Sister's Friends


It was my turn. Both of the girls had turned their focus on me. All I had to do was drop my hand away and uncover myself. It was a simple action, yet not an easy one. Danah's smirk grew more prominent the longer I waited. She'd start needling me if I didn't get on with it. Somehow, that was worse than getting it over with. I closed my eyes and pulled my shorts away from my hard, throbbing cock.

Silence was the only initial response. I risked cracking an eye open again, then both of them. I remained the centre of attention, naturally, but the teasing reactions I'd dreaded were nowhere to be found. Kelly was running her gaze up and down my entire nude body. Danah mostly seemed to be appraising my dick.

"Nice," Danah finally said.

She gave me a nod of approval, then walked past me like I didn't exist anymore. She splayed herself out in one of the deck chairs, bare tits still fully on display to anyone who cared to look. Kelly was still examining me. I was much less confident than Danah about showing myself off, and I felt a constant temptation to put my trunks back on even though I knew that would certainly bring the ridicule that my nudity seemingly didn't.

"You really grew into that body," Kelly finally said, her voice pitched low enough that only I could hear her. "I'll admit, you caught me by surprise today."


A smile flashed across Kelly's lips. "You don't have to sound so unsure. It was a real compliment. Cross my heart." She drew a quick X across her chest.

"Then... thanks."

She nodded, then she too headed for one of the loungers. I was left wondering what to do. In the end, it wasn't much of a decision. The worst was over; leaving would get me nothing, but hanging around meant more perving on my sister's hot friends. Yeah. No contest.

Kelly and Danah had left an empty chair between them. I headed for the chair on the end of the row instead, but somehow wasn't at all surprised when they gestured for me to take the one in the middle.

"Come on, Brian," Danah said, patting the seat next to her. "I can't see you if you sit all the way over there."

The distance was nowhere near great enough to seriously impede her vision, but I acquiesced anyway. Sitting closer to naked boobies wasn't the hardest sell in the world.

I felt even more exposed in my reclined position. Partly it messed with my fight or flight instincts, but also the fact that my erection stuck up into the air like a flagpole made it nearly impossible to forget my circumstances. At least the girls were only giving me sidelong glances from time to time instead of fully staring at me. Somehow, that helped a little. It made me feel like I was worth perving on, but not like I was an object on display.

Admittedly, I probably spent more time sneaking peaks at Danah and Kelly than they did at me. Having them flanking me meant that when I realized I'd been staring too long at one, I'd turn my head and find another pair of breasts in my peripheral vision whether I meant to or not. When I let my eyes wander further, I took in the smooth, slightly tanned skin of long legs, flat tummies, and curvy hips. It was all free for the ogling.

After a little while, Danah broke out the sunblock. She attracted the entirety of my attention as she rubbed the cream over arms, neck, then her chest. Her breasts were paler than the rest of her, as was to be expected, and she spent a lot more time and care making sure they were well covered. I had a strong suspicion that some, or most, of that attention to detail was specifically to make me drool over her. It worked. I couldn't ignore her slippery hand running all over her boobs, making them bounce and jiggle. It was just the way I was built.

Danah finally grew tired of showing off by the time she'd run the gamut on her tits a half dozen times. She finished her tummy, waist, and legs much faster. Then she handed the bottle of sunscreen over to me.

"Would you like me to do it for you?" she asked.

She had that teasing smile gracing her lips. Under other circumstances, letting her rub me all over might be quite nice. I couldn't imagine that's how the scenario would play out if I accepted her offer, though. Probably she'd just squirt a big pile on my chest and say that was 'helping.'

"You can do my dick if you want," I suggested levelly.

Kelly burst out in a fit of giggling on the other side of me. I maintained eye contact with Danah. She continued staring at me for a second, then snorted and lay back down.

"Fat chance," Danah said. Perhaps I was seeing things, but I swore I caught a glimpse of grudging respect from her.

It wasn't long after I started rubbing myself down that I realized I had a problem. Jokes aside, someone had to coat my groin in sunscreen. No way in hell I was letting it get sunburned. I'd never had occasion to do it before, let alone while my cock was erect, and even less still while I had an audience. There was no feasible way I could manage it with any kind of dignity. I didn't have much choice, however, and simply had to do the best I could.

