to see and Katherine had to constantly adjust the tiny studded circles otherwise her dark nipples would pop out not that she minded. Over the bikini she wore a tropical print sarong tied over her tits but still left ample cleavage and the thin black straps of her bikini on display. Her long red hair was tied back in a pair of ponytails making her look about eighteen or nineteen Lukey baby wondered if she had the matching bottoms on as well he definitely hoped so, the open triangles in the crotch and the faint hint of his sister's red pubic hairs had been fuelling his fantasies on numerous occasions. Katherine was absentmindedly stroking her teats when she saw her brother she continued to massage her nipples licking her lips she gestured for him to sit in the chair beside her. Reaching over she flicked his bob-cut hair away from his ear and complemented him on his choice of pearl teardrop earrings and matching necklace.

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