I refused to look at either of the girls, but I knew they were watching. I carefully rubbed the flat of my hand over one side of my cock at a time, being very careful not to wrap my fingers around in any way that resembled jerking off. It was an awkward process, and I felt stupid doing it, but I managed. When I got to my balls, I simply massaged it in, appearances be damned. They were too finicky for anything else.

"Show's over," I finally announced once I'd finished my legs.

"Aw, can't you go back and do the middle bit again?" Danah asked. "I liked that part."

"Sorry, no encores."

I handed the bottle of sunscreen over to Kelly. She gave me a surreptitious wink as she accepted it. I had no idea what to make of that, but it made me blush all the same.

Again I got a bit of a show as the second of the hot, scantily clad girls rubbed herself all over. Kelly's tits were still technically covered, unlike Danah's, but otherwise the process was basically identical. I started to imagine what would happen if and when the girls decided to flip over and tan on their stomachs. Presumably either they'd have to help each other rub sunblock over their backsides, or they'd get me to do it. I wasn't sure which I preferred. Each scenario had its merits.

After that flurry of lotion-rubbing activity, we all pretty much settled down again. Kelly and Danah chatted idly back and forth while I reclined in between them. Without my being aware of the process, the situation gradually became normalized. I stopped focusing on how much of the girls' bodies I could see, or what they were looking at. I just kind of lay there basking in the sun. Occasionally I'd look over and see some tits, but there was less and less purpose or urgency to my glances. Things just kind of were what they were.

It only occurred to me how relaxed I was when I realized my erection had softened at some point. I was confused how that could have happened until I reexamined my surroundings. The girls weren't paying hardly any undue attention to me anymore, which contributed. More than that, they were acting perfectly normal, which both put me at ease and tricked my brain into thinking maybe things weren't unusual after all. I kind of liked it.

"I could really go for a cold beer right about now," Danah mused. "What about you, Kelly?"

Kelly nodded slowly. "Yeah, I guess I could. We don't have any though."

"You guys have any, Brian?" Danah asked.

I shrugged. "Don't think so. Amy'd have a better idea though."

"Oh yeah, still under the drinking age, aren't you?"

I bristled at the comment, even though it was entirely accurate. "So what if I am?"

"Nothin'. Just forgot, is all." Danah stood and stretched. "I vote we hit the liquor store."

Kelly weighed the options, then nodded. "Sure, what the hell."

The girls slipped into their sandals and headed for Danah's car. I stayed right where I was. I tried to decide whether I should put my swim trunks back on or not once they left. Probably it would be better, just in case my sister came home while they were gone.

"Brian! You coming or what?"

I looked over my shoulder in confusion. "You want me to come on your beer run?"

Danah nodded. "Yeah, come on already."

I shrugged and stood up. "Alright. I'll go get some clothes on and be right with you."

"Nah, dude. Let's just go."

I gave Danah an incredulous look. She returned it impassively. "I'm not going anywhere like this," I said.

"Why not?"

"'Cause I'm naked, duh."

Kelly had a hand over her mouth trying to stifle her giggling. Danah gave me a lopsided smirk.

"Gonna pussy out now, huh?" Danah said.

It was a blatant attempt to irritate me. Unfortunately, it worked in spite of its obviousness.

"Well it's not like you're actually going anywhere topless," I said. "Don't act like I'm chickening out of anything here."

"You think so, huh?"

Danah crossed her arms under her breasts and matched my stare. Her eyes dared me to wuss out. I, meanwhile, kept gazing at her tits, then forcing myself to look back up again. Despite my lack of focus, I had every intention of calling her bluff.

"I'll go like this if you go like that."

Danah nodded. "'K."

She walked around to the driver's door of her car. She got in and started it, then waved at me to join her. Kelly seemed terribly amused by it all as she climbed in the front passenger seat. The girls truly seemed to be getting ready to head into public with one and half bikinis worth of clothing between them. It had to be a con, didn't it? Like, they were just going to wait for me to refuse to get in so they could say I wussed out. I was flirting with disaster, but I finally opened one of the rear doors and sat down.

Danah didn't say anything, but she checked me out in her rearview mirror and nodded to herself. Kelly turned around in her seat, seemingly less sure about my presence.

"Are you sure, Brian?" Kelly asked.

"There's no way Danah's going anywhere topless," I said. "She just wants me to back down."

"Um, actually-"

"Oh how wrong you are, little one," Danah interrupted. "Buckle up."

Danah put the car in gear and accelerated forward. I experienced an instant panic that only got worse as we reached the end of the driveway. We stopped for a second, and I strongly considered bailing out. The moment passed before I could take action.

"We're not actually..."

"Sure are."

Kelly looked back at me with a small shrug. I tried not to show my inner turmoil. I pulled at my seatbelt and buckled it with trembling hands. It took a few tries.

I was in a car, on the road, completely naked. I had nothing to cover myself with at all. Things only got worse when cars started going by us in the other direction. I was sure everyone we passed, pedestrians included, would see me. All I could do was slink down in my seat and try to be invisible.

Of course Danah didn't seem at all bothered. She hummed to herself and drove along like there was nothing amiss. Her tits were out and were far more visible than any part of me, but she didn't act like it. Thinking about that made me feel worse initially, until I figured out some of the implications. If nothing bad was happening to her, there certainly shouldn't be anything happening to me either. I sat up a little straighter and took some deep breaths.

Indeed, nothing happened. The car kept moving, people continued passing by, and as far as I could tell no one noticed that I wasn't dressed. When I thought about it more rationally, I realized anyone outside the car would need a fairly specific angle and focus to make out my naked, erect form...

My newly calmed thoughts hit a sudden snag as I consciously came to terms with the fact that I was hard again. I hadn't even been staring at either of the girls that much; certainly not enough to get through my initial panic. Yet somehow, here I was, visibly aroused. What the fuck was that about? I didn't much enjoy the thought of random-ass people seeing me so exposed, but it felt kind of like I was responding favourably to it anyway. It was a confusing and troubling thought.

"Here we are," Danah announced.

I looked up, startled. It had slipped my mind that we actually had a destination to arrive at. We slowed down and pulled into a parking lot, and I had to rapidly reassess my status. Whooshing by people at a fair speed was one thing, being rendered immobile and helpless was quite another. Worse still, Kelly started pulling on long t-shirt even before we'd stopped, and she handed a second shirt to Danah once we'd parked.

"Um... guys?" I said.

"Yeah?" Kelly said.

"What am I supposed to do now?"

Danah tugged her shirt into place. I was pretty sure a guy just coming out of the store had caught a glimpse of her bare chest before she'd been covered, but that did nothing to help my mood.

"Wait here and try not to attract attention?" Danah suggested. "I'm not really sure what the indecency laws are when it comes to sitting naked in a car, so best not to test them."

"That's not funny."

"It's a little funny. You know, for those of us who aren't you."

I looked at Kelly pleadingly. "Come on, don't leave me like this. You guys told me not to bring clothes."

"Yeah, I honestly didn't think that was going to work," Danah said. "We really didn't anticipate this."

Kelly looked around us. "It'll probably be fine. It's slow right now. We'll be quick."


The girls were already getting out of the car. I didn't have any more argument in me anyway. It wouldn't do me any good. I'd tried to play their game, and it bit me in the ass. I should have known better. Still, it was definitely unfair that Danah had lured me into coming along by promising to go topless, only to cover up once we stopped. That was just cheating. I had that moral high ground going for me, for what little good it was.

I slunk down in my seat so just my head was above the bottom of my window. My heart was beating way harder than normal, and I was so tense it actually hurt. If I got caught by someone, naked and alone in a parked car, cock mysteriously erect, there was no escape plan. People would just assume that I wanted to be here, that it gave me some sick thrill. Unfortunately, given my rebellious cock, my imagined accosters might be partly right.

After an eternity, or perhaps a few minutes, Danah and Kelly came back out of the liquor store. Danah was carrying their purchase, and Kelly was fiddling with her purse. Neither of them were in the least bit of a hurry. Their nonchalance kind of annoyed me, but mostly I was just relieved at their return. Somehow, being stuck naked in a car with the two older girls had become preferable to the alternatives.

"Can we go now?" I asked as soon as the doors opened.

"Give me a second," Danah said. "I haven't even sat down yet."

"I don't know what your rush is," Kelly said. "You seem to be enjoying yourself." She eyed my erection quite unsubtley for a moment before stepping into the car and sitting down.

"I can't help it," I mumbled. "It just won't go away."

"You're a born flasher," Danah said. "Who knew?"

"I'm not-" I stopped and took a deep breath. "Can we please just go before someone sees me?"

"Someone besides us, you mean?" Kelly said. She buckled up, then twisted around to look at me again.

"Obviously. You've both seen everything by now."

"And we're quite enjoying it, aren't we Danah?"

"Sure are," Danah agreed. She adjusted her rearview mirror so it pointed at me rather than the back window. "Shy, naked boy with an erection? Who wouldn't enjoy that?"

I folded my arms and turned my head to look out the window to avoid meeting either set of eyes. My cock only strained harder under their close scrutiny. It wasn't all teasing, that much was clear to me, and that part was kind of nice. I definitely wasn't totally comfortable with it though, and especially not when I was so exposed to the rest of the world at the same time.

Kelly giggled from the front seat. "Aw, he's blushing."

Of course I was. That was just what I needed; something else for them to poke fun about. Thankfully, Danah finally put the car in gear and backed out of the parking spot. Soon we were back on the road and I let myself relax a little.

It wasn't like putting the vehicle in motion actually relieved my plight that much, but it felt like it did and that was important in itself. The sense of movement assuaged my fight or flight response, tricking it into thinking action was being taken. In reality, it mostly provided more opportunities to be spotted.

"Hey, this isn't the right way." I sat bolt upright and whipped my head around. I'd been sufficiently preoccupied not to notice several wrong turns. "Where the hell are we going?"

"Just a quick stop," Kelly assured me. "There's-"

"No no no. No. Turn around and take me home."

"Relax, Brian," Danah said. "It'll be fun."

"Just because you say these things doesn't make 'em true."

Danah arched her eyebrows in the rearview mirror. "Part of you's enjoying itself. In fact, I think you're having more fun than you want us to know."

I flushed. Unfortunately, it was hard to argue Danah's point. It wasn't clear that she was as wrong as I would have liked. I was indisputably aroused, and I couldn't even blame it all on the girls' teasing.

"I still want to go home," I said.

"We won't be long," Danah said. "Half an hour tops."

"Half an hour?!"

Danah laughed and just kept driving.

Only a few minutes later we pulled into a smallish gravel parking lot. There were three or four other cars there, and no buildings. Just trees and a beat-up garbage can.

"What the hell could we possibly need here?" I demanded.

"Fresh air and sunshine," Danah suggested.

"We can get that anywhere. That's all there is today is fresh air and sunshine."

"Better view here though," Kelly said. She looked back at me as she got out of the car. "Well... nature-wise, anyway. You're still-"

"Yeah, I know. You're enjoying my nudity. I got it, thanks."

The girls stood outside the car. I still had no idea what we were there for. Maybe they were meeting someone. I was going to be pretty pissed if they intended to bring a friend along to ogle me in triplicate.

"Come on, Brian," Kelly called. "We're waiting."

"For what? I'm not going anywhere."

"Well... you don't have to..."


"But there's no one around right now, and I can't promise how long that'll last."

I opened my mouth to protest, but then looked around. There were cars, albeit not many. That suggested people were in the vicinity, and that any number of other cars might pull in at any time. Still, staying put had to be better than getting out, right? I'd made it through the liquor store parking lot without being seen.

"Look, we're going into the trees over there," Danah said, pointing off in a wooded direction. "You just need to make it that far and you'll be covered."

"But what's over there past the trees?" I asked. "You can't possibly be going tree-climbing."

The girls exchanged a few words that I couldn't make out. They reached a decision and, without any further appeal, they turned and started walking away. That bothered me. As terrifying as following them was, the idea that I'd be left abandoned for an indeterminate time was even worse. I made another check that no one was lurking nearby, then opened my door.

Danah and Kelly stopped and waited for me once I got out of the car. I had to step carefully over the gravel until I reached the nearby grass. I took a few bad jabs on the delicate soles of my feet for my trouble.

"Glad you could make it," Danah said with a faint smirk.

"Trees," I said. "Go."

I walked as fast as I dared without breaking into a run. I felt eyes on me; invisible, imaginary people all around. So far as I could tell, the reality was that only Danah and Kelly could see me, and their gazes boring into my bare ass didn't even really bother me anymore. Still, fear and paranoia are powerful forces, and I was exceptionally glad to reach the tree line.

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